The Breakfast Club Radio Show and Joe Biden

Joe Biden has apologized for his comments, but Trump has not (never apologized for anything). Biden spoke about this pandemic as he spoke about how late Trump acted.

Sean Combs and Charlamagne Tha God both feel that the Democratic Party takes the Black vote for granted. Obama said that he is not the president of the Black people. He is president of all Americans. Let US not forget that.

I want my readers to know that I had an idea for a show and I wanted to do that show with the father of Sean Bell. Sean Bell’s mother could participate as well, but she has never been with us as we drove to events in New York. William Bell and I have not gotten together during the Corona Virus, but we drove to City Island together in December to join the executive staff of the United Bodegas of America and we had a great time.

I watched the very brief You Tube where Sean Combs just made that statement and I was not surprised by it. I was hoping to find some supporting details from Diddy to back up his statements, things like great solutions from a man with great experience in life. And my research of the last few days included finding information about those “great” Opportunity Zones that we are being informed that the rich are taking great advantage of. Tax breaks related to capital gains are part of that program and even Jared Kushner’s name is up there taking advantage of it. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina set those programs into motion, but it passed the Congress with bipartisan support. Charlamagne da Great must learn that we need great supporting details. Kanye West mentioned those Opportunity Zones in a visit to his great friend The Donald and then we learned that those zones did not happen.

I know that 98 percent of Black women voted for Doug Jones over Roy Moore in the Alabama U.S. Senate election and that was significant. It’s highly possible that most of those women knew why they were voting Democrat over Republicans in a state that was always Red. Charlamagne concluded the show by indicating that he wanted to talk about the things that Black people need but he could have cited at least one for US to hear. And Charlamagne seems like Diddy open to supporting Republicans if they will provide much more to Black people.

My research also took me to the article about Biden’s problematic presentation where he appeared to relax, become less formal, and spoke about all Black people supporting him (otherwise the others are not Black). We Jews noticed the same sort of thing about The Donald as he called US Jews who will vote Democrat disloyal and he called the party anti-Semitic. Yes Blacks and Jews are divided so welcome to Black and Jewish Divided Breakfast Club. Is Sean Combs okay with Stephen Miller directing immigration policy after his long line of racist comments working under Jeff Beauregard Sessions? Did Combs express his humanity anywhere about the Jewish trope brought up by Trump or by any progressives in the Democratic Party? These are things we have to know since the Republican support includes very fascist elements.

There has been change for Black America and much of it has been good change, but more has to be done. The article that I found was by Mother Jones, the well-known website. There was lots of information there and some of it was basically useless. A quick illustration is that crime may have gone down way back because our population was getting older. Yes young people commit much or most of the crime. The sources cited by Mother Jones could have provided a comparison of young people and crime data over a ten-year period to see what the change was. I noticed the importance of the year 1993 and it rang my bell which was something that I had not thought about while watching Charlamagne and Biden. The clock is ticking and not enough help has been given to adults.

What happened in 1993 has had a lot to do with the “Pipeline to Prison” and it’s about other things as well. That was almost thirty years ago. New York State made the G.E.D. test free and the sad truth is that there have been losses and losses and losses totally hundreds of thousands at a time when resumes asked for High School Diploma or High School Equivalency. The average person watches sports and hears the Knicks dominated the boards in the first half or the New England Patriots have dominated the game in the last three quarters and the score is 41-20 with two minutes to go. Black people know about White Supremacy and often confuse it with White Domination which is often related to educational achievement and those degrees or diplomas on the resumé. This information is for the Breakfast Club to digest with its listeners.

I would be remiss in not mentioning that since 2002, there have been great losses nationally as young people dropped out of school and other adults did not take and pass the exam in greater numbers. The hope and progress made for a few years before 2002 did not continue throughout the next 17 years. I played a role in helping Florida and New York between 2001-2007 by intervening at the state level in two totally different matters.

In addition to that I was told that two-thirds of youth going to prison (and that could be federal prison) are “special ed” students. Thinking about that for a while as The Breakfast Club stresses the huge population of Black people that are dying in this pandemic and racial disproportion.

Did I say disproportion? New York State, Alabama, Mississippi, and Connecticut rank at the bottom for the delivery of high school equivalency diplomas in the nation to African Americans and the gap is significant across our nation (NY has a 25 percent gap). And now we get the best part for The Breakfast Club. Here is its G.E.D. question which can be answered by a Donald Trump hunch.

What percentage of the American population earns a G.E.D. each year (40 million in need and about 1.5 million in NYC)?

1 percent

2 percent

20 percent

50 percent

75 percent

The hosts of The Breakfast Club should ask that question on the air and answer it. I was going to provide the answer, but I can wait to do that.

There are options to education in a political economic system, things like greatly increased respect and income that help a lot. But given the system that we have and hearing about requests for change from Charlamagne and Diddy, what are the specific requests that they have in mind. And which Black people do they have in mind? The ones who think and act White as some or many African Americans mention. What are their ideas to help the poor as our nation has normally talked mostly about helping the middle class? I just got involved in a major outreach to help the “special ed” students in New York City, the children of the incarcerated (about 100,000 students), and the incarcerated. I am awaiting news from an office of the City Council of New York so that I can proceed. These are things that are part of my Breakfast Club each day.

On Wall Street, Main Street, and even Sesame Street we know that Trump and Republican intelligence were lacking and what was called a flu has cost us around 100,000 deaths (34,200 flu deaths in a year in 2018-2019 and this information came from The Daily Caller Foundation which obtained the information from the CDC…please note The Daily Caller was founded by Tucker Carlson of Fox Entertainment) 45 million unemployed and $2 trillion to date. Memorial Day just passed and we know that veterans are dying in huge numbers, our nation’s soldiers have died, police and firemen, and lots of First Responders including people entrusted with our nation’s meat and food products have died which is what I have called Death By Trump. Trump should have played golf yesterday, but as a private citizen. He was never fit for duty as commander-in-chief or a world leader. And those numbers of COVID-19 was under a huge about of “social distancing” and other forms of prevention that never were applied during 2018 for the flu.

I am sharing with my readers at breakfast time this information, but please leave my corn muffin alone. In No Greater Ally: The Untold Story of Poland’s Forces in World War II by Kenneth K. Koskodan (published in 2009), there is information about Poland before the Final Solution. Hitler’s racism extended to Poles who were considered an inferior race and had to destroyed. Germany needed money and labor badly so they confiscated wealth and made Poles work in slave camps. Auschwitz started that way, but this true story comes from Essen in Germany where men were needed to work in coal mines to provide energy for the Nazi war machine. The Breakfast Club should take note of the word essen which means food. The workers in Essen were given hardly any food and people were dying there (50-100 per day). Antoni Szmenckowicz was only 17 but he told about the conditions that he faced. “I figured that fat people would last longer, but I was wrong; fat people die first.” Our obese population today has been and is dying first. Dr. Anthony Fauci would call that “anecdotal” evidence, but with a great ring of truth as our nation’s obese are at risk.

With that said, I can turn for my request. There is news from Asia (Hong Kong, etc.) that children at school are being protected during lunch by sitting at a station that has protective partitions which I urge at churches as people attend church. Those who attended church against the orders of the state governors and the White House guidelines put their entire family at risk, even as some walked away saying that they had Christ’s protection. Death By Trump was taking place as he defied the gravity of his own declarations, passing science by in the process and his patriotic duty to enforce the concept that soldiers care about the dead and wounded and will do anything including risking their lives for those men and women. I want the houses of worship of our land to open their minds and hearts to protect the people more who are soldiers of the Lord.

As I notice the words keeping distance in pews and that distance may not be safe enough, I am pleased. Individuals have created masks and other equipment that have helped and each person can create an inexpensive protection as an additional layer of protection to place over clothing. This would be the music to my ears that houses of worships can promote to save lives. We must not have Death By Trump in our houses of worship anymore.  It’s about time to go out for some bagels to share with the Mrs as our breakfast club will start shortly.

Trump’s Destruction

Seven million New Yorkers coming out for Trump today in a ticker tape parade? He gave US Mexico is not sending US its best people and Russia Against Hillary and Ukraine against the Bidens and now he has attacked people in Virginia (and all over our nation) with his 2nd Amendment comment about protecting potatoes. One would think he might add that we should either inject the potatoes with disinfectant or his malaria cure to fight the pandemic, but now he has attacked the American people with his comments. He cares more about property rights than human lives. Trump’s comments are a violation of the protections of all that we expect as the Constitution is upheld to protect everyone.

We hear about 50,000 people, some traveling the Trump circuit, to support him. And I am sure that he could get lots of people for the Trump Ticker Tape Parade. He did want a parade previously.

New York is the city where Donald Trump became famous and he needs New York’s support right now to continue on his path to deification.

Of course I would urge a minimum of 6 feet apart so that more people will not end up 6 feet under. Amid these remarks, I know that Andrew Cuomo is under fire for a lot of the deaths attributed to COVID-19, often by politicians who were watching the deaths, particularly in nursing homes, and who did not step forward to find out why sooner. But this article is not about that.

Seven million New Yorkers came out to honor and support Douglas MacArthur before his testimony in Washington, D.C. Republicans gave him the best seat in the house to defend himself, his record, and his ideas in the other house of American government, the United States Senate, The fix was in for MacArthur to destroy Truman and the Democrats. Truman had just fired the general and MacArthur went to Washington, D.C. all the way from his Mar-A-Lago in Tokyo called Dai-Ichi.

What brought on MacArthur’s firing was information obtained about how he revealed to fascist countries in Europe that he felt he could enlarge the war in Korea to include Communist China. The dictators in Spain and Portugal (Franco and Salazar) were admired greatly by MacArthur’s right-hand man Charles Willoughby. Truman referred to this matter as “treachery” which today is called “fake news.” Of course it was fake news back then among Republicans as well. MacArthur went before our nation behind closed doors, voted for by the Democratic majority in the Senate. Republicans wanted the public to watch but that didn’t happen. Even reporters were not allowed in.

