Trump’s Nation: Border and Other Failures

Hunter Biden is Alfred Dreyfus.  Alfred Dreyfus was falsely accused and found guilty.  There is no evidence against Hunter Biden that has been released by anyone.  Now the Republicans are trying to get Alfred Dreyfus to testify against himself in public.  Oops I mean Hunter Biden.  Arrest Biden if he has done anything wrong and/ or provide the evidence.  I do not want to testify against Hunter Biden so don’t call me to Congress to testify. 

Dreyfus was Jewish, spoke German, and came from the former German territory near the French-German border.  The people who plotted against him knew that a huge part of the country would be supportive.  Trump knows that a huge part of the country will be supportive of anything that is mentioned about Hunter Biden because he is a Biden, the son of Joe Biden.  There was the Jewish menace back in those days and today we have the Biden or Democratic menace as portrayed by Donald Trump.  Know who the real traitors were then and know who they are now.  Those other French, non-Jewish officers were the traitors and a huge amount of the French population around the world went along with them.  They betrayed honor and truth while stirring hate.

There was surely “hearsay” evidence but there was also written evidence that had been collected.  The French military desperately tried to pin the actions on an innocent man, a Jew.  That failed due to the leaking of information and the rest is history.  Repugnicans are trying hard to protect the man in the Oval Office after a lot of evidence has been presented.

The traitor, Major Esterhazy fled to England and the quid pro quo man “Mr. Clean and Perfect” remains in the White House, unfortunately.

Border agents will probably be checking for electric saws soon and asking people with them what they intended to use them for.  Trump’s backers include men who founded Home Depot and does that mean that they are supplying the invaders?  And there are articles about whether the wall is a waste of money, comparing the wall to a prison.  The point is well taken even by one of Trump’s greatest foes.  But the wall went along with a lot of hate that is still not being addressed properly by the American people.  Even a marshmallow wall would not be okay.  For the record Trump has detained more immigrants before entering the US than Obama detained and Obama deported more people.  Something is wrong with that truth and it would be good to hear Trump tell it to the American people now.  A wall is not needed, but a wall will make Americans think that Trump is great.  Take another look at the last sentence and reflect on it. 

And Dennis Praeger was telling his audience that when you ban guns you get mass killings like in Mexico and he never mentioned our own recent massacres at all.  I went to the online newspaper that published the article about the electric saws that I read about and that site featured Conservative news programs.  In addition Praeger made it sound that a college education was useless compared to the common sensibility that uneducated people have, explaining that it’s all about ideology.  I called the radio station and left a message for the program manager to call me back to discuss my last article Hollywood Helped Save America.  It was a small group of Jews and non-Jews who worked hard to collect evidence against the Fascists.  The radio station is KLUP in San Antonio, Texas.  The radio stations listed on this conservative online newspaper included stations that broadcast Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and America First personality Sebastian Gorka along with Jay Sekulow, the White House lawyer.  I cannot say that I decided to call the program manager to leave my call back number because of that list.  Seriously, Praeger was on my mind but the idea grew on me and it makes it much sweeter.  Days later I still did not receive a call from that program director.

And it was just reported that far-right members of the Patriot Prayer in Washington State and three Washington State Patrol police officers are being sued for civil rights’ violations.  Joseph Robinson alleges that he was arrested without questioning by the police after the leader of Patriot Prayer handed him over to the police.  That sounds like good old Nazism or Fascism in Los Angeles as I have just reported in my blog.  The video showed people exchanging comments at each other and a sign that said America Was Never Great and a Trump sign that said Choose Kindness which I am not sure of its meaning, but I speculated that the holder feels that Trump is kind.  There was a scene where it appeared that tires were slashed as well.  The school where the demonstration took place has had its better moments, but freedom of speech is required on campus.  Incidentally Trump’s point of view is that a not so nice guy is needed in the White House as he limits kindness everywhere.

I have also provided my article Hitler in D.C. which is also about the Jews that saved our nation against foreign powers that were intent on overthrowing the United States and imposing fascism.  The struggle continues and home-grown terrorism is all around US.  The Zionist Organization of America has been unbalanced in its approach and that is expected since it is on the right where it lauds Donald Trump and his supporters.  Milton Klein sat near Candace Owens as they spoke out about terrorism in America.  They were fixated on Islamic terrorists and then you know what hit the fan as massacres took place.  Trump is now boasting about how our troops can be sent to Mexico to clean up the problem of crime when there is great danger all over the United States from guns, drugs, and people in great need of mental health services that are still not in place.  MS-13 is inside the local high schools where I live and play golf only one traffic light from where four bodies were macheted to death.  How do I know that there are new, young members of MS-13?  I don’t ask Trump or the police.  The students tell me.  And I know of police interventions that have not gone well because of my connections in the community.

Even in Brooklyn’s Jewish community there have been many attacks against Jews that have not slowed down or stopped.  Read the reports as I do.  Jews are alarmed and rightfully so.  The police are handling things with the community there but the community is asking for more ideas.  Where are the feds that Trump boasts about?  When the feds did not know what to do in Los Angeles, it was Leon Lewis, a Jew, who taught them things and those men and women were trained by others who were experts in counterintelligence (the same counterintelligence expertise that just reported Trump for the quid pro quo with the Ukraine leader).  Trump has even placed Americans in danger in El Salvador by his quid pro quo with Nayib Bukele over the TPS for Salvadorans.  There is quid pro quo madness in America when there only should have been sports madness at this time (World Series, etc.). 

I expected Trump to be caught and defending him is allowed under law but the Repugnicans are harming our nation at this time just as they did back in the 1930s.  The CIA knows perfectly well what happened to Jews throughout its history in Europe as that is part of its training, particularly The Dreyfus Affair.  Yes.  They know about to watch for such dangers against anyone when there is no evidence and the potential harm that it could do to a nation.  Trump never considered that and it could affect him right now (I think that Alan Dershowitz convinced him that he could do whatever he wanted to do because he is the president).  And think of all those people who pretend that there is no evidence when there is evidence.  There is a time when a case cannot be solved due to insufficient evidence even though there is evidence.  More evidence is just needed.  Whether it is Russia, the Ukraine, Trump’s sexual predatory ways, obstruction, and his own stupid ways, there seems to be a flow of supporting evidence that America’s enemies state is no evidence. 

Did a Jewish journal state that Trump is clean or kosher on its front page the way the New York Post did?  And there was substantial evidence to the contrary.  The Jewish community in Williamsburg and North Brooklyn is right to ask for more help and this Jew born in Williamsburg and who spent the early part of his childhood on South Eight Street wants Jews around the world to focus on the solutions that are needed now.  After a week passed in the attacks in Brooklyn, a teenager was arrested and the news media mentioned that there was critical video surveillance which helped.

Andrew Bakaj, the lawyer for the whistleblower, reports that Trump, Jr. and others are putting the whistleblower in danger as people want to know the name of the whistleblower.  Revealing his identity would place the whistleblower in danger.  The Repugnicans are dangerous to all.  The Democrats are doing their best to protect the identity of the whistleblower to protect his life and his family.  Reject lunatic partisans in the Republican Party and protect US all.  And things are getting worse as we find out that Donald Trump asked his attorney general to make him look clean and tell the world that no crime was committed concerning the Ukraine.  And in relation to this whistleblower whose identity is either known or known, should anyone judge the content of his actions without hearing him out or is there already evidence against him for what he has done?  And Donald Trump has called this whistleblower a spy and alluded to the past treatment of spies.  Spies are still taken care of and that is a false issue here presented by Trump to stir his base.

And in Italy right now Liliana Segre, a Holocaust survivor, is receiving 200 hate (anti-Semitic) messages and threats a day after she proposed the formation of a commission against hate (its various forms including anti-Semitism).  This is significant and there is a strong right-wing movement in Italy and the threats are considered so serious that she has been put under police protection.  Trumpism is a part of that legacy and should be rejected at all cost.  Liliana Segre was sent to Auschwitz. 

And in Utah a student came to school dressed as Adolph Hitler.  The big question on my mind is motivation including whether that child comes from a Repugnican home or what motivated everyone involved to send that message to a community in Utah.  Both the United Jewish Federation and Black Lives Matter have expressed their outrage to the press.

Trump’s patriotism is in question, not only in Congress but around our nation as election results come in.  There are things that could have been discussed as early as 2015 and were not.  Trump’s willingness to tear down anyone who is not a supporter should have been enough, including his emphasis on “An Eye for An Eye” which a rabbi on the Lower East Side warned me to be careful of years ago.  There are consequences and great damage has been done to our nation beneath the roaring economy that has put millions of people back to work.    Will Trump place a ban on electric saws within miles of his perfect wall or will he just tell the American people that it is not the saw and only the person carrying the saw that matters?  I just told an acquaintance about this and he remarked that it reminded him of the gun ban controversy.  No.  There are no electric saws in the Constitution.  The Founding Fathers barely knew about the power of electricity at that time.  But let’s see if Trump comes up with an electric saw tariff or an electric saw invasion angle to protect the wall.  Even as I expected ladders at the border or flying vehicles, or inflated stairs, but never an electric saw and maybe there will be magic carpets soon produced in Iran and sold to people fleeing their countries, there could be people fleeing America soon to get to the other side, especially if Trump gets his Civil War. 

Hollywood Helped Save America

Liberal Hollywood wasn’t exactly so liberal as Hitler was able to threaten the film industry and get his way. This was accomplished through the fear of losing all of Germany’s theater seats and the resulting loss of profits. And Hollywood is again being portrayed as liberal or worse again. There were communists in Hollywood in the 1930s but Fascists were planted there.

By the time that Hitler started taking over countries in Europe and was badly in need of financing to accomplish the overthrow of the United States, he was able to start moving $5 million into his organizations in America when the top people trying to prevent him and working with Hollywood moguls could only extract about $35,000.

If you think it was terrible about how Hitler was able to control Hollywood the way he did, read about how Texaco supplied him with oil in very liberal ways and provided him with agents around Europe that knew when allied ships were going to see that were sunk by the Germans before Pearl Harbor as though agents gave provided the information that was needed. The head of Texaco only received a slap on the wrist from President Roosevelt.

