Jesus followed the principle of Pikuach Nefesh as you will soon see. Trump is another matter altogether.

An article in the Jerusalem Post about COVID-19 and the Haredi community called for “sensitivity” in dealing with the crisis in Brooklyn and the author cited non-religious conflicts in his article as an historical basis for cracking down on communities. Anarchy, it was suggested, will be ushed in when one group gets its way today and another group in conflict with the will of the government will get its way tomorrow. This article mentions Cuomo in New York and Netanyahu in Israel and their dealings with Haredi. And the conclusion is that nobody is exempt from complying with the law.

Trump has not been mentioned and he is the Anarchist-In-Chief. There is anarchy taking place because of his masks are optional approach which violated White House directives given to the Haredi community by Avi Berkowitz on or before March 17, 2020. The message  which was then defectively abandoned almost immediately by Donald Trump was save lives.

Since then pastors throughout our nation have opened up their churches and some of those pastors and many congregants have died. A children’s playground where the lock and chain were broken in Brooklyn was given preference over saving lives. People in Florida, Iowa, and many other states have chosen Love Thy Job More Than Thy Neighbor. And Jacob Kornbluh was attacked and beaten in the street for writing the truth about social distancing in Brooklyn’s Orthodox community in the newspapers and he was beaten as people carried Trump flags to support Trump’s opening up of their community. And when Kornbluh was attacked, Trump did not even make a statement (again). And the leadership in the Congress is not taking action necessary to see that people have money to eat. The anarchy is all over and commandeered by Pennsylvania Avenue. Trump does not have the power in so many places like New York so he sows discord.

None of the thoughts that I have expounded here are within the article published by The Jerusalem Post, as though these things have not taken place yet. And I keep reading about Orthodox Jews talking about protestors that are not singled out. A clear reminder is that those protestors are not guided by Pikuach Nefesh or Saving Lives.  “Thus, the Law is designed to promote life, and the preservation of human life is a higher priority than the observance of the Law,”  and “Jesus followed the principle of pikuach nefesh when He healed people on the Sabbath.” And that information comes from Got Questions answering things about the Bible. Even real patriots know what all of this is about as they fight wars.

And here is the latest news. Things are getting much worse and Trump and his supporters are to blame

Fauci says it might be time to mandate masks as Covid-19 surges across US

By Andrea Kane and Maggie Fox, CNN  17 hrs ago

Andrea Kane and Maggie Fox CNN 17 hours ago

Rudy Giuliani had his hand down his pants in the new Borat movie and Trump has had his hand in places that he never should have had them. Jagshemash. I am not here to defend either one of them. Kenneth Cohen, an English Jew, led the effort to assist the French Resistance against the Nazis and their collaborators. So I wonder if Sasha Baron Cohen is related to that Brit whose intelligence and resistance may have shared his DNA with Borat.

That takes me to Darlan, the assistant to Marshall Pétain who headed Vichy France when France was split in two. Darlan was selected to head the North African part of Vichy since the Germans lost control of it. Roosevelt did not like de Gaulle. Jean Brouton who had been one of the survivors among the officers (6 of 45) on the ship that the British destroyed in 1940 could not believe that Roosevelt would appoint a “traitor” to that position. Darlan, in checking the history of that time, had a mixed record. Frenchman were outraged both in France and in London where de Gaulle set up a government in exile. Remember that among other things, Darlan was a Republican who served the interests of protecting Jews in Vichy France when Jews were rounded up in Paris and sent to their deaths. I wrote in my last article that Pétain had Jews around him. And Brouton was evacuated from Vichy France just at the moment that Darlan was appointed. German oppression just started to reach Vichy so things were getting worse for everyone there, including Frenchman who were being sent to forced labor to support the Nazi war effort. And Darlan reluctantly administer anti-Semitic actions in Vichy.

A young man, only 20 years of age, went to Darlan’s office with a gun and assassinated Darlan. We now wait to see if Donald Trump can dodge the bullet-ballet of the Electoral College which would destroy his political life unless he really has ideas to install himself in Washington, D.C. He can rename Trump water (a product that he owns) Vichy, which was known for its healthy waters in France.

The young man, it turns out was a “monarchist” who wanted to restore the monarchy.  That youth was executed two days later by the Vichy regime.

Then I purchased a new book by Lynne Olson and I immediately read that Norway was “so socialistic that a King and Queen seemed out of place.” And it did get a king decades earlier. Norway was a Republic and this new king was called “Herre Kong” or “Mister King” and the queen did her own shopping.

The Germans attacked Norway and took over after taking significant loss of life as a cruiser was sunk. The Norwegian government was evacuating fast with its supply of gold so the Nazis couldn’t take it for their sinister purposes. In the book about the French Resistance, when Roosevelt spoke about installing Darlan, he mentioned he was no “idealist” and would take on Quisling or anyone else to achieve his objectives. Quisling (head of the Nazi Party of Norway) was installed by the Nazis, a man whose party had only achieved two percent of the vote in Norway. Roosevelt’s view that the French Vichy forces would go over to our side was incorrect as Vichy forces fought the allies “at almost every landing site” during the assault on North Africa.

And in America today, we are learning about the right wing committing violent acts in Minnesota and elsewhere. Americans are learning more and more that the right wing is a threat at a moment when Trump has asked them to “stand by” because someone has to do something about Antifa and the left. Norway was Socialist! Socialist! Socialist! Americans are being told that Venezuelan socialism is coming here.  Norway’s socialism was similar to the advances being made in the United States during those days.

It’s very hard to deal with Republican voters for the most part since they really don’t seem to care what Trump does or says. History teaches us a lot and we can see clearly today the mistakes made by Trump. The latest news tells US that his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic has cost 100,00 lives.

The human cost of the Trump pandemic response? More than 100,000 unnecessary deaths.

By Michael Riorfan | September 30, 2020

Trump credited Roosevelt as one of the four great presidents, but how wrong both men have been. In these final days we can learn from the history of this pandemic and throw Trump out of office.

Fauci Down But Not Out

Operation Overlord included names like Omaha Beach and Utah Beach among others (1944). What patriotism on those beaches! Trump is not patriotic because there are much higher standards that I have written about and that others know in the Jewish faith and the United States military. Our nation supports Fauci and not stand down and stand by.

I was reading about the French Resistance last night again and a section of the book terminated preparing the way for 1944-1945, the final section of the book which made me think of 2021-2025. Trump should have been terminated a long time ago, but he is still around. That rectangle announcing 1944-1945 was almost the length of the page which bares a photo of Paris at that time with the Eiffel Tower on top and below taking up most of the photo is the Nazi flag hanging outside a building, waving to the world and not just to Parisians. Yes we fight for freedom, but we also fight to save lives. Washington, D.C. and the White House can be imagined easily with the Trump flag flying outside one of the buildings as the Election of 2020 nears.

Yesterday I emailed the tips address of ABC News with my brief description of the Highest Form of Patriotism during COVID-19. My outreach during the day was much greater than that as I fight a war for truth, scientifically. I feel lucky to be alive, especially knowing that I am people around the world were not wearing masks from the beginning of the announcement about the Corona Virus now mostly called COVID-19.

This is what struck me during my reading and I quickly applied it to the situation. There were people in France who knew what to do to fight Fascism and fight it better and there were those who did not know. There were also masses of people who did not seem to care. The latter got France into the horrific situation in the first place as the French really did not have the will to fight. Others had to show them, train them, and save them from that evil that exists today even in our communities.

These words hit me right in the face and if you know me by now you know I had to sit down to type and share. I care and I share. What was going on was an “Allied scientific intelligence effort.” And it had its Faucis of its time providing the most incredible things. We do not know if the information was perfect since we know that mistakes are made. We know that a war was going on and an invasion was about to take place that history has recorded for US. The men are mostly gone now, but we have seen them in our communities over the years working diligently to help their community. And it was with great satisfaction that we noticed their age because they were alive and living life to the best of their individual condition. They, like US, did not wear masks in the beginning, but they finally wore masks. Trump did not and he finally infected his own community, which is not my community at all. Governor Christie got sick and put out a serious warning, but that warning comes too, too late. That is a large part of the Trump years. He was the wrong man for the job.

