Leakers Needed

My mind was on writing about just how Jesus has been thrown into a furnace. I sent my last article to dozens of leaders of The Burn 24/7 movement and to the head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

We have seen William Barr and Ivanka Trump tell Congress just what Donald Trump was doing before turning the reins of power over to Joe Biden. When did they begin to give this information, how, and why are important questions! There are leakers who share information due to honor and there are those who take a less distinguished route.

I focused on Ivanka in Jewish Business News long before the coup.

The Silence Of Ivanka Trump And Gudrun Burwitz: Daughters Of Strong Leaders

By Martin Danenberg Published July 3, 2018

I have spoken to people, even old friends about this need for leakers and I know people are divided about this issue. But I made the right call about Ivanka back then and people have to recognize it.

And before that, I wrote about the need for people to leak information about 45 also in Jewish Business News. I am just going down Memory Lane to strengthen the need for leakers.

James Comey: A” Leaker” With A Higher Loyalty

By Martin Danenberg Published April 29, 2018

I have a lot to be thankful to Jewish Business News in Israel for where I first published that leakers are needed. Mike Pence spoke up for American democracy, finally, after praising 45 for years. He hid lots of truth as he went along. He has now diminished himself by calling Biden the biggest liar. Still Pence, Trump, and others will continue to get the attention of the media and those men will make progress. Trump should have been diminished down to a person who could get only 1 percent of support from Republicans. Instead of that he speaks from an elevated position, counting on vast support right now.

And in Texas, there are 5,000 Republicans who spoke up about diminishing Americans and their rights. There will be more about them coming.

All these men require US to have more information about what is going on. Leakers are still needed!

I have this image in my head that I cannot hold back. Donald Trump, orange hair waving, American flag pin on his jacket, tied to a missile in the Ukraine, but with one hand free (freedom matters) and holding a burner phone in his hand. He speaks and we can hear his “perfect” call. “Hello Vladimir,” he says “I need your help with something and remember how I helped you with Ukraine.” Trump hears these words, “Извините, я не могу вам помочь, но удачи.” That translates to “Sorry I cannot help you, but good luck.” Click! Trump called the dictator of North Korea “Rocket Man” and now is a good time for Trump to take over that nickname.

America First then and America First under Trump ring out. Lucky Lindbergh and Lucky Trump. The Spirit of St. Louis and that missile just mentioned The Spirit of Mar-A-Lago (missile).  Two of the most famous men in history and history on the road again to repeating itself. It was Poland back then and now it is the Ukraine. Do a search of Hitler in Los Angeles. Hitler is gone, but Putin is alive. And with the Election of 2024 merely two years away, the question on the minds of people in our nation is will Trump be indicted for his deeds.  He had a “direct” role in the coup and he can become a direct hit in Moscow if the missile goes undetected.

Please Answer: Letter for Faith and Freedom Coalition

Dear Ralph Reed (Faith and Freedom Conference)

Would Hitler have used “herd immunity” to make Jews (Romas, homosexuals, teachers, religious opposition, Black people, and others) sick, causing them to die because of COVID-19?

Now that we have evidence that Putin has attacked and destroyed much of Ukraine and knowing that Donald J. Trump helped the Putin cause against President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people which led to the attack, which American president past or present would be Putin’s choice to lead our nation (I say our nation knowing what to expect from that) if Russia and China precipitate an uprising here? These are the choices: Barack Obama, Joseph Biden, Donald Trump? And if Trump had succeeded even for a week back in January 2021, do you not think that there would have been or could have been violence taking place all over our nation as a result of the coup? And that could embolden our enemies even more.

This is the leadership of the Faith and Freedom Coalition

Timothy Head

Jon D. Harbison

Patrick D. Purtill, Jr.

Dave Louden

Joy Creasman

Sebastian Lazcano

And this was the lineup of guest speakers at the recent Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN)

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC)

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC)

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA)

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL)

Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears (R)

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R)

Rona McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA)

Herschel Walker, U.S. Senate Candidate for Georgia

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)

Rep. Maria Salazar (R-FL)

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Barry Loudermilk (R-GA)

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX)

Seth Dillon, Babylon Bee CEO

Todd Starnes, Radio Host

And Donald Trump was there and he would not even answer a question about his favorite quote from The Bible. He learned a lesson from his appearance with Bill O’Reilly when he quoted “An Eye for An Eye” several years ago.

And with that said, I add a quote from my work over the last few years.

“If anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind.”

                                                  Quran Surah verse 32

Jesus was not a Founding Father of the United States, but his existence and life founded Christianity. He was a Jew who followed Jewish law which included something important about saving lives called Pikuach Nefesh. And there should be no argument that misinterprets that truth. This important religious fact has been missing from the talks of the Pope in Rome and from religious leaders around the world. There have been rabbis in Israel that forgot about Pikuach Nefesh and they and others concentrated on the study of Torah and Talmud for many months, but the harsh illness that was life threatening woke them up to the road that was needed.

I have also written since 2020 that what was just read here also includes patriotism since soldiers in war practice the same principle of saving lives. Trump was responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and needed a refresher course on The Bible.

This letter is signed virtually.

This letter is going to the Senate of the United States and the media asking for stronger messaging. And The White House!

People across America in the 1930s were trying to take over and bring fascism here people can do a search of Hitler in Los Angeles. Pearl Harbor prevented that from happening. Who would have been the choice to work alongside Hitler? Roosevelt, Father Coughlin, Charles Lindbergh?

This letter is badly needed since The Freedom and Faith Coalition uses so much religious content on its website.  The “Coalition” tolerates so much wickedness taking place in this nation. The recent comparison of the House January 6 Committee investigation with the Reichstag fire and the takeover of Germany by Hitler is just the latest. The takeover of our government was attempted by Trump on that day in 2021. Be patriotic! Freedom of speech and silence are often far from patriotic. I pointed out in 2020 that to sing The Marseillaise (or any patriotic American song) in a church service in Nazi occupied France would have drawn attention and resulted in the capture of people resisting the Nazis causing their deaths at the hands of war criminals.