There were movies that were stopped by Hitler’s power and the German consul in Los Angeles was able to get content removed that Germany considered undesirable. My favorite movie with Paul Muni about Emile Zola and the Dreyfus Affair was targeted and the word Jew was forbidden in it. I only learned about that by reading Hitler in Los Angeles by Steven Ross which was a Pulitzer Prize finalist.

Edward G. Robinson was nearly killed on the set of a movie due to an “accident” when it was known that he was targeted for death. And “liberal Hollywood” is on the lips of Donald Trump and his backing of the National Rifle Association should also be noted as the N.R.A. was ready to sell rifles to Nazis who were citizens. There was danger then and there is danger now..

Know history. These and other elements worry US about Trump as he has used that playbook of Nazis and others in propaganda without attacking Jews while making it appear that all Democrats are anti-Semitic.

I see Trump as I read world history long before his birth. I see him in Los Angeles in 1933 covering his controversial deeds with those lies that are part of the presidential record. I see him with America First favoring Germany then over England and France as Germany was strong and victorious.

We could go back only months to recall how Trump’s propaganda teammate Candace Owens told Congress and the world that Hitler started out okay as a nationalist and then turned globalist as he sought to take countries over.

The taking over of Austria was 1938 and about 5 years after the start of Hitler’s power. But Hitler sent Captain Robert Pape to Los Angeles in 1933 and four months later the effort started to build a base to overthrow democracy. And imagine all the publicity that Owen’s error received.

Brown shirts were shown in photographs in Los Angeles’ newspapers. There was already mass violence against Jews taking place that was being planned in America. Franklin D. Roosevelt took office at that very moment and Nazis protested the “Jew Deal.”

And things really didn’t get better with Roosevelt in the White House. By the end of the decade, Nazis were deeply entrenched with fascists from Italy and Mexico and with Japanese through networks of propaganda and espionage. And the studios that were doing no such thing were blamed.

People in power made these Nazis the chosen ones who were sworn to fight Communism and the Jewish menace. J. Edgar Hoover, lots of agents, high level police, congressmen, and others in government favored these new chosen people. An enemy was in the midst of the American people that could eradicate freedom. And these fascists linked themselves with several other organizations including veterans.

There was some violence and death threats against spies placed among the Nazis. There were plots by Nazis to kill prominent Jews and some others in Hollywood who supported the Jews, but there was no massacre as most of Nazi work was about propaganda and achieving the firing of Jews.

Eight years later and before the attack on Pearl Harbor, those Nazis were forced out by Roosevelt. There was a process to deport the Nazis, but it was slow work. And Nazis were ready to take their cases to the Supreme Court which would give them lots of time.

I just watched The Bill Maher Show who had Dennis Praeger as a guest. I called the Dennis Praeger Show years ago to warn him about the increase in anti-Semitism that I saw coming and he brushed it off by talking about when Abe Beame became the first Jewish mayor of New York City and his conversation with a rabbi then who anticipated a rise in anti-Semitism.

A couple of years later under Trump the massacres of Jews took place and our conversation on the air became only a tiny footnote of history. Dennis Praeger partners with Candace Owens and a lot of pathetic reasoning that is part of the propaganda.

It’s really timely that Trump wants to hold a Roosevelt Fireside Chat at a moment that the American people are calling for his impeachment. Anti-Semites met in Los Angeles to impeach Roosevelt but didn’t have time to vote for impeachment. They mentioned that under Hitler, Germans were assured of good jobs with decent pay, and two weeks vacation as an attraction to enter the movement.

There were other impeachment sessions later on. Hitler was called a “brother” and Japan was called a “glorious nation” at those meetings without that impeachment vote taking place. That was 12-6 just hours before 12-7-1941 as Japan ripped apart the American navy in Pearl Harbor.

Short of being a spymaster like Leon Lewis I am proud of the ideas that I share. Lewis was constantly seeing divisions among the Nazis and after seeing unanimous support for Trump in Congress, I find it completely unacceptable. But all Republicans can take the time to do what Trump says he is willing to do. There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

Republicans should react to the suggestion made by Trump and hold town meetings with constituents and those congressmen should read the whole transcript of Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian leader. Let’s have open forums open to everyone and end any notion that Republicans do not represent the best interests of the American people. There are Repugnicans who must be watched though just as we learned about those who were in Congress (anti-Semitic) when Jews were fighting to survive and hate was not really monopolized by Southern Democrats.

On Long Island, where I live, I would like to see Congressmen King and Zelden take ownership of these town meetings where they can invite local press that have not been attacked by Donald Trump. And CNN should not be excluded either. Let the people speak out without hate for anyone, even Trump. Let the truth shine in open forums.

This is a crisis, regardless of whether the Republicans have the Senate votes or not to impeach and we should learn from what happened in Hollywood because Long Island and other places around our nation did not have Leon Lewis and others helping as there were acts of sabotage, for example, in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

With mud on its face (and the right of Republicans to gripe about my comments), we see anti-Semitism rising and the city of Dresden, Germany is crying out for help against the anti-Semitism and other hate there. The Republican strategy to make itself the king of Israel’s support and creating a strong base among Jews has little merit.

In Steven Ross’s book about Leon Lewis and his supporting cast of spies, it was never just about just anti-Semitism as our nation also has recently confronted the comments of Congresswoman Omar. It was about hate of Jews, African Americans, Roman Catholics, gays, the British, and others. It was good old American hate uniting with various enemies including elected ones. The British did have spies in America who gave US the list of Japanese spies as those British were expelled. expelled but on our side.

The ones (so called patriots) who were not elected came from American communities and they served in World War I, joined veterans groups, and became police officers. And as those people rose in rank, they exerted enormous power that put them on the wrong side of history and could easily have led US to a bloody revolution here by 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor prevented that for sure, transformed much of American thinking, and led to other improvements to combat hate (slowly in most cases).

Steven Ross points out that there was an upswing in anti-Semitism as people who had not spoken out started blaming the Jews for getting US into the war. And he cites Republicans (California Republican Women’s Club) who wanted to get rid of Jews. I read about the talk of sending Jews to Palestine earlier in the book but there was talk about violence and revolution.

Obviously the talk about sending Jews to Palestine was not a religious favor. Talks between Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem about the “Final Solution” should make you think about the line of reasoning taking place. And at the end of World War II 67 percent of Americans polled thought that Jews had too much power and influence.

Leon Lewis brought skills and knowledge to a world problem that we really do not see right now among Jewish and other organizations. He sent the spies in to collect information and interact with lots of hate groups. They provided the information that was badly needed by U.S agencies to put away the people trying to undermine our democracy.

And now Americans are reading about the fallout from the Democrat’s voting to move impeachment forward and all the references to Never Trumpers and the Left Wing in the Democratic Party. This is just an attempt to stir its base well as Nazis did.

I know how to defeat Trump and although impeachment probably won’t work (I want Trump to resign). The truth is important. Even actors did not totally fear the Nazis and they received threats that family members would pay the price in Germany. The movie industry adapted by placing fake names of actors in the list of credits.

Trump has been undermining our democracy and there is nothing to fear about impeachment. We have noticed his failures so far in Blexit as 4 percent of African Americans feel that he is doing okay in handling issues concerning them. The Jewish Exodus has not worked. And Trumpexit will not work.

The important African American vote which was dormant in key places in 2016 should make a victorious comeback, even against a man who has created more jobs (for African Americans) than all presidents combined. And I have the answer to defeating Trump and other Republicans.

Trump should get over his wall where smugglers have drilled away his great American steel so that he can make his great escape from the United States. It’s true that Trump and others knew that people would be able to climb over the wall (giving border agents time to react), but Trump is in the public court and he has to prove to the American people what he knew about this imperfection in his perfect wall. This is scandalous considering the price tag and the years he’s been deceiving the people.

His wall has the strength of France’s Maginot Line which collapsed quickly during WWII. This perfect wall perfectly needs national reevaluation, revealing just how perfectly he is protecting US. Homeland Security has known about the weak wall since early this year and now we know because of news reports.

And returning to Never Trumpers, we should take note that Trump has Jews in the family, but what is going on beneath the surface of that volcanic brain? The American fascist movement knew that the volcanic brain of Adolph Hitler was against religion so how could anti-communists promote that kind of fascism? They couldn’t. So they lied to the people to increase support. Christian fascist groups were permitted (Christian American Guard and Christian American Builders). Trump’s Jewish family has only stated that at times they do not agree with him and that is just a way to allow terrible things to happen that remind us of the terrible past. And that family rightfully warrants disrespect.

This is not a time to say I didn’t know that, sit back, and do nothing. Only a fool would wait to take action before November 2020. Trump is little more than scotch tape holding the Republican Party together. I often say cement, but he has Scottish DNA from his mother. Trump is not falling apart at all. Once he is out of office and can be prosecuted, found guilty with no opportunity for pardon, and sentenced to serve some other term, he will surely have the biggest inauguration ever, direct everyday access to men and women thanking him for criminal justice reform, and a free lifetime gift of TWITTER from honest Americans in all fifty states and Puerto Rico. He’ll have more time to tweet for life. A sentence devoutly to be wished.

Is anyone like Leon Lewis working with the F.B.I., C.I.A. or any comparable agency the way that Lewis did? My readers know that I’ve been asking for Trump to be watched closely and I did spell out that the C.I..A. has a role in it long before we learned about the whistle blower. It was all in Jewish Business News in Israel. No! I am not Trump’s “Deep Throat.”

People inside the Deutsches Haus caused its shutdown in Los Angeles because of un-American activies. Trump’s un-American activities have to be shut down and Republicans can regroup. Almost the same conglomeration of people will be affected that was affected in 1941. There was no Israel in 1941 and the communist threat is gone, but the fascist lives on in people who call themselves what they called themselves back then. Patriots.

Hitler in D.C.

The actual title of the book I am reading is Hitler in Los Angeles by Steven J. Ross. The goal certainly included either letting Hitler take America over by force or to install a closely cooperating leadership. Los Angeles, the City of Angels, was a hotspot for Nazism. And there were nearby communities that got involved in places like Pasadena and Whittier (home of Richard Nixon who graduated from Whittier College).