What happened behind closed doors was that the myth of MacArthur was destroyed just as the myth of Donald Trump is catching on today. MacArthur was fighting, so it appeared, to destroy the Communists and the Containment policy that was being used by the Truman Administration. He went north to knock out the North Koreans and to take control over the land. Instead he got knocked out but he placed the blame on others including Truman. He praised the Nationalist Chinese Army among other things for its professionalism and its combat readiness.

Americans really had not caught on to what containment was. They were used to victories in Europe and Japan, although they were tired of war and wanted to get away from it and the taxation that came with it. And the deaths were mounting in Korea.

The “fake news” being touted at that time were MacArthur was not very competent, he was not a patriot, and he was no military genius at all. Much of this parallels what we see among probably millions of articles about the Trump Administration today, from the inauguration to the COVID-19 cure.

This article is being interrupted to make an announcement. Trump has been telling US that the people were not to blame for their unemployment and I countered with the fact, based on history, that by not supporting Americans through this crisis it could lead to the destruction of the United States. Trump touched up two things just now, potatoes and guns. The Irish famine comes to mind, disease, death, huge immigration, and the English plantation which kept the Irish down. Now we have a leader commenting that farmers had better keep their guns during this pandemic. To shoot potatoes? This is the American plantation that is refusing to support Americans through the pandemic (history tells us that it was US who sent Europe the infected potato tubers in the first place). Instead of talking about potato farmers calling the police, Trump has suggested that people defend their property themselves, especially with no threat to life included in his statement. I hope that law enforcement everywhere joins US in doing what is right for all our people. And for now Trump will not extend unemployment benefits.

There are guns everywhere in this land. There were guns carried openly in Lansing, Michigan and other places recently and guns could even end up on Pennsylvania Avenue soon. Trump should have stuck to just golf. What a putz! He should lose the trust of all Americans right now. Franco-Trump-Salazar is on my mind. While Pompeo talks about using the COVID-19 Crisis for repression worldwide, Trump is whipping up the base that favors White Supremacy and is stepping up its ani-Semitic attacks as well.

And MacArthur’s lies caught up with him along with his poor performance in Korea. He told everyone how the military commanders agreed with him and that fell apart as the top brass and the Pentagon were brought forward to testify. They revealed his poor performance in Korea including the most vital things that he got wrong which included his belief that China would not enter the war. The portrayal of the Chinese Nationalist military as being largely incompetent was revealed, men who were losing weapons that the Americans had provided and their changing sides in mid-battle to the Communists. And the general got his view about the professionalism of the Chinese forces in a “brief ceremonial visit to Taiwan in 1950.” A nation that was going to anoint MacArthur learned the truth and probably prevented his second run for President of the United States. He was no longer trusted as he was exposed. Trump has been exposed but has been protected by the Senate of the United States which Republicans control and by nothing more than the agreement of the Justice Department which possibly never considered that a person like Trump could be elected.

MacArthur finally admitted that he was wrong about China entering the Korean War. Isn’t it time to admit that Trump was just plain old wrong? When questioned about Russia, the general said that theater of operation was not his expertise and he was again greatly diminished by this answer. Trump has been diminished by his Tweeting war which has limited his effectiveness and caused his credibility to suffer. His propensity to lie must be taken under consideration as we recognize that MacArthur was finally caught in lies and taking credit for things that he had not accomplished. MacArthur had his own Twitter account long before there was Twitter, orchestrating things for the press and this was massive. The Republicans, seeing their dream for conquering Truman and the Democrats fall apart, wanted to throw in the towel against the Democrats in that hearing.

China won’t enter the war in Korea today is Corona Virus is just a flu. We cannot wait for twenty years or more for the entire truth to come out and Trump’s handing of this situation was not behind closed doors. His layers of protection should be over and they probably will continue. His constant reference to banning China will continue on and on and on by Republicans all over the country and it seems that the Republicans have no alternative as they did when we got “I Like Ike” instead of America First and three years of “Make America Great Again.”

The Republicans are no more than “neo-patriots” who may never understand greatness. I admire the doctor who just spoke out and said that a patriotic flight over his city to honor the first responders cost $450,000 and that money should have been used for the equipment needed badly by all of our first responders. I saw the “Blue Angels” fly over Central Islip and that is the end of my comment and I understand the psychological factors that are needed in this fight.

And Trump’s “cure” is now going through important scientific evaluation to determine what does work if it does work and it is being clinically tested for 90 days (not 10) and there is one additional testing component (chloroquine) besides a placebo. This is important because we want our people to have the benefit of a medication as long as we can eliminate such a high risk of death from Trump’s cure. Surely if the risk of death is eliminated or greatly reduced, the F.D.A. and similar agencies worldwide will approve that medication.  With new evidence provided of 90,000 people treated with it tells us that there were huge risks in taking the cure due to death and arrythmias.

Just before publishing this article I added this quote from The Guardian (May 22, 2020) “The death rate among all groups taking the drugs was higher than among people who were not given them. One in six of those taking one of the drugs died, while one in five died if they were taking chloroquine with an antibiotic, and one in four if they were on hydroxychloroquine and an antibiotic. The death rate among patients not taking the drugs was one in 11.”

I also watched the recent White House Press Conference devoted to First Amendment rights and the opening of our houses of prayer. As quickly as the press secretary brushed off attempts to nail the White House down on the details and the press secretary overstepped her bounds by portraying the group as one that did not want to see those houses open, a journalist roared back citing his desire to go to church but under guidelines that are safe. There was no apology from the press secretary because that was not in the script. We know the social distancing guidelines, but we also know that businesses across the country have taken exceptional measures to prevent exposure in the workplace. An example is that employees now have protected workstations or cubicles to prevent the transmission of airborne particles. There was no mention that each person attending a house of prayer will have his or her own pew or area in which to pray to prevent those holy particles from being transmitted in churches, synagogues, and mosques. We have to find out now if there will be New Testament, Old Testament, and Koran deaths attributed to Trump’s guidelines or Death by Trump. Each worshipper surely could use his or her own creativity in creating a shield of protection to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. And I must say that there is no Hora for Death by Torah if we follow incomplete guidelines from the federal government.

When God sent a plague to Egypt, the protections were perfect, but here in America people have been misled by Trumpism and its own form of perfection, which is often failure. I happen to think that if Trump had replaced Moses and the rod cast by Aaron that turned into a snake had been bitten by pharaoh’s snake as the two snakes fought that Trump would have ordered Aaron to disinfect his snake with Clorox. Trump does believe in An Eye For An Eye you know and therefore must be a Hammurabian Christian.

In 1953 Stalin, Truman, and MacArthur were gone for various reasons. Eisenhower, instead of easily taking back China, divided the Republican Party and brought about the lasting truce (containment) that has existed all these years. So it was not just Democrats who wanted containment. Voters today have to know their history and see the truth for what it is. And today we learn from The Donald that China is trying to get Biden elected. And Trump approved arm sales to Taiwan. Here we go again with the Chinese and possible escalation and lies about China.

Fauxi and Fauci.

Faux is a French word that means false such as faux pearls, diamonds, or fake Repugnicans.

There surely is prima Facie evidence to place the name Trump on the Virus because of emails that show that he did not take action early enough. Here on Long Island his supporters will point to his banning of China (40,000 people came in anyway), but people came in the other door from Europe into New York and that has brought US to where we are. Along with the naming of Trump Virus, my recommendation to Long Island is to remove the name of General MacArthur from our lone airport in Suffolk County. The General MacArthur Terminal was completed in 1966.

I had no complaint whatsoever (I live about five minutes away) until I started to read about the War in the Pacific and the Korean War.  The title about Korea is The Coldest Winter and now our thoughts have to be on the opening of the economy and the terrible winter that is being predicted as the virus is expected to accelerate again. Donald Trump’s mistake has ushered in the equivalent of the real estate bubble burst which we recall resulted in empty parking lots and immense unemployment around a decade ago. And that has been made much worse by the health threat which was not present in 2008.

I have repeatedly provided information in The Force 2020 DDT about MacArthur that people can read about and make up their minds about what to do. MacArthur had racists and anti-Semites around him, even after the military was desegregated under Harry Truman. I just got done reading about how a right-hand man of MacArthur blamed desegregation for the loss of important battles when Trump, I mean MacArthur was the problem along with his staff. The mention of Trump was a Freudian slip. MacArthur and his bitter men spoke of the Chinese as laundrymen, unfit to challenge Americans (racially).

Those emails that have been revealed this year did not take place under Obama or even in the Hillary Clinton Campaign (which I did not support). They were about Trump being Trump.

I lived on the F.D.R. Drive in Manhattan for ten years and I have no objection to renaming it based on my reading of history. When Hitler was just short of terminating the lives of millions of Jews and others, the best that the Roosevelt White House could do was an Eleanor Roosevelt fund raising event to send milk to the children overseas as Americans were in America First mode (and now we have the second wave of America First under Fauxi).  Roosevelt got into bed with Joe Stalin and did not care about Poland and other countries at that time, leaving a great mess that led to the Cold War (which was more than a winter war since it lasted all year long and lasted more than forty long years). The Republicans helped by allowing it to last and last and last, finally taking a bow under Reagan for the demolition of a Soviet Union that was well on its way toward destruction (as I took notice in my first visit to Poland before the collapse).

