Prison Will Not Define Them

Mayor Adams has visited Rikers’ inmates and correction officers. He was there to give thanks to America on Thanksgiving and to promote his own message of the advocacy of hope . I have been in Rikers’ 3 times and learned a bit from the experience, but if I can point a finger of some or much of the failure, I point it at the Commissioner who I contacted through Jack Ryan during the years that I wished to help as an educator. I had no influence even though I had been called upon by the NY State Education Department to intervene with Governor Eliot Spitzer. Does the name of that commissioner even matter right now?

I guess we ought to ask Mayor Adams just what his next move is to move those incarcerated people along the road so that prison will not define them again (if it defines them). The newspapers that have written about the mayor’s visit include The New York Daily News, The New York Post, The Patch, and one or two more. That’s it! Such an important event and so limited coverage of that news. Here is some news!

With eighteen deaths among the inmates and possession of drugs leading to death (called contraband in the news), much more has to be done to make things better. I noticed most of the people assembled on the tour of the facility were without masks and that is something that I have written about until turning blue. I’ve seen is among lots of elected officials and that is morally wrong! I had my coffee already so my day is taking off to a flying start. I’d prefer greater leadership and not what we are seeing. With that said, I would strongly recommend a tip line to report matters directly to the mayor which would inform him faster and also hold him accountable. There is a tip line that was set up recently in Virginia by its governor, but that tip line has basically failed. About half of the tips or comments were about COVID-19 restrictions and the tip line has not achieved the reported purpose of helping parents fight against “woke” activities in schools. I just emailed a “journalist” who has written a handful of articles for The New York Post this COVID-19 and Condoms

“The alternative to democracy is a prison, a prison of the mind. The alternative to democracy is violence, oppression, imprisonment, and silence.”   Sting

And I have asked in my article (s) Would Hitler have injected COVID-19 into Jews to make them sick and die? And Floridians should smell the death caused by its politicians […]

And I sent that just minutes before reviewing the material about Mayor Adams. This could be a defining moment in New York City, and it may add up to the usual, nothing. I should also tell you that the governor of Virginia has added a potentially important tutoring initiative to help his people and he has selected the Historically Black Colleges and Universities to provide the tutoring. Clearly this should be looked at from all angles, but it belongs in this article about Rikers’ and those incarcerated men, women, and their families. I have advocated for tutoring for a decade and a half or more, tutoring that has never reached the people. And in Florida right now, the governor is tapping into funds to pay for national guard members to assist correction officers in that state. I saw a video the other day of Nikolas Cruz, the convicted perpetrator of the Parkland Massacre, fighting or wrestling with a correction officer in that state which Floridians learned about a long time ago. It takes time for people in government to get around to and figuring out what to do. And in New York City lots of people are clearly asking themselves if the fall of the city is imminent. And yes we want the correction officers to return home safely to their families in addition to protecting the incarcerated men and women.

The family members of the incarcerated need a tip line if they have known and immediate action is required so things do not escalate. The safety of everyone in Rikers’s is at stake! And I understand that Mayor Adams was with Reverend Al Sharpton and the National Action Network (NAN) prior to his visit. I will leave here with an easy thought for the mayor and the city council of New York. How do you spell NAN backwards? Is a tip needed for that?

Department of Justice Charges 13 Chinese in New York City Communist Plot’

This is about “do you honestly swear to tell the truth” to Americans and the rest of the world. Does that ring about to you?

An organization has been operating for years in New York City and has become the focus of attention on the Lower East Side. I recognize the street near the Manhattan Bridge because I walked those streets often in my life as a long-time resident.

And in my study of Nazism, I was super excited to read about the rounding up of Nazis around the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor which brought US into the war. And keep in mind that December 1941 was just a short time away from Hitler’s Final Solution for the Jews. We should keep this in mind as we learn more, think more about what is happening in our nation.

The New York Post, Fox News, and The Blaze reported the charges brought against the Chinese at the end of the article, kind of buried in there. When we look more closely at the facts, we notice that the organization that may have sponsored these people has been around for years.  If we think about this more, we should learn just how long the investigation has been going on. Right? And we would have to think more and more. For example, were Democrats who have been called “socialists” and “communists” involved and who are they? I wonder aloud if there was even one single politician that supported the communistic efforts of those charged. And thinking about that woman who infiltrated Mar-A-Lago, it makes me think if any of those Chinese are connected to her or to others who have been connected with Donald Trump. Think about a hypothetical situation if the place of business in Chinatown exhibits a photo of the staff with Donald Trump. Chinese for Trump would surely influence the police in New York and/or investigators the way that Hitler for America influenced police and F.B.I. before December 7, 1941.

In the article that I read, it was Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla) that was pressing the point. It is clear that Chinese are not allowed to operate the way being cited since 13 have been charged (spying was cited), but the question was asked and written about in The Blaze. Is Senator Scott being fair and accurate about this important matter?  In May the organization’s tax filings were pulled by the IRS for failing to file tax returns for three years which shows that something was fishy even under Trump.  Action could have been taken immediately. This is an example of how the IRS and tax agents are there to protect the United States. That was not made clear in The New York Post which has the right to disagree with me, but the article contains information about the outrage of Republican law makers and a letter written by them. And Jim Banks of Indiana on Fox News wants to know why Biden permitted this office to be set up on American soil. The association in Chinatown has been around since 1998 and we don’t know just how many years right now of being involved in this matter, but the media is asking why Biden allowed it. And there were over 20 Republicans that wrote the letter showing great concern over what they call Biden’s actions. Either those Republicans or the news media involved or both has done things that are clearly questionably wrong. “Why has Biden” should make a person think of that famous question about beating your wife or who is to blame for The Reichstag fire in Germany (communists blamed by Hitler).

How is this going to be undone? Look how long Trump’s “Big Lie” was allowed to pressure cook and it still has not popped.

I sit here thinking about those Repugnicans imaging things like only Trump does the right thing. This kind of loyalty is destroying the United States and I have more to write about soon, especially in relation to patriotism at this difficult moment in world history.