This information comes to you at a time when I have begun to see others cry out to the Jewish organizations and our nation for more help as solutions are needed more than denunciations. The Jewish organizations that have focused more on Muslim extremism than on White Supremacists have made the same mistake that was made in the 1930s in regard to Nazism. And considering that budget cuts were essential because of the Great Depression, there is no excuse for this American government powered by it’s great economic engine. I have repeatedly called for action and specifically for a World Anti-Semitism Conference.

The book about Hitler in Los Angeles reveals the work of Leon Lewis, a Jew, who caused lots of things to be exposed and caused lots of action to take place to protect all good people. And he was able to power his engine on a budget. I just read about Mark Levin and a Christian organization raising $ 1.5 million to protect Jews and Israel and the largest checks given by the movie moguls to Leon Lewis were for $ 3,500. Louis B. Mayer was the highest paid executive in the United States at that time.

Nayib Bukele of El Salvador recently spoke about the need to adapt to modern conditions as he promoted technology through a self while he was giving a speech. He has a lot to learn about technology. He could have called for an international conference on fighting anti-Semitism at that moment and as a man and leader with Palestinian roots who supports Israel he could have made great international history. The United Nations lost a great moment and was delivered something far less than world class news.

In 1933 in New York City, Jewish leaders(1500 of them) were divided about what to do about Nazism. One group wanted quiet diplomacy and the other strong action. Even the movie moguls had to swallow a lot as their films could be prevented from being shown by Hitler. A boycott announced in New York City of Germany and seventy cities participated in rallies of support. The Nazis turned to increased brutality against Jews.

William Dudley Pelley had been a screenwriter of movies starring Lon Chaney and Tom Mix and his dream was to protect While America. Among other things, he published the hate newspaper The Silver Ranger and at that time the Silver Shirts took their position in the world alongside the Brown and Black shirts of fascist leadership. This information makes me think about what were the origins of the Lone Ranger, his horse Silver, and the expression “Hi Ho Silver” which we grew up with before and after the 1950s.

Those Nazi posts had important representation from police and war veterans and the plot involved gaining access to weapons in armories to overthrow the United States government under Franklin D. Roosevelt, which Pelley condemned for being “Jewnited.” This American campaign included opposition to Catholics and people of color who were targetted. It was known that Christians were purposely invited to join, increasing the chances of success.

Communists were targetted as well, especially by Christians who were much less attracted to Nazis and others who were un-American. Denouncing FDR was painful to one of them who soon decided to leak information to the Justice Department.

Among the notables who joined Hollywood’s efforts to defeat Hitler’s support system were Paul Muni (Emile Zola in the movie about The Dreyfus Affair), Edward G, Robinson, Irving Thalberg, the heads of studios, and others.

President Roosevelt intervened in 1934 and his Justice Department and F.B.I. were really no help, lacking personnel, training. the right stuff or staff to even intervene properly. Even as things seemed positive about helping Jews and others, the Congressional investigation was hampered severely, the police and most of the media cast its spell and again the focus remained on the Communists and their activities. Charlie Chaplin had 1900 pages of investigation and even James Cagney was.

It was dangerous for the men and women and there were threats and violence among lots of denials from the Silver Shirts and other organizations about their activities and their final goals. Those denials of foreign influence reverberate in our nation’s capital as Donald Trump defends himself. And just as Los Angeles and it’s people were under attack, Trump has chosen to do the same thing to Los Angeles and other cities for extreme political reasons. Hollywood has been attacked as well in that Repugnican plot because of its preference for liberalism (formerly there were attacks on communism). Most of the highest paid people in Hollywood will probably not accept socialism at a high cost to their income. But the Repugnican propaganda machine keeps rolling along like the Mississippi River. If you get what I mean.

Just as there are deniers of the Holocaust, there are lots of Jews who refuse to admit to the eerie similarities that people shrug off about Hitler and Trump. Similarity does not suggest or imply the sense of being identical or the same. Republicans and Repugnicans put the wrong man in charge. Even the Israeli ambassador speaking out about Turkey and its harboring of terrorists only days after Trump’s green light to Turkey to attack the Kurds should be a strong lesson about Trump. Dump Trump! Speak out!

Trump called Hollywood racist and dangerous this year as he criticized some content produced there. Police are racist and dangerous as well and he is soft on speaking out about that. Did I write soft? He is somewhere between liquid and fascist. Who is in D.C. right now? Scroll down and you will find nothing. Scroll up, up, up and learn something. Trump was doing exactly what the Nazis were doing to Hollywood in the 1930s. And Nazis were inside Hollywood getting Jews fired and seeking control over content in favor of Hitler and Germany. All of these things are an integral part of propaganda machines.

If Donald Trump Shoots Joe Biden

Donald Trump killing Joe Biden would be the biggest disgrace of the Trump Administration, but what if he only wounded Biden and Biden shot back in self-defense killing the Donald?  At the very same time that we are discussing again that a sitting president cannot be indicted, we learn that a hunter just shot a deer and the deer retaliated by killing his assailant in Arkansas.  Isn’t that the home of the Clintons?  Trump’s lawyers have argued in court related to his tax matters that “executive privilege” extends to the president’s even killing someone.  We were told once upon a time Pay your taxes to fight the Axis (Germany and its allies) and all along Trump has used his tax returns to pay himself instead of our nation.  If Trump had turned in his taxes before the Republican National Convention in 2016, we could have been spared a lot of pain as Trump has been exposed and continues to be exposed.

I started writing about exposing what Trump was concocting long before the election and my readers know that I wanted him watched carefully and I wanted people to leak information about what he was doing.  Upon discovering that the CIA training conformed with my highest expectations of keeping an eye on injustices, I presented that information in Jewish Business News immediately in James Comey: A Leaker with a Higher Authority in April 2018.  Have I been instrumental in alerting the CIA and its presence in the White House that led to reports about Trump and the Ukraine?  Don’t even think about it.  It all started with Trump and his conduct, which was un-American.  Some speech is not free speech, but the whole thing may go back to the Russians and Brighton Beach with Michael Cohen.  Trump had to be watched both in his White Tower and our White House.

You may recall that Trump spoke out before the Election of 2016 and told Americans that the election was rigged against him.  Rigged against him now seems rigged in some place close to Riga and rigor mortis is setting in.  It was 100 years ago that world leaders tried to make a lasting peace in Paris and Americans should take note of the key problems at the time.  Although England had a huge colonial empire and a great navy, it knew that its days were numbered as a world leader and then twenty years later was the beginning of the end as war broke out again in Europe and England was at greater risk.  By the end of World War II, the great debt amassed and owed to the United States sealed Britain’s coffin as a world power.  If a war breaks out today, based on my reading of history since World War I, the United States will sink fast.  The predicted recession is going to hurt our nation enough as more and more Trump’s bad politics and diplomacy are going to send shock waves across our nation.  It’s really time to assess his mistakes together as a nation.

We see instead of the United States engaging in war, even though Trump says we have the greatest military in history, that he keeps moving US away from conflict, turning the baton over to Russia.  What else will be next in another region of the world?  What will happen to South Korea or Venezuela or some other nation (thinking of the long history of the Monroe Doctrine)?  The great debt of the United States is a great problem and that debt is owed to China.  Previously when Japan was our competition, the Japanese owned our debt and that was at a time when realtors were telling people that the Japanese were buying properties “like crazy” in Manhattan.  Probably or possibly being led Trump Tower?  Repugnicans can continue to praise Trump’s so-called patriotism.  His ship appears to be going down as quickly as the Titanic did.  Trump’s dealings in Central America have been an integral part of his make a deal scheme that has been exposed by the Ukraine deal to investigate Hunter Biden.  And you can include Puerto Rico in that scheme as HUD funds have been held back from Puerto Rico.  This is all about the mental corruption that I keep writing about.  I look forward to seeing all benefits restored to those places by a new, better government put in place by the American people in 2020.

 America First, copied from Hitler and Germany sounded great and so did Hitler in his time.  Germany, too, at that time was in great debt and things did not get better as Germany lost its moral compass.  It’s also a good historical point to reveal that the United States does not have any territorial disputes taking place such as those that existed in 1919 in Paris and eventually led to Hitler’s annexations and attacks throughout Europe.

We are only a hundred days from the start of the primaries leading to 2020.  The American people lack 2020 vision as our nation is being destroyed, largely by Trump and the Department of Injustice.  Democrats know that the truth of the Ukraine Investigation can be wiped out by Trump and his ability to pardon or in other words Trump’s inability to lead our nation to greatness will continue to block the very best aspects of a democracy.  The Barr letter written about the Mueller Report was not the first serious attack on our nation since we know that things started during the Campaign of 2016 and continued on as Trump, not being prepared on day one to be president, continued to make things worse.  And now the same Department of Injustice wants to investigate the “criminality” of its own investigation in the Russian matter as a campaign strategy to convince the Trump base to hang in there in 2020.

In New York City Mayor de Blasio points out that Trump will be arrested if he shoots someone and I am sure that there is great support, even in New York, to abiding by the decision that we cannot indict a sitting president (and that he stays in office no matter what happened)  Americans should not even wait for November 2020 to demand that Trump step down from office.  We have to reject all of those so called wise Repugnicans who have created a great danger zone since 2017.  Those Repugnicans have to be rejected at the polls.  And the resignation of Trump should be in tandem with the resignation of Mike Pence since both have been un-American.  I have talked to Trump supporters over the years and there are those that laugh at US, claiming their rights as Americans to accept his ridiculous comments and political tactics while pointing at an improving economy (and finally burying the debt that they used to talk about in the sand).

Do I wish to see Speaker Nancy Pelosi become president?  Not at all.  If there were a way to hold a new election for president of the United States after Trump steps down, I would agree to it.  If a Republican happens to win, so be it.  And I reiterate that our nation is not one where we kill each other in office or even kill family members to intimate each other and bring about a Civil War.  Violence is in the wind in America right now and we know who has caused it.  He has caused it and talked about it repeatedly instead of calming people down.  He is an Apprentice and nothing more.  His firing is imminent. 

Republicans are meeting with Democrats concerning the future impeachment of Donald Trump.  Considering everything that has happened between Trump and Democrats it would be inconsistent in any government to give in to the demands of Donald Trump.  We can think about what took place in Iraq with Sadaam Hussein or what took place with Adolph Hitler, Mussolini, or all the leaders that you probably never heard of who were treated in the manner that they treated others.  Trump’s Repugnicans should resign for all the lies they have told these past few years.  The bias has been there and we do not need biased people in the court of law anywhere.  Even Judge Judy would probably order those Repugnicans out of the room. These difficult times call for difficult decisions.

