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It is a great pleasure for me to introduce my own blog to my readers around the world. I just finished writing over a hundred articles on Jewish Business News and look forward to creating new content right here, content that I hope everyone will start sharing with friends, family, and associates.

The Force 2020 DDT is about the Election of 2020 and we hope that The Force will able to turn our nation into a much better nation. The lies of the last two years have been exposed. Now we have to educate people. At this time, for example, we see that the Trump Administration is about to cut Social Security, Medicare, and other items that affect our families. And this comes from a man who touts the greatest economic gains in American history, including jobs. Why cut the budget in a “great” economy? Why turn to austerity measures on the backs of nation’s senior citizens? Trump made the mistakes including a deficit due to his huge tax cut for the wealthy and the great trade imbalances of his tariff war.

Our nation has been divided since Trump campaigned for office. We may be heading to impeachment r even worse, but the die has been cast and Trump has been a danger to our nation who has been using a Republican shield to keep him afloat. The long delay of the Mueller Investigation has probably kept him in office. We deserved something much better from the beginning.

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  1. I’m grateful for you insight and relevant information that is s breath of fresh air.

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