And can you imagine what would have taken place among Germans in Germany in 1945 if Hitler had remained alive?  Can you imagine just how he would twisted the facts to support his actions? I think that right now those people cited (over 20 of them)  in this article should be handled in another way. I could think about having them discuss the entire issue on a form of Twitter that would reach tens of millions of people and that they should face the American people in an effort to be truthful which is not only required in a court of law, but also by The Bible. The average person doesn’t have the time or inclination to find out the truth around the world and I am sure that there are others that know much more than I know.

M.A.G.A. 2016 Keep America Great 2020 M.A.C.A. 2024

More jobs created than at any time in history (debunked by fact check).

The biggest tax reform in history (debunked by fact check).

The greatest military in history.

The greatest president in the history of the US Israeli relations.

Warped speed for vaccine creation and manufacture.

Defending our border against invasions.

America First.

Rooting out corruption in nations and Puerto Rico.

Saving millions of lives during the pandemic with policies.

Had his own March on Washington because the people love him and support him.

Great immigration policies.

People being sent here by Mexico are rapists, murderers, and criminals, but “some” are good.

Alternate facts in the White House.

Attacking the press.

At a time of turmoil in the middle of 2020 as riots were taking place, he failed to bolster police support to protect the public by providing for more police and badly needed mental health resources.

Selected and emboldened a Supreme Court that overturned Roe v. Wade and sent it back to the states, dividing our nation and probably knowing that The Old Testament contains information about abortions under the law which relates to religious freedom in America.

Fighting communism, socialism, liberalism, and radicalism at home through lies. There will be more coming about this in the near future.

Stolen elections.

No nation would ever start a war while he is president because he is stronger than anyone.

We are building the wall.

Defending the culture of the Confederacy.

Slow to support Ukraine against Russia.

He was so strong that he must have freed Cuba and Venezuela from communism with his power.

Jews are not loyal to him.

Proud of the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers.

Supported bringing more types like Norwegians to immigrate over people of color.

Evangelicals care more about Israel that Jews who are Democrats.

Criticized Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish during the Campaign of 2016.

Worked closely with people who desire a Christian nation as well as people who wish to have White Supremacy in the United States.

Gave people the right to not wear masks during a pandemic in violation of Jewish Law, the work of Jesus to promote healing and saving lives, and the Quran which calls for saving one life as if we are saving all of humanity.

M.A.C.A. What is that? Turn the page!

His wish was that there were more troops sent to the Southern border than to help Ukraine.

Make Another Coup Attempt is M.A.C.A. That is on my mind as the announcement hidden in Trump’s announcement to run again. There have been countless warnings about Trump since 2016 and those warnings were correct. I have posted a warning without having current evidence and I am making that clear. Obviously, it would take much more than what we witnessed on January 6, 2021, but we know that much more was going on behind the scenes and it is also known that people are in denial about that. And imagine that his first coup attempt in a nation considered the pride of democracy since democracy has advanced since its beginnings. How disgraceful!

DeSantis Fired Superintendent Cartwright in Broward County

As Florida heads closer to fascism each day, we must learn the lessons of history. And at the same time, we have to see within our own history that things were just not going right for democracy and freedom. The firing of a superintendent who was given 90 days to turn the school district around and who after three weeks was terminated should be a great cause for concern. I put aside my personal experiences with the school administration to get involved in Broward just three weeks ago. And that is just what all people have to do because the firing of Superintendent Cartwright has the handwriting of Ron DeSantis on it. He made those appointments, and his people did the dirty work. I have done lots of reading so keep reading and think more deeply about things just as I try and do. So DeSantis was not directly involved in the firing, but read more and learn more about just how people will make these happen for the Fuhrer, Il Duce, El Caudillo, and this kind of control of education has happened all around the world including Latin America and the Caribbean. It’s existence in a democracy should be considered unacceptable. So is this abuse of power going to be contested or not and will DeSantis help? Or will he stand back as Trump has on so many critical situations during his term in office?

In support of the superintendent, dissenting members (4 of the 9) pointed out either that the move was “unfair” and “impulsive and inappropriate.” It wasn’t even on the calendar to discuss so it was pushed through at the last moment of the tenure of the four DeSantis appointees. This is clearly on DeSantis who should be called upon to issue a statement. He should be denounced as well by Floridians who share values of justice for people and not just justice for the few. With that said, I know about his landslide victory in last week’s election and I’ve thought about it a lot. I sense, from afar, the fear that exists in Florida due to DeSantis, members of the legislature, hate groups, and other relatively new, coordinated school efforts to win power. DeSantis is no Moses, and I will now write about Robert Moses.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to get Robert Moses fired and he attempted to do this with a very unwilling Mayor Fiorello La Guardia. I was reading about fascism in Germany last night where people were getting fired by Adolf Hitler. Learn about their firing right here. So turn your lights on and get out of the dark. Ernst Rohm is an “example” in 1934 at a time when Hitler made the claim to be a “peaceful” ruler. Rohm was given 10 minutes to shoot himself and asked this. “If I am to be killed (fired) let Adolf do it himself,” he said. He was shot at the end of ten minutes. Robert Moses was able to keep his position intact by going to the people and the press and knocking both LaGuardia and Roosevelt on the seats of their pants. In other words, the public supported the man that they loved to see who was empowering the people to enjoy New York (America) as he built playgrounds, parks, roads, bridges in association with the federal government of FDR during the depression. And he did that against the wishes of the power of the wealthy who controlled Long Island and upstate New York. He did it against the people who controlled New York City who controlled the politics of that great city. Moses was no “Moses” because his real motivation was power so this is a moment for the people to take power away from Ron DeSantis. Unite and be free from this excess of power that stuck like a blitzkrieg in Broward and be careful, more careful about your future.

I had been thinking about Florida and its politics for days, looking at UNIVISION polls, the elections past and present, wondering if the Latino vote was going to be the great deciding vote, misinformation, anti-Semitism and hate, and more. I wrote “Florida You’ve Been Had” on October 18, 2022 and that is about to happen again now with the firing of Superintendent Cartwright.