Robert Drouin provided the British with plans to be used during the great Battle of D-Day, plans that allowed US to win. This story has to be told since his accomplishment took place under great risk and he paid the price since there was no mask protecting him against the horrific disease of its time, a disease that ended up killing tens of millions and destroying cities. Drouin was involved in the resistance and his work was taken from France one night in a difficult operation and transported to England. Drouin wanted to get rid of that disease started in Germany and began to control much of the world.

Drouin was a painter and what he did was artistic and he accomplished what he did with a fourteen years old boy, his son. By March of 1944 and well before June 6, his name was in the hands of the Gestapo and he was rounded up with Jeannie Rousseau who learned all about the “scientific” work of the development of the V1 and V2 rockets that German scientists had invented. Her work led to the early bombing of those facilities and a long delay in attacking England. Jacques Stosskopf worked supervising a German naval base that has great layers of protection and he was hated by people who did not know the truth, he was a double agent giving information to the Allies. He soon “disappeared.”

What did Drouin do? He created a 55 foot map on canvas, detailing the German fortifications of the Beaches of Normandy which was far superior than that was obtained by reconnaissance flights photos taken by the Allies.  These were incredible D-Day Details. Trump has been missing the details all along.

Trump has had no plan except to dispose of American life by “herd immunity.” I watched and listened to him as we all did. He was always impatient because he wanted the economy to  open up.

We can go back to March of this year when the White House arranged a phone call with Williamsburg Brooklyn’s Ultra-Orthodox community to get it stop large gatherings including weddings and again we learn that a wedding was planned for 10,000 there which was stopped from taking place, exposing bitterness from some in the community as people both Jews and Catholics in the community consider themselves “essential” and have taken the case to court. Trump turned his eyes away from a telephone call in March and allowed people to choose by not spreading the actions of the White House to communities everywhere, Louisiana and Texas come to mind. He lacked consistency from the beginning even as people watched him on television adapt to a situation that he allowed to worsen and worsen. And that Trump flag was waving in the streets of Brooklyn as the journalist for the Jewish Insider, an Orthodox Jew himself, was beaten and masks were burned, reminding me of Nazi book burnings.

At that time in France, we know that a Catholic priest held services for the men and women of the resistance in a basement. This was their safe social distancing. And that took place on one of the holiest of nights in Christianity, midnight mass on Christmas Eve 1943. Lives were saved by protecting those “essential” workers. The basement was their mask. The opened church was not with Gestapo all over France.

It is reasonable to assume that those three people who lost their lives during the resistance, fighting for all of US, had made mistakes too. Fauci’s mistakes were minor. We are not “cheerleaders” for Fauci as Trump portrays himself as “cheerleader” for US. Trump was a mistake from the beginning and his portraying the COVID-19 as a “flu” is just a good example of what it took to make things worse. If I could make a remake of “One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” Trump would be in it and would not be allowed out under any condition. And I can imagine Trump’s reaction which he spreads to his Repugnicans. Dr. Danenberg wants to close churches and synagogues in America and take away your freedom to worship. That’s unconstitutional and he wants you to hold services in a smelly basement somewhere. We should not follow science and I want to open the economy and open the churches now, now, now.

Trump did not declare victory after that telephone call with Brooklyn. The White House staff that participated should provide US with a detailed report of what led up to the phone call and what happened after it. Trump likes to win (and move on). He could have easily offered the Jewish community something since he keeps boasting what he has done for Israel and for African Americans. Why the repeat of death at the door of Jews through a super spreader event? And Avi Berkowitz could write a report, but will it be dictated by Trump himself? Remember that White House staff have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements and are not at liberty to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Blame Trump? Yes Trump is to blame! Fauci cannot be defeated in this country.

Trump is a rich combination of Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, and others who have made some terrible decisions throughout history, some much more than others. He is a Repugnican personified and he only really care about getting reelected. Trump cannot put down those great heroes in France fighting against fascism and he cannot put down Fauci and get away with it. Let’s volunteer in the name of Anthony Fauci to defeat this menace. Let’s save lives and get rid of Trump the Great Divider!

I decided to include once again what I wrote about the highest form of patriotism right here.

The highest form of patriotism comes most directly from those American soldiers who fight not only for the country but also for the men and women alongside them. The highest form comes not in battles where the enemy is easily defeated or routed, but in intense combat where wounded have to be treated and evacuated under fire. Those soldiers have suffered through disease during war and the ones who were infected or even suffered mental breakdown were rehabilitated through treatment and rest. I am reasonably certain that if the command were given (whether it appeared to be constitutional or not) to wear masks on the land, on the sea, or in the air that everyone would comply. Because of the fear of a court martial? No! Because those men and women will do their utmost to protect each other so they can all make it home to celebrate life.

During the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 masks were worn, but there were those who chose not to wear masks at all. People can cite the constitution as much as they want, but the leaders asked Americans to show their patriotism.

I can recall (at the age of 75) how children were kept out of school for conjunctivitis because it is contagious and would require a doctor’s note. It did not cause death either directly or indirectly as COVID-19 does. We have had all kinds of restrictive health considerations over the years including how we are allowed to dress in a restaurant and that was never a violation of the Constitution. Those things are the violations of the constitution of Americas cheerleader who is taking US down the path to ruin and bankruptcy and that is unfortunate. He chose not to wear a mask until someone told him that it was patriotic to wear a mask and later he chose to return to his former practice of no mask. Trump has left behind a trail of monumental mistakes even as he protected monuments more than people.

This information should be shared with everyone in the United States of America. Saving lives is our duty to each other in war and in peace.

Trump has not saved lives during the pandemic since he is responsible for a lion’s share of the deaths.  Truman cannot save lives nor our nation. He has to go now!

Miami-Dade School Board/Presidential Elections

Florida’s communities have been plagued by the silence surrounding adult education. Silence? Well not exactly total silence, but silence. Did you know that about 2.4 million adults in the state of Florida have not completed the minimum level of high school which more than often appears on job applications? High school diploma/GED. And did you know that among those 2,4000,000 adults that around 36,700 completed their GED in a year, putting Florida at slightly above the national average. This is not good at all. And things have gotten worse since the last year of published record in 2013.

And did you know that among the huge Hispanic/Latino/LatinX community that no more than 1,308 people took the test in Spanish in a year. The Spanish test in Florida has been severely underutilized for about 20 years or more. This “profesor” has urged all people coming to this country who never obtained a high school diploma before arriving here to take the test in their first year so that they could advance economically and socially. This amounts to a failure of leadership.

Things get worse for the adult community as more young people drop out of school, either before starting high school and by not completing high school.

This “profesor” known as “El Quijote del GED” has helped the state of Florida and his home state of New York to improve. Florida needs big changes now. And he always leaves off an s in profesor, using the version that was given to him by the Spanish speaking community.

Joe Biden spoke about the GED on national television on September 6, 2020 and I was informed about this by a friend who watched from his home in West Palm Beach. Joe Biden wants the Hispanic community to have a “Fair Shot” and we count on his support across the nation. So urge your friends to come out and vote for better education which has been ignored by Trump.

Spanish speaking people living in Florida and around our nation will understand clearly what I have been shouting for a decade and a half online and in newspapers including Christian newspapers “Ojalá Que Llueva Café Y Educación en el Campo” or “Ojalá Que Lllueva el GED” en nuestras casas y comunidades.

“El Quijote del GED” has helped the people in various ways including

Teaching in the Consulate of El Salvador in Brentwood, New York

Developing a GED practice test program in the Central Islip Library in New York where people received a higher level of support in English, Spanish, and French

Guest speaking in the Consulate of Mexico in Washington, D.C. and the Consulate of Ecuador in New York City and the Consulates of El Salvador in Elizabeth, New Jersey and Boston

Partnering with ASPIRA of New York holding two GED Roundtables in the office of ASPIRA in New York City and the Rotunda of the Bronx Supreme Court

Guest speaking at the World Convention of Iglesias de Asambleas Cristianas and making various visits to Christian Churches including a major voice Radio Visión Cristiana in Paterson, New Jersey

Appearing on Spanish language television and radio, particularly HITN-TV in Brooklyn, New York where he was honored with two Dominicans on the television show Dominicanos Destacados (even though he is not Dominican by birth or even naturalization)

Attending the Haitian Diaspora Forum of the Organization of American States advocating for Haitians after the earthquake in their country. Watch his video. And check out more of the work of Profesor Martin in New York here as a Haitian woman speaks out at City Hall. Martin was also a guest speaker in Dorchester, Massachusetts where Emeline Michel appeared in support of her people.