We needed someone strong to save lives and we got another Trump bankruptcy under the Republican banner. And during those years, Trump diminished the work of Jesus! And he had a supporting cast of characters! And isn’t it interesting that Sean Feucht provided the music for the Faith and Freedom Conference?

People Getting Feucht: Kapo-esque

Posted by Administrator January 3, 2021

At least in Los Angeles there was resistance to the evangelical, Sean Feucht. Jesus is about Saving Lives but singing has become more important. I can recall a pastor that I met in Yonkers who was blocked from entering a community in Baltimore years ago. He must have fell far short of what the community felt it needed in order to progress. If those people ever resolved the matter, I do not know. Sean Feucht has the right of assembly, but he is probably causing people to get sick in the name of Donald Jesus Trump. I noticed that in Los Angeles in The Row community that Feucht went to that the people did say that Jesus was about Saving Lives. And we need a resolution to all of this based on Jesus Saves Lives since the White House and his faith based people largely screwed things up in mid-March). This is a period of great danger across America and our leadership has Feucht the people badly and in Jesus name.

And that is where I wrote this three days before the coup attempt.

And of particular concern is that we see The Proud Boys attacking police, diminishing the “law and order” posture of Trump and Republicans. Mussolini came to power through men like that. “His attitudes were highly theatrical, his opinions were contradictory, his facts were often wrong, and his attacks were frequently malicious and misdirected; but his words were so dramatic, his metaphors so apt and striking, his vigorous, repetitive gestures so extraordinarily effective, that he rarely failed to impose his mood,” Britannica explains to US. Trump has had his most demonstrable training which is similar in the White House. During those days in Italy, left wing governments were prevented from taking power and there was broad support for nationalism and anti-Bolshevism (communism and socialism today). And this is what Mussolini declared in 1922 during a crisis “Either the government will be given to us, or we will seize it by marching on Rome.” Responding to his oratory the assembled Fascists excitedly took up the cry, shouting in unison “Roma! Roma! Roma!” All appeared eager to march. And now our eyes turn to Washington, C.! Washington, D.C.!, Washington, D.C.! in the next week or more before Inauguration Day. Italy was in crisis and about four days later King Victor Emmanuel III wrote to Mussolini and Mussolini was soon given dictatorial powers in 1922 and preceded Adolf Hitler’s taking over of Germany by about a decade.

Taking Ron DeSantis’ Pulse

“Let us be clear: Should its vague language be interpreted in any way that causes harm to a single child, teacher or family, we will lead legal action against the State of Florida to challenge this bigoted legislation,”

 local LGBTQ advocacy group Equality Florida

The new law is to take effect on July 1.

Governor Ron DeSantis orders the flags raised at half-staff to support this vision of helping gay and lesbian constituents in Florida. And he did take action in signing a law last year in remembrance of the 2016 Pulse Massacre. I will remind my readers of this. Hitler marched in Austria in 1938 and stopped in his hometown of Linz. Hitler was not German. Hitler put Jews, Black people, homosexuals, and Roma into concentration camps, and we know that right wing media commentators have been spoken out against all these groups.

The LGBTQ community has been singled out and are fearful of their rights being trampled on. It has been reported that schools have removed books, but also gay pride stickers and posters are prohibited (verboten in German). Achtung! Free speech has taken a hit with that news. Can you imagine, for example, “say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud” being banned? Of course, it would never have been spoken at all in white schools in segregated Florida. Free speech is more than speech. It’s the burning of the flag (Supreme Court), the way one dresses (because of sexual orientation or religion), and freedom from fear. I know that Repugnicans are showing their fighting spirit to their base and this is just one example of a growing list that included the election was stolen and that the attack on The Capitol was just a minor thing. Do you now feel DeSantis’ pulse more?

This law is heading toward bankruptcy along with the new abortion legislation which clearly violates religious rights (life begins at birth). This effort is being spearheaded by Rabbi Barry Silver of Boynton Beach, Florida. We look forward to his success in this important matter of women having the right to choose and you know that I recently wrote about abortions in one of my articles in The Force 2020 DDT.

I recently pointed out that a Democrat running for governor found the Florida law “reasonable.” And I learned that he retracted his statement or apologized. It is time for Floridians to recognize the harm done and spread the word across our nation.

Getting back to Linz, Hitler visited a Jewish doctor in Linz. That doctor’s sign outside his office had just been desecrated and upon hearing that, Hitler ordered the gestapo to clean off the sign. You see there was a personal tie to that doctor since he was the doctor who cared for Hitler’s mother as she was struggling with cancer. Hitler had Jewish friends around him in those days. These facts surely are not taught in history or social studies classes. And these lessons apply today to our politics.

Tucker Carlson, Ron DeSantis, Roma people seeking asylum, gays, and Black Lives Matter are all mixed together as the media has reported. Should DeSantis be trusted? I think not and I know that he has made many mistakes. I am sure that you could also point to the good things that the most-evil public officials are doing. Germans loved Hitler and his efforts advanced quickly into Austria and the United States. And it all started with diminishing the rights of Jews and others in Germany. Black people living there thought that they could join the Hitler youth because they, like their friends, were “German.” Those youth quickly learned that they had to sit in the back of the bus. So we need stronger messaging from all to fight the tyranny created by new laws to diminish the community. We don’t need another Nuremberg in America so we should demand the repeal of all such laws. Such freedom of speech should be sent down the drain and keep trouble away from an already oppressed group.