I know that 4 members of the present school board are about to depart and then did not wish to disappoint as their complicity in this travesty of justice was evident at the time of their appointments. A new board could reinstate Superintendent Cartwright shortly, but that hand of corruption goes back to DeSantis and his slap against the school district. He gave the superintendent more than 10 minutes to be terminated, but this madness has to stop. If additional charges had been filed against the school superintendent along with time to answer those charges, the school board members would have been “Tide clean” but that is not what happened. All sides in this dispute should seek justice for the superintendent. Do the right thing! By the way, shortly after the firing of Ernst Rohm, in Vienna, Austria, Hitler’s men shot the Austrian chancellor in the throat and waited for three hours as the man bled to death on a sofa. Watch democracy die?

As I was completing this article, an article popped up on my phone which was a warning about Florida today showing how former Nazis settled in the Tampa Bay area by Dave Wagner, the news anchor there. I also noticed how the facts were covered by Jeff Solochek in The Tampa Bay Times. Yes DeSantis is fighting hard for a segment of the population as he diminishes others. That is precisely the danger. And Florida is one of the only states in the nation that does not have a state tax and people are reluctant to see more of their income go for taxes in general. No Republican is going to take you back to Trump’s tax changes where he gave the bulk of the benefits to the wealthy instead of to the middle class. Even the fascists and Nazis were intent on doing more for the average person than what Trump did with his party. I was concerned about taxation in 2016 well before the election.

I would hope that community leaders would call for the resignation of those perpetrators of justice immediately. Would they resign? I doubt it!

And has anyone read my ideas about helping the schools in Broward and elsewhere? If DeSantis had the knowledge that I possess, things move be moving forward quickly to help student and parent in Broward since education matters for all.

High School Students (Young People) Drenare la Palude and Mussolini

If we were watching a very popular game show where the object is to translate foreign words into English, the title would be words from the category of politics which is demonstrated by the use of a name familiar in the history of Italian politics. Many contestants would be far off the mark, but those who read the first syllable correctly have the advantage (dre(n). So how is the e pronounced and where will our attempt to get the answer take us? I checked Spanish and French to see just how close those languages were to the Italian. In French the word is used in a famous district of Paris that I have written about in the past. The word is marais which is totally dissimilar from palude. Le Marais is known as the Jewish sector of Paris and I was there once in my life. Le Marais, I wrote, was visited by Hitler when he marched into Paris victorious as The Maginot Line failed to protect France against Germany. And soon the Nazis completed their “Roundup” of Jews, sending them to concentration camps everywhere. Ironically Eastern European Jews had just fled their countries to seek protection from France and there was no escaping things this time.

And all eyes are on New York City right now and the Election of 2022 that has just taken place. I noticed the news media describing how the Red wave toward the Republicans did not take place because of young people since there were majorities of Black, Hispanic, and White youth voting for Democrats, Black youth in the greatest numbers by far. This is a moment of history and Kristallnacht that took place in 1938. This is the moment of two huge conferences of Jews and others meeting to stem the tide of hate in America and around the world. This is the moment of Kanye West, Candace Owens, and Kyrie Irving and the spread of anti-Semitism. Candace is promoting Mein Kampf, a book that has been banned in many countries whose author is Adolf Hitler.  When I noticed the words of Kanye West to P. Diddy on The Breakfast Club about getting “the Jews” after him that was a signal to me, and I sensed that things would get worse. I wrote this click on it and notice the date.

Do you remember Candace Owens speaking about Hitler and nationalism in Congress years ago? And how she portrayed Hitler many years before Kristallnacht? Try this on for size and remember that Dennis Praeger has worked closely with Owens for years. It’s May 1, 1933 in Germany as Hitler recently became The Fuhrer and a day when he disposed of the unions, issued a decree banning Jews from the professions, fired disloyal civil servants, took control over the radio, music, and theater productions, removed journalists that were unsympathetic, and made the Gestapo what we know it to be as the police arm of that nation.

Owens is in the news right now proclaiming that she totally believes in “free speech” which I could never say. I didn’t see her and her friends fight for freedom in the schools of Florida as laws reminding US of Nazi Germany were passed. You would think that these “free speech” advocates would fight until death for it, but they remained silent as DeSantis performed his blitzkrieg in Florida which is now in the courts. Should we not jump in on this discussion?  Shouldn’t our nation’s youth be a major part of the discussion since they are the future of our nation?

All of this was written knowing that the book that I was reading contained information about fascism from an author whose family had experienced it in Czechoslovakia and whose country then experienced communism. Early on in the book, she gave a warning about Donald Trump (published in 2018) at a time when I gave my warning which was published in Israel. But in detailing the history of that politics in Rome, Italy, she revealed that there was a youth who was sixteen years of age at the rally supporting Mussolini and that youth dyed a tee shirt Black because he did not have the money to buy a new shirt. And there were 200 Jews alongside those fascists supporting Mussolini. And that is another example of Jews being divided in history that I have written about.

In just several pages, we can learn that those fascists just like Americans that I wrote about on January 3, 2021 were intent on two things that I just read in Madeline Albright’s book. One was this “Either we are allowed to govern…or we will seize power by marching on Rome (Washington, D.C.)” The second thing is this “It is to break the bones of the democrats (Democrats)…and the sooner the better.”

The youth were our Maginot Line this year preventing fascism from overtaking US. Adults were accepting of the association with American fascists, adults across the board who ignored The Great Replacement ideas pushed by Trump, news media, and others, even people that we know and respect. And I expect to write more about fascism as soon as possible.

Trump Is No Moses

The so-called “King of Israel” or whatever he is known as surely is no Moses. Moses did lots of great things and he is more well-known in New York than in most places. Moses was Jewish and here is where I am leading now.

Moses had worked on behalf of a group of people who were “believers” in doing more to help the poor through social welfare and that was hated by the “Old Guard” that had been in control. Let’s now find out about Moses to see if Trump is a Moses.