Here is information on the Setauket Patriots that held a protest rally to reopen the economy. The leadership of the group apologized to Long Island reporter Ken Vesey as a small group among them broke away from the others to protest about the “fake news” media. I searched the FACEBOOK of its spokesperson as well and on its own FACEBOOK for information. This was a Trump group as you will see son. Mistakes have been made as the world is learning about this pandemic. In Wisconsin a bar was opened and the sister of the owner, a nurse, went to help out in a situation where the customers did not wear masks. Some members of that small group observed on Long Island did not wear masks as they protested against Long Island News 12 as well. But that nurse in Wisconsin, realizing her actions kind of late, said that she was going into quarantine for 14 days because she understands that she can get the virus and spread it. The Setauket Patriots who are probably either neo-Patriots or quasi-Patriots who support Fauxi or Fake Trump have to do much more to earn the respect of the community. Its apology to reporter Ken Vesey is not enough.

Setauket Patriots taken from its FACEBOOK page.

A Local Conservative Group that Supports Donald J. Trump meets Weekly N/E Corner of Rt. 25A and North Country Rd.

Even back in the 1930s there were Republicans in California who plotted with the K.K.K., Fascists, the National Rifle Association, and others to bring down Jews and other minorities. In the 1960s there were Republicans in Congress who voted the way racist Democrats voted in the South against the Civil Rights Acts.

And the handling of the pandemic has resulted in death, death, death. Yes people have died who should not have died in nursing homes, but police have died and the total picture started with mistakes made in the White House as I indicated earlier and will continue to indicate. I would suggest that the Setauket Patriots rent out a huge space, invite all points of view to make comments where evidence can be heard, and have real community participation instead of partisanship.

Trump’s signature is on the legislation that resulted in trillions of dollars of debt just as Obama’s signature was on the stimulus resulting from the burst bubble. Trump tells US that the people who receive the checks were not to blame for what happened. That decision was about keeping him afloat and preventing the collapse of the United States away from his door. And this crisis is not going away!

And I share with my readers that the incompetence continued among the men in command of our forces in Korea after Matthew Ridgway replaced MacArthur. There were promises made by Ridgway that could not be fulfilled or could not be fulfilled easily resulting in large amounts of deaths. We turn to Lieutenant Colonel Treacy who before going out to battle was seen at night by his men before going off to battle the next day. The officers thought that Treacy was reciting Hail Marys, but that was not it. Treacy recited the names of all his men who had died in battle, men that he felt responsible for. And he asked for God’s forgiveness!

Treacy’s battalion four days earlier had 900 men and were now down to 292 and he was being given suicidal orders. He was also ordered to put his men on top of tanks that amounted to making them “sitting ducks” as the Chinese were expected to be on hills  with mortars and rifles on both sides of the tanks, might be in danger of having their clothes ignited by fires on the tanks (very common attribute of the Patton tanks), and getting knocked off the tanks by the tanks’ guns turning. Trucks could have been employed to move the troops but that was refused.  As a result Treacy and others were going to refuse orders. This was worse than sending teams of men and women into emergency rooms without the equipment they needed during the pandemic. And Treacy was ordered not to ride on a tank with his men. He quickly left his vehicle to join his men on a tank.

Treacy after the battle helped bandage one of his men and carried him for miles. Treacy was captured by the Chinese and died about three months later. His death came about by his giving much of his food to other men so they could survive. He was nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor, but the man giving all those bad orders “killed it.” That kind of behavior was consistent in the history of the Korean War and we see much of the same kind of behavior in the Trump Administration and its supporters.

It’s okay to blame and protest when everything is fair and accurate. Trump and his team are blaming everyone and every institution that they can right now, but Trump and his supporters are on the wrong side of patriotism. Trump says “We are all warriors together.” His comprehension is limited to fighting his own war and not the war that is needed right now to protect and save the lives of all of our people.

Times Man of the Year

Trump wins hands down. It has been reported that North Korea now has the capability (nuclear) to wipe out parts of the West Coast of the United States and we have learned that the Trump White House has done a “spectacular” job of handling the Corona Virus and remember that he went from designating it as a “flu” to having it under control, to containing it and it now approaches not 0 deaths, not 15 deaths, but 100,000. With American Independence Day quickly approaching, Trump’s spectacular job surely is not fireworks that we can all enjoy under normal conditions. His effort resembles those fireworks that have backfired in the hands of Americans all over the country contributing to huge amounts of emergency room visits, deaths, and suffering.

Today we have learned that the White House is going to require face masks in the West Wing and I have noticed the face masks being worn in press conferences. Various members of the CDC and the White House have been infected. Could it be that Death by Trump may be taking place soon? This comes after two months of non-compliance. And Trump and his merry men have been tested everyday and we have not been tested?

Our nation went from MacArthurism right into McCarthyism and by crooked design. And today Trump is credited with 90 percent of the deaths and if the virus could have been contained it is probable that more people have lost their jobs during the last months because of his mistakes. In other words a “cheerleading” Trump with expert advice or intelligence in hand that told him to tell the people of the United States that the Corona Virus was no different from a flu caused much of our unemployment problem by not fighting the war effectively. Intelligence Matters!

Intelligence matters, but not to everyone in politics. About 70 years ago Time was controlled by Henry Luce and he was preparing to name the Trump of his age as Time’s Man of the Year in 1951 and that was Douglas MacArthur. China was on the minds of hawks and China First Lobby people felt that New York City back then was the epicenter of a virus of its Time.  Henry Luce expected a war between the Chinese Communists and the United States and his staff in New York City were worried about the Chinese dropping an atomic bomb on New York on Union Square which was considered the bomb’s “epicenter” and being only two miles away uptown was considered safe as that company sought shelter further uptown near Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Luce did not follow through on naming MacArthur The Time Man of the Year as he was talked out of it.

Seventy years later, we notice that there has never been an all-out war to evict the Communists from China and they still have strength today. They even have good relationships with some of our allies under Trump.

Now we can find out what MacArthur was doing after the disastrous battle that he commanded from Tokyo. Things pretty much started with the officer who knew that he was going to be scapegoated for the loss of the battle. Keiser was sent a message that he was ordered to report to a hospital because he was ill with pneumonia. Keiser presented himself to the Eighth Army chief of staff who was shocked to see Keiser because he believed that Keiser should be in the hospital recovering.  Keiser was informed at that point not to worry too much because he was going to be given a good assignment even as his reputation was being downgraded.  Almost the entire military leadership was discredited so that MacArthur could appear the victor.

MacArthur, who was invincible, was defeated by “peasants.” His victory was going to be a victory for Christ fearing people and that failed, but he was regrouping fast as he talked about widening the war, using the atomic bomb, or abandoning Korea altogether (Declare Victory and Leave long before Trump).

MacArthur now talked up a storm of being the victim, blaming Washington, D.C. He must have willed something to Trump.

The Tenth Corps which was fighting for its life was described by MacArthur as fighting and doing heroic things, which was considered “madness” by General Ridgeway.

People who knew MacArthur observed that important facts were being withheld by MacArthur.

MacArthur went from keeping low troop numbers for use in combat expecting a Christmas victory and gift to the United States to talking about how he would have to take his troops away from Japan unless he got huge reinforcements. He went from talk of a flu to a pandemic. The larger war would give him redemption for his failure.

Press conferences held by his own staff would not declare any defeat and maintained that their intelligence about China had been right all along. That staff knew, it said, that immense amounts of troops from China were out there, but there was no answer when the press asked why they went into battle when our men were outnumbered 3 to 1. They knew everything and they were never wrong. Madness.

Washington got blamed for not supporting MacArthur and news media “friendly” to MacArthur carried that burden. Truman was angry about all this.

At home the divisions sharpened, putting more pressure on Truman and the Democrats. There would be no MacArthur Time’s Man of the Year and perhaps there will be no Trump Time’s Man of the Year in 2020. This time it could be The Washington Times’ Man of the Year (referring to the title of this article and not to the prestigious magazine). I would prefer The Washington Post No Bail for Trump. And today New York is the epicenter of the Corona Virus and it is not getting enough help from Washington. And today Donald Trump finds himself in a war that nobody wanted (even though he and his hawks tout that there are people that want this pandemic to continue so that he will fail). Will he fail? He has already failed and his power should be split up right now and forever.

Matt Ridgway arrived in Korea on December 26, 1950 to take over command of the Eighth Army (a day after Christmas). He started to do things his way. MacArthur, the “Supreme” one was losing power. MacArthur had been dreaming of the continuation of his power leading to the greatest recognition that could ever be achieved but during a war that nobody really wanted except for some hawks.  MacArthur was fired in April 1951 and did not make Times’ Man of the Year. This was Truman speaking on April 11, 1951 “To make sure that the precious lives of our fighting men are not wasted; to see that the security of our country and the free world is not needlessly jeopardized; and to prevent a third world war.” 

The time has come to fire Donald Trump. Republicans have been in power for 35 years of the 67 years since Dwight Eisenhower took office. That is about half of the time and I have never seen the Chinese Communists launch a nuclear attack on American soil or anywhere else for that matter (I used to take the bus to 14th Street and Union Square to shop in S. Klein’s which was the epicenter of the epicenter mentioned earlier). It clearly was not a case of Republican strength or Democratic weakness or vice versa that prevented the attack that was anticipated by key Republicans in the 1950s. That moment was about powerful people who found a way to manipulate the system which seems to have lasted for an eternity and seems to be getting worse with the protests over the closing of state economies. Trumpism is dividing US more in the effort to save lives. My last article dealt with that.  America deserves much better than that. It deserved better in 1950 also.

South Korea is warning about a second wave of the Corona Virus. Whether it’s a meat plant out west or the White House in our nation’s capital, we have to do much more. Trump has already talked out of both sides of his mouth since Friday. MacArthur, too, talked out of both sides of his mouth, drop the A-bomb or get the hell out of there (Korea). And Trump was talking about a tremendous package of financial relief for our people which leaders in the Republican Party do not want after printing more than $2 trillion of debt that will be paid by the people.