And if that is not enough, we can make the point about communism. I am thinking of kulaks, gulags, and a government overstepping its human right. From De Santis to DeStalin, I have written more than a few times about the similarity of American and Communist behavior and most recently in writing about the Wilmington Massacre in 1898. Putin, Trump, Stalin, and others show the same pulse to harm people.

Let this be a wake-up call to Americans to fight back. It has been reported that Brandon Wolf, fighting for his civil rights after surviving that horrific massacre in the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando in 2016, wants everyone to know that DeSantis has “declared war” in Florida against the LGBTQ community and that kind of action makes people less safe all over America.

I know that we are all divided. And here is one more lesson to share in a nation that is pushed to stop or erase communism. Stalin before his death was diminishing Jews in the Communist Party and had some killed. This is how the Trump and DeSantis knowingly or unknowingly use their power to destroy the freedom of others who oppose them.

Trump and DeSantis have brought US a new version of America First. And I learned yesterday by doing research about one of the founding fathers of America First that I will share. The most famous man in the world at that time was Charles Lindbergh which was due to his achievement in flight and his child who was kidnapped and murdered. He had a commission in the United States military and was rebuked by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Lindbergh was known for his racism and anti-semitism. In addition, Lindbergh was very isolationist. So this was September 1941 just before the attack on Pearl Harbor. And keep in mind that Lindbergh’s anti-Communism was based on his feeling that it would destroy America’s racial strength.

Now we can move to 1954 and it must be said that Lindbergh was more than just a racist and had many accomplishments. President Dwight D. Eisenhower restored his commission as a brigadier general in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. I must add that Eisenhower, history has shown, was kind of sympathetic about the rape of women in Europe by Russian soldiers as he knew that American soldiers, in much smaller numbers, were doing the same thing. I guess for lack of a better word, this was called unity or politics where it seemed that people had forgotten or didn’t seem to care that much.

I can tell you this from my recollections in 1954. I was learning about the hate caused by people. I remember an uncle who told me that the Japanese fought “dirty” by using kamikaze pilots and he and others mentioned Lindbergh, but for the most part I was kept in the dark about the hate messages of Lindbergh and I guess you can call that education. I guess! I guess. That was the pulse of a nation bent on holding the truth back and today we see the pulse of Ron DeSantis who talks out of both sides of his mouth.

The truth cannot be held back!  We must desatanize Florida and our nation. DeSantis’s support of Israel is not enough and he is on the road to repeating bad history from the holy book of Hitler. And the timing of the Florida legislation that was passed and the recent attempt to commit violence against the LGBTQ community may be thousands of miles away (Idaho), but laws stimulate action and action stimulates laws and more action. Everything possible must be done now to diminish the danger caused by DeSantis.

Before finishing up this article, I noticed that Repugnicans in Pennsylvania and their supporters are comparing the January 6 Committee investigation to the Reichstag fire and Hitler’s take over of Germany. There currently is no dictatorship or anything resembling it in our nation, except state politics that needs to be changed. I read about Jesus would have bought an AR-15 rifle to defend himself. So Christians know just how badly Jesus was diminished by that Repugnican statement. This is free speech at work in America and it should stop. Hitler, I have told my readers, was coming to the United States thanks to those who opposed Franklin D. Roosevelt and Biden is no Hitler. There are numerous comparisons of Trump to Hitler by leading historians, but Repugnicans have purposely diminished the historians during the 45 years.

Even yesterday and this morning, I was reading the important comments of a historian that students should pay attention to.  Ruth Ben-Ghiat provided content to an article on the internet that got my attention. She has written about powerful men in history and knows that the same elements are there today.  Read and research more. High school or even earlier is an appropriate age to learn about “Ours is the age of the strongman, of heads of state who damage or destroy democracy and use masculinity as a tool of political legitimacy. Such rulers now govern Russia, Turkey, Brazil, the United States….” We thank Ben-Ghiat for this contribution. I am open to discussing this in a school in Florida with Ron DeSantis present (somewhere but not near me).

Trump’s Cuban Sandwich or Bocadillo Pudrido

The Cuban sandwich includes pork, ham, cheese, pickle, and mustard on Cuban bread.  I can begin to imagine how many times Cubans and others have had that sandwich over the decades. Trump made a sandwich for Cubans based on anti-Communism, winning Cuba back for Cubans in Florida and elsewhere and in no uncertain terms the expectations were high that where others failed to liberate Cuba Trump would succeed. Actually Trump gave Cubans nothing. Sanctions that were imposed did not budge the post Castro regime. Then what was this sandwich all about? Nothing really unless we look at the power obtained and retained by conservative Cubans. Ron DeSantis has now picked up that rotten sandwich, bocadillo pudrido means just that, as the protests begin about the purchase of Radio Mambí in Florida by a mixed group that includes strong Biden supporters and financing that includes money from George Soros.

Biden just prevented Cuba from attending the Latin American Summit in Los Angeles (along with Nicaragua and Venezuela). The lesson is for those other two nation’s immigrants in the United States and their children. The Cuban sandwich was allowed to rot under Trump.

The Trump-Putin Caravan of strong men loving one other hangs over Cuba after Putin’s invasion and destruction in Ukraine and four years of that was just another Trump bankruptcy that led him to January 6, 2021 and his detestable unpatriotic behavior. The Radio Mambí cause celebre is just at best an attempt to hide that truth. The strategies of Cuban exiles have not worked and the insanity continues. These are the facts of that battle that has been taking place since 1958 when Castro took over: Trump failed, and the Putin Madness must be stopped to protect our world. The Putin-Trump Madness contributed to world problems that we are facing and Florida has to change quickly. Your GOAT or Greatest of All Time failed! And the word has to get out to Ron DeSantis that the Trump-Cuban sandwich is just a rotten sandwich that has been thrown to the ground. The mojo sauce created from 2017-2021 was toxic and no radio station can save it. It has become what is known as mambi-pambi or something that is fake, weak, and fraudulent. It is bankrupt!