Watch this video of an important rally outside City Hall in New York City. “El Quijote del GED” gets help from the then chairman of the education committee who knew well the importance of the GED. Listen and fight for your community today to build a better community tomorrow. Donald Trump says that he loves the Hispanic community, but he really has a very limited sense of what that community consists of.  Let’s not be fooled by election year politics.

You will see in the video an African American who was my “keynote” speaker before the event was taken over by the education chairman. That man was the brother of the late Jam Master Jay of Run D-M-C

It’s time to care and share in the very important school board election in Miami-Dade.

Disposable Americans

President Macron of France said that a teacher died teaching “freedom of expression” and in Westchester Republicans did their best to prevent “freedom of expression.” And my old readers already know that I have reported that 100 police precincts are known to have had white supremacists infiltrated police departments in 40 states. I was not shocked to learn this recently since I know that a close or closer look at police departments has revealed the same information in the past. Hitler in Los Angeles details that danger of relying just on the police and let the police do its job (same as Let Trump Be Trump). Fascism thrives like that.

This is from my article Hitler’s Lies and Trump’s Perfect Truths on January 31, 2020 which was before we faced the real (not fake not hoax) Corona Virus now pretty much COVID-19,  which can be read in its entirety. I am reading and learning.  This time the book is The Rabbi Saved By Hitler’s Soldiers by Bryan Mark Rigg.  Other religions grew up hating the Jews and much of that has stopped since the 1960s.  I did learn that the theologian and pastor that I have quoted often was at one time a member of the Nazi Party and perhaps you know the quote attributed to Martin Niemoller who said “First they came for the communists and I did not speak out because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Finally, they came for me and there was no one left to speak out.

Martin Niemoller was sent to Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentrations camps.  He survived.  Right now White Supremacists are being arrested and there are more out there.  There are even links within Russia where more information has to be forthcoming and I hope soon.  Please share this article and other articles brought to your attention with the blue links

Technology and truth matter!

And that is not all as we see plots against elected officials that appear to be targeted by Trump and shouts of Lock Her Up which are not funny from a leader. In the mid-1930s Jack Benny, James Cagney, Charlie Chaplin, Al Jolson, Eddie Canter, Walter Winchell, and Goldwyn and Mayer were singled out among others for assassination by people intent on getting Jews to leave this country. Remove Trump now!

We turn now to Staten Island which is known for not being too liberal. This is the territory for now of Nicole Malliotakis who has represented her community in the New York State Assembly. I know that for the most part men and women in the assembly provide an important link to help their communities. So I dislike hearing people say that so and so does nothing for his or her constituents, especially when that person does a lot. These are times of war and the war turns ugly with untruths or lies. We are seeing video support from immigrants who have lived in countries dominated by communism and socialism to support the Donald Trump campaign. And I wonder if those people understand the great achievements of socialists in the past, things that include the FDIC which protects your money in banks insured to do that, child care, social security, a New Deal for Americans (called the Jew Deal in its day) that had been severely exploited, and the Affordable Health Care Act that Trump did not repeal on day one and replace. Combine that with the COVID-19 pandemic and I would have no trouble calling Nicole Malliotakis Nicole Malliotuchos-kisser for being aligned with Donald Trump. Things would have been different for sure if Senator John McCain would be alive, well, and running again. I went to see McCain and Obama when the National Council of La Raza invited them in 2008. This was not an ugly moment in our history and now we see the results of four years of Donald Trump.

This comes from the New York Post following a debate between Malliotakis and Congressman Max Rose.

“Max was marching in front of police precinct with the anti-police crowd,” said Malliotakis, noting that some of the marchers carried signs such as “Blue Lives Murder” and “defund the police.”

This is typical Republican hysteria which I have been around in the past. Obama is this, Clinton is that, making it sound like the end of the world for the United States. Trump has been responsible for more deaths due to his handling of things that we have experienced in wars, “carnage” in cities, and more. Silence from Malliotuchos-Kisser. And it reminds me of poor observations and decisions made by police. A recent example that we have seen showed police rushing to a crime scene and without giving much thought to the matter they arrested innocent people and probably allowed the guilty ones to get away.

Max Rose is a relatively newcomer to politics and Malliotakis is not. She was a community liaison to Governor Pataki and many of the problems go back that far and before that. Even if Rose were a Conservative, we would have to give him the benefit of the doubt since he was not part of the problem created by people in government.

You can see the Republicans that are coming out now real hard against Trump. He had a few come out a couple of years ago who could not tolerate his politics. There is more and more the sense that the Republicans could easily be defeated now. But why after so many great accomplishments according to Trump. Trump can win but he is also to blame for the great disaster around COVID-19. He should have been gone a long time ago but he was protected by the Senate of the United States.

Trump is desperate and he comment that he might leave America if Biden wins does have two good meanings to think about. First he hates to lose. Second he will probably be facing charges where the Senate cannot help him. If Biden wins as Michael Cohen has said, Trump may resign and be pardoned by Mike Pence before Pence leaves. But we Americans should have read the little machine where we insert our credit cards which says Please Remove. That machine should have been bipartisan from the start instead of finding out now in the remaining days that so many more Republicans will be switching to Biden who never thought about switching to Obama or even Clinton. Things are just that bad in our nation.

White supremacy is in the news often, more often. And just at the time of the announcement of arrests in the East and West (narcotics trafficking among hate) Sheldon Adelson is giving up $75 million for Trump. Would you believe that man who must hate anti-Semitism with passion would make such a large investment? And this is happening under Trump’s watch and he clearly not united US. Are those white supremacist the communists and socialists that we are being told about by Repugnicans and Malliotuchos-kisser. They are not. They are much more closely linked with Repugnicans. I noticed the photo just days ago of Lindsay Graham a leader of the Proud Boys.

The news includes the beheading in France of a teacher who like the teacher in Westchester in a Republican stronghold, presented a controversial amount of material. The teacher in France brought into class a controversial cartoon that has inflamed Muslims and now France has declared what happened as a “terrorist” attack and rightly so according to our democratic standards. The people in Westchester did not even try to do the same thing to the teacher there, but they were “calling for his head.” The problem there was to almost equate revelations about police with defaming God. Which are not the same. The Minister of Education in France said that the teacher had the right to present the material and in Westchester the superintendent said the teacher should not have presented the material. Republicans have to take a closer look at their behavior and supporting Trump is the Número Uno or number one.

We know that Trump has kind of spoken out about hate and white supremacy, but weakly at best. Rudy Giuliani said when he heard the name “Black Lives Matter” he thought it was “racist” and that man is a top advisor to Trump. They belong together. Please Remove. Macron was on the scene right away to show his leadership. Trump has to be found or forced to make the best statement that he is capable of.  There was no hate in the comments of the Frenchman, just speaking out about an atrocity of justice that has taken place. The assassin of the teacher was shot by police at the scene and an investigation is taking place.

I, personally, would not use the cartoon created by Charlie Hebdo because we do not need another Crusade. The cartoon showing a time line of hateful acts against African Americans throughout our history is totally different. There was a cartoon depicting Israeli Defense Forces on a regents exam over a year ago that there were objections by Jews to that. Sensitive material but not an attack on the God of the Jews.

And mayors and governors are being attacked in a democracy, a moment for Republicans to cry out and demand not only a much better statement from Trump, but more action that he probably is not capable of. Unity. He is for disunity. And where is the tuchos-kisser on that? Macron grew exponentially as a leader and Takos diminishes herself in many ways. Would she even speak out after reading my article?