Kevin Hassett, the White House economic advisor, just admitted that it is “scary” working in the Trump White House now that two (or more) staff members have tested positive for the Corona Virus. It made me think of a political spin being a combination of April Fools Day (lies) and Halloween (scare tactics). With that said and with all the negativity written about MacArthur and Trump in my articles, Truman, who was a businessman and new to so much of being at the highest level of American and world government, was weak. The Republican spin was the Democrats lost China and pretty soon it was the Democrats lost Vietnam as Richard Nixon had no plan to win. Trump has won nothing but four years and he would probably declare war right now due to the attack on a rowboat by China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, or the Palestinians. And his recent printing of the money is certainly going to be paid back by the people who were hardest hit by devastation of our economy.

Trump says those people who are getting the help were not to blame, but as early as 1917 leaders knew the real threat in their countries was communism fueled by terrible economic conditions. Now we have terrible economic conditions and our biggest threat is Trump and people around him. When the New Year entered in 2020 with no COVID-19 to speak about, no deaths reported in the United States, things appeared to be okay. There is now an economic and moral collapse that is the continuation of Trumpism which has been full of lies from the beginning of January 2017.

I started a Grope-A-Dope FACEBOOK page just a month before that, a catchy phrase that sounds like Rope-A-Dope reminding US of Muhammad Ali but featuring Smokin’ Joe Frazier and his son Marvis with me in their gym. Joe was looking out for me as I left the gym and Trump really has not looked out for the American people well as his own interests and the interests of his friends have been paramount. The American Dream never dies and it will not die even among those people who have lost loved ones due to Trump’s slow reactions during this pandemic. That dream will not die even though our nation quickly has become like much of Venezuela under Trump, something that Repugnicans were forecasting for America under a Democrat in 2021 and probably will continue to spin since there is no communist threat.

The Des Moines Register showed how fast and how devastating the American Dream has been slowed down by the sale of lottery tickets from March 2019 (the highest jackpot was $768 million) to March 2020 ($170 million). The American Dream will bounce back. It always does.  The dream is largely a myth that is fueled by its successes and by that constant reminder in print, in song (Only in America, Land of Opportunity), and in the media in general. America right now is in a Venezuela State of Mind (Americans seem to know it but are probably saying to themselves) as New York is suffering.

Joe Biden can weather the accusations of sexual harassment. Trump weathered Stormy Weather and much more and even as I publish this article Trump is in the courts of law fighting charges.

Matthew Ridgway took charge during the Korean War and that helped. He did much of it by the proper use of intelligence, including restoring the CIA which MacArthur threw in the garbage. Ridgway, to his credit, reshaped the military, knocking out racist attitudes against the Koreans and Chinese, focused on supplying the men better than MacArthur had done, making sure that the spreading out of our fighting forces would not take place again as it had under MacArthur and his Dai Ichi (the White House in Tokyo) leadership, and by removing lots of commanders that had long lost their value in battle.

A very interesting part of the history of the Korean War is the Chinese use of musical instruments such as bugles and flutes. The shrieking sounds did cause fear among our soldiers. In the summary of the changes made by Mathew Ridgway another sentence or so made this aspect of battle much clearer to me. Now you can read it and see just how feudal China was at a time when it fought against the richest nation in the world. “The bugles and flutes announcing their attacks could be terrifying in the middle of the night, but the truth was that, with only musical instruments, they could not react quickly to sudden changes on the battlefield. If they had a breakthrough, they often lacked the capacity to exploit it immediately.” The Chinese had no modern communication system that could compete with the United States so they used musical notes. Ridgway shifted the focus from conquering land in North Korea to contributing to great losses of life among the Chinese military.

Maybe we should all play bugles and flutes at night to scare off the evil that awaits US with four more years of false achievements and lies. The Corona Virus is a new virus and we cannot compare Trump’s record even to Woodrow Wilson’s record at the time of the Spanish Flu. The times have changed and there will be no Time’s Man of the Year Award for Trump nor El Hombre del Año en  El Tiempo Latino. Trump is MacArthur like as he has ignored the basics of his duty to our nation and he has to pay the price. From Main Street to the Oval Office, he has been responsible for the spread of the Corona Virus and his latest outburst against China yesterday was weak and infantile. He should have thought about using a flute or a bugle to ward off what is going to happen to him as he meets his destiny. Termination by the American people!

Looking at the latest support for opening the economy there is a shift taking place in favor of real patriotism and not economic patriotism. Trump’s supporters have kept up his rating in handling the Corona Virus (whatever that means), but now that 75 percent favor not opening up the states in order to save lives shows me that there is pride in numbers that could be significant in November and there are indicators of trouble in Trump territory right now as infections spike. That has to worry the Republican strategists, but the Repugnicans will not worry a bit. They just go along with the worst of Trump on just about every occasion. They have not shaken off the MacArthurism of 70 years.

Neo-Patriotism: Trump’s Open Nation

Neo-patriot or quasi patriot activity in America is the subject of this article.

Infants, children, young people, middle age people, and the old are dying of the Corona Virus and the neo-patriots want to go back to work before the best recommended time to do it.

Neo patriots abound in America like neo-Nazis and others who have diminished America. Those flag wielding men and women (even if they have served our military in the past well) that we see protesting are so far from the true, essential patriots in DNA. The flag pin on the lapel does not permit the deepest thinking possible as we notice, for example, Sean Hannity, the cheerleader of those patriots finally realize that those protestors are putting the “police” at risk. They are putting everyone at-risk and many will get sick and die but Hannity did not say it.

In reading a lot about the War in the Pacific in 1944-1945 and again about the Korean War that followed only 5 years later, we learn from the fighting men that protecting the lives of the wounded as immense casualties were suffered, was paramount and one of the ten commandments of the military. We saw that in the Captain Brett Crozier Affair recently and we noticed how The Donald backed his administrators 100 percent over a captain who stuck his neck out to protect his men.  Read about the Greatest Man in America around 1950.

You’ll be home by Christmas American soldiers were told, but 40,000 Americans were killed and 100,000 were wounded in that war.  Korea lost about 5 million people mostly civilians.

In reading about Korea we can learn about the Eighth Army which suffered many wounded that had to be carried out and those wounded “were supposed to do, carry out your wounded.” A young lieutenant broke down who said “We can send a helicopter for him (one of the wounded) tomorrow.” Four men who were carriers of the wounded looked at the lieutenant and knew he was lying.  This was an act of cowardice, not patriotism. The four men agreed to carry out the wounded man. And today people like Chris Christy and Trump make it seem that patriotism is shining from sea to shining sea as they tell US that our people have to die to open up our economy. Governor Whitmer is being compared to Hitler when those so-called patriots are terrorizing the people of Michigan with false ideas. We know that the time is fast approaching to open the economy, but you will see how the Hannitys, Christys, and Trumps of America are being unpatriotic because experts predict great casualties by doing too much too soon. The White House has no plan and it should have a plan instead of just making divisive statements.

I did watch an Occupy Democrats video where the speaker pointed out that those very same so-called patriots who marched with guns on the capital of Lansing, Michigan would have been arrested on the grounds of the White House for perpetrating crimes. I can imagine that if Trump gets asked if that would happen that he would deny it, pretending that it would not be necessary to arrest “real” patriots who defend the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. But history reveals the opposite as people have trespassed on White House property.

The loss of lives since February cannot be altered by false patriotism or the neo-Patriotism. China comes into play in the history of loss of lives. There was the Dai Ichi Headquarters in Tokyo and the White House headquarters in 2020. Calling the shots were leaders unqualified to lead and you will see the truths and the parallels. We are at war with the virus which may or may not have originated in China and you will see what resulted from MacArthur’s Dai Ichi headquarters and the reactions of true patriots. These were men in battle who were there to save lives so democracy could continue. The economy was far from their minds, but they were led astray and thought that the war would be over quickly and that they would be home by Christmas 1950.

Dutch Keiser was blamed for the disastrous battle that Americans entered into days after things that you will learn about here. It was November in 1950 and February in 2020. Disaster resulted from people in power that tried to hide the truth. Dutch Keiser was confident that his men would overtake the Chinese. Study these important elements.

Dai Ichi wanted full speed ahead to engage the enemy.

People under MacArthur believed he could do no wrong.

The command had no sense of the reality on the ground, but the men in battle had eyes and those eyes saw differently.

Ned Almond was MacArthur’s right-hand man put in charge and made comments to an expert in amphibious landings on the Mount McKinley. He said that amphibious landings were easy, but he had never participated in one. When he later saw LTV’s coming out of the ship, Almond asked if they could float as others who heard or learned about could not believe what they were hearing.

Almond was resented by the men in battle for always having hot water to use for bathing, a toilet that was a separate heated tent, the best steaks to eat with fine wine, fine linens and China while the men in battle had nothing.

It was Almond vs. Smith, Smith sensing the dangers that were finally realized against a man doing MacArthur’s calling. Smith attempted to protect his men if possible and to slow things down as the Chinese were on his mind. Almond saw no threat.

The First Marine Division was dispersed contrary to the expectations of maintaining the unity of this fighting unit and this saved lives.

And officers had known well the role that MacArthur’s men had put them in even during World War II in the Pacific and that anticipation of problems provoked creativity that saved lives, such as leaving supply dumps that could be used by soldiers in retreat. Real patriots were not going to blindly follow orders that came from the MacArthur command.

The Chinese had set a trap for the Americans and their UN partners which included Turkey and other countries. And just like the mess caused today by the White House in the Corona Virus, by late October 1950 there were clues revealing that China was involved. Chinese soldiers who were interrogated were cast off as “Chinese laundrymen” from a small division and that was not true.

From November 2 to 4 1950, American troops viewed the reality of the situation in Korea as Custer’s Last Stand.  And there was no slowing down of the losses.

