Con Man and Patriot

Roy M. Cohn Lawyer and Patriot his tombstone states which I just learned about in an article just published in USA Today by someone who knew a lot about Cohn-Trump. I am reading and almost done with another book and we can all learn from it. America is divided and here are comments from a newspaper in Wisconsin, a state that recently went to Joe Biden.  “As loyal Americans we are strongly opposed to Communism wherever it is found.” And this “We know you have worked hard for us, and we are going to re-elect you.”

And there is more including this “This is not only appalling-it’s frightening. It betrays a dull moral sense, a dimmed instinct for truth, for honor, decency and fairness. It rewards falsehood, chicanery, deception, ruthlessness, the tactics of smear and fear, and contempt for the constitutional principles that safeguard American human and legal rights.” And that, too, was from Wisconsin.

And there is more.

This was a time of fear and rage. And rage and fear!

Joseph McCarthy rose and fell and it appears that he should never have risen in the first place. Now what can I say about Trump?

Let’s break things down about both men.

McCarthy rose out of poverty and he was prone to alcoholism and Trump is the opposite.

Here we go.

McCarthy and key points about him during the days of fomenting fear of communism. He started to mislead people even before that to win win win.

McCarthy said he had been wounded in combat during World War II as he rose in the ranks. His injury resulted from a “misstep” at a party. And there is another McCarthyism-Trumpism to mention here. McCarthy did enlist in WW II and he was, according to what I read and he became a tailgunner on a bomber. He claimed publicly that he fired forty-seven hundred (4,700) rounds of ammunition in one day which was a record and voters were impressed by his talk. But he made his history firing at mostly coconut trees on the ground that day (target practice). He also claimed to have flown in 32 missions but the actual account was 12. So the Republicans and the people of Wisconsin and the United States got “America needs a tailgunner” and there he was in The Capitol. In The Capitol!

McCarthy defeated Senator Robert LaFollette in the Republican primary and then he defeated Democrat Howard McMurray, carrying 70 of 73 counties.

McCarthy started to talk about communism in Wheeling, West Virginia and even though his party wasn’t with him he attracted a base that continued. Republicans feared his attacks would bring shame on the Senate.

February 20, 1950 McCarthy talks about communism in the senate and he kept referring to a list of people without names and he did not provide EVIDENCE.

A little later with a quorum of senators present, McCarthy, McCarthy used a debunked list that was known of 205 people in government who were communists that had been provided by a former F.B.I. agent named Robert E. Lee. He failed to mention that of those 205, 108 had already left the state department, 57 of those people remained in 1948, and now in 1950 there were even fewer. But the problem was HUGE. He later had only 81 suspects with a little help from his friends who contacted him with names. There were several false claims in his speech in the senate. Republicans started the process of investigation.

As he produced names of communists, Owen Lattimore was at the top. Senator Herbert Lehman of New York confronted McCarthy on the floor. Lehman asked to see the EVIDENCE that McCarthy had at his desk and after being invited to come over to that desk by McCarthy, McCarthy changed his mind, telling Lehman to go back to his seat.

McCarthy produced a letter later on that would prove that Lattimore was a spy and all that the letter discussed events in China in 1943 and helped clear Lattimore’s name.

McCarthy produced a witness who was a former Communist of high rank. Everything that the witness mentioned was HEARSAY

which was McCarthy’s kind of EVIDENCE. And among other thing that witness, Louis Budenz, could not explain why Lattimore’s name was never given to the F.B.I. for investigation.

On July 20, 1950 the Tydings Committee Report concluded that the charges of Communist infiltration were “false” as the two Republican committee members would not agree and felt that there were “unanswered questions.” And the latter sounds familiar in present day America.

And there was another photo, a photo of Secretary of the Army Robert Stevens with a communist and that photo was spread to the public by the McCarthy campaign. It now became clear that the photo had been doctored to show two people happily engaging each other. The U.S. Army produced the original and McCarthy denied that any “cropping” had taken place. All of McCarthy’s lying continued and people grew intensely frustrated by his coercive tactics that were un-American. A new day was dawning called “Joe Must Go. Prior to that attack on the military, McCarthy’s target was Secretary of State Dean Acheson and after the attack on the Army McCarthy would go after the churches, Hollywood, labor leaders and other Americans.

Here is a quote about those days of McCarthy and his public. “Readers if they did not read the editorials in the same paper (newspaper) assumed that McCarthy’s charges were the truth.”