And after composing this information, the news came in from France that the beheaded teacher will be declared a national hero and in Westchester the teacher there remains silent. He should speak out, but keep in mind that his school is in a Republican stronghold. That whole community should speak out about the “freedom of expression” which always has its consequences. And The New York Post added fuel to the fire in calling what the teacher did “propaganda” and it did so without citing any evidence, stirring the pot, I believe, in Westchester. And France is rising up to support teachers. Trump sent his condolences, but he must know how “freedom of expression” was attacked in his own territory.

I woke up early to show more information about the book that I am reading about the French Resistance during World War II but I found this (and I have been writing about this kind of thing for some time). I hope people in Staten Island and Brooklyn learn more about that before November 3, 2020. White supremacy is a subject that Trump really had to talk more about over the last four years.

Indiana officer fired after ties to neo-Nazi internet forum are revealed

Tim Stelloh 11 hours ago

What I read last night about the top person fighting to free France from the grip of the Nazis was this. He was captured and sent to Gestapo headquarters in Paris. I knew about his escape from reading another book by Lynne Olson. He knew that he could be tortured or executed as had happened to others.

The crackdown in Vichy France was enormous, but there had been great things going on for some time including revelations about Wernher von Braun’s work on rockets that were eventually used in a huge attack on the British, killing thousands. These V1 and V2 rockets were destroyed at first because of the work of people in the resistance so that delayed the growth of power for six months at a critical time in history. Stalingrad and North Africa pretty much sealed Germany’s fate during those months as well.

The Gestapo finally turned out of desperation to this resistance leader and tried the persuasion that opened my eyes up. They wanted this Frenchman to retire from helping the British who were communicating with, financing, and coordinating things in France. So the Gestapo pushed aside talk about attacking the British and told the Frenchman to focus instead on their common enemy (which came up in American politics in the early 1950s and has taken hold again under Trump-the man who pushes the opening up of our economy under COVID-19 conditions the way that a free love fanatic would push free sex under an AIDS pandemic making people disposable). That “common enemy” was the communists. Those communists were fighting their tochus off to defeat the Nazis and the  Maquisards also included socialists and other groups (helped downed Allied airmen and Jews to escape). They were not tuchos-kissers. For people in Staten Island to know is there was even a Maquis de La Tourette group that operated in two regions of France.

That man captured by the Gestapo chose escape instead and he did indeed escape from the Nazis. We either have to escape from the Nazis in America or Please Remove. Trump is ridiculously close to being a fascist operating in a democracy. His tochus has the odor of a swamp full of skunks.

Have you seen my last article Learning from the Resistance in Vichy France?

Learning from the Resistance in Vichy, France

I really did not know where to begin this new article. I have written about the Occupation of Paris by the Nazis in Jewish Business News and the book I am reading about has detailed so much about the Vichy government during World War II. This is also a book about the resistance of the French people to the takeover of the Nazis. In Paris and throughout the occupied territory it was clearly the worser of the two situations. The Nazis under the armistice agreement were not allowed in Vichy, but those terms were never honored as their agents streamed in right away. That reminds me of the good ole USA during the 1930s when I was reading Hitler in Los Angeles and Hitler was waiting for his agents to strike a blow and overthrow our democracy. Vichy had two choices and the first choice that came to power under Marshall Pétain was the light version that did not last long. The resistance does remind me of the protests that have been going on throughout our nation and around the world as people seek justice. The second choice was draconian measures having nothing to do with a free society.

France gave the world the idea of Liberté, Egalité, and Fraternité and that concept was replaced by the Nazis. In Vichy, France the theme was travaille, famille, and patrie (work, family, and country). There is, of course, a blending of those terms within our own nation with the problems it is now facing as it has always been. But things now are much worse under Trump.

But this history actually began, according to Lynne Olson and others, of course, in 1936 with the lack of preparedness of the French government. Just as I reported in the last article how Germany failed to calculate properly the damage being done of its Eastern Front, we see that the government and military commanders of France were wrong in expecting the Maginot Line to hold and Germany attacked through the Ardennes. Pétain who failed continued to hold power in his hands in Vichy afterwards which the French accepted. Franklin D. Roosevelt found out from Ambassador William Bullitt that the French leaders ”have accepted completely for France the fate of becoming a province of Nazi Germany.” So there was really plenty of time to react, but failed leadership gave Hitler the advantage.

Navarre whose real name was Georges Loustaunau-Lacau was one of two military men who opposed the French plan to defend France against an attack by Germany. The other officer who opposed was Charles de Gaulle. But to Madame Fourcade or Marie-Madeleine Fourcade, she called Georges “Navarre” for the rest of his life. The two men were rivals and de George would not even consent to their joining forces in the resistance movement. The help that Madame Fourcade and Navarre needed then came from Britain when its representative, Kenneth Cohen, a top intelligence official (who was Jewish) agreed to do whatever was possible to aid the resistance. England was alive and desperately in need of help.

Henri Rollin was a Frenchman in Vichy that seemed so out of his place at that time. A man who had been an opponent of anti-Semitism and who had written a book about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was married to a Russian Jew. July 16-17, 1942 were the dates when the French Roundup of Jews took place in Paris and Henri Rollin and his wife met with Madame Fourcade in 1942 to ask her to discontinue her resistance efforts in France. Anti-Semitism led to the persecution of Jews in Vichy but that woman was shielded. So there were Jews around Hitler and Jews around Pétain.

The history provokes deep thinking about things as the time required deep thinking in the effort to defeat Nazism. Otherwise defeating Fascism could not have been possible. Consider this. The British attacked the French Navy of Vichy and killed twelve hundred French sailors on July 3, 1940 at Mers El Kébir in Northern Africa, blowing up the battleship Bretagne (Britain in English).  This ushered in a tremendous amount of hate and resentment of the British, particularly among the military in France and did not forebode well for drafting people into  the resistance. Navarre, one of the organizers of that resistance felt that recruitment could end up being “zero” and shatter the hopes of Frenchman who would resist. What was largely place was the great collaboration of veterans, military, and police with the Nazis as life went on throughout Vichy, but more and more men and women were found who joined various resistance groups. Protest was not possible, but resistance was and it was very dangerous.

Here at home today we observe a man who cannot lead our nation constantly talking about patriotism, reminding and praising his followers about their being the patriots. Invoking a low level of patriotism in the fight against COVID-19. His White House made a call to the Jewish community in March 2020 to explain to Jewish people who were not socially distancing in Brooklyn that their behavior was contrary to Jewish law. After that call very little happened to control things. That was the limited control that Trump had on the virus as the virus jumped from killing one or two to killing hundreds of thousands. So just as in the killing of over a thousand sailors in Vichy, people had to decide which side to be on and it was difficult to obtain unity. Vichy was resigned to become a part of the Reich and there were those who would not stand for it.

The limited freedom that the French had in Vichy in the beginning could be eliminated at any time that the Nazis were ready to do that. That was determined largely by how the war was going in Europe. Things were quite easy at first but by 1942 and the attack on the Soviet Union, people everywhere sensed that the Nazis (Fascists) could be defeated.

At one point in the book, there were several arrests including the arrest of Madame Fourcade’s mother. The stress she felt was incredible. That moment was also one of decision making. Would the resistance continue or would it fall apart or it be destroyed.  Madame Fourcade was given a decision to make. She was told by one of her agents that he was able to get the release of the agents by using 2 million francs. That moment got my attention and I spoke about it at home. A day later this was confirmed in the book. The man had only given the authorities 80,000 francs as the ransom for the agents and he had pocketed the rest.

Madame Fourcade was given an ultimatum since the Vichy agents knew about her and her operation which was to give up the struggle and join the other side.  She led them on to believe that she would comply with their wish. She knew that things were changing in Vichy from bad to worse and that the Nazis were taking over, but she chose Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity over what Vichy had offered, did a great job, and contributed immensely to the success of the Allies in the war against the Fascists. She did her best also to protect her agents from harm and death. Trump has done the opposite as he pushed for the economy to open when the highest form of patriotism was in order. Saving lives!