November 7, 1950 started to reveal anecdotal evidence of a massive Chinese buildup that was relayed to Almond with no real change from the command. Chinese were hiding in caves and American intelligence was failing. The Chinese general said “To catch a big fish, you must first let the fish taste your bait.”  American troops could not support each other since they were split up so far apart. And conditions in the cold mountains of Korea even worsened things, but the MacArthur plan continued toward failure.

American troops were wide open to attack and annihilation and that was reported to the Marine commandant (whistleblowing).

As the casualties mounted in spite of the highest expectations to proceed with a small amount of casualties, one commander lost his own son in battle as 4,500 men lost their lives.

The Chinese luring the Americans farther and farther north of the 38th Parallel gave a signal that was realized and ignored. They didn’t blow up the bridge at the Funchilin Pass. Smith sensed that this was like “the dog that hadn’t barked (protecting the home).”

MacArthur was declaring victory over the Koreans as the Tenth Corps and the Eighth Army linked up. American officers who knew what was taking place compared being there to a “nut house with nuts in charge.” You can bet all the tea in China, I say, that a majority of Republicans and supporters will continue to advance the masterful move that Trump made by closing down entry from China to slow the virus when the virus continued to intelligently spread as people arrived on the East coast from Europe.

About a hundred pages later in David Halberstam’s book The Coldest Winter, he summarizes all of this. We had poorly trained troops, underestimates of the Korean enemy, and no expectation that China would enter the war. It tells US that what MacArthur expected was a flu and not a pandemic. And today we have people in command, not in Dai Ichi, but in the American Dai Ichi, the Trump White House. Dai Ichi means number one or número uno or the best. Trump knows that he has always given US the best. We know his monumental mistakes and we do not have to wait decades for the truth to surface as we learn about history. We know his mistakes and we know what his supporters are about. They are not the true patriots, being only neo-patriots just as there are neo-Nazis, etc. The war on Covid-19 is far from over.

I sense that the protestors attacking state governments may include a small mosaic of the American people that could include opponents of Donald Trump. People do want to get back to work. When the golf course in my community shut down, an employee pointed out that the town was going to lose a lot of money and it did. Then other courses opened and were shut down. I was going to write a letter in support of opening the courses until I found out that the golfers were not observing social distancing in the parking lot. That golf course opened on Friday and parking lot has filled up with cars because golfers are home. As of today I have not gone on the golf course that is the only golf course that I play now.

Knowledge is the key to saving lives. I have applied my knowledge of golf and increased that knowledge. Yesterday I hit a high sand wedge on the practice field 130 yards, far surpassing any improvement that I have accomplished (and I am 75 years old).  I say that The Force 2020 DDT hit that golf ball and the shot that must be heard around the world is Defeat Donald Trump.

Trump plays golf and lies about almost everything that is taking place. His lies are bad lies and in golf we get many bad lies and fail. I had a witness to that sand wedge shot and we are witnesses to a disaster that could have been contained more by a man or woman who knew who to listen to sooner. And one more thing. I had a good lie for that shot!

On ABC news, Donald Trump just pointed out that he has no blame a la MacArthur for the three years of not building up the American stockpile to help in this pandemic. He blames real patriots and supports people who favor people dying during this pandemic. He says the virus will pass. Do you believe him?

David Muir said to Trump the people will want to know what you knew. Trump’s expectation was the virus was going to disappear. Muir pursued and asked if it was an intelligence problem. I guess that best of what was presented was that his patriotism was being a “cheerleader.” David asked Trump about testing for the virus and he says that people should have no problem getting tested. Trump, by his own admission, has been tested twice (could be millions of times by now). He talked about Russia! Russia! Ukraine! Ukraine! Impeachment! Impeachment! The death rate could double and Trump says that it’s possible (not probable) that there could be some deaths after the opening of the economy. Trump helped fill Yankee Stadium with death by the numbers in his leadership. So far!

Trump says that the Democrats are “not even blaming him for that (the economic situation)” and his role in it was huge since he did not slow down the problem sooner. I think that Democrats are going to blame him for a large percentage because of the acceleration of his “flu” which was not a flu.  Put him a high school gym and let him be a “cheerleader” for this country. What percentage of the blame will not rest with me since mathematicians whose profession it is to calculate the potential or approximate cost of reacting slowly will be able to conclude by the growth of the virus and the date at that time what role Trump has played. And there is nothing to cheer about! The Trump lapel pin should read right now Trump 70,000 C0VID-19.

Harris Faulkner of Fox News says I Never Thought I Would Look Up and See Someone Call for the Roundup of Jewish People

Pardon my French Rabbi Hier (yesterday in French) and Harris Faulkner of Fox Entertainment as I report the news of July 17, 1942 as 9,000 police rounded up 26,000 Jews in Paris known as the Rafle du Vel D’Hiv (Vel D’Hiv Roundup in English). I Never Thought I Would Look Up and See Someone Call 12 police citations and a mayor’s response to flagrant violations of Corona Virus regulations a Roundup of Jews. Ce n’est pas possible! Rabbi Hier was a guest speaker for The Donald at his inauguration and his reasoning back then resonated a tone about possibly causing ill will towards Jews that could result in a rise in anti-Semitism by his not speaking at the event.

Faulkner appeared to be talking about Mayor Bill de Blasio because there were no other names put into the ring to comment about on Fox.  As we all know, the synagogue apologized to the mayor. In another presentation on Fox, Rabbi Cooper of the Wiesenthal Center spoke about the center’s role in fighting anti-Semitism which will be discussed here.

I spoke to the rabbi once after his return from a trip to Japan and he could not educate me about what steps would be taken in the fight against anti-Semitism as Linda Sarsour attended an event with Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Sarsour, I learned, was instrumental in getting support from Black Lives Matter leaders by taking them to Palestine.

Rabbi Cooper shows some weakness with his good work. He was articulate on the show, but he does not have a closeup view of politics in New York where sometimes statements made only need clarification instead of apologies or more. There was no corruption involved in de Blasio’s statements and actions. Faulkner could have left out her comment about “rounding up Jews in America” and the Satmar community could have refrained from producing the funeral under Jewish law as well. There is liability and the liability which was not civil liability rested with the Satmar community, especially after our Jewish communities had been warned in mid-March by the White House counsel in a telephone conference call that is well known. Nobody mentioned that all Jews are to follow not only US laws and policies but also Jewish law which permits the suspensions of such funerals.

The joint agreement by the people planning the funeral and the police did not work out as planned. People were watching and noticed the flagrant violation of social distancing at the funeral. That is news that can travel fast around the globe without the additional police presence that was brought in. In other words, members of the Satmar community should have been more cooperative and the actions taken were appropriate. And we hope that people everywhere know that the Jewish people were not given privileges that others lack in the city. Social distancing is for everyone and de Blasio’s statement indicated that.

I would not permit Harris Faulkner, Rabbi Cooper, and Rabbi Hier into my home during this pandemic.  I left out Mayor de Blasio.  With no pandemic, they could come to my home. Trump is not allowed in my home! I have personally met de Blasio and spoken to him once several years ago. My desire to protect and defend him here is based on truth. And I may have to reconsider what I just wrote about Faulkner and the rabbis.

Rabbi Cooper can come to New York, spend some time in Williamsburg, and find out more what is going on behind the scenes. We need to build a bridge between communities near the Williamsburg Bridge.  I was born in Williamsburg Maternity Hospital and was brought home to South Eighth Street where I resided for the first four years of my life. And the Wiesenthal Center can tell the White House that it missed a very important opportunity to “liberate” the NYPD as it tried to keep “social distancing” which was directed by the White House repeatedly. I would also recommend some retraining for the award-winning member of Fox Entertainment.

Mayor de Blasio has taken action and 1,000 police officers will be added to help with “social distancing” in New York City. No “roundup of Jews” is in the works nor is the roundup of any ethnic group in the works. My own family is part of the Hasidic community in Brooklyn (I get reports about its social distancing) and New Jersey. It was reported in Israel where authorities broke up gatherings of the Orthodox community there that members of the police were called “Nazis, murderers.” And social gatherings were capped at 20 people in Tel Aviv.  And around the same time in New York City, two police officers were hurt in a demonstration of 20,000 mourners in Brooklyn, one person was arrested.

My instincts tell me that Trump’s campaign people have already noticed Rabbi Cooper’s statement on Fox and it will be used to divide our nation even more. It was clear to me four years ago that Trump was dividing US the way that the military divided France during The Dreyfus Affair. I am the author of J’Accuse: Zolá Is My Guide. My readers, since the 2016 Campaign, know my work well and I have been right all along. Trump may or may not be an anti-Semite, but he has a big pot of supporters that he stirs up. His silence in this important matter speaks volumes about his leadership. I would like Rabbis Hier and Cooper to finally learn much more to help us fight anti-Semitism around the world. And Harris Faulkner should study The Dreyfus Affair much more and find another network to work for.

Trump’s Disinfectant: Learning from History

Disinfecting Republican leadership was badly needed under Truman and is more urgent today. China has to be studied more carefully. Chiang Kai-Shek was our ally and Mao Tse Tung was our enemy.  Here are some essentials about Chiang often called the Generalissimo.

China was falling apart. Chiang was corrupt. He either didn’t fight well against the Communists or didn’t fight. He had around him old friends who had lived in China, Americans of great influence. These were the China First people of history who preferred to prop up China and Asia over Europe. Much of this group consisted even of isolationists, but its head was an internationalist. They united to defeat one common enemy, the Democrats who had been in power since 1932. Those Democrats were being called “traitors” because China was lost to the Communists.

Those Republicans along with a Democrat here or there remind me of Republicans and Repugnicans today. Donald Trump would clearly have a tough time accepting Chiang as an ally. Keep in mind what Trump did to the Ukraine and Puerto Rico over its “corruption” that led to his impeachment and the strong reaction against Trump from our people in Puerto Rico over his handling of the relief effort and the funding that Puerto Rico needed and needs badly.  Chiang did not fight well, which Trump would hate because Chiang, everyone knew, was destined to fail and that meant the loss of China.