Founding Fathers a New Lesson

“We must protect the most vulnerable with common sense gun laws.”- Amaro Lionheart (candidate Florida State Senate Pinellas County)

Photo credit Amaro Corleone taken last week in Uvalde, Texas. Irma Garcia killed in the Uvalde school massacre and her husband “Joe” Garcia who later died of a broken heart.

A child, ten years old, walks over to a neighbor’s house in Florida, takes a gun which has been concealed in a bag, takes out the gun, shoots the neighbor, killing the neighbor. And this child was directed by her mother to do this. I am not going to go into the facts of this case.

Here was a child and a gun. Let’s move that child into the 1700s and an altercation had just taken place between a man and one of the “Founding Fathers” of the United States. And the “Founding Father” got killed. First of all, I have never seen anyone ever say that The Bible says that we have the right to bear arms. I have heard people say that it is a God given right just as they say about so many things. What would have been the impact of that killing after the signing of the Constitution? What would have been the impact of the killing if the “Founding Father” had been killed just before signing the Constitution? Would regulating firearms had taking the historical turns that it has taken? And what if more than one or even all of them had been killed by gunfire?

Keeping that in mind, it is highly unlikely that a poem (freedom of speech) or a psalm (freedom of religion) would have killed them. What about this? My momma said that you chopped down that cherry tree. A fight breaks out and bam George Washington gets buried in Mount Vernon after being shot.

As creative as this short piece is, it should not be lost immediately since sometimes the interpretation of the Constitution is reasonable. It was in the case of Roe vs. Wade. And it has happened in big cases. The psychological evidence that was brought forth by Thurgood Marshall in the battle against segregation of schools is a great example. What then would have been the mental or psychological conclusion of the “Founding Fathers?” And what impact could my own thoughts have on the justices of the Supreme Court?

I doubt if the “Founding Fathers” would have been influenced by Stalin, Hitler, Trump, DeSantis, others like them. Or am I wrong about that? I know that the founding fathers of the Soviet Union were influenced by the interpretations of the “Founding Fathers.” And I know that some of the worst behavior perpetrated against people in Florida (and elsewhere) was perpetrated by communists against others.

And getting back to The Bible, we know that Jews would not fight on the Sabbath Day, which was a form of gun control. They were devout and suddenly even the Jews had to change the law so that lives could be saved. When a Jewish army was massacred on the Sabbath, the law was changed and it was changed to save lives.

And going back to the 1770s, we have to note that “common sense” was calling for a high form of patriotism to an unborn nation under conditions where about two-thirds of the people living in the 13 colonies were opposed to war with England (there were “loyalists” and undecided people). And today this problem and it is a problem is not a Blue State nor a Red State problem. It’s an American problem! I know about gun rights’ advocates in my community that said deplorable things about using guns that should never have been spoken (limits on free speech).

There is a book that says, “if you live by the sword, you die by the sword (substitute gun, rifle, etc.).” The fear that we all have is from this country not governing well enough. And that is hundreds of years old. And we fear tyrants among US who propel themselves through the worst lies that resemble the worst world leaders that we have studied. I wonder why anyone would want to live The White House after what took place there from 2017-2021. And all that started with a man who said that the part of The Bible that he liked was “an eye for an eye.”

This article is strictly about the “Founding Fathers” and those people who insist on invoking God given rights without consulting their Bibles. There are lots of people afflicted with DeSatinism in this nation as well. What this nation needs right now are more patriots that know how to save lives during a pandemic and during these days of hate being acted out.

And breaking away from the contents already laid out, I decided to go for more and did research.  Here is what I quickly found out.

I wondered if there was any talk about Constitutionality at the time of the assassination of Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley. Clearly there were two parties that we know well today. What positions were there at that time since presidents were assassinated? And what discussion did the people have about more potent weapons? What I found was that there was not much being done about gun control and the mood of the NRA changed after 1968. So the organization went from willing to take on things that were “reasonable” and by the late 1970s had a hard line attitude. But I also learned that there were thousands of gun laws from colonial times to the formation of this nation and these laws barred people from obtaining guns. In the Wild West, I learned that guns were taken away from people in “populated” areas of a town or on Sundays and later returned to the owners.

And these are the words of President Joe Biden “My first priority is to protect the American people, and I will use every resource at my disposal—consistent with our Nation’s laws and the Second Amendment—to keep our families, friends, and neighbors safe from gun violence.  That is why I have taken action to rein in the proliferation of homemade and modified guns, collect more data about firearms trafficking, and help states keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals.  I am also implementing a zero-tolerance policy for rogue firearms dealers who willfully violate federal laws, and I am pushing for more investment to help address and prevent gun violence in local communities.”

And we can act together to do more to prevent gun violence.

No God, No GED, No Guns, and More

I have a Zoom on my mind that will help New York City and the world. I asked the City Council to act and reiterated my request today.

It should be apparent to all that Thou Shalt Not Kill or murder is one of the Ten Commandments and people all over America are guilty of No God. But it’s more than just that, because the list is long. I have been with Klein, Walcott, Fariña, and Bloomberg and DeBlasio advocating for more than they ever did. I have been a guest speaker at DOE headquarters. I saw things and see things that need quick action and not months and years of delay. I have had my eyes on Banks and Adams. It is now June and the first 100 days have passed in the new administration. Can Buffalo happen in New York City? Can Uvalde happen in New York City? Can they happen in Islip where I live? And I am in a New York State of mind.

The desertion from church in the Bible Belt two decades ago was greater than the dropout rate from school. I learned that after retiring. But people act as though it is a small problem. And people did not know that only about one person out of every hundred adults earned a GED across our nation each year. They saw GED programs, jobs where the GED was needed, and other things and did not know. You should have seen the eyes of Reverend Al Sharpton roll when I told him that 2.85 million adults in New York State did not have a diploma. And he said “I didn’t know that.”