I have read about the formation of the KKK and how that was a money-making scheme. We have learned about the financial fraud in the news of the NRA or National Rifle Association. And last night I learned about a case that was recently closed for lack of evidence pertaining to the money as the agents in Washington, D.C. assigned to investigate Donald Trump could not gain enough evidence on $10 million that he transferred in 2016 to the Republican Campaign Committee, money that could have come from an Egyptian bank. The dictator of Egypt later had a meeting with Trump after the election results were in. Would Madame Fourcade have helped that investigation? She easily learned about the 1,920,000 francs that were fraudulently acquired by her agent by going to the source and asking the right question. There was corruption in France as that money was hidden and you can see how a Donald Trump might have handled that after what he did to Puerto Rico which was terminally ill after Hurricane Maria. And Puerto Ricans in his party accepted the slow flow of funds to the island.

So Pétain was given power after his mistakes. Trump has caused economic suffering and increased deaths during COVID-19 and his party wants him to have four more years. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and destroyed our airplanes that were not being protected, MacArthur who made the error continued to lead and provide lots of theatrics and showmanship to cover up his mistakes. I cite one such example of the fighting in the Pacific where the general’s right hand man, Willoughby said that the Japanese  would put up “stubborn, but not serious , enemy resistance” on Biak Island and that was far from the reality of the situation.  MacArthur’s spokesperson predicted 5,625 enemy troops and there were around 12,350 there. This turned out to be a brutal fight.

 And the beat goes on! The war against COVID-19 has become bigger and longer due to Trump’s tactical errors. This “patriot” should be patriotically dismissed from American political life or he could just fade away. Trump touted this and he touted that and we are still waiting and people are getting sick, sicker, and dying. And the beat goes on!

And this just came in and my readers know that I have been writing and warning about this for a long time.

Secret audio recordings detail how white supremacists seek recruits from military, police

Kim Hjelmgaard, USA TODAY  1 hr ag

 Kim A TO

Kim Hjelmgaard   USA Today 1 hour ago

I am sure that there will be more about the French Resistance coming. We are resisting right now and we hope for the best on November 3, 2020. Trump has been whipping up his supporters to concentrate on attacking communism and socialism. The time has come to reject that and fight against fascists and white supremacists.

Zeitungennacht: Jewish Insider Journalist Brutally Attacked

We have heard of Kristallnacht, although it appears that a huge percentage of people have never heard of it. I surely didn’t teach it in 7th grade Social Studies on the Lower East Side. And it was not part of the GED materials used in the programs helping people earn a high school equivalency. I had to look up the German word for the press or newspapers to obtain the title of this new article. Kristallnacht happened in Austria and it was provoked by Nazis wishing to destroy Jews before The Final Solution or extermination of Jews.

 In no way do I wish to diminish the Holocaust by portraying several minutes of horrible conduct by some ultra-Orthodox Jews in Borough Park just a few nights ago. I wrote about that event in my previous article about COVID-19 (on the ground).

A journalist was beaten by several people which was caught on tape. Freedom of the press failed in New York City and it turns out that the victim was not African American, Asian, Hispanic, or even Palestinian-American. The man, Jacob Kornbluh, is a Jew who is Hasidic. That night was a horrible night in Borough Park and many Jews have condemned it. The local councilman asked the rabbis for help and guidance in this matter and apparently those who were involved in the attack had not studied Jewish law sufficiently in being part of the Donald Trump Law and Order team. The protestors had Trump flags, Trump posters, and according to others in that community the instructions for the protest originated with the Republican Party dominated by Trump.

Jacob Kornbluh could have been killed by what happened and that would have made matters worse for Keep America Great which has followed Make America Great Again. Those red hats and those ideas have surfaced repeatedly since the Campaign of 2016. You can read about it when you take another look at the Parkland Massacre, the massacre in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, the killing in Kenosha, and it has had Trump’s hand in it all over our nation in dividing and exciting people to violence. It has given me lots of tsuris for four years and no this group was not paid for by George Soros who has had enough tsuris as well from Trump staff and propagandists across our nation.  And there had been another beating the night before to consider.

Let’s take a quick look at what I wrote in The Force 2020 DDT about Trump’s Lies. “On September 8, 1939 200 Jews were killed in Bedzin as they were rounded up, moved into a synagogue, and the Germans torched the synagogue.  The next day Hitler perpetrated a lie as he had 30 Poles (non-Jewish rounded up) and blamed them for the fire.  Those people were executed in a public square.  Let us now look at a very possible modern-day explanation made possible by only one man.  The explanation is that it’s a “hoax” concocted by Joe Biden who wants to nullify the Election of 2016.” And I wrote this before taking on the Corona Virus as a subject on February 10, 2020.

And on February 29, 2020 I wrote in The Corona Virus on Wall Street and Main Street about our soldiers afflicted in the Pacific by disease. “I was just reading the other night about World War II in the Pacific and there are often parallels in human behavior to explain.  Trump always minimizes things that are a detriment to Trump and that kind of mentality often affected our soldiers as they tried to get adjusted to fighting in a theater of war that they had no training for.   The scrub typhus that affected our troops on Biak Island often required months of convalescence for our soldiers and others were assigned limited duty during a major war.  Our troops were warned by locals or “indigenous people” living there.  The island was “tabu.”  A thousand were affected as they traversed the jungle where mites hung on to the scrub which got onto the clothes of the troops as they walked.  This weakened our war effort and there were lots of other things to contend with that impacted on the health during that war.” This was well before Trump took actions recommended by the CDC.

On that same day Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on The Today Show and announced that the risk was low, but could change (quickly). The day before that in South Carolina, Trump was crying out that the Democrats were making the Corona Virus a political issue, something which I started writing about, in my own way, on February 10th. We knew we were in trouble and lives had to saved. By March 17 the decision was made not to accept herd immunity politics and our nation fought to flatten the curve (at least we thought that about our people). Constantly violations took place and Trump blew a fuse as he helped open up states well before the guidelines in the name of American jobs over American lives. We learned that the virus could be mitigated in its spread while being 6 feet away and then we learned about airborne droplets that travelled 27 feet in the air. We needed one important insurance policy and that was to keep Donald Trump 1,000 miles away (no Doo-wop pun intended).

It’s time for our nation to blow the trumpet and knock down this wall of hate that Trump has created. Just a couple of weeks ago in Miami, Americans had to find out that there were anti-Semitic inserts posted each week in the Spanish weekly El Heraldo and Trump has not spoken out. Trump has not spoken out about the attack that took place in Borough Park, not even to distance himself from the perpetrators or from the man who called out for people to get Jacob Kornbluh, a man who later entered into one of the cars in Trump’s caravan. He did not speak out for Hispanics who were beaten attacked or denigrated in the past. He did not speak out to protect a Catholic priest who was threatened in Wisconsin for protecting undocumented immigrants (mostly from Guatemala). He rarely speaks out but does so when he is pushed to do so as he recently spoke those “stand down and stand by. Someone has to do something about Antifa…..” Even when he speaks out he is lost in thoughts that would have been expressed anywhere but on the world political stage.

Let’s take a close look at Adolph Hitler who controlled the police, secret police, and lots of other resources that intimidated, hurt, and killed people. It was November 1938 in Austria. He explained to a friend that the purpose of Kristallnacht was to get Jews to emigrate faster. When his friend’s children asked him about it, he blamed Kristallnacht on Goebbels (who Biden mentioned recently). So he quickly changed his mind just like Trump does. Hitler also said that he was saving democracy in Germany. Hitler actually called off a mini-pogrom against Jews in Berlin for June 1938 because of his fears of upsetting the balance of world opinion. And what actually happened is this. Hitler kept his role in Reichkristallnacht secret and voiced condemnation of it. Keep in mind that there was a world boycott of Germany up to that moment. In 1938: Hitler’s Gamble where this information was taken from, “Hitler said “I don’t want my SS involved in any of these actions under any circumstances.” And the propaganda continued and continued. Just like Make America Great under Donald Trump.

I saw one comment on the internet that there was no looting during Kristallnacht as someone commented about our recent American peaceful protests that resulted in looting. The answer to that is that Hitler ordered that there should “no looting.” And here in the United States, we see too many times that since early 2017 that Trump did not commit to paying for more police around our nation which has been needed since his remarks about “the carnage” in Chicago and other places. Trump is a very weak president who counts on his supporters and has never captured the hearts of the American people. That is in Rage by Bob Woodward. He has been a president without a plan or program.