Nobody held Moses by the strings, the press learned from Moses.

Moses would tell the newspapers how to do their job.

Moses announced his intention to enact revenge.

Moses berated the press.

Moses made announcements about support that would not take place.

Moses would attack men who were super-heroes to the voters.

Moses would attack the President of the United States who was the party’s leader saying that the latter had lost his strength.

Moses frightened party leaders.

Moses was going to remake the party including no eating bagels in Jewish neighborhoods and sausages in Italian neighborhoods.

Moses would do his best to destroy the image of his opponent, a man of principle.

Moses called his opponent “weak” “stupid” “a puppet” and his opponent’s backers were “crooked” among other things.

Moses was backed by people that paid to make sure that the people would not get lower utility rates.

Moses called his opponent “LIAR.” LIAR! LIAR! LIAR!

There were 2,000 farmers back then who heard what Moses said as he diminished the integrity of his opponent.

Moses had “documentation” to share about his accusations which turned out to be nothing more than guilt by association and not by wrongdoing.

1934 vote for Governor of New York

2,201,729 for Lehman 1.393,638 for Moses

Moses lost by 800,000 votes.

Moses was no Moses and Trump is no Moses. Or is he?

The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York won the Pulitzer Prize and was written in 1974. I wonder who read this book in New York City back then? Do you see the likeness?

Anyone who fails has to figure out just why, pick himself up, dust himself off, and start all over again. That was 1934 and apparently with some things many people had a higher morality, but only with some things. As I wrote, an article appeared on the internet with photos of Kristallnacht and these were not beautiful photos. The preparation for Kristallnacht took place from 1933 on or even long before that. Nuremberg was the site of one of those horrific pogroms against the Jews and photos of SS police officers with firemen, and average citizens were depicted as the great possessions of synagogues were carried away “presumably” to be burned. I’ve written about Kristallnacht before and I will write about it again.

New York was a different state back then and Robert Moses made enormous contributions to that state. I read on and learned that after the fall, the public supported him as he was about to lose his powerful jobs in the city. The people rallied to him against the mayor and the president because they felt that Moses was being treated unfairly. So Moses could not be cancelled and his political campaign had nothing to do with his work to build up New York State.

In Jackson, Mississippi today’s news reports that two churches and an historic Black educational institution were set on fire in that state. Trumpism did not experience the big “red” wave, but we are in danger. Rights are being violated in states by people calling it “freedom” and voters have fallen for lies. The suspect has been arrested and we should all pay attention to this important matter.

With Great Admiration Signed Hitler and Stalin

I will get to the title shortly. New York has just witnessed the trauma created by a basketball star whose team hails from Brooklyn in a place called the Barclay Center. My thoughts about his posting of anti-Semitic material led me early on to think of Manhattan back in the 1930s. It was February 20, 1939 in an area that I grew to love before I learned key aspects of its history. The building was torn down a long time ago and replaced in a new location near 34th Street. This was Madison Square Garden and the Nazis held a demonstration there.

Mayor LaGuardia sent 1,700 police to the location because the knew the potential for danger. There were 100,000 people outside “The Garden” and signs were held that said “Smash Anti-Semitism” among others. LaGuardia thought that the event would help defuse the movement and that did not happen. Inside “The Garden” American and Nazi flags were held by those German Americans. At 8 P.M. The Star-Spangled Banner was played for all inside. Rosenfield was mentioned, the man in The White House. Isadore Greenbaum was beaten with fists and boots by the Nazis there and saved from worse by the police. The top Nazi was corrupt and went to Sing Sing Prison to serve time. The movement continued and in 1942, its leader committed suicide rather than honor a subpoena to testify (George Froebose). These are things that were not taught to US in school in the 1950.  There should have been an “Underground Railroad” of information.

The latter actually was signed Adolf and Joseph as those two men some how wrote to Donald Trump to reveal that to him the strength that he possesses. In my mind, I could see “The Donald” writing back to those men as he wrote to North Korea’s strongman, telling them both that they should have written “Amazing Admiration” instead of “Great.”

Our recent history includes things like “slavery was a choice” by Ye. Trump is King of the Jews by men and women in the United States and in Israel. The “Big Lie” by tens of millions of Americans of all backgrounds with no evidence provided. Stalin and Hitler worked exactly the same way. I have written things for Latino voters to read about how missiles are not flying over the heads of family members in Latin America as the war in Ukraine goes on and missiles are flying over South Korea. In the news are people seeking freedom in Iran and President Biden expressing his interest in playing a role in that. The Administration in Iran fired back that it is free. That’s the kind of freedom that it knew when Trump was president just a couple of years ago. The regimes in Cuba and Venezuela were not toppled by Trump either. Such a strong man in the White House and poor results.

So the corruption progressed in America. There was “lock her up” and she was not locked up. There was “fake news” to counter truth. Attack on the F.B.I. and Justice Department diminished faith in our government. There were thousands of lies, but no Reichstag fire. Only a Hitler style coup took place which immediately became something to move on from just like hundreds of thousands of deaths from the Corona Virus.

A political party that should have been put out of business still exists knocking on the door or power in a couple of days. The Civil War and its leaders lost their citizenship. The Nazi Party was put out of business only because of World War II. And here in New York, the people are arguing over Kyrie Irving and rightfully so. Kyrie now knows that he crossed a line and apologized for hurting Jews and others. He is paying a price whatever that price is and will be. He will never be the same just as the Jewish people and the world will never be the same as it was in February 1939 in New York.

This was the land of “freedom” but not really. The Statue of Liberty was diminished by Trump’s supporters since this land which was made for you and me and our families around the world became America First again. Now is the time to focus in New York on Madison Square Garden and the Barclay Center and poor cold water on all to wake up, because it is not just about Kyrie and his band of friends who say things like why don’t we just shut up and play ball. Basketball is more than a game, I wrote in a small history of former members of The Harlem Globetrotters (click Life Is No Game). The game has just been handed its Hitler and Stalin moment.