So what does government know that I don’t know? People thought that most people earned a GED and that was far from the truth. Then the reports started flowing forth, particularly after I spoke with David Jones at a citywide meeting that started at Pace University and ended at another location. Congressman Charlie Rangel and I also had a great talk which amounted to nothing.

Nikolas Cruz (Parkland Massacre), Payton Gendron (Buffalo Massacre) Salvador Ramos (Uvalde Massacre) are names now known to the world. And it began with hate at a young age. These are just a few of the mass shootings and not all of them are committed by teens. Men also commit those atrocities. But where was the prevention before the gun was obtained? I just did an outreach into Buffalo and explained my view, thanking that community for opening up to me and telling one of its major players that Buffalo needs a “Muhammad Ali” right now to fight for that community. They have brought out sports figures that I noticed and that is awesome, but much more is needed now. People are in pain and much stronger messaging is needed.

And I am not done with God and the battle to save lives. I turn to the media such as Epoch Times, Free Republic, Freedom’s Phoenix, Conservative Voices USA, Prophecy Update, WLVRNS or conservative content from around the web, and more where I noticed that is a God given right not to have lockdowns when there was a lockdown in the Bible which later led to the Exodus from Egypt. Remember the plague that God sent? The Epoch Times billed its viewpoint as God vs. Collectivism just the way it might use God vs. Collective Bargaining to make my point. Practice what you preach? Who are these people citing God and which God is it (really) that is being cited? Which religion?

Karl Marx (1818-1883). There must have been some other Marxist or communist that gave US and all of us Pikuach Nefesh, Jesus Saving Lives on the Sabbath, and the Quran saving one life is like saving all of mankind or humanity. For economic reasons Trump caused hundreds of thousands of lives to save jobs. True Stalin was worse as he instituted “economic” policies that killed millions of people in the Ukraine and elsewhere. And it was the White House that made a call to the Jewish community of Brooklyn, New York in the middle of March 2020 asking the people there to observe social distancing to keep people safe. And it was in Israel that a leading rabbi who almost died from COVID-19 stated that we have to take COVID seriously. Still rabbis continued on the wrong path as the study of Talmud became more important than saving lives. And Christians also chose to open churches and so did Catholics before they should have.

And those patriots who cite God, helped cause lots of illness and death that we have to deal with together just they way we deal with the aftermath of the attack on 9-11. I wrote early on that to play in Marseillaise at a secret religious event in a basement in France during Nazi occupation would result in the capture and deaths of those people, but nobody listened. Freedom of speech is the playing of a patriotic song and I will now add the playing of The Star Spangled Banner to that message. That kind of patriotism is not the kind of patriotism of our greatest who save lives in battle.

And that leads me to Hungary where Donald Trump appeared with other conservatives who support Turning Points USA and at that conference or convention there was silence in the name of what? Tolerance for a man who has called Jews “excrement” and has diminished Black people? That same silence from right wingers, haters of Jews got us into more violence against Jews leading up to the Holocaust and to today. You can see Candace Owens and others talking about The Bible and family and that chaos leads to dictatorship. She also pointed out to Marxism in a You Tube that is on the website of CPAC. And they covered a wide range of things including the right to contest the Election of 2020 and vaccinations and freedom (their freedom). And their talk of economics and no income taxes and more.

It would great, I feel, if my views were presented to a wide audience of CPAC and others in communities around the world. I did not point to Marx and socialism at all. Did I? My view is based on facts from centuries or more before Marx. CPAC may be right about certain facts, but historically wrong. The leaders and attendees and the CEO of Parler can agree that all views should be expressed in a “free society,” but that is what took place in France after 1894 and people got killed and injured as society could not handle it. And we have to think right now about Buffalo and shooter there who was influenced by what they call The Great Replacement Theory. Candace Owens, a Black woman, chose to align herself with freedom and family and she has remained silent about far too many things. That is typical of what took place under Stalin, Hitler, and other powerful men and nations. And in a town like New York City my views should be in the news as well.

Are their “alternate” facts made popular by Trump the truth? Obviously not! They are opinions.

And then there are those Christian Nationalists which it just a kind of repeat performance of the 1930s when Hitler was trying to take over America from within (not to be started by his Luftwaffe at all). Here is the list back then: Christian American Guard, Christian American Builders, Christian Free Press, Christian Party, New Gentile, the National Protective Order of Gentiles, Friends of Progress, and the National Minute Men and Women of America. And the work of the latter took US into a new development.

Here is what you can learn of one man whose name was Robert Noble whose activities were highlighted in November 1941. I could have written about “Lucky” Lindy or Charles Lindbergh.

A mock impeachment of President Roosevelt took place.

The notes taken back then include

Germany put its people back to work and FDR failed.

Germany had driven out the “Jewish Banker.”

Under Hitler, every German had a good job and pay and two weeks vacation.

The American media was pushing us (Noble speaking) closer to war and preventing people like Lindbergh from having free speech.

No troops sent to England to help.

FDR should be impeached.

And the vote was 16-1 at this mock event. There would be another event in one week for the Senate Impeachment.

Noble said that FDR disregarded the “will of the people.”

FDR was accused of “mental incompetence” but more than that including “greed” and causing US to head to war. Noble had to adjourn the meeting which would be continued the following week.

That next meeting took place on December 6, 1941 at 8:00 P.M. and there were many speeches in which people called a madman “our brother, Adolf Hitler” and Japan was called “a glorious nation.” It was late and vote to impeach was still not taken and the meeting was postponed until December 11, 1941.