Perhaps you, my reader, do not agree and perhaps the reason is a political one.  Let me remind you by quoting from my last article something that I have not seen in articles on the internet.    On October 16, 2019 I wrote, “You may remember how Donald Trump spoke about taking out the terrorists and their family members and won the Election of 2016 (reported on December 3, 2015 by CNN).  You can call him a traitor, a coward, an idiot, or whatever name you choose, but he is still in power.  ISIS is on the loose!  ISIS is on the loose!  ISIS is on the loose!  It is clear from reactions around the world that the Kurds were thrown under the bus.  Trump may soon have blood on his hands.  What is needed now is a list of names of all those escapees that number in the hundreds that should be made public so that the public can hold the Trump Administration accountable for their future actions.  We just hope that the people who escaped captivity as a result of the Turkish attack do not commit any future massacres or atrocities.”  We need great action to protect us and that is not happening nationally or internationally. 

We need the names of those escapees now and we need the names of new candidates who will not betray US.

A Future ISIS Victory as Kurdish Blood is Spilled?

You may remember how Donald Trump spoke about taking out the terrorists and their family members and won the Election of 2016 (reported on December 3, 2015 by CNN).  You can call him a traitor, a coward, an idiot, or whatever name you choose, but he is still in power.  ISIS is on the loose!  ISIS is on the loose!  ISIS is on the loose!  It is clear from reactions around the world that the Kurds were thrown under the bus.  Trump may soon have blood on his hands.  What is needed now is a list of names of all those escapees that number in the hundreds that should be made public so that the public can hold the Trump Administration accountable for their future actions.  We just hope that the people who escaped captivity as a result of the Turkish attack do not commit any future massacres or atrocities.

If you recall the attack on the Embassy in Benghazi and the Republican reaction and the “lying Hillary Clinton,” you should begin to realize that this new development from The Apprentice is potentially far worse as more Americans could be killed than were killed in Libya.  Thank you Donald Trump!  Trump can redeem himself quickly since he is the great job creator.  What I recommend is that Trump hire those members of ISIS to work in Trump Tower Istanbul where Trump has a “great” relationship with Turkey and Erdogan.  Trump is not going to rush out to give jobs to those people, even with his method of extreme vetting.   He is planning to meet with Erdogan about a month from now, taking his time in the matter.

This content was tweeted by Donald Trump on August 10, 2018.  There were tariff increases of 20% and 50% (on steel).  He wrote that our relationship with Turkey was not good.  He also poured mud in the face of Turkey by writing that the Turkish lira had slid against our “strong” dollar.  The entire package of things we can learn about Trump-Turkey is very troubling.  Turkey was kept away from communist influence from communist influence after World War I as Europe feared the “Bolshviks” and again after 1945 and now American influence is waning in front of our eyes and ears by the turkey in the White House.  I’m not Russking to judgment here, but we have to ask is Russia in charge?

What Trump has clearly done is to go from winning a huge victory based on his claim of voter fraud with lies, lies, lies to declaring victory in Syria and then stopping in his tracks as he told US that he was pulling our troops out.  Then his advisers intervened temporarily and our troops stayed.  Then he ordered our troops out and now about 1,000 members of ISIS are loose resulting from Turkey’s attack.  Thanksgiving will soon be here and the Repugnicans who supported Trump and who continue to support Trump may be happy that the troops are either being pulled out or are coming home.  Hillary Clinton could have done that easily enough, but we should remember that the objective after 9-11 was to fight terrorism and Trump doesn’t have the stomach for it.  Things are going to get worse.  The Republican Party should divide now into splinter groups as everyone should remember the great work of people like Lee Zeldin and Pete King here on Long Island to give us this founding father of false promises who has created a humanitarian crisis at our southern border and the current situation in Syria. 

Lee Zeldin was just interviewed about the impeachment inquiry and he continues to espouse the party line which is full of falsehoods.  And that can only increase the divisions in America that I predicted long before the Election of 2016.  I keep reminding people that Trump is great at bankrupting things.

Here is information about the present lie.  You may have to lie down after reading this.  Lee Zeldin in his interview wants transparency from Adam Schiff and the Democrats.  He complains that there aren’t rules.  The withholding of key facts was mentioned.  There is a complaint about the secrecy as Republicans are not invited.  In his interview on the Cats Roundtable in New York, Zeldin spoke in generalities without providing any specifics.  He just supported the party position.  I do not know yet why the secret meeting is taking place but I can present a possible issue and that is the continued of obstruction of justice by the Repugnicans who have had the total support of the Department of Justice since William Barr was appointed.  Barr went head to head with Robert Mueller over Barr’s letter summarizing Mueller’s findings.  This is a nation that has a huge segment willing to read untruths and being guided by those untruths. 

On ABC This Week Hunter Zeldin says thatHunter Biden gets money with no experience in energy among corrupt people.  It might be illegal or it should be illegal to take the position that Hunter Biden took with the Ukrainian energy company.  And he says that everything that he says is 100 percent accurate, commenting about debunked information.  He mentioned immunity from scrutiny and he could not answer if he would ask that one of his Republicans to be investigated. 

He says that the Ukraine Ambassador Kurt Volker contradicted himself with no mention of the contradiction or contradictions at all.  And he claimed if we had his testimony everyone would know that.  And Lee Zeldin objects to the leaks which I support 100 percent.  Why do we keep watching or reading things that are not corroborated by evidence, knowing that people like William Barr and others make things up?  Evidence in trials is often made up and that is why we always seek the truth, even if the truth surfaces decades later.  Why?   And I write this thinking of the day that the media reported a page or pages of a Donald Trump tax return showing the taxes that were paid.  The White House confirmed that, but it was never confirmed by the United States Treasury.  You can choose to believe what you want, but I chose not to believe it.  And now knowing more and more about the propensity for lying of Trump loyalists, why should I believe them at all?  And of courses Trump denied telling America to take out the families of the terrorists.  Trump did his usual best to back away from his comments and this is what came out after his interview with Anderson Cooper.  So watch the Fox News Debates where he tells US that he is a leader who would have no problem targeting the families of terrorists.  Joe Biden must be a terrorist and Hunter Biden is his family.

This was written at the time about the interview

What “go after them” actually means is left to the imagination of voters, since Trump spoke only in evasive bromides during the interview.

  • “We have to do something and it’s the only way you stop it.” 
  • “We have to be a lot tougher. We are playing with a different set of rules.” 
  • “We have to play the game at a much tougher level than we are playing.” 
  • “We’re not fighting it strongly enough.” 

And now we see just how tough Trump really is as he has turned his back on the Kurds.  He has the backbone of a chocolate éclair, as Teddy Roosevelt said about William Mc Kinley.  The Turks have killed Kurdish fighters and civilians including children. 

Trump is about to hit Turkey with sanctions.  I should point out to you that the world stopped trading with Germany (except for the United States which held out until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.  The Germans faced desperate conditions which soon resulted in the theft of Jewish wealth to support the war machine of Germany.  Turkey may become more desperate soon but shouldn’t the Trump Administration have confronted Turkey with sanctions before it gave it the green light to attack the Kurds?  Trump knew what was going to happen. 

And what will happen to Americans now who remain in Turkey.  Will sanctions make them safe?  I would imagine that very soon Turkey will be placed on an advisory alert warning Americans to stay away.  If a Turkish police officer could kill the Russian ambassador in a museum, similar things could befall Americans.  Turkey is a great tourist nation that Americans go to.  Trump is now sending Mike Pence to Turkey while Kurdish forces try to contain 11,000 ISIS prisoners. 

And finally American troops that have been at risk and still are at risk will be transported out of the region, a region where they sometimes acted as protectors of the same people that are being killed.  All that was needed was the Erdogan-Trump telephone call on October 6 to unravel everything.  And Trump has repeated his victory statement while invoking the name of Napoleon Bonaparte as a possible protector of the Kurds.  Another joke to be defended by Marco Rubio?  At this point even American deaths there would still be considered a Trump victory.  That may be acceptable to Repugnicans, but the American people will not accept that including the families of people who are serving there.  So Trump may be safe in relation to impeachment, but his base may be eroding right now and will surely erode much more once people read the truth.  Who caused all this turmoil?  Trump!  This is the worst screwup since George W. Bush gave us looking for the weapons of mass destruction.  And could it be that Mike Pence that great evangelical-political leader will be searching for Napoleon Bonaparte so they can arrange a joint airlift of the Christians that are in danger there?  Or am I completely wrong about that?  Could it be that Pence has the backbone of a Napoleon?  This sure looks like  patisserie (pastry) politics to me.

And finally again looking at Congressman Lee Zeldin who is clearly turning his back on his fellow Americans in combat (he himself has served) as he protects Donald Trump and his false claims to “executive privilege” which probably will not work well right now.  Zeldin should be replaced for his silence at the very least.  The commander-in-chief in this situation is not more important than his men in combat.  Zeldin is a Repugnican.  And this comes at a time when Republicans in Congress have declared for an investigation of the Bidens.  The centerpiece of any statement should be evidence, evidence, evidence.  Profiling the Bidens because of a strong business connection in the Ukraine is precisely the opposite of evidence and that is what happened to Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jew, in France (this Jewish man came from a former German province and was considered less than French and his family had business interests which were normal and customary).  History is repeating itself and the more things change the more they remain the same.  There’s a lot of questioning of the Bidens and we do finally hear that there is no evidence from many reports.  Why all the questions if there is no evidence?  The media has been playing into corrupt hands with all of this.  I would shut my door in the face of the media if it came to me with allegations without evidence of something corrupt.  Come to me when there is evidence.

The White House is now opening its own internal view of the telephone call with the Ukraine.  The French military had its own investigations and influenced the courts as Captain Alfred Dreyfus was declared guilty.  The guilty one was declared innocent and there was great danger all over France (Trump declares himself the innocent one in this case).  That danger has not arrived yet in America, but we have had forecasts of it by Donald Trump himself and others as it has been stated that an impeachment of Trump might lead to civil war.  All Repugnicans should be asked to take a lie detector test right now so that we can straighten out the mess created by Donald Trump in this nation.  That would be patriotic.  And a large list of questions could and should be asked of Donald Trump and his staff (past and present).