Trump has just called from the release of all people convicted in the January 6 coup. Robert Jeffress has just announced a Christian take over of the United States.  Hitler is smiling down at US. The election is coming up and the divisions illustrate the imminent danger that people have been concerned about related to Donald J. Trump or “45.”

Did I not write that he does not belong in the USA in Jewish Business News? Did I not write that he needs to have a body camera on him at all times years ago. Did I not predict on January 3, 2021 that there would be a Mussolini (or Hitler type) coup in The Force 2020 DDT. Did I not write that he should have aided the United States by providing the funding for more police as Bill Clinton had done for Rudy Giuliani? Did I not predict that students would fall through the cracks as a result of the pandemic? Have I ever relaxed as others have during these two years under Joe Biden? Of course not! I’ve written about Candace Owens, Kanye, Turning Points USA, and more and about where this was logically leading US.

Do I expect those convicted to be let out of jail by corrections officers? No! But a Trump victory would bring a pardon. Do I expect the voters to listen to me now with two days left? No! But Democrats who support President Biden have to wake up all over our nation and what is taking place in New York City is just a small piece of the American pie. “Death to the Jews” and “Death to election workers in Arizona” is in the air. We are divided and we cannot just count on the news media to navigate through turbulent waters right now. We need action, thinking about Madison Square Garden in 1939 which was not very far from a building that became the talk of the town, the talk of the world. Trump Tower!

When I wrote that Trump Belongs in Hebron that was a great reason for it. And right now, if I could arrange it, I would like to see Trump on Devil’s Island off the coast of Colombia. And he should never be brought back. Known in French as Île du Diable, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, who was not a traitor to France was sent there as a result of lies and his being Jewish exacerbated the anti-Semitism then present in France and its colonies. Republicans accept the lies even in the face of fact and truth. Trump has not been on trial for what he has done, and I feel that it would be a matter of justice for the world if Trump, convicted by Americans, could be sent to Devil’s Island. You can actually see photos of the hut in which Dreyfus lived (or was expected to die and die quickly) online. And with that building in mind, I think of rallying in “The Garden” or “The Barclay” or both for justice for all and against the oppression of those who believe in America First. And the National Basketball Association holds the power in its hands to help right now.

And right now, as I conclude this article, there is news from Florida where Ron DeSantis wants to restrict the use of flags of other countries and other flags such as the Gay Pride flag. Did I not write in Jewish Business News that a school in Vermont raised The Black Lives Matter flag and did I not say that I wish that back in the 1930s that a flag would have been raised to protect the Jews? DeSantis should not be returned to power.

Black Lives Matter Flag Raised In Vermont: Black Students Feel Burned

It’s Bernie Sanders’ home state of Vermont where the “bern” was launched?

By Martin Danenberg Published February 12, 2018

I can be contacted for more information by anyone interested in learning more about other ideas that I have shared over the years online. And one more thing. Inflation is important, but the hate generated by Trump across our nation and around the world should share the spotlight right now. So we need much more than the N.B.A. expresses right now. Among those fascists that included even Mexican fascists were The Silver Shirts so we need Adam Silver to find out more to fight anti-Semitism. So let’s play this game together!

Ethnicity and Hate

There were Mexican fascists uniting with other ethnics during the 1930s in California that I have read about. This was Hitler in Los Angeles. On a professional level, I indirectly experienced hate as a Jew as Puerto Ricans plotted in the school district office to get rid of Jews decades ago.  Later the paraprofessional that I worked with every day, a Puerto Rican, admitted to me that he was placed in my class to spy on me. He had already moved to Florida and that was revealed to me in Tampa after I had retired (that history went back to the 1980s).

We see the recent racism that surfaced because of Latinos in Los Angeles on the city council. We see Kanye West and a supporting cast crossing the line against Jews and their own people just as those Latinos crossed the line against African Americans. We see people in Israel and around the world crossing the line into hate.

The crossing the line affects just about all politics. Take the effort to elect DeSantis and Zeldin for governor. The Arizona Sun just shed light on my effort to shed light. The journalist used to write for Breitbart News so keep that in mind. Law and order candidates cheek to cheek so to speak. Just the other day, Ron DeSantis was confronted about the rise in crime in Florida that has been taking place. Were there any demonstrators at the Zeldin rally which was called “massive” with signs repeating what Charlie Crist had said? I think not. An election should be knowledge based.

And Lee Zeldin, the product of a rabbi in Brooklyn, fought hard for freedom during the pandemic as he disregarded Jewish law called Pikuach Nefesh or valuing the saving of lives even higher than observing the Sabbath Day. Yes, people cross the line of hate and politics as they wish.

The DeSantis silence has been observed as he said nothing to Charlie Crist and an audience that watched the debate. Do New Yorkers know? I doubt it! DeSantis has stayed silent about Kanye West as well.

There was a Jew who left Nazi Germany to go to Franco’s Spain. He later went to help the Nazis against the Communists because he hated communism. Jews had been declared “illegal” in Germany years before this. Even in the United States, the politics was largely about Better Hitler than Roosevelt. Knowledge is the key to everything! Fighting for the United States with Roosevelt against Hitler would have forced him to tone down his anti-communism since we were allied with the Soviet Union against Hitler and his allies. What a complicated world to navigate for far too many as the Election of 2022 nears.

Silence! Silence! Silence! I searched the show of Harris Faulkner who called out the NYC roundup of Jews what had taken place to Jews in Paris as Nazi power was flexing its muscles there in France. Hitler marched in or walked in. I have not seen a presentation by Harris Faulkner about Kanye West (and others) and their ties to Trump nor even a single comment about this important matter to Jews. And yes there are Jews who support West’s right to free speech.

The answer to the problem is inside the article Trump, DeSantis, and Zeldin are not the answer with their cry for law and order. Law and order balanced with education matters to me and I wish people would learn more. Neither Hitler nor Stalin was the answer back then, but Roosevelt was not worse than Hitler. That was a repugnant Republican effort to gain power which failed. And these are signs of our times and the dangers that we face.