I think you see the parallel here where members of CPAC are calling Hungary and its leader great and speaking highly of the freedoms that Hungary and other Eastern European nations have. Stalin knew how to diminish Jews and others. Putin is doing the same thing right now. Victor Orban of Hungary is the right person to permit that right now and he has done that for more than a decade in power. His strong messaging against immigrants and homosexuals even reminds top Israelis of those Holocaust days. Steve Bannen called Orban “Trump before Trump.” And Orban was sure that Putin would not attack Ukraine. When Polish, Slovenia, and Czech prime ministers went to Ukraine to show support, Orban was absent. Any gesture of support back in March became quickly policy to sit on the fence and get his ration of gas from Russia.

And we can even turn back to the Founding Fathers of the United States and its history and Judeo-Christian foundations. President George Washington wrote a letter protecting the Jews that has been on display in the Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island. And a team of so-called American patriots could not even open their mouths against a man known to Jews as an anti-Semite at the CPAC in Hungary. This is a stain that people across our nation should know.

Gun Control by Biden, Lionheart, and Me

I got in touch with Amaro Lionheart, Democratic candidate for the Florida senate recently and he is doing things the right way. I reached out to him and he was there and he has been there to talk. All potential voters in Florida should take note of that. We have to learn more about this man and his views. When I first had a conversation with him, he was teaching in a school in Florida and told me that teachers are really underpaid in Florida. I decided to write about Lionheart first, but everything in this article is important to know and share.

Here are some key points sent to me by Lionheart as he fights to win election to the legislature of Florida.

1) Anyone who buys a firearm must take a mandatory gun training and safety courses including time on the range. Instructors & sales staff will be required to be certified and will be able to identify individuals who display them and prevent them from ever getting their hands on a firearm to use them against the interests of public safety.

2) Institute a mandatory waiting period of 30 days within those 30 days the consumer will have passed his or her background and psychological checks and tests (Evaluations will be conducted by a Trained & Licensed Mental Health Expert).

3) Those who want to give up their firearms willing will have their property compensated at 3x time the market value. This will remove guns from circulation as these firearms will be scrapped and recycled.

In my last article there is a reference to the comment of Donald Trump, Jr. that the attacker could have used a bat to kill children. I nicknamed him for the moment “Batman.” And now I will continue on with his comment. A bad wielding youth might have been disarmed quickly by using a bat. If the youth had the strength of a hundred men, he could have killed 21 people. Is there a word for taking a bat away from a human being intent on inflicting injury and death? M.A.G.A. need not have represented gun rights over gun control, but it does represent the former. There are consequences and Republicans everywhere are under the microscope as well as their Democratic supporters.

And Lionheart cites both Florida and Vermont as states that need to change. He will present his ideas to be passed by the legislature of Florida when he is elected. I thought about Vermont and United States Senator Bernie Sanders and discussed it with Amaro Lionheart. He taught me a lesson that we should all know and this is Sanders, who is known for his socialism and progressivism, has won election in a state that shows great support for the Second Amendment rights of people and that is because the senator and presidential hopeful has those rights in mind as he campaigns for office and for others. Around our nation, no Republican or Conservative is going to push that narrative when the poison that they want you to swallow is that the threat is communism. This tactic is traditionally Repugnican going back to the 1930s. And knowing what I know about what voters know, I know that those sound bites work with people.

There is mourning going on in Uvalde and the community there is divided about the presence of Joe Biden. Give the community a chance to bury and grieve 21 lives lost? And what if Biden had gone to show his support and faith and the press asked him his views about a youth purchasing assault rifles and enough ammunition to kill more than a thousand innocent people? Would he be required by some Repugnican standard to remain silent when the Constitution cites the freedom to speak out. Yes we are divided.

And Beto O’Rourke was in Uvalde and he spoke out. He was diminished by curse words cast by Repugnicans. Here was a man trying to do good and those words resonate with me today thinking about men and women who have called Jews “excrement” or even a Jew that I spoke with years ago who called Colin Kaepernick the same thing. Yes we are divided.

Trump lit the passions of hateful people and we are fighting back. All of us have to do more now and there is talk by Republicans in the press. Talk is cheap without actions. More people could have been killed in Uvalde and guns kill. People in Uvalde are being more vigilant as they mourn and support each other. We are required to do more. In Minneapolis it was 9 minutes on a man’s neck and here a youth with 1,657 rounds of ammunition (according to his grandfather).

Everything matters in Uvalde and around our nation where there is gun violence. It has been and it is and will remain political.

I noticed articles about Trump, Jr.’s bat comments a day after writing it. I do not have any constraints or deadlines, so I usually write about things that have not been written about. And the White House instantly receives my completed work.

And Amaro Lionheart has just informed me that he will be on his way to Texas to speak to people in Uvalde where the massacre took place. He is from Pinellas County in Florida and it’s great to see a man who aspires to office who wants to go directly to the source to help. I know he hopes to reach Beto O’Rourke as well.

National Rape-Abortion Movement

This article contains extremely sensitive material about rape (citing information that was just revealed after background checks of the shooter in the Uvalde Massacre in Texas). This material may not be for most students under the age of 17 and for most or all Repugnicans or voters with similar ideas in any political party.

With the NRA meeting taking place in Texas, we think about a youth who killed children and teachers in Texas and who recently was engaged in chats about rape with females around the world. Sickness lives within the minds of people in the United States today as it has for decades.

There is the NRA and the NR-A Movement, the latter thinking about children being shot and raped. Thinking about Ukraine where women, children, and infants have been shot and raped. History keeps repeating itself as rape was conducted against Chinese in Asia and against innocent German women and others in Europe (by Japan and the Soviet Union). And here in the United States then and now no such happened or is happening the way it happened before and during World War II. And millions of people follow the leaders who say no abortion for rape and no abortion. America is sick. That is my opinion.