World Anti-Semitism Conference: From Germany to the United States

This original title was changed before publication of this article A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Forum On My Street.  My wife called me outside as Jewish families and community walked down my street in Islandia, an event that we had not seen in over 26 years.  As I left my house to walk on the driveway, walking to the front of the driveway, a Jewish man asked me if I am Jewish and things proceeded from there.  I replied (yes) that it reminded me of my days on the Lower East Side, which was the Jewish capital of America.  Incidentally Zero Mostel attended the high school that I attended with a list of who’s who of Jewish people including Tony Curtis or Bernie Schwartz. Walter Matthau, Estelle Getty, Jerry Stiller, Joe E. Ross, Sammy Cahn, and others.  Before I knew it a rabbi was blowing the Shofar or ram’s horn for me.  The rabbi and another Jewish man engaged me in conversation, asking what kind of work I did.  I simply replied that I taught in a New York City and I am a blogger now who has had 150 articles in Jewish Business News in Israel and now I have my own blog.  The rabbi in a moment of emotional recognition called out “Marty” and that how we both found each other.  We had talked on the phone and the rabbi is one of my many readers in the Jewish community.  I also pointed out the wide range of Jewish topics that I have presented to my readers:  Rabbi Schneersohn, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, and of course The Dreyfus Affair which is playing out across our nation as the Trump Administration and even Jews around him have not learned from what took place in France in 1894 and did not end quickly as an injustice was perpetrated on a single Jew.  And the problems and the violence spread.

Help me get this forum where it has to go by sharing all of this information with others.

What the world needs now is a real forum to help and protect people.  Israel, it has been reported, is very concerned about Trump’s Turkish decision to abandon our allies in the fight against terrorism.  Here is a man, Donald Trump, who bankrupts and bankrupts.  And his Jewish support has hidden from view critical statements that Congresswoman Omar hides from view among her supporters.  At this time I am watching the field of announced candidates in that congressional district in Minnesota.  I learned that a former Republican candidate who is now running as an independent is challenging Congresswoman Omar, but I have watched his political ad and it falls far short of acceptable.  It’s vague and just another law and order piece from a retired policeman with military experience.  As Jackie Mason once told me, “So what!”

 In New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera has announced against Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, claiming that socialism does not work.  This has been the theme of the worst part of the Repugnican campaign and that classifies Cabrera as a Democrat-Repugnican.  It is repugnant to me that people do not recognize all the socialism that has played a role in lifting up people across America.  They should take a look at my article on Austria in 1938 and learn from it.  The last time that I personally spoke to Fernando Cabrera, he was in a housing project in the Bronx trying to put an end to the violence there and we spoke about the lack of success of Obama’s stimulus in creating jobs at that time.  The jobs did come back and Obama was reelected (Cabrera does not mention the Obama stimulus at all on his campaign website and it appears that the large change in unemployment from 23.5 percent to 5,7 percent is a result of his taking office in 2010 which sounds like Donald Trump to me).  The New York Post describes key points about Cabrera and that includes his opposition to gay marriage which was an extreme position except for the fact that Cabrera is a Pentecostal minister.   I watched a video of him just now where he discussed gay marriage in Uganda which Uganda opposed and he linked his talk to the reduction of AIDS in Uganda due to government efforts.  It is very well known for a long time that AIDS was spread like wildfire in Africa due to truck drivers who sought sex on the road with women.   His comments are just like the comments that Repugnicans linked to Haitians for spreading AIDS when in fact it was a universal problem.   He has a capitalist agenda but granting great tax incentives to the wealthy corporations has always been a mixture of capitalism and socialism.  And I refer to the hiring of 400 police in Minneapolis over doing things for the community as “police socialism.”  And he thinks that he is a “Quixote” fighting for the people, which needs more supporting details from him.  I am not defending the congresswoman and I notice many similar shortcomings in both.  And he has said that “People are not dying to move to a socialist country.”  Does he know that when communism was huge and people did their best to escape it that people who were from Tito’s Yugoslavia returned there from working in other countries because it was home and better than most countries?  I would point out to him that if I were a Sephardic Jew, I could have obtained citizenship from Spain and moved to Europe where I would be entitled to lots of benefits as a citizen of Spain.  Now that wouldn’t be bad at all.  Venezuela and Cuba are not coming here as Repugnicans and Cabrera say.  It could very well be that Cabrera is a moderate Repugnican. 

Homosexuality is considered a crime in Uganda and it was a crime in Nazi Germany, even though there were Nazis that were apparently homosexual.  Ugandan law and Nuremberg Laws are detestable to even contemplate and whether we call it a prison or a concentration camp should not matter.  The rights of homosexuals were taken away in Nazi Germany and now in Uganda where the death penalty was considered as well.  The Nuremberg Laws by the way, were found at the end of World War II by Martin Dannenberg and I am not that old.

We Jews largely became middle class through the labor movement dominated by socialist ideas.  In the Holocaust Jews, homosexuals, Christian and Catholic leaders who were outspoken, Roma people, Black people from Africa and even African Americans were in concentration camps where there was death and hate.  Most people probably forget about this, even during an election in New York City.  Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez does have serious things to deal with but Councilman Cabrera has risen in government due to views that are wrong and reprehensible.  Education is one of the key things related to the job of city councilman and we know just how poorly the students are doing on state tests and the low success of minority students into the elite high schools (the idea of planting annexes in the boroughs of those elite schools is an idea that I gave to people in government a few years ago) and there is no information about education on his campaign website).  Leadership requires great ideas and solutions and not a lot of talk (think about great leadership).  Cabrera is the pastor that can lead his supporters well but we need the kinds of ideas that socialism has espoused.  The socialist advances in Austria were not wrecked by the socialist.  They were wrecked by Hitler and his war machine.  The conservatives in America did not easily give benefits to the workers that brought about a living wage and that living wage is still not a fact of life.  The robber barons of the past have been replaced by a much larger group of men and women who either grant more benefits or who do not.  I will repeat a fact for all to understand.  When the Zionists wanted to vote in a town near my grandmother’s town in Austria-Hungary, the Jews connected with the nobles opposed them and dozens of those people were shot in the back and killed.  The Zionist, you see, wanted to leave the country and go somewhere else and the other side needed all the cheap labor that it could get and would even kill to remain in power.  And the Supreme Court ruled 120 years ago that Puerto Ricans are “uncivilized” which denied the full rights of Americans.

Even on Long Island where I live and I am represented by Congressman Pete King, you can see the answers in today’s New York Newsday where our elected officials are barely dealing with the truth.  Congressman Pete King says there was no obstruction of justice and we know that that Robert Mueller said that he left the final determination to the impeachment process to the Congress as he knew that he would not indict a sitting president.  Congressman King is a “Repugnican Kingmaker” and his king is definitely going downhill fast.  There are cases all over our nation where there is serious obstruction of justice that goes undetected and people pay for that with their lives.  The Alfred Dreyfus Case in France is one of the classic examples of history.   I would not expect Pete King to state that Trump is following what the military did to Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jew, who the military had no evidence against.  Trump has no evidence against Hunter Biden, but King acts the way some of the generals acted to protect France and the military.  I wish that Congresswoman would learn from those sentences and put the information to the public.  Getting the votes in the Senate will be the problem, but let’s have an honest discussion before that happens.

An important mistake made by Obama which is consistent with the Trump mistake is that he broadcast that we are safer than before (thinking about 9-11) and we have learned that those terrorists keep on ticking like a battery that doesn’t wear out in your watch.  With all the boasting of Donald Trump about our great military that he has made great, that military has not wiped out the terrorists and Trump appears to be backing off the effort and bringing everyone home.  The effort started to keep the problem overseas and Trump’s decision violates that.  The next step for terrorists would probably be another 9-11 type disaster or we could call the attack on the Kurds that 9-11 attack.  Our allies are to be protected as we are to be protected.  And never forget that Trump’s boasts began with the military hardware that had been ordered by Obama.  Many of his boasts ring the same truth as his we are building the wall statements at rallies and a replica of that wall was just scaled by an eight years old girl.

The attack on the Saudi oil fields revealed that the administration lacks the strength that it attributed to itself since January 2017.  Although that attack was not an attack on an American fleet in the Pacific (Pearl Harbor) or 9-11 attacks, we are slowly coming to our senses that this attack did not happen under Barack Obama, that the attack might never have been thought of if the Iran Nuclear Deal had not been torn up, that the response of the Donald has been inadequate, and that it wipes out much of his credibility among other things.  And then the attack on the Kurds has sent shock waves around the world because Trump gave the green light (much more significant than Obama’s red line failure over the use of chemical weapons by Assad of Syria).  And although Israel has tremendous fire power, King Trump of Israel appears to be more like praying to the Golden Calf in the story of the Ten Commandments.  And when Trump’s demise takes place, and it appears to be more and more imminent right now, the reality probably will be that things that he has done and spoken about in and for Israel will be reversed in a return to normalcy.

The Algemeiner reports very important information that includes the recognition that the support for Jews has been very limited and we can see among the reporting of the Zionist Organization of America the complete opposite.  Although the synagogue in Germany that was under attack was not protected by police during the high holidays (and we know and applaud the efforts of people in government across the United States to protect our people), Felix Klein, the commissioner on anti-Semitism said “more has to be done.”  The heavy doors that protected the worshippers helped keep the terrorist out.  Such important information should be shared with our communities by the American equivalent appointed by Donald Trump, but obviously much more has to be done.  At the United Nations, the Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon asked that body to declare war on anti-Semitism.  I hope that the ambassador handed over a plan of action with solutions that could be put in place.  Although that kind of talk is praised immediately, I see that kind of talk as low-calorie yogurt talk which misses the point.  Stop denouncing things and put solutions into place.  That’s what the forum that I am calling for will be about.  Talk is cheap!  Trump has failed to do that with Elan Carr.  Or in other words the balance sheet of success for appointees like Elan Carr have to reflect great accomplishments on the job and not speeches that extol the alleged virtues of his boss.  Even the various speeches dating back to the appointment of Nikki Haley at the United States may now be revisited as recent events reveal the weaknesses of this Trump Administration.