As I have mentioned before, my mother’s cousin was on the “blacklist” of people in Hollywood resulting from the power grabbed by McCarthy in search of communists and “commiecrats” at that time. Joshua Shelley and I spoke once shortly before his death and had bitter memories of family that didn’t come to his aid. The list included a who’s who of actors, actresses, and screenwriters. The Nazis in America with their accomplices in the Ku Klux Klan, Christian fascists and others couldn’t destroy some or many of those people, but the path of destruction was led by Repugnicans of their time, uncontrolled and unhinged. And that reminds so many of US of 45. And of course I was just being sarcastic about the word “patriot” in the title of the article.

McCarthy ended his years being censured by his colleagues which made him persona non grata even among Republicans. About half of his party voted against him, which is nothing like what happened in the last days of The Donald. The Supreme Court soon ruled that almost everything that McCarthy had done was illegal. American communists, as citizens of the United States, were violated in the hysteria created by Joe McCarthy.

Yesterday during the Trump years, we saw lots of similar, horrible things taking place and it makes US wonder if Trump took a course with Roy Cohn decades ago. McCarthy and Trump tried to destroy more than communism and China, they tried to destroy so many things in their path. The press, for example, is not the “enemy of the people” today and will be much more respected by almost everyone now. This article really should be shared with Repugnicans since they have to learn much more about truth and less about loyalty to a man who was clearly the best Repugnican of them all.

Elia Kazan who directed “On the Waterfront” with Marlon Brando was one of those Hollywood people who gave up names to the House Un-American Activities Committee. His granddaughter Zoe Kazan says that the movie “The Front” with Woodie Allen was her favorite movie of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo who was blacklisted but worked under a pseudonym and won two Oscars. He wrote Spartacus. The final credits of The Front included this important note The film’s end credits identify its creators and actors mischievously and triumphantly by the year they were blacklisted — director Martin Ritt (1951), screenwriter Walter Bernstein (1950), and actors Zero Mostel (1950), Herschel Bernardi (1953), Lloyd Gough (1952) and Joshua Shelley (1952). And there you have it. My mother’s cousin on the list of those men who were blacklisted that helped make that movie.

The Joseph McCarthy political tombstone reads January 3, 1947 – May 2, 1957 and the Donald J. Trump political tombstone reads January 20, 2017 – January 20, 2021.

And I guess the history of 1953 says enough for people to understand today. 74 million people were conned. And either way you look at it, it’s a capital-Capitol offense. The censure of Joe McCarthy was a cancel so deep that Richard Nixon wouldn’t even sit next to him. Trump 2024 is on the plate but people in Palm Beach have legal and contractual reasons to keep Trump from living there. As I have stated before and I will state it again, Trump is not invited to my house. Trumpism-McCarthyism spelled demagoguery from the start.

The John McCain Letter and Terrorism in The Capitol

Here are essential parts of my letter which was sent to Senator John McCain and graciously responded to. This letter is just as current today as we have witnessed an attack on The Capitol and key government sources had warned US about these things.

By reducing gang activity through education across our nation, we can ease up the personnel in the F.B.I. and the police to do a much better job of fighting terrorism so that we do not lose more lives.  The police are already actively protecting gay and lesbian communities and that means that everyone else will be protected much less, except if the F.B.I. and police immediately increase their staff by hiring tens of thousands more people across our nation.  Education is the key to this effort.

have been trying to help the former incarcerated and gang members for years and now in Philadelphia a tree is growing.  The groups that I met with are working with the mayor of Philadelphia.  By reducing gang activity through education across our nation, we can ease up the personnel in the F.B.I. and the police to do a much better job of fighting terrorism so that we do not lose more lives.  The police are already actively protecting gay and lesbian communities and that means that everyone else will be protected much less, except if the F.B.I. and police immediately increase their staff by hiring tens of thousands more people across our nation.  Education is the key to this effort.

There will be mentoring by gang experts, the high school equivalency for the youth who are not being served properly.  When Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked about helping gang members, he replied by saying that they came from dysfunctional families.  The dysfunctionality really was in Bloomberg’s comment.  I knew that 900 gang members were studying for the G.E.D. in Texas with U.S. Department of Justice grant money to the Boys and Girls Club. 