And Republican women allow some of their leaders to say things like just lay back and enjoy it. Sick! And I am sure that millions of Americans are thinking that it should only happen to Republican women and their children in retaliation for what is being done to women across America. The right of a woman to choose what she wants has been and is being dictated at severe costs to women. This has to stop. That is my opinion!

That youth who shot and killed all those children in school could have picked a middle school population and he could have had accomplices who think the way he did. The United States of America cannot continue the way it has with the NRA. Guns kill as they have always killed. In my last article, I mentioned that Israel allows the purchase of only 50 bullets and those 50 bullets cannot be exceeded. Supporters of Israel and Donald Trump can speak about that. If they choose to or hide that important fact. I have been in touch with a candidate for the Florida State Senate and you can expect more from me on this later. Those are the facts and my opinion!

The NR-A Movement is badly needed. There are lots of American rapists who are known to police and communities across our nation. Trump drew attention to Mexicans only even before winning the Election of 2016. He diminished Mexico and I saw Mexicans in Puerto Vallarta who were concerned about their economic well-being with Trump in the White House. There was fear of bad times coming to Mexico which would impact on crime in that country. And crime in that country would have a snowball effect of bringing more problems into the United States including drugs that climb walls or go through tunnels and through ports achieved by paying off United States agents. This sensitive paragraph only pertains to the Trump years when his supporters applauded his policies.

And in Uvalde right now instead of parents complaining about Critical Race Theory the headlines read that the police allowed the children to get slaughtered in the school. The leadership in Texas can run right now, but it cannot hide. The mistakes have nothing to do with Black Lives Matter or even bail reform. And Governor Abbott of Texas knows that he has a major problem in Harris County, Texas because the homicides are huge there.

The Afghanistan Evacuation Success and Bail in Texas

Posted by Administrator January 31, 2022

And in Texas (Harris County) right now, there is great discussion of how bail has contributed to hundreds of murders in that state. Research was done by an anti-crime group which has been brought to the attention of Governor Abbott, the Republican in charge of that state right now.

So we learn that there is a serious relationship between bail and people out on bail that commit murder. The information goes back a year ago and cites 90 murders linked to bail bond. The problem probably is not really about the bail since the very same people could have easily killed someone without ever having had a single felony.

And now in May 2022, I hope that Joe Biden is paying closer attention to what I wrote. Salvador Ramos had no previous felony. We thank Beto O’Rourke, candidate for governor, for exposing the governor last week. See my last article about Ted Cruz. And keep an eye on DeSantis in Florida as I continue to write about things. I refer you to the article by Jeffrey Solochek in The Tampa Bay Times in which he repeatedly demonstrates through experts that Florida needs to do more about social emotional learning than it has and it is not well enough prepared to do things like detecting behavior by students as more students get depressed. His article shows a paper trail of deficiencies in Florida from the bold talk of preventing more Parklands to today and those deficiencies have DeSantis’ name on it because of the objection to social emotional learning in books or so-called “wokeism.” This should remind my readers of what people are saying about the well documented police response in Uvalde, Texas. And Repugnicans cannot be the saviors of America or even New York City. And it has just been reported that “Batman” Trump, the Donald’s son, is minimizing the tragedy by stating that 19 children could have been killed by a baseball bat. I would have loved seeing the Russians invade Ukraine with only bats. I support Ukraine and people who fight against Repugnicans.

“Have we forgotten the issues of Nikolas Cruz?” That quote is from Nathaniel von der Embse, an associate professor of psychology at the University of South Florida, who praises decades of research in social emotional learning that has contributed to student academic progress for decades mentioned in the article by Jeffrey Solochek.

And what did Texas do about providing panic buzzers to schools after the Parkland Massacre.

And this is from more than four years ago in Jewish Business News in Israel.

WORLD NEWSBLOG / Stop The Wall And Protect Us All: Trump’s Meeting After The Shooting In Parkland, Florida Not Presidential

By Martin Danenberg Published February 22, 2018

With all the talk about background checks, more mental services and institutions (even Trump indicated which is in short supply today), more programs, more armed teachers, administrators, and newly hired veterans who can shoot a gun, metal detectors are badly needed now. Maybe Trump can create a wall with metal detectors for all those schools. He did float the idea of a wall with solar panels already.

And at the NRA Convention in Houston last week, Wayne LaPierre of that organization spoke that no gun control is needed. And new voices in the Republican Party are speaking up about the need for gun control. And did anyone there think about the NR-A Movement? And it has been in the news that people in our nation do have diminished faith in law enforcement. I was thinking about just how a plague in Egypt passed over the Jews as the first born of the Egyptians died as I thought about the horrific rape-abortion policies demanded by so many people in our nation. And how many time recently have I written and compared much or more of the worst behavior of Americans with that of Russians under communism and today? The Force 2020 DDT was set up to destroy Donald Trump and people like his friend Putin.

I would strongly suggest a convening of all state education departments to address these issues more. I would also like to share my own views, especially since both Salvador Ramos and Nikolas Cruz were not honor students and needed additional help that was not provided by people in their states. And remember that I played a major role in shaping GED policy with the office of then Governor Jeb Bush in Florida in 2001. The Department of Education of New York City and other cities should also participate.

Ted Cruz

There are around hundreds of thousands (not millions) of licensed guns in the hands of Israeli citizens as they protect themselves mostly from terrorism. Those guns are divided between individuals and institutions that protect themselves. Israelis are limited to 50 bullets and old bullets and bullets used must be returned before a new purchase can be made. You can read this kind of information online in an article that mentions American conservatives and Mike Huckabee. Find out more about the process in Israel that rejects around 40 percent of applicants for license.

Supporters of Huckabee used Huckabee’s portrayal of things as Israel having the same passion for gun rights as Americans, but the article spells out clearly “There’s just one problem: It isn’t true.”

Personally speaking, I would thank anyone who used a gun to save my life, whether licensed or unlicensed. Salvador Ramos didn’t do that kind of thing.