More than fifty percent of arms sent to Chiang ended up in Communist hands.

Hundreds of thousands of his fighting men surrendered and quickly joined the Communist army.

Generals were stealing bars of gold intended for military purposes.

Senator Tom Connolly asked when is the generalissimo going to generalize (use his skills as a general of the armed forces)?

The real link with the present-day situation is that Republicans were powerful tying Truman’s hands and Truman knew there would be trouble if China fell. Those Republicans were more than usually from the Midwest, were China First people whose common bond with China was a Christian value generated by missionaries who had lived in China, Henry Luce being the leader along with Senators William Knowland, Pat McCarran, Joe McCarthy, and Representative Walter Judd  Those men inspired a campaign which can be called “Back to the Mainland” (China) as Dwight Eisenhower was soon elected in 1952.

Even though Chiang lost, he won. He won Taiwan with acquiescence of Republican leadership. This powerful force was able to prevent Truman from achieving The Marshall Plan for Europe if he didn’t dance to their beat.

Those others included men in power who were anti-Communist, opposed the New Deal (communist dominated), hated big cities full of Negroes, Jews, Catholics, and unions. The America in power was not their America.

Henry Luce was the publisher of Time Life magazines which we grew up in those days. He lied and distorted things and his readers easily fell for that across America. Internet conspiracy theories were not needed as Luce was able to unite with Colonel Robert McCormick of the Chicago Tribune. Reporters went along with his alterations as they were powerless to destroy the evil that he had perpetrated. This group attacked by destroying the character of America’s greatest war generals as well. Just as Trump recently went along with the firing of Captain Brett Crozier, 100 percent backing of his termination (news today looks good that the captain will be back on the USS Roosevelt). The lessons learned in the past continue to be useful in the present. And Republicans back then needed Trump’s injection of disinfectant that has made news during the Corona Virus pandemic. And Trump should know what he can do with all the millions and millions of pills that he said he has stockpiled to cure US of the Corona Virus. He can send them out to Republicans with his name on each pill to be used successfully to prevent and cure hemorrhoids (when taken externally if you get the drift).

The State Department knew for a decade that Chiang was not a true leader who could confront the Communists and be a strong ally. Our government continued to assist in the illusion of greatness until it was all over. People in the State Department were terminated for no good reason, but for Repugnicanism. The best part of all this and other great material appeared in David Halberstam’s book The Coldest Winter. There was something important that was lacking among the Republicans in Congress throughout those war years. Those people mentioned threw Democrats and others under the bus. There was a fact check made just like the way we fact check each other but particularly The Donald. It was done by Senator Brien McMahon of Connecticut (Democrat of course). He found this

There was no senatorial dissent on the Republican side from 1947-1949

There wasn’t even a mere suggestion of a change of policy

Not a single Republican spoke on the floor of the entire Congress about sending American troops to support Chiang

And they had no answer when asked once by Senator Arthur Vandenberg if they would send their own sons to fight in China

The entirely new strategy was concocted by those Americans and others mentioned along with the Chinese advisor Wellington Koo to create a virus long before the Corona Virus.

In 1950 China was still in a feudal state with warlords controlling it. Mao was able to capitalize on all of that because the peasants of China were exploited and Chiang was an agent of status quo.

For eight years the Republicans had a chance in office to defeat the Communists in China (1953-1961) and they had in office a great commanding general with World War II experience. Nothing happened.  The Republicans did not achieve “Back to the Mainland.”

Richard Nixon about twenty years later opened up China to the United States. I know because I have seen the movie Forrest Gump and believe everything that I saw. This was known as Ping Pong Diplomacy. So instead of taking back China, Republicans have given US much more to think about right now.

We have entered into a new era of American history that has made conditions much worse than they have been in a long time for our nation’s poor. Chiang, Mao, Trump are the key names to consider. Two are dead and one seems politically dead except for one thing. Placing the blame won Trump his time in the Oval Office combined with lots of amazing illusions related to his creation of jobs, handing out criminal reform (in federal prison affecting about 1,000 African Americans whose sentences had been unfair in the first place), unbelievable tax reform which I am still waiting for the majority to believe in, tariffs galore, creating obstacles for immigrants coming here who he held in detention camps and where people lost their lives due to physical and psychological conditions, and making mistakes related to treating the Corona Virus as a flu until it was too late and now I have learned about a statisticians report that says Trump is responsible for 90 percent of the deaths). Our nation (first responders everywhere and all of US) and our nation’s military are more and more at risk each day because of Trumpism. There is now a base in Africa where American troops have to be watched for the virus.

You can decide for yourselves what the Repugnicans have made up today keeping in mind how they covered up their own role in the years leading up to the Korean War and Communist victory in China. During this pandemic, I am not going to open my door to anyone in the traditional way that we do. Trump need never knock on my door. He has messed up this country far more than any Republican will admit as we move more deeply into the 2020 Campaign to Defeat Donald Trump.  May the Force be with you!

I wrote and published this on March 9, 2020 “We can recall the responses to the shootings such as the Parkland shooting.  There was an immediate call to protect schools by hiring former police and/or veterans to protect our children.  And here we have a much greater population in need due to the virus and retired First Responders may be needed soon.  That’s going to cost “The Donald” even more money and this has nothing to do with the Second Amendment at all.  Big government is needed and Trump’s friends want to keep “big government” away from our doors to save lives.  Police and firemen around the country have to realize that while they are at work, their loved ones may be at risk, particularly if those relatives do not live close by.  A reserve of First Responders seems like a great idea to me and these “reservists” at best should be much more than minimally qualified and they should include veterans.  And friends and neighbors will be at risk as well.”  Click on it to read the entire article.

Shutting down this White House should be an American priority.

And searching further I found this on February 6, 2020 “There is a crown on the Corona beer label which is not Trump’s crown although Trump has been given a throne in one of my articles about Bobolice Castle in Poland which was published in Jewish Business News.  The Corona Virus is simply Trump and his imaginary crown (corona is crown in Spanish).  Trump is unfit to hold office and it is so scary having him in charge of our nation as the Corona Virus spreads.  I hope that we defeat both Corona Viruses soon and that our nation’s people remain safe from such afflictions.”

Those of us who do not have access to the most informative information were put at risk playing Corona Virus Jeopardy but without the well-known host Alex Trebek. Whatever unity we had has been diminished by Trump and we may be heading for much worse than disunity in our nation. Trump has liability for a lot of damage in this country by not acting sooner. Let’s all be adults and promote wellness in our nation instead of false claims.  A man was elected who certainly cannot say that he is the “good hands people.”  He is neither All State nor All American.

Many places around the United States and the world are now addressing Trump’s disinfectant comments, making clear among other things not to swallow any disinfectants. Trump now says it was sarcasm, but he could have indicated that immediately during his press conference. His conduct was not presidential and this has been a persistent problem with him.  Just once we should be able to hear Mike Pence who stands on the sidelines cry foul as Trump speaks. Loyalty runs that deep as it did among Henry Luce and his band of political misfits.

With my cat Joey sitting on my left foot in bed this morning, things were peaceful, but they were not. A storm was brewing in my head knowing that I had to write more.  This is the result.



R-E-D  S-C-A-R-E


J-E-W-  D-E-A-L (New Deal)

A-M-E-R-I-C-A  F-I-R-S-T                

P-A-P-A-L  C-O-N-T-R-O-L  OF A-M-E-R-I-C-A   

W-I-L-L-I-E   H-0-R-T-O-N                  





A-M-E-R-I-C-A   F-I-R-S-T (AGAIN) 

S-O-F-T  O-N-  C-R-I-M-E 


This is from a hundred years of American history and it keeps repeating itself. Right now we notice that the United States has basically collapsed the way that Venezuela has collapsed.  The reasons are not the same, but it really is time to use our reason to full advantage to make the United States and the world a better place.  Trump wants to diminish the role of the World Health Organization at a time when other nations wish to create a world vaccine to help diminish the Corona Virus.

The Force 2020 DDT is with you. Defeat Donald Trump. D-I-S-I-N-F-E-C-T Donald Trump!

The problems existed long before that and long before the Civil War. The problems exist because solutions are not easy to accept by people in government and by the people themselves.  Although there has been some danger throughout our history, the danger has often been magnified by people in government or diminished by the people. Donald Trump and all the walls he has created have to be destroyed.  Just as the Republicans mentioned did not repeal and replace Communism in the 1950s, Trump did not repeal and replace The Affordable Care Act. 

The United States is in a weakened position as are all nations right now and Trump’s late actions have taken important naval ships out of commission and our army bases are being affected as well. He has infected so much of the American population and landscape and he has to be disinfected himself.

And in researching Venezuela just now again, I decided to share this with my readers (source History). “The influx of oil revenues enriches Venezuela’s military regime, especially after it enacts a 1943 law requiring foreign oil companies to turn over half their profits. But the money only offers a band-aid on the nation’s underlying problems.”


In 1973 that ownership increased to sixty percent which was government owned.  The oil embargo of the 1970s enriched Venezuela and that embargo was initiated by OPEC or the oil producing countries.  By 1989 oil prices plummeted and Venezuela started to suffer. Trump tells Americans that Venezuela was once rich and look what happened to it. It fell into huge debt over all those years and could not escape the grip of its creditors. We are being faced right now with incredible bankruptcies.

Even in the 1950s there was great unrest in Venezuela that led to protests against the United States and even Richard Nixon’s vehicle was assaulted then (1958). There were many references then to the role of the Communists in the assault on Nixon’s vehicle without a final determination that it was the Communists.  Those were the days my friends and we thought they would end (or never end). And today’s Venezuela, after immense economic hardship and upheavals, would hardly be recognized by Trump unless, of course, he decided to say that Venezuela is not sending US its best people. In politics people contrive whatever suits their political purposes. And the crashing of oil around the world is another bad symptom of what is going on as the crash of oil prices was in Venezuela.