Donald Trump did nothing to help America to lower crime with certain minor exceptions. He was out there campaigning and talking all the time and there were states that he won in 2016 that have Democratic governors (unlike New York) and he did nothing to reduce crime in those states like Louisiana which has been mentioned in an article in New York, but not mentioned my way. We need a national plan to combat crime and I can assure you that Lee Zeldin, when he in the government of New York State (New York State Senate from 2008-2016), was part of the problem. New York and Louisiana in the last year of GED statistics published for the world to see were both performing poorly at a 1.1 percent delivery and both states have been designated by me as “Plantation States” because the gap between African Americans and white people was over 20 percent. The gap between Latinos and whites was significantly different (Louisiana 8.8 percent, New York 23.7 percent). There is a lot of blame to pass around for those numbers. And things keep getting worse for adults. No Biden is neither a communist (socialist, liberal, etc.) nor is he a fascist. He is our best answer at this time. Just as Roosevelt representing our nation (not always the freedom of all Americans) was in the 1930s and 1940s with Republicans connected to hate groups along with Democrats made life miserable for others. Sure the crowd around Zeldin was large and connected quickly and hate moves quickly and it is massive. Get your signs ready to protest louder against hate.

Small businessmen have to learn much more than our elected officials are telling them. Kanye, P. Diddy, and even 50 Cent are either involved in charter schools or talking about creating schools as a way to help the African American community. I did a GED event in the 50 Cent Garden in Queens more than a decade ago with people from Hip Hop and the father of Sean Bell attending and participating. They and the world have to learn right now that Joe Biden’s plan to hire 250,000 tutors is just what the doctor has ordered to make US heal. Lifeboats are needed not new ships. I predicted that things would get worse, they got worse, and Trump had no plan to build our nation since he was focused on Keep America Great. He failed!

Keeping Republicans Away from Power in 2023

“We have entered a better stage of socialism than we had before. It is temporary and it was achieved with the signature of Donald J. Trump.”

Martin Danenberg

Reading and learning more are fundamentals that are badly needed and too often among people in government we see people supporting lies, untruth, and hunches among other things.

We can go back to the first months of what we called the Corona Virus then. Trump called it the China Virus and now we call it COVID-19.

Name changes then and pronoun change fights right now are being fought over. Let’s go from the name change game to what I saw and predicted in 2020 less than two months after the first death from that virus. My own quotation was from that precise period of American history.

I wrote that these were dangerous times, recalling the Irish Famine which is covered in social studies and history classes. A million deaths, guns, violence along with mobs of people breaking into businesses, and emigration were themes in that article. Are there no parallels with the people who lost their lives and the people fleeing to other countries?

And our government reacted to the needs of the people after a slow start by Republicans. Trump signed off on lots of socialism and compared to the Irish Famine this was a blessing to our people.

My concern was for El Salvador and Latin America was because our nation was getting sick and its economic losses would impact everywhere.

I wrote this back then “Job, job, jobs as they become available all over the world will wreck faith in all countries. Will nations such as the United States take draconian measures and block its own people seeking opportunities else? What will be the future of our people as huge unemployment may loom for years to come? Trump is trying to make himself the great American “cheerleader” right now even though his delays probably caused at least 5 times (at a minimum) more deaths and illnesses than we would have had. That means that in numbers that 30,000 deaths could have been 150,000 deaths. The Repugnicans have their spin on things, but Trump is a disaster within a disaster. He had no cure for the Corona Virus and he does not belong in charge.  We need people that can cure.” At that time Congressman (Republican) John Kennedy of Louisiana wanted to build back the economy, but Trump had his mind on his future only and failed to take heed of those words. Biden provided Build Back Better as Trump did nothing.

So the migration of people from all over the world, but particularly Venezuelans and Cubans, are affecting our border. The blame has been placed on Biden, but Trump, his policies, and his bad hunches have been destructive. My warning was cast out long before I expressed that opinion about Trump in early 2020. How many educators were sounding the alarm? And just the other day, I took the time to watch some of the Crist-DeSantis debate and I noticed Ron DeSantis freeze up when Charlie Crist hit him with this in the ring. Crime is spiking in Florida, Crist brought up. That news is not going to be covered in New York by The New York Post as Lee Zeldin seeks to become governor. DeSantis just did his best to boost Zeldin in New York. Crist also pointed out that crime was not up when he was governor of Florida.

My eyes have been on Florida, New York, Texas, and Pennsylvania. These are states that have had lots of crime and much violent crime that I saw coming. When I lived in New York City and took the subway to work, we watched the walls of the subway stations to see the lights of the locomotive shining on walls. That moment was a mood changer because we wanted to get to our destination (home) and get there safely. It made me think of what district attorneys are doing in New York City, mandating people with gun charges pending to study GED or high school equivalency.

Among the dozens of youth and others who fall into that category, should we not know if the program has been a success until now and just how big a success it is. How many of those people have earned a diploma since the mandate, how many have been arrested with a gun since, how many have committed a different crime, how many are now in Rikers, and has anybody questioned this? How many are being held back by the program that they are in by rules and regulations. In other words what is actually being done from A to Z or what I called in another article from Abbott to Zeldin. The other day I showed proof about my concerns about anti-Semitism in writing before the pandemic, and in this article, I shift the dialogue back to Trump about immigration failure because I knew it was coming, and now our nation should understand in debates that Trump could have done more to prevent crime by sending checks to major cities the way Bill Clinton sent money to Rudy Giuliani in the 1990s.  Democrats have to make The New York Post finally print this truth before the election in November. I want to see the internet light up with similar articles from The Washington Examiner, the Washington Times, the National Review, the Daily Caller and Signal, and Epoch Times. Were you thinking of Judge Jeanine on Fox News?