In my search of Ted Cruz, I came across his father’s mean-spirited chatter that we East coast Jews are Democrats first and Jews second. All it took to heat me up to support Democrats when I can is Donald Trump. The history of my people has motivated me to tell the truth as I see it. And Ted Cruz has been interviewed about the mass shooting in Uvalde and his talk was about the door in the school that was left open. Germany left a door wide open to kill millions of Jews and others. Trump left a door wide open to cause hate for various people including Latinos. And so far, I do not see the evidence of hate caused by Trump the way it came out in the Parkland massacre as we recall Nikolas Cruz wearing the red M.A.G.A. hat in a photo.

But we are reading evidence of Trump promoting the beliefs that led to the massacre in Buffalo.

This was written a year ago in The Force 2020 DDT

Hebron-like Violence Throughout Israel

Posted by Administrator May 15, 2021

When Ted Cruz spoke out about a relationship with Israeli scientists in the fight against COVID-19, just over a year ago I wrote do not collaborate with Israeli labs, but it would be okay to set something up in Indiana. The goal was to prevent US from obtaining badly needed vaccines without an interruption by Israeli violence or even war. That alone should disqualify Cruz from any office that involves foreign affairs.

And now back in 2022, I am not anti-Semitic or anti-Israel. My concern was for Americans to have uninterrupted access to vaccines due to war. And that was way before the war in Ukraine caused by Putin. Can you imagine what would have happened if Russia had been our supplier of vaccines and other drugs? I wrote “Indiana” since it is far into the interior of the United States and not a seaport since along either coast. How do you think I did?

And there was Beto O’Rourke in Uvalde speaking out against the gun violence and the reaction of some people on the stage to eliminate his voice, calling him a “sick son of a b—–” and it seemed that the governor called him “an embarrassment.” Yes he was out of order in speaking out. Yes he quickly followed the rules of protocol and left escorted by the police and others.

The Republicans on the stage showed their political bias by using the words they did. He was just out of order, he recognized it, and made the point he needed to make. Guns control was not mentioned, but far away from that crime scene and the town, Mitch McConnell without the Republican leadership in Uvalde knowing it was talking about a bipartisan solution that must be passed based on the facts of the situation. The video of O’Rourke in Uvalde made me think of school board meetings that I have seen where threats have been made or meetings that were allowed to go out of control for a much longer period of time (meetings about CRT and other matters that cause a heated reaction such as replacing a school superintendent).

In the Parkland massacre, a deputy was fired and after a long period of time that deputy was reinstated to his job in Florida. He did not rush into the school and people didn’t rush into the school in Uvalde. Take note of that! Heads sometimes do roll, but after all the evidence is presented in cases sometimes it is clear that agencies and the public overreact. And it is also clear that for the families involved and for our nation, it took too long to respond adequately to the violence that was taking place inside the school. And we mourn as a nation, but we also understand people making a statement that have their hearts in the right place. Too often, Repugnicans portray this as do-gooders who do not have common sense and who have the wrong policies in mind.

And see when I wrote this as well.

Trump Wants Americans to Be Killed: DHS Report

Posted by Administrator August 8, 2019

Of course, the report doesn’t say that Trump wants Americans to be killed, but we have to present alongside that headline that Republicans say that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want open borders to allow an “invasion” to take place.  Do I have to say anymore?  We can throw into the fire that Trump wants Americans to be killed with assault weapons and that is why he won’t take action among other things.  To be balanced I must say that Trump and others would say that the great assault weapon of the Repugnicans is the MS-13.

The DHS or Department of Homeland Security which is not a liberal agency by any means reported that Trump wanted to do nothing to curtail and prevent White Supremacy by attacking it and emphasized only the threat of Muslims when the threat from Whites is gigantic in America compared to the Muslim threat in America.

I started to do an outreach into the community in Uvalde, Texas to find out more. And I hope to provide updates of things in the near future.

Christopher Persaud Guilty of Trespassing in School

This took place in Palm Beach County Florida. And school districts all over our nation should learn about this. And yes mask mandates can be upheld or enforced, even in Florida.

Usually nothing happens as I email hundreds or more reporters and editors. I have spoken to some and that is the way it should be. There should be more communication taking place.

Persaud decided not to wear a mask at work as a teacher and he was given the chance to wear a shield which he rejected. He cited religion as his objection and my readers know about my work in this matter. Everyone should be protecting everyone else.

The question is what religion does Persaud practice? Trumpism? I watched Persaud in court as he testified. Can I judge his religion by his appearance? No! His name struck me immediately because I once had a student around 1970 with a similar name and she was from Trinidad.

I can only repeat here what I have expressed before several times.

“If anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind.”   Quran Surah verse 32

Jesus was not a Founding Father of the United States, but his existence and life founded Christianity. He was a Jew who followed Jewish law which included something important about saving lives called Pikuach Nefesh. And there should be no argument that misinterprets that truth. This important religious fact has been missing from the talks of the Pope in Rome and from religious leaders around the world. There have been rabbis in Israel that forgot about Pikuach Nefesh and they and others concentrated on the study of Torah and Talmud for many months, but the harsh illness that was life threatening woke them up to the road that was needed. There the road and homes contain Jerusalem stone. In thinking about those religious leaders and putting it simply, they seemed to forget about the commandment to multiply or procreate in favor of study.

So what religion does Persaud claim supports his right to not wear a mask. DeSatanism? My constitution, if you have read this clearly, does not support Persaud’s right! And his faith leader supports providing school districts that comply with mask mandates much less money. I would also like The White House and the World Health Institute to take action so that we do not have so many deaths (almost 75,000 deaths right now under DeSatanism) with tens of thousands that could have been avoided by masks and shields and CARING for others.

Don’t Trespass On Me!