Among the donations received by Turning Points USA are those of the Rauner Family Foundation and Bernard Marcus of Home Depot.  Their donations were substantial I could not find information that those donations were either regretted or not.  It would good to know since we look to men in power to help us resolve the anti-Semitism that is going viral and not to feed into it, even if done carelessly.  Founders of hate are not needed.  And Trump is deeply tied to that organization.  And if you did not know it, the Nazis contributed greatly to the emigration of Jews to Palestine since Jews really had no where else to go.  If you are confused by the last sentence, please reread the sentence about founders of hate.

 What is particularly frustrating in the fight over BDS is that I have not seen any recent report about the success or failure of Jewish groups on campus, a complete report.  There have been lots of reports of increased anti-Semitism and fear related to the statements of supporters of BDS.  What is going on and what has the Trump Administration done to ameliorate the situation?   We do not want anyone to be killed over it.  And great leadership matters!  What help are Jews getting from other campus groups so that they will feel safe?  That is what I wish to know right now.  I am suggesting right here that the Trump Administration and organizations devoted to Trump have made serious mistakes in the fight on campus.  I am waiting for information from a source or two that can tell me just how effectively Trump supported organizations on campus have helped Jews who have been threatened by comments or been the victim of anti-Semitism on campus.  I finally decided not to wait to mention Turning Points USA and its relationship with the conservative Black Leadership Summit, both supported strongly by Donald Trump.  Here is a sample of my concern from the University of Nevada at Reno only days ago “We write as faculty, staff, students, and others who are deeply concerned with the UNR administration’s responses to acts of white nationalism on campus.  We are dismayed by the many white supremacist, anti-Semitic, sexist, and anti-LGBTQ messages that have been posted, painted, carved, or otherwise displayed in dorms, classrooms, campus building, and online.”  And then this.  “We are deeply alarmed by your administration’s inadequate response to the presence and impacts of Turning Points USA [TPUSA] on our campus, and by your failure to fully support students who organize anti-racist speech, protest, and action.”

A note about my lifetime work.  In the 1980s I started to write and found out about a massacre that took place in 1929 in Hebron.  Recently I learned that Rabbi Menachem Schneersohn had been with that Jewish community shortly before the massacre.  I went to Palestinians in Brooklyn to share my ideas and it was reviewed by them.  The word was that it was balanced and we need Congresswomen Tlaib, Congresswoman Omar, and some Jewish leaders to become more balanced. Things are missing from their discussions and that limits progress toward peace.  I have ideas to share about building a bridge between people on campus and can be found here as I have published it in Jewish Business News in Israel.  I lost the chance to make a movie back in the 1980s, but my work can be read now around the world.  We have seen a brief war over the use of the word “concentration camp” and yes that word was used long before the Holocaust and will continue to be used.  We are arguing about what constitutes anti-Semitism as it relates to Israel.  And here I will share the early history of Israel as people argued about the Jewish massacre of Deir Yassin.  The Tlaibs and Omars of this world cannot only talk about that massacre.  This is taken from documents in Israel to share with you.  Zalman Aran of the MAPAI Party of the new State of Israel said in an argument with a member of the Herut Party “If I thought that the State of Israel would be capable of Deir Yassins, I would not only not wish to be an Arab here-I wouldn’t want to be a Jew here.”  I had just watched a discussion on campus at Princeton where an IDF officer was asked if he felt shame to watch over a “concentration camp.”  And Zionists were horrified about Deir Yassin.

Let’s put the online conference together and fight anti-Semitism together.  I know about a telephone conference call that had 1,000 people, but I was not a party to that.  Were you?  We can make great things happen for our people and others. 

I can be contacted quickly at

Officer Bob Kroll in a Nutshell

If the officer fired a gun to save my life, I would thank him.  Officer Kroll went partisan on Fox News about the cops not being allowed to wear their uniforms in a visit by Donald Trump.  Then his organization ordered supporting tee-shirts.  Police organizations are allowed to be political, as we all know.  What disturbed me is his attitude about spending city funds on liberal items to reduce crime.  I have written in another article that we don’t need police socialism as a request has been made to add 400 officers in Minneapolis.  And keep in mind that Donald Trump has not paid 10 cities already the money owed for his protection. 

I can understand Kroll’s complaint about the city not being effective enough in keeping young adults and older adults away from crime.  Just about everyone needs retraining in that matter including Bob Kroll.  I should point out to the lieutenant, his supporting cast, and to others what I mean.  We could go back to the 1990s in New York City when a tough prosecutor named Rudy Giuliani became mayor of New York.  Almost all the crime was committed by youth and adults who grew up in the Christian faith but went astray, people who might have gone into Christian colleges.  Muslims were a few in the mosaic of the Big Apple.  Many of those people could have earned a high school equivalency long before they got into trouble, but that didn’t happen and we probably can detect the same things in Minneapolis.  And l have heard about the Somalian gangs there. 

Giuliani was tough on crime, but he got the money from Bill Clinton to hire 1,000 police officers.  But crime increased and more people got locked up.  I repeat they got locked up.  The year 1993 was a very telling year for the state of New York and the immense city where I lived at that time.  The State of New York decided to make the GED test free and that started to create a drain in diplomas.  The effect was immediate as the numbers shrank.  Whether Giuliani knew about it or not, there was indifference toward the education of the young adults as they went to the streets to earn a living.  My point is that everyone including the police have to be better informed and I can assure the lieutenant that I am very well known to Chicago PD.  And I know what to do to help depressed communities of gang members, incarcerated men and women, and former incarcerated people.  The best answer is not more police and the cost to taxpayer that goes along with it.  And counting on just morality has never really worked in history, not in the South, not in Ireland under the British, not in Europe under Hitler, and not in Syria right now as Trump abandons our allies there.

I have been a guest speaker in the jail of New York City and I know the mistakes of the commissioner of corrections there very well.  And I know the mentality of police and corrections officers that do not wish to spend more money on lots of budget items because they are tax conservatives.  And I plan to take action to help Minneapolis overcome its problems with or without the support of Lieutenant Bob Kroll. 

We see why the police need retraining all over the United States.  Police errors, police suicides, police threats, and more are plaguing communities and Trump has not had the answer.  If he did, he would have paid for your police already and transferred the funds for the wall to the city (it has just been reported that a replica of Trump’s wall has just been climbed by an eight year old girl and another person, taking 40 seconds to climb).  Giuliani should remind him of those 1,000 extra police in the 1990s.  Over the years the children of police and veterans have also gotten locked up before earning a diploma.  Officer Kroll has fallen for a man who has made a big thing of “locking up” people on the campaign trail and right now we are the midst of a battle that may end with The Donald getting locked up.  I cannot fault the officer for not knowing what I know but we can fault him for continuing to ignore an important problem which was not even resolved by Rudy Giuliani.  Republicans normally control small towns where a higher level of education has existed for many decades and cities were usually way behind back then and still have not caught up.  But lots of places around the nation are on the high crime list in Republican territory.  It would be great for Lieutenant Kroll to sit at the table of the city with much greater understanding of the problem. 

And here is a word about the White House this week.  The Black Leadership Summit of conservatives was held and Trump proclaimed that he reduced crime in the cities with his immigration policy.  Lieutenant Kroll may need a Repugnican chiropractor right now, because he is out of alignment with Trump propaganda.  Since crime has been reduced, why increase the number of police so dramatically in Minneapolis?  I have to say that I have been writing about the failure of Donald Trump in national safety as he has concentrated on national security.  It was confirmed to me that MS-13 members are in the local high school where I live and I found out that some of those gang members are behaving well and others not so well.  MS-13 has not been “decimated” in spite of all the news coming from Trump.  I did not mean news.  Crime statistics are way down in New York City and some vital figures such as murders are reaching the lowest numbers in decades.  Trump has done nothing there to help, nor has he helped Chicago!  Chicago!  Chicago!  I read the news around the country and things are not good as there are new types of killings involving family members. 

Let’s hope that the police officers in Minneapolis who have bought the new Trump tee-shirt learn from their mistakes and Trump’s mistakes.  There is great danger in following Trump and that danger will be everywhere.  May I make some other suggestions right now.  Trump should wear a body camera at all times, he could take a lie detector test, he should turn in his tax returns finally, he should think about treating the immigrants as he treats his wife who had worked in the United States illegally, he should also resign as soon as possible, and never ask for a single benefit or honor for being elected.  Trump has become a national disaster and he is being abandoned by Republicans, but Repugnicans who are learning about his misdeeds in office are standing by him and shrugging everything off.  It was just reported that there are witnesses who know about an “illegal” favor that he was doing for Rudy Giuliani.   It may be time to return the tee-shirts in support of Trump and think everything over.  I would be happy to provide the Minneapolis Police Federation with a conference call about Trump.  The police should take time to read this important news.  And they can also learn that Blue Lives and Black Lives Matter as well. 

Two World Famous Actors: Chaplin and Trump

America watched the “great dictator” in the 1930s and today it is watching the “little dictator” here at home.  Or just reading his tweets.

In the Chaplin movie starring Robert Downey, Jr., a Nazi who had just spoken about Hitler telling Hollywood guests that Hitler just wants to defend historic borders, create jobs, and cut out the profit speculator (Jews mostly) reaches out to shake hands with Charlie who says “I’m sorry” which is something I wouldn’t say as I would not shake hands with a Nazi or Donald Trump.  A person in the crowded room says about Chaplin “He’s a Jew.”  Chaplin replied that he did not have that “honor.”  Yes there were liberals at the party, but there were obviously conservatives and Nazis.  This all makes for great theater and I assume that it took place, but the United States rejected helping the Jews and that has been made clear from history, not from the movies.  The trailer that I watched in addition to the scene just described pointed out how everyone in the world was paying attention to Charlie.  The movies created the buzz back then.  Note that there is no movie about Trump right now to create that.  Trump has Twitter and that is his news feed and he says maybe he should create his own news network.  Trump still has to figure out that he has all the news media that he needs.  His base will not expand with more news because it is saturated.  Hitler and Trump share the same common elements and you should check out “My Most Favorite Scene” where he points out what do the Nazis have against everyone else which brings Trump to mind.  Moments later I was watching a scene from another movie called “Smuggled Nose Powder” where Charlie saves the day in a prison break.