Venezuela right now has had its oil industry collapse due to world conditions related to the Corona Virus. The Black Market is the place to pay high prices for gasoline since lines are long. We have price gouging here at home for badly needed products. Europe was filled with Black Market activities after 1945 also as The Marshall Plan was badly needed. It was one of the coldest winters on record there and people did not have the fuel to heat their homes and apartments. 

At that moment Winston Churchill said, “What is the plight to which Europe has been reduced? Over wide areas a vast quivering mass of tormented, hungry, careworn and bewildered human beings gape at the ruins of their cities and homes and scan the dark horizon for the approach of some new peril, tyranny or terror.” Thank goodness that Europe was not wiped out. Dean Acheson who was considered an enemy by the Republicans mentioned was instrumental in providing $13 billion over four years to “kick start” Europe’s economies as The Marshall Plan helped save the world economy.

Locutores, bodegueros y dueños de pequeños negocios ayudan todos dominicanos de verdad.

Foto por Martin Danenberg con el padre del peletero Robinson Canó (José Canó).

Todos los locutores dominicanos involucrados en proveer actividades en línea a las familias en cada sector del país pueden difundir o compartir lo que hacen las bodegas y sus líderes en la ciudad de Nueva York. Juan Luis Guerra en la cancion “El Costo de la Vida” dice “no hablamos inglés” y “no hablamos francés” mostrando que falta mucho incluso las curas que los enfermos de hoy necesitan durante la lucha contra el Coronavirus.

En las actividades recomendadas por las asociaciones de bodegas y de pequeños negocios en la Gran Manzana, se recomienda a la música de JLG y 4-40 por estudiar a aquellos que hablan otros idiomas como inglés, francés, italiano, y portugués.  Para aprender inglés el autor de las actividades recomienda a la música de Connie Francis pero hay un video donde Ariana Grande canta la canción inolvidable “Where the Boys Are.”

Todo se explica por sí mismo en inglés porque todos los idiomas son similares. Son cosas que la personas saben en su proprio idioma.

Haga un click aquí y obtenga acceso a las actividades.

En Punta Cana cerca del distrito de hoteles es mucho más conveniente aprender inglés y los jóvenes aprenden bien allá.  Ahora en su casa unos treinta minutos cada día servirán muy bien a los niños comenzar a aprender muy bien en la manera más facil 4 nuevos idiomas y sus culturas (cocinar cosas, estudiar lugares en los otros países y aprender la historia al aprender nueva música excelente).  Hay también cientas de palabras que los adultos deben saber en inglés.


Somos un agujero
En medio del mar y el cielo
Quinientos años después

The Trumps Working in a Meat Factory?

Can you imagine the Trumps working for a month in a meat plant which has been infiltrated by the Corona Virus (Ivanka and Jared, Melania, Eric, and Donald Jr.? Churchill was in the streets of London, England which was in constant great danger after the German Luftwaffe or air force began its attacks. There is something missing in the White House. Leadership and preparedness!

Korea or today! War overseas or war at home as we fight the Corona Virus. Politics harmed US then and it harms US now. Back then it was MacArthur and unpreparedness and today it is Trump and unpreparedness. MacArthur was not let go or fired and Republicans and Repugnicans will not let go of Trump. Where we are heading, I can easily predict. Consistent throughout that period was MacArthur telling everyone that he didn’t need more troops.  And today Trump tells governors not to expect help from the federal government, even though there is a war doing on as there was in 1950.

As I read and read knowing how Truman gave the order to drop the A-bomb in 1945, I waited to see what was written about using the bomb. The answer was “moral indignation” that prevented its use against the North Koreans as our soldiers got wiped out. At that moment the soldiers were told that they had to die to prevent a million or more people from being killed and now we have people in power that wish to reverse course over opening the economy.  Then it was war for freedom and now it is not about that freedom that we talk about cherishing.

Here is information from David Halberstam’s book on Korea.

Trump supporters will squirm as they try to get out of this comparison. Our nation is at stake! Here is an exchange that took place as the attack took place on South Korea from the North. Sergeant Loren Chambers and Lieutenant Philip Day.

Chambers spotted 8 T-34 tanks. In my home my wife instantly reacted to the name T-34 tanks because she is from Poland and learned about those Russian tanks which I had to learn about by reading the book. These were very advanced tanks. Chambers made it clear to Day that they were not our tanks and they were “not going to be friendly.”  And there was more discussion under intense pressure as things were exposed that MacArthur headquarters in Tokyo was responsible for. The tanks continued forward.

More terrifying details included a long line of enemy troops and 24 Korean tanks.

The enemy column revealed actually was six miles long.

As this column approached within a mile American fire began, mortar attacks. There were “a few hits.” The tanks kept coming. Now within seven hundred years or less than a half mile, recoilless rifles were fired. There were several hits and the tanks kept coming. Bazookas failed. Chambers got on the phone.

Fire 60mm mortars. He was told that they cannot reach that far.

Fire 81mm mortars. “They didn’t come over with us.”

Fire 4.2 mortars. “They couldn’t fire.”

What about the artillery? They were unavailable by phone.

And the Air Force? It didn’t know where Task Force Smith was.

Next question. How about a camera to take picture? Do you now get the picture of the incompetence that plagued US and now plagues US?

The American Army retreated, discarding weapons to move faster and taking off to move barefoot better in rice paddies.  The loss of life was immense.

What held up firing MacArthur? Republican power back home. Know your history, tell the truth always.

And here are important things that surround the White House that should be absorbed.

Ted Cruz wants the United States to collaborate with Israel and its scientific companies in this matter of formulating tests, treatments, and cures. This is what globalism is about but there is more. Cruz wants to eliminate the dependency on China. I say that Israel is an ally and it has advanced scientific development. I would prefer to see another way of obtaining the help of Israeli scientists. The United States has done that sort of thing before in the creation of the Atomic bomb and the location was Manhattan. Also after World War II the United States brought in German scientists who propelled US into the space age.  Even the New York Yankees built up the most powerful team in baseball by paying money to bring talent to New York (Roger Maris was one example). We never had any rockets flying over our heads because of all that critical development in science, but Israel recently has had some damage due to rocket fire and we should place scientists in the safest environment possible. What about Indiana as the placement of the lab or labs and the scientists?

I dare Donald Trump to call a new virus that originates in Israel the Israeli or Jewish Virus. Jews have suffered enough at the hands of others since the virus started spreading in New York.

Donald Trump’s cure is being touted by the New York Post and lots of other media by calling on anecdotal records. The New York Post has written about doctors worldwide that have prescribed the “cure.”  That drug was suspended in France due to a large number of people who died after the first trials seemed alright.  In addition to that few people know today that doctors who are vulnerable to scientific mistakes used to recommend antacids for treating ulcers and the entire medical world rejected the views of a doctor in New Zealand who finally proved that stomach ulcers were caused by the A-Pylori bacteria which he developed upon swallowing the bacteria.  Bam! He was prescribed anti-biotics, the ulcer went away, and he changed the medical world (in a safe manner with a drug that caused no risk to patients). Quack! Quack! Donald Trump says quack quack just like Donald Duck!

Trump has thrown just about everyone under the bus in his more than three years in the White House with great silence from the pensive one. Fox Entertainment keeps inviting people to quell the outrage that Americans feel. Recently I noticed a guest from Turning Points USA touting that Trump has done everything right. This is a super masterpiece of propaganda and the guest was a former member of our nation’s military. Our nation knows the turning point could have been much earlier had Trump taken things seriously.

Reinstate Brett Crozier now! Replace, demote, or fire the people responsible for his firing including DJT. I call upon all members of Turning Points USA to work a week in one of the meat packing plants under the conditions that have just been revealed in South Dakota (no “social distancing” and lots of sick people now).

The attack by Trump on the three governors and then his stating that the decision to open states rests with the governor and then telling the people that the power rests with them to demonstrate for opening up the states is unacceptable along with the immense shortage life-saving equipment.  Between not knowing the US Constitution and using his big mouth to divide people, he reveals just how unfit he is to be in the White House. He has turned the job largely into the Trump Corporation.

And finally the protest about opening the economy has been compared with Rosa Parks fighting for civil rights (we have all lost our liberty and there is no discrimination involved).  The Corona Virus combined with the immediate, premature opening of state economies (regardless of which party opens it) can be compared much more with people who have AIDS who wish to rape men and women (and others) around the world, infecting them, and causing them to be sick and to die. I am writing here about something so massive that was known as the Rape of Nanking by the Japanese (at least 20,000 Chinese were raped), the rape of people all over Europe by an American ally named Russia, the rape by Germans seeking world domination (America was clearly on its mind in the 1930s).  And even before the German attack on Poland, Franco Spain gave not only gave a license to kill to Moors from North Africa who enlisted on the side of Franco, but also a license to rape Spanish women. If what is taking place is a Rosa Parks moment, I must be the most evil person in the world doing nothing for mankind (I am connected with the NAACP).

I see the terror on the faces of people as a result of the spread of COVID-19 and I know that even people professing religious beliefs including having the blood of Christ on them as their protection have to take a long hard look at history.  Along with that belief, according to things that I have read, is an unwritten belief that similarly devoted people feel that they are better than the others. And I have seen a video of people entering a church in violation of the “social distancing” order as others in that same church may have obeyed the order, putting lots of people at risk. What happens in history is that people always realize too late the consequences of their actions and their years of denial. Reform takes place years later making things better for everyone. With this virus invading US we don’t have the true leadership that is needed.