In MEDIAite yesterday, there was an article about Lee Zeldin that portrays Long Island and its “killing field” because of MS-13 and also as a great place to visit. Don’t you want to hear those words today from a man running for governor to express to our nation about New York and New York City in particular. Even that article published only yesterday could have mentioned how 300 members of MS-13 were just prevented from crossing our border into the United States. Why weren’t they in jail in El Salvador along with tens of thousands of others who have been arrested in that country by the Bukele government in power? Zeldin will remain quiet since he has about half the voters on his side, I have written about those days and I have been actively involved, but nobody listened to me. I practice golf just one minute from where one of those “killing fields” is. I had that on my mind as I was putting and thinking about “the putz” in The White House that had been involved in making the world a mess.

The Ukraine is an example and I thank Congresswoman Omar of Minnesota for speaking out against a voice that opposed support of Ukraine. I wrote that Trump’s immigration policies would even keep Jews away from our shores and borders. And in Russia right now where Chabad Jews have been diminished by a top Russian, there is a call from a former chief rabbi to Jews that they should flee Russia now. Others see the hand- writing on the wall and I was calling out Putin in Jewish Business News in Israel and more often, in 2019 during those golden years of Donald Trump since we first heard about that shower, in The Force 2020 DDT. Lee Zeldin and his repugnant followers have been listening to themselves instead of to me. Thank goodness that Stephen Miller and Trump are gone.

I should add that Latinos should be informed of things my way. I do not see any missile firings taking place as they are being tested in Asia by Communist countries trying to diminish our nation. I noticed in the Univision polling that about 4 percent of Latinos in Nevada where there are no missiles flying over the heads of Latinos right now care about Ukraine. A national poll of Americans shows that about 45 percent of Americans show their support. I know people involved in presenting misinformation to the Latino community in Florida, for example. What is behind such a huge gap among Latinos in Nevada? Misinformation or knowledge? Or am I wrong?  Or is that community is right? This was the question asked in the Univision poll On the whole, what are the most important issues that you want the Congress and President to address? I believe that a stronger outreach to the Latino (Hispanic) community is needed today, and my ideas align with Joe Biden’s for the most part, but The White House can learn much more from me today. Inflation was at the top of the list at 55 percent response, but were people thinking about those missiles flying over Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, and other places when asked the question? Oye mi canto! We are trying to protect democracy and prevent World War III and a civil war right now and I know about the inflation taking place. Let’s continue the discussion on Monday in the media.

So we have to make sure that Abbott-DeSantis-Mastriano-Zeldin are defeated because there is so much proof out there calling for others to be in power (The A to Z of it). Other can be added to this list for sure. All these candidates are hiding truths from their constituents and remember that The Bible calls for telling the truth. Charlie Crist surely has the best Christian messaging about policies that he opposes. The truths of the Old and New Testaments must be revealed as missiles are not flying over the heads of Americans as I write. Key issues about LGBT, abortion, immigration, inflation, the rise of fascism by a nation where 45 percent desire to see a Christian nation, minority rights and social justice, and more can easily be explained much better by using The Bible.

Let me leave everyone with this example. Jews learned not fighting on the Sabbath day led to the destruction of their army and their nation building. Applying that to Christians on Sunday (not Saturday), would not the same thing happen? Pikuach Nefesh, which I have constantly written about in reference to combatting COVID-19 was for everyone to pay attention to, but from around March 16, 2020 when The White House failed to present this strong view to Christians after presenting it to Jews in Brooklyn, NY and elsewhere, Trump stressed economic development like Hitler and Stalin before him, instead of saving lives. The worst of communism and fascism was contained in his policies and that affected deaths in Florida, Lee Zeldin. There were world class death numbers because of that violation. The White House can finally put this message out there under the name of Joe Biden. At the very least, masks should have been mandated. My views about vaccinations and job retention are also available to see in The Force 2020 DDT.

And a word about Kanye West and his supporters. Right now, today, he seems like the old joke about the youth who kills his parents and in court asks the judge for mercy because he is an orphan. Has anyone shared my views among even the Jewish press? No! Ask me for more information. I ask you also to think about Kanye’s so-called Christian messaging. Where is his mask calling for saving lives? Both he and Trump could have printed a red one for Make America Great Again which they both failed to do. They can put the blame on George Floyd, but I put the blame on Trump because he could not figure out what to do to help. Even in Israel right now, leaders are not going to put the blame on Trump (waiting to see that happens in 2024) as Jewish leaders are taking action to protect Russian Jews. Here at home the struggle continues to help those Jews because Jews do not have the power that Kanye West claims as he makes anti-Semitic remarks to his followers. And in New York, DeSantis has just done his best to help Lee Zeldin, citing crime in New York and not the crime of his own state. “Amazing amount of gunfire…kills 1, injures 8 in Tallahassee (Florida)” just reported.

JFED General Assembly Hitler in America

A call to the Anti-Defamation League New York City office went like this. I had just completed the book Hitler in Los Angeles and told a staff member on the telephone that the information in the book had to be spread. The reply was “You want US to push a book?” That was the last time I was able to communicate with an ADL staff member over the phone and the pandemic rushed in. Judith Platt has to know this at once before the start of the JFED event in Chicago on Sunday. Never Is Now and not a day later. History did not matter that day at the ADL, learning from the past.

I just helped an immigrant from Venezuela who crossed the border into Texas who was then in Florida where I told him things about his education and future success in this country that nobody told him at the border. And I am now going to tell you that there is massive misinformation everyday that I see on my daily news as I open my computer which is coming from major newspapers in Washington, D.C., New York, and from The Daily Caller and its sister publications. I think back to Paris and the newspaper La Libre Parole which was an anti-Semitic newspaper that fed people hate about Captain Alfred Dreyfus and the Jews. And those people wanted to be fed hate against Jews. I spend countless hours each day watching the news when others are just enjoying life.

The White House and others know my work well which just included this about Kanye West who says he loves “Superman” and that makes me think of the Jewish origin of the character at the time of Hitler’s rise to power. God Bless and Keep Kanye West Far Away From US!

Kristallnacht News 1938.

November 8, 1923 was the infamous “putsch” by Hitler in the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich. The Nazis had this in mind. The men were Bormann, Lutze, Goebbels, Göring, and the Führer. And the Jews were going to be attacked. Hitler was concerned about his “international image” as he did not wish to be associated with the events of that night in 1938. So Hitler’s role was a secret. And there were All the Führer’s Men in action.