So there is Charlie Chaplin who was probably Roma or gypsy, defending Jews in America.  He is a hero who and his life was filled with sexual scandals (marriage to avoid rape charges, court cases, paternity suits), but being called a communist led to his being denied reentry into the United States.  His story embodies the essence of what I perceive to be hypocritical thinking.  Chaplin cannot be a hero because of the sex with young girls.  There are allegations circulating about sex with young girls among leading Democrats, English royalty and a Trump attorney stated that Trump and Epstein were not friends, even though Trump and Epstein travelled together nationally and globally as reported in Newsweek.  Chaplain’s The Great Dictator is now playing here and his words ring out, even words from The Bible and Chaplin was accused of being a communist.  Soldiers need to unite for democracy he shouted out.  As I grew into my teens, Chaplin was mentioned over and over in my home by my family.  Perhaps we can spread the word about his movies across our nation now.

No sooner had I written this and done some work outside my home did I walk inside and noticed the fight of Jews and African Americans to keep people safe in the program about the 1936 Berlin Olympics and the great note of hypocrisy that we faced in America and the hatred that existed here.  And Repugnicans will tell US that things have gotten so good that there should be hardly a complaint.  And they enlist African Americans to back them up in Congress as people point the finger in the direction of Islamic Jihad when there are many more White Supremacists in America to be concerned about.   An important question to be looked into is why the F.B.I. has turned its head in investigating some or many of those who have been flagged.  I have been in touch with Jewish organizations all over the country and it would be nice to bring them together for a new discussion of what is taking place.  And in the national discussion other ethnic groups can be brought together in an open forum.

North Korean fired a ballistic missile this week and the famous “Fire and Fury” president has learned his lesson from his generals and staff ( a long time ago as was reported by Bob Woodward that there will be no war) and we have also noted more trouble in Iraq right now and the attack on the Saudi oil field where there was no retaliation by Trump in support of an ally.  Just a lot of talk.  There was that bomb dropped on Syria after a gas attack a couple of years ago, but overall Trump is doing pretty much what Obama did.  I will repeat that Republicans won the Electoral College vote which I have written about several times in the past, but Repugnicans have taken over by acceptance of the worst things that humanity has seen in many years.  Trump has done it his way just as Hitler did it his way.  And the list of failures keeps adding on and if Russia were such a great friend Russia would bring North Korea to the table to get results that Trump has not delivered.  Russia and Iran are discussing joint drills and other support.  This is not good news for the men and women in our nation’s armed services and US. 

We are not any safer than we were when Obama left office and here in the United States there has been an acceleration of horrible massacres and murders that were not massacres that suggest a great American meltdown which Trump has done nothing about.  Whether it is the threat against a Catholic priest in Worthington, Minnesota or the friendly fire killing of a NYPD officer in which the department now states that new, better police training is going to take place, Trump has sat back and watched.  The Metropolitan Transit Authority also announced today the coming hiring of about 600 new officers and many of those officers will be assigned to help the homeless get into shelters.  Trump remember lashed out against the homelessness in Los Angeles.  Trump has brought Trump Tower politics to our nation to save money which will make US more and more dangerous.  Four homeless people were also murdered in Chinatown just now and perhaps the next victims will be in a synagogue or church in New York City.  And keep in mind that all those years when the problem kept on increasing, Trump was paying no tax.   Others like him put their money offshore and paid less tax as they contributed to charities, but the money could have been used for police and public safety back then.  Long before Obama, Clinton gave New York City and Giuliani the money for 1,000 police and today cities across the United States are crying for more police.  Minneapolis just got a request for 400 more police and I have suggested that they ask Trump (to transfer money from his wall or from someplace else).  Please share this with those Repugnicans who are making things worse for US.  Former New York State Assembly Eric Stevenson and I started talking about the badly needed retraining of police across our nation and the suggested $1,000 pay increase that federal training, but it has gone nowhere. 

Trump’s proclamation against immigrants who come here who do not have medical insurance is the latest obstacle and I will remind my readers that most Jews were in bad financial shape and had no medical insurance as they tried to get into the United States and other countries.  They could not even afford visa charges around 1938.  Trump’s inhumane obstacles are not a show of his desperation.  No, they are Trump supporting his base and those people around him that should never have been in government.  Let Trump be Trump they said.  And will Nayib Bukele and the other Central American Trump allies provide insurance to their people as they come here?  Jews didn’t have it when my grandmother and her family came here.  Let’ see what El Salvador does since it seems to be the nation that is most comfortable with Trump. 

The United States has been lucky due mostly to geography.  Could you imagine what would have happened if the United States had been close to Poland, Germany, the Ukraine, and other countries back then?  I have strong doubts about the American people rising to fight hate and turning its back on all the hate that I have read about and written about.  Just expand your thinking of all the pogroms committed by Americans against African Americans and others throughout history.  The information is there.

And my recent reading about the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 reveals a lot about the main powers, particularly as they spoke about Russia and the Bolsheviks.  President Woodrow Wilson said that “Seed need soil, and the Bolshevik seeds found the soil already prepared for them.”  What did he and others mean?  They knew just how bad the capitalists were who were taking advantage of workers everywhere.  Building a new order was about peace and defeating Bolshevism.  And keep in mind that the revolution in Russia included murder, total disregard of law, and confiscation of property or wealth.  The French were particularly upset because they had invested great sums of money in Russia which was lost.  The French were inclined to blame the Germans for the rise and behavior of the Russians, but did the French blame the Germans only twenty years later when the German’s made Jews “illegal” and confiscated their wealth?  Of course not!  The Bolsheviks and supporters in Great Britain and America and those nations easily survived. 

What did take place from that time on is that those nations became more democratic and the free time that you have to decide what to do with your time was a reaction against the tyranny of the capitalists that continue to worry some of them about a thing called “socialism” today.  The freedom that Americans to do what they wish after an eight-hour workday was not the norm at that time in Western Europe and the United States.  The threat of Bolshevism played a role in 1919 to open up minds for change in Western democracies just as the Nazis played a role in populating Palestine as Jews were sent there.  Those Bolsheviks finally settled down in the 1990s and Russia is a great friend of Donald Trump but consider those Repugnicans who have voters worried about Venezuela’s conditions coming here.  They keep repeating this and it is nonsense. 

Rhetoric was the same back then, because these things do not change.  Winston Churchill who was racist spoke in an election speech, comparing the Bolsheviks to “baboons amid the ruins of cities and the corpses of their victims.”  Arthur Balfour of the Balfour Declaration once said to him “I admire the exaggerated way you tell the truth.”  But today we are deluged with exaggerated lies that Trump maintains as truth as he maintains control over his Trump Corporation in the White House.  Consider that today’s business people are much more liberal than the conservatives were back then and liberal gains always need partnerships in government.  Even 2020 with all the talk about Bernie and Elizabeth Warren and their socialism cannot happen without great support from others.  And there the emphasis is on democratically revised taxation and not Bolshevik confiscation, unless Bernie’s recent heart attack will convert him to Bolshevism.

Great Britain was losing its power in 1919 and World War II was just the icing on the cake.  Great Britain’s strength was its ability to control the seas.  Woodrow Wilson wanted “freedom of the seas.”  The men in Paris working on the peace treaty failed dismally to make things better and to avert another war.  That is when the United States assumed its leadership role which Wilson could not achieve by convincing the American people.  Trump turned US away from the United Nations with words, but he has not contributed anything amazing with all his talents. 

At the United Nations recently Trump stated his case about immigration and the illegal aspects which we have known all along very well.  In the case of Jews in Germany and throughout Europe, they were forced out by laws, violence, and fear.  In the case of people coming from Central America, they have been forced out by violence and fear as well.  The Obama Administration moved 500,000 more immigrants out of the United States than George W. Bush (2 million).  Even the New York Post which vigorously supports Donald Trump wrote in June this year that the figures for Trump vary between 226,000 to 282,000 and that was reported by ICE.  Obama had years with over 385,000 deported and one year at 410,000 and when Obama had figures that dropped in some years his figures were comparable with Trump’s years. 

And in the White House where Donald Trump met with the 2019 Black Leadership group, I did watch the video and no red hats were allowed.  Last year there appeared to be red hats of different varieties, summer and winter.  This attests to Trump’s attempt to moderate those proud moments called Make America Great Again.  Those very attractively dressed Black youth in 2018 were proud to wear the red hats and apparently have allowed themselves to become puppets of conformity to a vast propaganda machine.  We should reach out to those African Americans on campus and find out what they are really about.  Are they looking out for themselves and are they participating in the old Us against Them politics that has hurt the African American community for decades.  The evidence is there and this is not fake news.  I guess I am a whistleblower.  Could it be that someone on the Trump team asked the youth not to bring their hats to the White House meeting?  Could it be that Trump wants to sometimes distance himself from publicity that would make one think of those “brown shirts” of yesteryear?  Trumpf did not object in 2018.  So what has taken place right now?

Washington Times reporter Tom Howell, Jr. reported that Trump “told old young black conservatives Friday to stick with the Republican Party in next year’s election, citing job growth among minorities and his efforts to “keep cities safe” by fighting illegal immigration.”  It is apparent that Trump is not recognizing the picture of true violence in our cities, which has practically nothing to do with gang members who more often than not kill each other (Mafia style).  And once the gangs of those cities rid themselves of Central American or Mexican gangs, Trump seems to feel that there will be no more gangs in those cities to take over the violence and drugs that are harming Americans.  This is really amazing stuff.  The Write Stuff.

I found out that Charlie Chaplin thought that Adolph Hitler was the greatest actor he had ever seen.   Two actors?  How about three?  Too bad that he didn’t live long enough to see Trump.  The Nazis thought that Chaplin was Jewish and they made anti-Semitic propaganda concerning Chaplin.  Chaplin’s fall from popularity in America was huge and the expected downfall of Donald Trump will be huge as well.