Trump lost it all a long time ago and even thinking about COVID-19 when he closed off China which helped somewhat, he failed to recognize that this war was a two-front war. So just like Hitler failed by attacking the West and underestimating the Soviet Union, Trump and his ultra-Orthodox supporters in a war. They are soldiers as we all are, but we are the patriotic ones fighting to save lives which people in our military know well, rabbis know well because of Talmudic studies, and Democrats and independents will soon know as well all over the United States. We men and women who write articles about Trump and his handling of things are not “the enemy of the people.” Au contraire, the enemies of the journalist beaten on a New York Street are on the way to jail or will be soon.

Trump spoke out to police a long time ago, telling police to rough up people after the death of Freddie Gray. He could have apologized for that and changed the course of his administration and perhaps gained some badly needed support from African Americans. The damage done in Borough Park, a state that Joe Biden should win, was stupid politics as usual for Trump. What he does get in terms of support from the media are Black men and women and some others who ignore that stupidity as they promote a message that Trump is gaining a lot of votes that he did not have in 2016. Think again, as I mentioned in articles in Jewish Business News and The Force 2020 DDT that Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore in Republican safe Alabama with 98 percent of African American women voting for the Democrat. History is lined up to repeat itself and restore the kind of vote that Obama got in 2012 and which Clinton failed to achieve.

Jews around the United States will wake up to Trump as this message gets out. Florida should go Democrat and put the nail in Trump’s coffin. This nation needs unity and not division. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump blames the Borough Park mob attack on communists or socialists, something that Hitler perfected. The people Trump sees destroying America in his head are White Supremacists, but he doesn’t know it. He knows very little. And then Stalin used his platform to portray great heroes as fascists. Trump still has not spoken out days later. Why not?

Please see Corona Virus Today: Vital Suggestions as you keep in mind everything that has happened since the first death on February 29, 2020. The ideas were consistent with what I had been writing about for weeks.

A man was just shot dead as a security guard hired to protect journalists ended what seemed to be an altercation on the streets of Denver, Colorado.

COVID-19 in the Skies and on the Ground News

This is no joke. A woman with two children attending college fought her way out of poverty to climb the ladder of success in life. She took a trip by airplane to Florida from New York. One of the other passengers, just like her, has two children and obtained success in life. As the second woman was talking near the first woman’s seat she coughed and sneezed spraying the area. She had no mask on and was not complying with federal regulations during COVID-19. The first woman a laboratory technician had some slides with her and removed the fluid near her to the slide and put it away to be tested later. The first woman later became sick and unfortunately she passed away from COVID-19.

Family members of the first woman were in shock about everything that had happened. Among her close family were judges and police officers. The police officers at family gathering strongly indicated their preference for Donald Trump who has been known as a “law and order” president.  But Trump is also the mask choice president who has undermined lots of places across our nation. Now the family appears really at war with itself because of the mourning process and the facts of the matter. All the cousins and others involved love each other but they were divided long before this incident happened. Reality is setting in and this is not a reality show where people can get fired. The death of their beloved family member matters! This kind of behavior is shocking as those family members have to pretty much say “Goodbye Cuz! It’s just too bad that you got the virus and died Cuz! And ignore those important “essentials” of poor leadership in Washington, D.C. Burying their heads in the sand for some rhetorical support by Donald Trump and his band of merry propagandists.

In the White House right now there is concern for one of security staff who has COVID-19 and whose condition is very serious. There will be more news about that soon.


White House Security Official Contracted Covid-19 in September

Jennifer Jacobs  50 mins ago

Jennifer Jacobs      50 minutes ago

“The White House has not publicly disclosed Bailey’s illness”

For new readers this article contains information that contradicts Trump’s patriotism in relation to the pandemic. See Trump’s Genius: Proud Boys Stand By


The NYPD had to deal with a major problem in Borough Park, Brooklyn, New York as a large group of ultra-Orthodox gathered to protest the decision by our state and city leaders to limit openings of synagogues and churches (Roman Catholic support was also evident for the demonstration). Suddenly one of the men saw a reporter who works for Jewish Insider and who is Jewish and who was called a “Nazi” and “Hitler” and it was shouted out to “get him” which reminds me of the last Donald Trump campaign. Jewish men seized the man and started to beat him which also happened in 2016 when an African American man was struck in the venue by a Trump supporter. What are the police thinking as they perform their duties in New York contrary to the wishes of Donald Trump who is for mask choice? What are police thinking all over the city? And where is the help that those police need right now from Donald Trump or even Mike Pence?

Jacob Kornbluh was brutally assaulted and the leaders of that protest and the people involved have to come to terms with what they did.  A bystander was also attacked. He was just standing there as Hersy Tischler spotted him the way Donald Trump in big crowds calls out that the “fake media (“enemy of the people”) are over there. And the police were not quick to help Kornbluh as he stated that it took ten minutes for the police to finally free him from the suffering he had experienced. Kornbluh pressed charges against Tischler and that matter is under investigation. Kornbluh spoke about the “rage” of the community as I and Bob Woodward the author of Rage, reveal where the rage comes from. How many police officers across our nation have read the book? Hersy Tischler is a candidate for the City Council of New York. The photos that I saw in BoroPark24 an online newspaper revealed police wearing masks and a very large part of the ultra-Orthodox community with no faces covered. After reading the statement of Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein of Brooklyn, I called his office and recommended that he get out into the streets to calm things down. The whole world is watching!

Kornbluh was called a “Nazi” has to be repeated here. As people know Trump could easily call Kornbluh a “communist” or a “Nazi” and police have to think about that. Trump is so close to being declared Nazi-In-Chief right now since just about everything that defines a fascist has lined up with him. And if Kornbluh personally opposes Trump, the recent propaganda from Trump’s White House is that the United States is going to be taken over by socialists and/or communists. Can Jews in Borough Park be declared Nazis. There were Jews around Hitler before the Holocaust and there were half Jews in the Nazi war machine. There were even Black people in Germany who wanted to join the Hitler youth at that time. One of them later worked at both Ebony and Jet Magazines. And keep in mind that there is a report about how 100 police precincts in 40 states have been infiltrated by White Supremacists. Our leading agencies including the Department of Justice and Homeland Security have warned the nation repeatedly about this critical matter and Trump has remained largely oblivious as the election draws near, needing those votes badly.

And I have repeatedly written that our biggest threat are those very same people and the right wing. Here is today’s example. No it’s not a communist threat to take over America,

Militia group plotted to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, feds say

Paul Egan and Tresa Baldas, Detroit Free Press  29 mins ago

Paul Egan and Tiresa Baldas  Detroit Free Press 29 Minutes Ago

Paul Egan and Tresa Baldas, Detroit Free Press  31 mins ago

Earlier in the day I had reached out a community newspaper in Miami because of the months of inserts with anti-Semitic tropes included in the Sunday paper there. I was told that when people talk about what happened and they were disgusted, they just don’t know what to do. Trump has not taken action there, but I have contacted people hoping to unite people in Miami. Trump has divided people and he has not given NYPD anything that would help New York to protect all people better before and during this pandemic. And it has to be determined if those Trump flags hoisted by the ultra-Orthodox men at the protest and riot influenced New York’s Finest. Ten minutes to help a man in need! There was a lot of speculation by police and retired police about the disparity of policing in an article in The New York Post, but no mention of Trump and his influence.

Take a look at America’s First Death from COVID-19 on February 29th, 2020 with some information from Bob Woodward and his interviews with Donald Trump.

America’s First Death from COVID-19 February 29th, 2020

And the deaths continue under Trump and continue and continue.

Taking a closer look at America First (at that moment) which is part of the title of this article.

It’s February 26, 2020 and Bob Woodward reports in Rage that Trump wanted to fire Nancy Messonnier of the CDC for making him look bad. Messonnier had issued a stark warning on Feb. 25 which Trump did not like. The warning was about closing down schools and workers may have to work at home. A model that happened in fact. Trump took action placing Mike Pence in charge of Coronavirus Task Force while making an important historical and political statement that should have caused Trump to be replaced.