Even in New York City today and after advising Mayor Bill de Blasio two years ago and hearing him agree with my proposal about high school equivalency, he did not follow through and the number of high school equivalency diplomas has fallen among adults.  His achievement praised in other cities is universal pre-K, but his failure and the failure of other cities is that the parents of many or most of those children do not have a high school diploma and it’s the latter and not the former that ends up in gangs and in jail.  We also need to increase parent involvement through technology which the school system is not achieving and the poorest parents can use their phones and tablets to know what is going on in school meetings, because there is now free wifi in the New York City projects.

And this was the icing on the cake. Domestic terrorism in France. So I wrote and sent information to Senator John McCain who was already ill but still on the job. The man, named as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, was not on the watch list of French intelligence services but was known to the police in connection with common crimes such as theft and violence, the sources said.

Do you remember that man? Here is what took place: 86 dead, 458 injured, and the police shot him dead. I have very intimate memories of that place, the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France.

I was at the National Council of La Raza event in 2008 where John McCain and Barack Obama presented their views in Washington, D.C. Let me remind you that this was not a Zoom event. I never met McCain, nor did I ever speak to him. I do miss John McCain and this letter is clearly a personal reason why I miss him. I do not live in his state, but the state of mind of his staff and of the senator himself clearly demonstrates what I had already known about government protocols to refer people out of state back to their own state. This even happened again to me outside of government just days ago with a man from Delaware. I miss John McCain, I repeat, and point with pride not just about displaying the letter (me, myself, and I) but as a testament to the man who signed the letter. What do you think? Barack knows me and I hope that he still hears the sound of my voice sometimes.

And as for that terrorist, much of his history will remind US of some or many of the men and women who penetrated The Capitol and did what they did. Thank goodness that there was nothing comparable to that truck racing at free people enjoying life. I guess we could say that some or many of those people in the building were on a Trump Jihad. Did I really just write that to make things right? If the terrorist has been a Christian, it would have been a Trump Cruzade (this is Spanglish for Crusade as the word cruz is the cross and thinking about Ted). Trump is not Jesus Christ so get over it! And not wishing to leave out the person or persons of in the Jewish community and lacking the knowledge of any comparable word, I guess I can attempt this: Trump מְחַבֵּל. (terrorist)I hope I got that right.

60 Minutes The Good and Not So Good

Leslie Stahl and Scott Pelley interviewed Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and two key officials in Georgia who were involved with the voting there. As the title suggests there were good points and certain weaknesses in the reporting. The way to understand all of this is like walking on a road where you take notes, especially if you either know more than what is being presented or if you happen to disagree.

Let’s go to the Brad Raffensperger interview first with Scott Pelley. Trump wanted to find 11,700 votes in order to win that state and to push his objectives. As the segment started we looked or stared at the 11,700 votes on the screen and that was important as Trump sought one more vote than Biden. Trump wanted Raffensperger to find the votes and The Donald hit him with all he had including lies about the machines, the throwing out of votes, and the probable crime that Raffensperger was committing by not finding the votes. There will be more about this later, but let’s look at the words in question and use them in another context. How about these? I want you to find a gun on the ground after a shooting (of anyone Black or other). Or I want you to find a way for me to get into a bank to rob it. Or I want you to find me a way to get into the jewelry store below the apartment above the store.  This was not about finding Trump another woman to play around with.

One of the lies was about votes being removed in suitcases and thrown out.  Which never happened. This resulted from Republican ads depicting the votes being held in suitcases which were later opened and counted, giving viewers of that segment the false impression of fraud. This should be taken up in a court of law in the future as well.

Then there was Trump claiming 5,000 votes of dead people when the truth was that there were 2 such votes. These things are known to happen in elections. The Donald has been known to make numbers “huge” and he has been doing that since the inauguration or before (you can go back to his roots in New York City as well). Under other circumstances I guess Trump could walk away and say to the public that he thought there were really 5,000 and now has learned his lesson. But he went on talking about the electoral fraud outside The Capitol.

So he walked away empty headed with the facts and learned nothing. Do you think that all of that would make a great case for his insanity? Based on information like this, it could if it qualifies in court, but the insanity might shift to his voters who fell for all of that as well. On the other hand, even Trump didn’t think of Republicans as insane as he called them “stupid” decades ago. I have talked to a couple of Trump supporters and they never minded all those outrageous things Trump has talked about (they know he does that), but they always pointed to his successes (success by Trump).

What 60 Minutes left out either from their research or on the cutting room floor as the show got edited is that Trump made a comment about producing EVIDENCE on Monday during that phone call to Raffensperger. Trump never produced the EVIDENCE. And his troops invaded The Capitol. This piece of information is just like the icing on the cake and I expected to hear it on 60 Minutes which broadcasts to a worldwide audience.