As my readers know well, I read in bed at night.  Paris in 1919 explains all the turmoil taking place a new world order was about to take place, an order that Fox News can easily point out that failed.  The British as were others were far from gung ho about this matter and it had its own preference about establishing world leadership through a Trump like deal.  England wanted among other things to limit the navies among the powers so that it could control the seas.  The Fourteen Points of Woodrow Wilson did include “freedom of the seas” so that the world would not be controlled by any one power (or two).  Russia didn’t have much power back then and the France was already in great decline as other decisions were being made, including whether to have mandates or permit annexations of territories.  The Brits preferred to make a deal with the United States to create a new world order.  And you recall Trump denouncing the United Nations and NATO years ago.  Where would Trump go to create his new world order?  Here is a short list and you decide.  Israel, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Russia.  Where could Trump go as he tore up the United Nations?  Maybe Fox News can tell you the correct answer. Technology propelled Trump into the White House and technology is the leading component of his downfall, that is Trump’s own natural technology.

Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear: Trump’s Civil War is Perfect

I am not a crook.  I am a transparent person who thrives on integrity as I offer solutions to a community, a nation, and a world.  I am reading the book 1919 which was one hundred years ago and rings of so many truths about today.  The war ended and mistakes were being made as mistakes are always made.  Trump was a mistake and a big one.  At that time there was starvation and disease all over Europe and no infrastructure in place to deal with all that trouble.  Herbert Hoover, a Republican, did a credible job of helping Europe mixed with favoring American businessman entering the scene, but he soon told Europe “enough is enough” and pulled out of supporting the desperate people and the it took six years to see pre-war conditions back in place as people expected things to happen immediately.  This surely is reminiscent of most of US as we expected the Obama stimulus to take effect immediately, but it didn’t.  Then job creation started to make a comeback.  Republican propaganda is still widely believed in this country as this “enough is enough” attitude is perpetrated.  People always need more help and the struggle exists even in the economically powerful United States. 

A couple of key things to keep in mind.  In Vienna, which I have written about recently, more babies were dying than living as the war ended.  And another thing that I have written about in relation to that “Peace Conference” which I learned an additional thing about is this.  Brazil played a tiny role in the World War I effort and Portugal sent 60,000 troops to the Western Front.  Woodrow Wilson backed Brazil with three delegates against Portugal’s one delegate and Britain backed Portugal.  As you can see America won.  Stupidity wins out everywhere and that is playing out today.  And Trump has been telling you for some time now that he is not a crook, using words like “clean,” “no collusion,” and no obstruction,” and he has placed the blame on the other side.  Trump is being the Trump that author’s have written about.  Our nation is under the spell of “Let Trump be Trump.”  He is the same person he was before the Election of 2016, the same person who ran the Trump Corporation and the person who created The Apprentice firing people.  And right now people expect Trump to be impeached and others do not.  Yes he should be impeached.  Yes the American people should force his resignation.  And he should be entitled to no benefits and honors that go with the title that I will not even write right here.

And as World War I came to and end there were 12 wars going on within Europe that revealed that war could easily break out again and the poor performance in Paris defeated the purpose of lasting peace.  Another thing to consider is that Germany was in good shape at the end of the war and the Allies minus the United States and Austria-Hungary were not in good shape.  Those nations were anticipating a possible defeat.  What actually happened was that Germany surrendered and war was ended.  This is reminiscent today of the conflict in Syria and the Trump declaration of victory and retreat which the military overruled him on.  And the recent attack on Saudi oil fields by drones has shaken American military fearing a possible attack on its command operations in the region.  Those wake-up calls show US that we are not as powerful as Trump spouts.  It is about deceiving the American people.

At the time of the Paris Peace talks it was apparent that Great Britain was losing power to the United States, especially since the American economy was thriving due to the war and due to the late arrival of the United States in the war.  India for example had provided more than a million troops to the war effort and was not accorded a high place of honor.  Indian delegates were selected according to their “loyalty” to Great Britain.  Gandhi and others like him were ignored.  And we know that at the end of World War II that the Brits knew that it had much less to offer the world and things really started falling apart in India, Africa, and Palestine.  These were the final nails being hammered into its coffin.  And we see the rise of China and Russia which had no power after World War I but presented major problems during and after World War II.  The investment in Europe that Hoover would not consider in his “enough is enough” statement was instituted largely because of Russian power as Stalin was taking over much of Europe with the consent of the other powers.  The Marshall Plan to fund countries toward recovery won and today in spite of the nonsense surrounding America First and Make America Great Again, Marshall Plans are being discussed for new regions of the world including Central America.

 American rejection of aid to nations was part of the Trump mosaic and now it may become a reality as his supporters change course for him.   Things that are bad for America become okay when Trump dictates it so that elections can be won.  There also seems to be a plan to bring farm workers to Arizona from El Salvador at hourly wages in excess of $20 an hour with additional benefits which is something that might lead to a $20 minimum wage for Americans and extra benefits when we apply that information being shared should be discussed across the United States.  People should be paid better so they can live better in the US.  There is no problem with new initiatives that help people, but at the highest level of government in El Salvador and other countries in Central America the leaders should recognize that a small deal (whether “sweetheart” or not) by a man who has inflicted so much harm and danger by his words and actions is typical of what Jews were going through under Adolph Hitler before Krystallnacht and even after Krystallnacht as people were often incapable of assessing the entire situation, even as Jews were killed and committing suicide in great numbers.  This has to be an important learning experience for Nayib Bukele and the other presidents and they also have to recognize that they have started to diminish the presidency in their own countries.  Working with a president who believes in justice for others does not present the same problem at all.

Women were not able to get their movement made part of the world peace as the men in power felt that this important issue was a “national” issue.  Women soon won additional rights in America, but women played a major role in getting Trump into office.  When I say women, keep in mind that Black women were not onboard with Trump and 98 percent of Black women voted for Doug Jones over Roy Moore in Alabama.  Women also sold their souls to the devil in 2016 as they looked for the party label (reminding me of the old ad for look for the union label that we used to watch on television).  Women for Trump’s Groping of Women won the day.  Women for Trump’s lies won the day.  Women for Trump’s Declare Victory when there is no victory. His bankruptcies were declared victories. 

Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard Law professor and others know that Trump has pretty much seized dictatorial power as the American Constitution is of little or no help at this moment.  And with the Justice Department giving Trump that green light because it maintains that a sitting president cannot be indicted, that is where we are at and that is where we are going to stay.  His “high crimes” will only lead US to November of 2020, Election Day.  But we should be proud of those men and women who seek his impeachment, never knowing what exactly is on the minds of those men and women who will not vote against Trump.  I conclude that there is corruption of the mind.  And even at this time as Trump should not be able to raise money for reelection, the coffers are being filled with gold.  That is almost criminal.  But Americans have the freedom to do what they want with their money.  Now I can tell you this.  I have the answer to that and it is not about money.  It’s about joining the fight and volunteering to DDT or Defeat Donald Trump.  DDT is the disinfectant that will kill his germs, those Germanic germs.  Here is a taste of that food with the germs taken from Nazi Germany and provided by Professor Alan Singer.  It is not exactly what is taking place, but we do not want to even approach being more similar.  “One of the things most disturbing in the Topography of Terror exhibits was the distortion of language in anti-Semitic and politically repressive “laws” and Nazi propaganda. Attacks on German Jews were justified as “Abwehraktion” (defensive actions). Dissidents who questioned the regime were branded as “asoziale” (anti-social) or “staatsfeinde” (enemies of the state), which were grounds for imprisonment in a concentration camp. “Vorbeugungshaft” (protective custody) was not used to protect individuals, but to protect the government from people who criticized the Nazi state apparatus, policies, or ideology. There was a campaign to rid the nation of “Unnütze essen” (useless eaters).”  The part about protecting the government from the people is alien to our foundations, but an integral part of the Trump years.

I spotted things that journalists have not even touched about Trump in his campaign and it has played out from beginning to this point.  Trump has gotten the Department of Justice to breath fire into people the way that the military did in the famous Dreyfus Affair.  The key component of the Affair and today is that you make something up about someone or in other words there is no evidence but you proceed anyway.  Whether it is Alfred Dreyfus, Hunter Biden, or you or me, it’s the same thing.  It was there under Hitler or one nation under Hitler with no liberty and justice for all and it is there today.  The resignations and suicides under the Dreyfus Affair took place, but the Trump Administration has become emboldened by the American system where there is some honor which is the result of the numerous leaks that have taken place seem James Comey.  In the Dreyfus Affair there was one leak of information that tore France apart. 

We are not exactly heading toward a Civil War, because we are in a Civil War.  This is the result of Trump and the Electoral College, along with his continued support no matter how terrible he is.  Trump just held up the map of the United States in bright red to show the landslide that he had, which was not exactly repeated in 2018.  There have been Republican victories as Trump did not run and it is possible that Trump will be the candidate again in 2020, but Hillary is not running right now and probably will not be the candidate then.  Her strategy failed, even as she won 3 million more votes than Trump.  The massacres that have taken place under Trump and his pledge of allegiance to the people could have resulted in the breakdown of whatever law and order that we have.  The guns are there and the people to use those guns are there.  I recently wrote about how some of Hitler’s supporters who were drunk led to the burning of over 200 synagogues and tremendous loss of life without a civil war taking place.  But if and when things start again and the combination of the killing of innocent people and revenge take place, we will be in a civil war just as we were in 1861,that the Spanish were in the 1930s, that El Salvador was in, and other nations have experienced throughout the world.  The Republicans can ask for all the money that they receive, but they should also be asking for the resignations of Trump, Pence, Barr, and others who never belonged in power.

Senator Grassley the Republican from Iowa and Congressman Rose of New York have come out in favor of an impeachment inquiry and I hope that they share this article with their colleagues.  I recognize that Repugnicans will not listen.  Before John Mc Cain passed, I was urging that Democrats reach out to Republicans as Trump turned our nation in the wrong direction.  Trump hotels room that are paid for by foreign powers go unused shows US that the Trump Corporation is in power.  All of Trump’s shortcomings over the years are now part of the landscape of America and the world.  He has not changed and he always acts like your worst enemy in court who should lose for doing something wrong that he wants the judge to overlook and to rule in his favor.  His citizenship has to be recognized for what it is, even though he talks a great game of supporting our nation’s police and military.  Trump is really patriotic to Trump.  Trump’s call to the Ukrainian president and his civil war Made in America are perfect.  He keeps talking about a conflict or civil war without evening realizing that he has divided the nation more and created policies that have led US to where we are.  I expect more leaks about Trump before the end of this year.  And I hope that the government returns to normalcy in 2020 with a new administration.  Trump’s Civil War is perfect as is everything that he does!

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