“This is a flu. This is like a flu,” Trump said alluding to 15 cases in the United States. And Messonnier’s was an answer about schools being prepared for the virus. It was apparent at that time that it was not Trump’s job to Keep America Safe. Trump, mighty Trump, was expecting those cases to go down, to zero as his expectations that those people would be safe from death and serious complications.

Case #15, a healthy woman from’ California, began to deteriorate. Her case caused Dr. Anthony Fauci to say “Holy shit!” and “Here we go!” as it was becoming clear that the virus was being spread among people that had not had any contact with China at all. So where was the virus coming from? In New York there was a problem as people were arriving from Italy.

This information comes to you by way of Fox News on July 13, 2020 concerning Nancy Pelosi. She was clearly not well enough informed as she visited Chinatown in San Francisco on February 24, 2020. There will be more about the context of the COVID-19 spread and the effort to contain it here. Her visit was provoked by the slowing of business in this Chinatown. True and she did not wear a mask as she approached and hugged people. But all that changed fast and Trump never learned anything of great value to save more lives.

We had had four bills, all bipartisan, but they have not been implemented by the administration,” she said. “And no, we said testing from March 4. We were writing the bill to find out what the threat was to us while the president was saying delay, denial, calling it a hoax, and causing deaths.”

Then there is the issue of patriotism as almost 80 percent of people polled report moderate or stronger racism at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The survey conducted by the American Federation of Government Employees included responses from about 1,500 VA workers and showed that 76% of employees who responded said they “experienced racially charged actions” while working at the department. AFGE says it represents about 270,000 of VA’s more than 400,000 employees.

Abbie Bennett  October 1, 2020

Racism in the VA? We must find out if there were deaths in hospitals caused by racism during COVID-19.

Americans are growing tired of Trump’s spiel about things that include, for example, that he gets COVID-19 and that “we love the USA. And we love what’s happening.” We do not appreciate the death and spread of disease caused by Trump and his hunches and his supporters.  There must be people right now thinking that Trump is going to resign, especially if his health is at great risk. Trump has been known, you know, to declare victory and move on. This could be his shining moment for that. You have taken a look at Trump’s America in this article and things are not pretty at all. From the attack on Nancy Pelosi in Trump’s media for not doing more about the COVID-19 situation (she was not the president) early on to the current situation with Trump’s intimate circle infecting each other and Trump’s demand to see his followers as though he were Winston Churchill going out to a city that has been bombed by the Luftwaffe continuously (23,002 dead and 32,138 wounded among the civilian population) to be with his countrymen at the worst moment of their lives. Trump’s Americans are not under those conditions, but far too many of them will put US at risk of Trump’s very own Luftwaffe in the air. Trump has clearly put men in our secret service at risk, unnecessarily or is someone going to tell me that it was necessary because Trump wanted to go out and greet people.

And today Trump picked up where he left off as he sows dissension across America. Those comments would have been much better coming from a man in his own Tower who never got elected to prevent Americans from dying in great numbers. He is expected to be discharged tonight. We should discharge him. Period!

Please share my article on The White House Infected with COVID-19.

White House Infected With COVID-19: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Trump shows his hypocrisy again by not taking Hydroxychloroquine as expected by tens of millions of his supporters and billions of others who were waiting to see what he would take just in case he tested positive. And remember that so many studies “proved” that in the early stages of the virus it was very successful.  Although many, many studies showed that it was no better than a placebo. There should be protests against Trump all over our nation by those doctors who touted the medication since Trump has betrayed them.  Trump opted for Remdesivir which costs in excess of $3,000 to be administered but he had the plan to give US something that costs pennies and that could kill more people who were at risk as he continued to urge people to take hydroxyclorquine and was assisted by friends at Fox News in that endeavor.

I have long said that Trump should have been wearing a body camera since I did not trust him (repeatedly published in Jewish Business News). And how many of Trump’s Merry Men (and Women) are taking hydroxychloroquine)?

After all these months Trump turned pro-choice in this matter as he passed over anecdotal evidence in favor of the scientific method. Actually a closer look at this matter could be citing again that people get better only with a placebo that has no medical value and by taking appropriate medication. Even the conservative media that has supported Trump all these months cannot hide these truths and the best that it can do is to report that Trump changed his mind. But where does that leave most of America: dead, living, sick with COVID-19, and fighting years of poor health coming under a man who called it a flu that will go away and certainly under his control. Among the first six people in America that had the virus were five that had come back from China and one that had not had contact with China, according to Woodward. Very interesting! And right now Trump’s patriot horde are ascribing to him the height of patriotism for lack of anything else to say. Propaganda is in vogue.

Trump has been killing the Republican Party for years as he did his best to kill the Democrats. The White House should be finished (its full of all kinds of illnesses including giving aid to White Supremacists) , but we do not have a clean recall provision. Trump has never been clean even when the New York Post headline portrayed him as “Clean” to give him a boost in New York. It’s time to politically use Mr. Clean for the White House and get rid of it now. Trump should resign! The old prayer from Fiddler on the Roof applies to Trump. May God bless and keep the Czar far away from US. Republicans on November 3 can write in their vote for whomever they want. That’s constitutional!

Here is Sean Hannity’s comment which was predictable.

“I know there will be probably those that want to politicize something like this as quickly as possible which is sad….”

Sean Hannity should be demoted at Fox News. But I can imagine his comment to me which would probably be “So I’m a hypocrite!” I would recommend to Fox News to assign Hannity and other worthy people presenting the news the job of sanitizing the newsroom and give them “essential worker” status. Some of them have been paid enough over the years to slowly destroy America in the name of free speech.

I would strongly recommend right now that Trump be given a lie detector test to ascertain the truth about various things including his real position of the Trump cure, Hunter Biden and the phone calls, Russian collusion since Robert Mueller really did not go into that and confused US, and just what was taking place with James Comey who was asked to drop the case against Mike Flynn (as a beginning). I’m sure there are things that have been left out.

I just read about how Bob Woodward was told by Trump by reading Rage that Trump was not concerned about his getting COVID-19 and then the news came out about Trump’s positive test.

Trump has failed many tests of power, including COVID-19. One of today’s headlines also indicates that Trump got nothing for backing the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in the murder of Khashoggi and I wrote in my article this week that after all the love letters to Kim of North Korea we have learned that there was no denuclearization taking place as Trump misled US on that. Repugnicans have betrayed US for sure and they will not even admit it right now nor do I expect that confession to take place for many years as they will let time take care of it.

I read in Rage that five people influenced Trump to shut down the flights from China, but Trump took credit for it, telling the world that he was the “only one” who favored that. This is what I had expected of Trump for a long time, but not from the beginning in 2016. You learn and I learned that he has taken some of the worst features of Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, and General MacArthur (in the last article I was thinking of MacArthur’s theatrics as I wrote about Trump). Woodward does not mention anything like that in detailing the interviews with Trump, but I will send this off to Woodward for comment. I’m reasonably sure that Woodward knows that history and will concur. 

You can learn a bit more by searching for the content of this on the internet.

General MacArthur Gained Fame in WWII, Infamy in the Korean War




President Truman’s decision to fire MacArthur during the height of the Korean War shocked the public. Keep in mind all that Trump has said and done that was wrong in reading this and do keep in mind that Trump has been in control in America. This is about a North Korean advance into South Korea in June 1950. “This is probably only a reconnaissance-in-force. If Washington only will not hobble me, I can handle it with one arm tied behind my back” he said. What was really happening was that MacArthur was making up things not even knowing how bad things were and acting very casual about it all.

This just came on the internet as well.

Lindsey Graham photographed with leader of white nationalist group Proud Boys

Gerren Keith Gaynor October 2, 2020 The Grio

The South Carolina senator recently called Proud Boys a ‘racist organization,’ however, photo shows him smiling with a known leader of the white nationalist group.” And this photo was just taken within the last few days. I guess Lindsay Graham was smiling because he was on Candid Camera. This is worth watching since the South Carolina race has been called very close and we must learn what Graham has to say about this matter. He could lose lots of support now which should remind US about just how the Republicans lost the senate race in Alabama as Doug Jones won.