I would even like to see an educational event right now between Dr. Anthony Fauci and some other leading scientists as they express the same ideas in their own ways. I am talking about a Bobby Riggs vs. Billie Jean King type of event where we can listen to the very best way of expressing things that would impact on more people.  I know, for example, that my “six feet apart instead of six feet under” comment wakes up people. The way we say things matters.

The Korean War demonstrated the deep lack of preparation caused by Truman and the American people as the military budget was cut around 90 percent. Truman was a fiscal conservative. MacArthur severely complicated things boasting that he had things under control in his time at Supreme Commander Headquarters in Tokyo and he did not have things under control. There were up to 90 percent losses of men in battle, coincidentally. Was that just a coincidence? Experts predicted it and nobody listened to them. Experts sent out information to Trump and he ignored things.

Trump expected to open the economy a week ago and that did not happen. And now he acts pretty much the way Pontius Pilate did thousands of years ago as he tries to consolidate his power by undermining his opposition. It’s an old “divide and conquer” game that we must reject completely. Pilate was removed from office. Remember how Pilate washed his hands? We wash our hands to keep everyone safe everywhere. Everyone means everyone.

Trump has greatly diminished the United States. He is the Bankruptcy King and his delays in taking action are costing US plenty right now. And he has done things that even diminish people’s faith right now. Even on Fox News with Chris Matthews just now we see Nancy Pelosi repeating that Trump delayed so long that he failed and gets an F in leadership. She also reiterated that her presence in San Francisco was to protect the Chinese there who were becoming victimized by people perhaps egged on by Trump calling the virus the “China” Virus. Nancy Pelosi made the correct call in placing blame on Trump and not waiting until a history book comes out to explain what Trump has really done.

And I know that we are in great danger because there are forces that come with a depression. And I am doing my part to help. Trump on the other hand is just being Trump. I have communicated my ideas to people connected with the Pope, the mayor of New York, the chancellor of the Department of Education of NYC, with people in Congress, and more. What has Betsy DeVos done? Send her to work in a meat factory too?

The New York Story

The New York Story-The Chicago Story-The Baltimore Story-The Detroit Story-Oakland Story-The Los Angeles Story-The New Orleans Story all logically follow The Philadelphia Story. San Salvador-Santo Domingo-San Juan, Mexico City also logically follow the Philadelphia Story.

Question: How many high school students who were not expected to graduate in June 2020 will be dropping out of school with no job and two feet to take them into the streets of our city? Help can be given to all of them now.

And there are small towns throughout America including Alexandria, Louisiana which make the list of cities that need great improvement that are not so well publicized as well as countries, cities, and towns throughout the world.

And things are getting worse in communities as I write. What will happen to the graduation rate in June? How many middle school students also will fall through the cracks as our nation attempts a return to normalcy? How many politicians and communities are willing to learn from the mistakes of the past? These are difficult times and it’s the time to help people with the support that they need.  Now is the time to act.

I just shared this information in a Zoom video conference with CEC 22 in New York City. I learned when the Common Core exams had been completed for the first time in New York State that 75 percent of the test was basic information and that the students failed because they did not know the basics. A deputy commission of education in New York State told me that in Albany at a meeting of New York State practitioners.

I can tell you this important fact. Near the end of my career as a GED teacher in New York City in the South Jamaica Houses a devised a system in which I knew all the weaknesses of all my students based on the practice test. I had that information in front of me every day in the classroom, so I knew how to inject that essential information into my classroom to move the students toward their goal, the early competency to take and pass the GED test.  I can be contacted for more information about that. I was never a teacher who would socially distance himself from his students and I became a highly efficient teaching machine as a result of what I did.

During that Zoom conference I also recommended the math program which had been highly recommended by a very successful elementary school math teacher in Queens and that program is I-XL.  Another person in that Zoom room commented to me how great that program is but it cost some money to obtain it and that these are hard times for money.

One of my previous articles is about helping parents and children at home, particularly those that find it difficult to maintain basic skills or who actually never learned some or many skills due to absence from school.  A tiny aspect of capitalization is used right here.  The reason why capitalization is in GED books is that the companies know that the usage of capital letters is still lacking in a significant segment of our teen and adult population.

I would suggest that all community people check of the cost of the program and make it available district wide so that students can work at home so that they will begin to know much more of the basics and pass state tests.  Our nation’s mayors, governors, and school districts could greatly benefit from the ideas presented.

FYI and of great importance 5 bullet points in bold and additional one at the end about African Americans, in particular, that needs to be addressed

Bernie Sanders spoke out during his recent campaign about not providing federal funds to private charter schools and credited the NAACP

Doug Jones won over Roy Moore in Alabama with the backing of 98 percent of African American women without knowing that the NAACP got arrested in the office of Senator Jeff Sessions before the hearing for Sessions’ appointment as Attorney General and put the word out all over Alabama

Martin Danenberg gave those ideas to the Washington Bureau of the NAACP

Five key campaign positions to produce much greater results in America contradicting Make America Great Again which very quickly became Keep America Great by Trump which often went unnoticed.

1.      The high school equivalency exams are still being underutilized almost two decades after I noticed the pattern.  Making the test free to everyone in the nation would be great as long as the funding matches the demand.  States and local communities have to do much better jobs of keeping the demand great and most states have failed doing that.

2.      Parent involvement is low in Title 1 programs.  Missing meetings hurts the progress of schools and children.  Although parents often do not have paid access to the internet (could be 50 percent in many places), there is lots of free access outside the home that all of US go to when we need it the most.

3.      Children failing state exams (often called “high stakes” exams) is a huge problem in our nation and the problem can be reduced easily enough.  The first thing to know is that a deputy commissioner of education in New York told me when the first results for the Common Core came in that the students tested still did not know the basics and failed.  That test was designed with 75 percent of the material for basics and 25 percent for common core material.  That information was never given to the public, except where I could reveal the truth.

Ways to correct this problem:

The answer that I gave more than a few years ago was to use technology such as FACEBOOK to help parents and their children at home.  The weaknesses are known since practice tests are evaluated according to the skills that are lacking.  Quick remediation can keep children on track to achieve instead of holding children back.  The Corona Virus has just advanced the cause of that idea since students are not attending class as the internet has replaced the classroom situation.

The issue of “high stakes” testing can be eliminated easily enough by a combination of the first answer with a universal practice test for all students instead of the insistence by government on a statewide test.  The practice test could be selected from the company currently providing the test and/or from other similar companies.

4.      Students who fail to graduate with their class have never been given the best information or choices.  Perhaps the greatest school choice in history would have been to provide parents and children with the option of taking the high school equivalency test instead of sitting in a high school diploma situation where the diploma is not achieved at all or quite late.

Examples where this practice could have been applied consist of the following:

Pregnancy involves important school decisions.  Continue with the high school program, drop out, or take the high school equivalency.  Where one or both young adults involved are in school at the time, they and their parents have to be well informed about the final decision.  Since support of the child may be on the shoulders of the youth involved, earning a diploma quickly may be essential to obtaining a job or better job with a high school equivalency on their resumés.

Students who continue to sit in classes for years until they are 21 years of age must have complete knowledge of their rights as well.  One of the important regulations for taking the high school equivalency is reaching the age of 19 where students do not need either school or parent permission to take the test.  The office of former Governor Jeb Bush told me in 2001 that students could take the test at 16 in Florida just after dropping out of school.

               Important note to everyone:

All students who earn a GED are permitted, if they so desire, to earn a high school diploma later. 

There are students who suffer emotionally from dropping out of school      and can benefit greatly by

               earning a high school diploma after obtaining a high school equivalency. 

5.      The very best that our nation could do for its people also includes taking states’ rights out of high school equivalency testing.  All the companies which include Pearson Vue (GED), McGraw Hill (TASC), and Educational Testing Service (HI-SET) made the mistake of allowing the old practice to continue.

Problems to take note of:

Taxpaying Hispanics in South Carolina who take the test in Spanish cannot obtain a diploma and must accept a transcript because South Carolina will only give diplomas in programs where the study took place in English


States may and do require residency for taking the test which holds people back for months or more as they satisfy residency. Those tests are not state tests and should never have had states’ rights attached to them.  The GED was started in 1942 where states’ rights was used to hold minorities back all over the South and probably in many other places.  Even until the last decade or so, states would not test in Spanish and French if they chose not to.  The three languages of the test until 2014 were English, Spanish, and French.  A great idea is to expand the number of languages used for testing to help immigrants quickly. It is not too late for that.

In Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part 2, he holds the two tablets as Moses but drops one tablet and pretty much says oops the five commandments.  Instead of 5 things, I am providing one more of my favorite items:

New York State (25 percent of adults in NYC lack a diploma or 1.5 million) has been the lowest in the delivery of GED diplomas to African Americans along with Alabama and Mississippi (and sometimes Connecticut).  This gap is considerable and has remained consistent over the years contributing to White Dominance in America, especially in major cities across America.  It impacted on men and women of color in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina and impacts today in the epicenter of the Corona Virus in New York City, Philadelphia, and other cities.

Add together performance on state tests, GED and other high school equivalency programs, parent involvement, and even performance on college placement tests and it adds up to moderate success but a huge number of people left behind and for many years. 

Over a year ago I had an article published in Jewish Business News in Israel and this is the beginning of that article. 

An Educational Report for Our Nation: Forget Trump’s School Choice

Trump is for School Choice, clearly not my choice and for good reasons. The Success Academies (charter schools) should no longer be compared to a single school or even to an entire district. It is time to wake up and straighten out the mess that has been made.

I also mentioned to the conservative think tank The Manhattan Institute in a phone conversation that the best proof of a charter school success would have been taking over an entire failing school and turning it around to produce the results that has achieved.  I have gone over and beyond the criticism of opinion writers on the subject. 

Failing schools result from failing communities and those failing communities are throughout our land. Alabama has been compared to a third world country and I want to see great change there too. Schools can follow all or most of the key 5 points plus the Mel Brooks point and make things much better.