Hitler tells a good friend that the purpose of the pogrom was to speed up Jewish emigration. Then he blames it on Goebbels later on. He has other secrets including eliminating Jewish lawyers from doing their work. Roving gangs were to blame for that night! And then, true to form, Hitler made it seem that he disapproved of the pogrom. And people who heard that believed that. Hitler demanded also that the culprit should be found. The “Party” moved as well as the SA, the SS, and the police. This was to be a “well-mannered” pogrom against the Jews. No looting was allowed which indicates that normal pogroms had looting.

We Don’t Let that Happen Again Netanyahu Kanye West

Published by Martin Danenberg October 16, 2022

Netanyahu’s response about Israel’s position was clear and that is Israel takes care of those problems, however minor they may appear to Netanyahu. We know that Israel has bigger problems to handle and experience its share of world hate, but Netanyahu was not totally prepared to handle the question and with no advisors around him nor speech writers his words fell flat on me. When he said that Israel has “more” to be concerned about, although factual was something that should not have been expressed since hate is at the core of everything else.

The catalyst or person who helped give birth to the Zionist movement that led to The Balfour Declaration and the State of Israel was Theodore Herzl who covered The Dreyfus Affair which I have repeatedly written about, and which woke Herzl up to the danger of anti-Semitism. This strong link with the present is also a political link that is internationally present at conferences and in streets around the world and which no longer just surfaces under The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Heating up passions right now is The Great Replacement Theory which Bibi’s friend Donald Trump has been involved in. Kanye West and Candace Owens are both Trump acolytes and both Maher and Netanyahu conveniently left that out. Owens, who gave credit to Hitler before Congress for building up his country before moving into other countries, helped orchestrate the Black Exit from the Democratic Party. West cannot divorce himself from Trump or any of the anti-Semites who have taught him his lessons. And we have also read about West’s own Hitler comment accusations since the first anti-Semitic remarks were reported and Kanye continues to be embraced by others, a mixture of those who have had their own scandal of anti-Semitism and those who have not.

And just days before the JFED GA Conference, I can assure you that there are lots of things that I can share about making our nation better.

Have you seen the article about Russia’s talk just days ago of using Muslims to start a “jihad” against European nations and people. Incendiary? I am ready to create what would happen once that starts in Europe as the world is thinking about Putin using nuclear weapons against Ukraine and the warnings against North Korea about testing nuclear weapons in Asia.

I will provide you with the short version. Hitler admired Islam and cooperated with Palestinians and others to finally call for The Final Solution. There is just one group to single out right now in the United States of America and that goes back to Hitler in Los Angeles, the book that I brought to the attention of the ADL years ago. Christian Nationalism! That would be the same alliance that Hitler forming from 1933 on. And this could be achieved by Putin today, even though he promotes Ukraine as a “fascist” nation. Look at his commitment to this paper trail. He uses “woke” against his enemies, Jews have been diminished there including Chabad Jews just days ago, the LGBT community is under attack as it is in the United States (victims during the Holocaust under Hitler), and we know that Putin wants that Soviet empire back. We are in the land where The Great Replacement Theory is catching on as 45 percent of Americans have already concluded that our country should be a Christian nation. Hitler could not even count on that much support before 1933 and look at what he did.

J’Accuse, I Accuse. I am seventy-seven years old and Emile Zolá has been my lifelong hero. Did you know that the motion picture about his life won The Academy Award in 1937 for Best Motion Picture. Around 1957, my grandmother taught me things about that and how Paul Muni, the actor who played Zolá, had appeared on the Yiddish stage in New York City. Muni was on a list of people to be killed by the Nazis working with the KKK and Christian nationalists, along with Jimmy Cagney, Charlie Chaplin, and others including the heads of the studios. J’Accuse Is Now! Never Is Now! Hitler in America? Contact me for more information.

September 17-24, 2022 Daytona Beach, Florida

And please take notice of my detailing how Jews fled oppression in Europe and the obstacles created to prevent their emigration as we think about immigration policy today.

Ron DeSantis For Dummies, Idiots, and Repugnicans

In Austria 1938, the effort to gain a visa was full of the most horrendous, time consuming tiers of things that had to be done.  There was fraud involved and often Jews who had gone through many of the procedures had to begin all over.  The level of desperation was heightened by Hitler’s procedures.  There was a certificate of fiscal harmlessness, then payments, then a visit to obtain a certificate of domicile, then a visit to the district commissioner’s department in the town hall, then a visit to the Accountancy Department of the central tax office and the district tax office, then to step two if the person had the money to pay for the emigration tax, then a visit to a place where the Jew’s assets were released and a certificate of good conduct was issued, that’s when Jew’s could be forced to start all over as they could be assigned by the Nazis to clean up things and lose their turn, then to stage three where to obtain a passport which involved being interrogated at a police station, and then on to two other offices that Jews dreaded to go to.  And finally Jews had to swear that they were never going to return to Austria.  And Trump is for extreme vetting.  Where did he learn it from?

Posted September 11, 2019

Posted September 15, 2022

Yes for three long years I had been caring and sharing that information. And I called for a world conference of Jews back then as well.

I read the biography of Emile Zolá, a book I should have read in 1957 or maybe 1967. I want the Dreyfus Museum in the home of Emile Zolá in Médan, France to start sharing helpful information with Americans here (African Americans, Latinos, Asians, LGBT, teachers, students, college students concerned about anti-Semitism), and people in government. There was The Dreyfus Trial (19th century), the OJ Simpson Trial (20th century and not forgetting about the Nuremberg Trials), and The George Floyd Trial (not forgetting about the recent Johnny Depp Trial that “everyone” seemed to pay attention to. This nation needs justice for all and not for a minority of hate wielding Americans. La Libre Parole means “Free Speech” and free speech has serious consequences for evil. Jewish leaders, I would hope, would start to act and make phone calls to influential people. I continually write that nobody listens to me. Remember that phone call to the ADL?