Trump’s Genius: Proud Boys Stand By

Big Boys Don’t Cry and Proud Boys Stand By are the essence of Donald Trump as he tries to contradict himself with facts as we know them. We know he has sometimes spoken out, but after it was late, late, late. And here, again, we see that the Proud Boys celebrated their victory as Trump told them to “stand by.” And that comment made by Trump during the debate included and was followed by someone has to do something which demonstrates his intent to anoint The Proud Boys or anyone other such group. This debate should remind US of Trump’s telling US that Muslims celebrated in New Jersey the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9-11. Trump says he does not know The Proud Boys. Does that mean that he has never met them? His comment shows US after the debate that he knew why The Proud Boys go where they go.

Does that mean that Giuliani never explained to him what The Proud Boys were about? Does that mean that Senator Scott from South Carolina never brought up the white supremacist agenda as he spoke to Trump? And let’s not leave out the Kushner’s since Jews have been killed under Trump’s watch and synagogues have become less safe leading to massive amounts of protections put in place.  Trump’s comments have apparently led to more support for The Proud Boys, according to the news. And with that growth comes more danger for innocent people in Under Trump We Do Not Trust.

Trump asked that these groups step back and let the police do their work as he feels they can handle it which is not the Trump of the past few months who wants to send in the fed or troops into “liberal” cities which he threatens himself. This is the Trump that spoke out after roughing up people before taking into the precinct, about owners of potato farms who needed their guns to protect potatoes in Virginia, and who has done the Boogaloo with Americas Boogaloo Bois by not speaking out as he tries to crush Antifa (he knows that left wing group well). And when the Miami Herald was “unknowingly” putting out anti-Semitic material in Spanish in El Heraldo for many months, Trump’s White House remained quiet. And now as a list of 6,000 Jews in California has been put together to advance anti-Semitism as reported in The Algemeiner we notice White House silence.  Some noisemakers are needed before the New Year. Hate Country is Trump’s Country.

Trump “Misspoke” is what we are hearing as though his late apology should be accepted and we should forget it. Never Forget It!

We can turn to what got me going as though that was not enough. “Rage” by Bob Woodward, based on recordings done with Trump, perhaps not as good as a video, but destined to be considered “fake news” by Repugnicans shows US what Trump is about. He wants to destroy China’s economic power by building up North Korea. He blasts Nixon for building up China (Nixon was a Republican but a Repugnican in his own way). Prior to the great rise of the Wall of China all over the world, Japan was the leader. Then depression set in as China was gobbling up world business. China had already been building airports, highways, and more around the world as China State Construction was Big Ten. So now Trump wants to do with Korea what Nixon did for China but under the banner of America First. There goes another trade war in the making with Trump especially if he never leaves the White House. For those people who need to understand this matter, there really was never any great attempt to Make America Great as the results of his work were mostly poor, costly, and harmful to our world position.

I was reading the loves letters between Kim and Trump last night. So mushy! And today we are learning that there was no denuclearization taking place even though Kim had closed one of six plants for the Donald. This was the work of The Donald of Trump Tower and not the work of a world leader. Trump was just so pleased that Kim was not going to test ICBMs that could reach our shores. A police officer that I spoke with about other things with me told me about a video where a man asks a police officer to put down his gun and then he would raise his hands in the air. Trump allowed this based on his gut feelings of the commitment made by Kim and North Korea. And all the while that he and Pompous Pompeo made certain to tell Kim that they could take him out as the US took out Khadafy and also the usual threat of all out war. And Kim’s Boys Stand By as well! See You in November.

Trump was also against military exercises that cost money, but any reading of World War II and the Korean War will show documentation of American troops that were not ready for combat (even if they thought they were). American troops after World War II thought that any other war after that would be easy for them. In regard to the first battles over Korea, they thought that they would be home for Christmas and boy were they wrong. All other wars after that have been fought with mostly slow progress (if any) but lies coming from presidents who more than anything else wanted to stay in office. Even Kim was upset at Trump as he wrote a Dear Donald letter indicating that action may be necessary after all because of the continuation of the war games with South Korea.

Trump, we will recall, wanted to get out of wars taking place in the Middle East and his appointees objected. Trump felt that we could end support over there not recalling that from the beginning of our most major involvement after 9-11 that our decision makers wanted to keep more attacks away from the United States. Who knows where the next attack with be? It could be Miami, Dallas, Birmingham, Phoenix, or any other city that Trump likes more than New York City at this time.

Trump indicated that if we listened to the generals, we will be fighting over there for “the next 100 years” and this comes from a man who claimed that he would win for US. And I would suggest Zoom classes all over America so that people could learn much more about Trump. He is not who he claims he is.

Trump antagonized our allies and his appointees resented it greatly. It’s all in Rage for those who have independent minds to read.

Trump’s patriotism has consistently been an issue and his supporters, I believe, will support him even if it becomes crystal clear that Trump is a phony. I just sent this to a Disabled War Veterans Magazine hoping that it will finally be published by a major online paper with millions of readers.

The highest form of patriotism comes most directly from those American soldiers who fight not only for the country but also for the men and women alongside them. The highest form comes not in battles where the enemy is easily defeated or routed, but in intense combat where wounded have to be treated and evacuated under fire. Those soldiers have suffered through disease during war and the ones who were infected or even suffered mental breakdown were rehabilitated through treatment and rest. I am reasonably certain that if the command were given (whether it appeared to be constitutional or not) to wear masks on the land, on the sea, or in the air that everyone would comply. Because of the fear of a court martial? No! Because those men and women will do their utmost to protect each other so they can all make it home to celebrate life.

During the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 masks were worn, but there were those who chose not to wear masks at all. People can cite the constitution as much as they want, but the leaders asked Americans to show their patriotism.

I can recall (at the age of 75) how children were kept out of school for conjunctivitis because it is contagious and would require a doctor’s note. It did not cause death either directly or indirectly as COVID-19 does. We have had all kinds of restrictive health considerations over the years including how we are allowed to dress in a restaurant and that was never a violation of the Constitution. Those things are the violations of the constitution of Americas cheerleader who is taking US down the path to ruin and bankruptcy and that is unfortunate. He chose not to wear a mask until someone told him that it was patriotic to wear a mask and later he chose to return to his former practice of no mask. Trump has left behind a trail of monumental mistakes even as he protected monuments more than people.

This information should be shared with everyone in the United States of America. Saving lives is our duty to each other in war and in peace.

Trump has not saved lives during the pandemic since he is responsible for a lion’s share of the deaths.  Truman cannot save lives nor our nation. He has to go now!

The White House was just asked to make a statement on all White Supremacy and his spokesperson mentioned that days ago during the debates he denounced it three times. So why the brouhaha over “stand by” and no clarification until the next day? And several Republicans came out to make it clear that Trump had done something wrong. So there is a gap between Trump and members of his own party as the White House tries to support Trump. And in Rage Bob Woodward makes it clear that Trump was more concerned in their discussions with theatrics and other less important matters turning things into a circus. Substance was lacking by Trump.

Trump tested positive in two ways during the week, for COVID-19 and for racism. And at this very same time the Christian world along with everyone else that has observed Christmas in America should be in shock by the releasing of a tape of Melania Trump (tested positive for COVID-19) in which Trump’s chosen did not care a hoot about Christmas for immigrant children being detained at the border. The Washington Post reports this news (“fake news” to the Trumps but now caught on tape) “Who gives a f— about the Christmas stuff and decorations?” Trump said to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former confidante and East Wing adviser, who secretly recorded the conversation after she left the White House. “I say that I’m working on Christmas and planning for the Christmas and they said, ‘Oh, what about the children that they were separated?’ Give me a f—— break.”

Jaclyn Peiser  1 hr ago

It has been centuries since the world heard “Let them eat cake” when the French people had no bread. It’s good to be the king (if you know what I mean). These Trumps really do not seem to care about Christian values unless it suits them and their purposes to defraud the people of our nation and to win for themselves. Marie or Melanie. It’s the “same s- – t.”

And I hope that there are good Christians on “both sides” that would take note of this and wake up to get rid of the Trumps together in November. The American Revolution (what?) can take place in November.