A very, very key moment in the interview was when Raffensperger told that he had no knowledge of the recording and that means either Trump provided the tape or it was done in secret. Could the government (the Trump Administration) had placed a wire tap on The Donald finally? Or if not finally are there other similar phone conversations that were recorded? Could it also be that Trump signed off on a wire tap himself while brushing his hair? Or could the recording have been the work of people in Georgia that Raffensperger knew nothing about?

Among the books that I have read in recent years are two things that tell us about photographic evidence. There were thousands of soldiers massacred in the Katyn Forest and about ten percent of them were Jews. These were Poles who were taken in groups and shot in the back of the head. Hitler blamed Stalin and Stalin blamed Hitler. But there were aerial surveillance photos of the scene which had proof that the deadly deed was caused by Stalin. A second event was a massacre of people in the street by police. The police claimed that they were attacked, but they did not know that they were being filmed at the time. The EVIDENCE came forth about the massacre of Puerto Ricans in Ponce, Puerto Rico. And Puerto Rico just like now was part of the United States at that time and its people were (and are) citizens of the United States.

The 8 months delay was brought up in passing another stimulus package for the American people. This was surely the failure of our system just as there is systemic racism. Money was badly needed by millions of people and the checks were not written out because our government failed to act. Trump did not sign the bill that was passed, asking for $2,000 and not $600 just in time to try to prevent the Warnock-Ossoff victories in Georgia, but Trump’s manipulation failed badly as both Democrats won. That was not mentioned as well. Nor was anything similar to it mentioned except Leslie Stahl was visibly upset at Nancy Pelosi for not sharing the blame of that 8 months delay.

I wrote this on June 5, 2020 just days after the death of George Floyd.

I can assure you that I had no idea that things were going to turn the way they have since the killing of George Floyd but I have continuously called for massive demonstrations or rallies in the past. I have a sense that the worst is not yet over and my comment is not about the spread of COVID-19. I had previously written that Trump is the Corona Virus and we have to see what steps Republicans take to oust Trump to return things closer to normal. As early as February 10, 2020 (my late father’s birthday) I was referring to Trump as the Corona Virus. Here is a paragraph from that article “We, the American people, will not be brainwashed nor will we allow Trump sins against the United States and the world be forgotten.  Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, LGBT members, African Americans, Puerto Ricans, immigrants of all nations that have been afflicted by Trumpism, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Christians of good faith are not going to perish nor will they allow our nation’s moral position to perish in this so-called One Nation Under God and Trump.  Let the Re-Impeachment of Donald Trump take place soon.  Germans were in denial of what Hitler and Germany had done and it took decades to wake people up there.  With November quickly approaching, it is urgent to wake up Americans to the importance of re-impeachment and the ouster of Donald Trump.  The Corona Virus must not destroy Trump’s record and the truths about all the terrible things he has done to US.  This is not a nation for “Norwegian types only” as this nation is For All of US.”

With about a week left before the inauguration of Joe Biden, we can think back to the “huge” crowd that came out to 2017 and The Donald and Trump tweeting things. There will be no Trump tweet this time; however, I can visualize a much smaller crowd again for the inauguration, can’t you? Trump will somehow TTTRRREEEEEET his thoughts on his own network to his supporters about the size of the crowd indicating something. What? The size proves that his election was really a landslide and the election was stolen.

From Trump Loyalist to Criminal A Crime Prevention Lesson

Here is the lesson for friends, neighbors, and more who are or who know other Trump loyalists (so called patriots bordering on neo-patriot-neo-Nazi, neo-fascist). Prevention is never easy as we have noticed in the pandemic and the pandemonium that I recently wrote about. But I am calling for more prevention before people even arrive in Washington, D.C. or in their state capitals. We should take note of a brave, thoughtful woman who helped identify one of the people at the Capitol quickly and she knows the man because he was her husband. I would broaden the thinking taking people to the Capitol scene where married men and women marched without permission into a building that was not open to them. Husbands and wives could have and should have been on the alert, particularly if they knew in advance that their loved one was fed up and willing to end up on the wrong side of the law                                                   . This is about responsibility in government and not about “big brother” is watching. The message begins with the statement I wish I had done things in a different way. This whole process now is about My Brother’s Keeper which was missing during the riot.

Yes we know that we have to be cautious because of dangerous Trump supporters and now even police across our nation know that they have to be careful too.

I wrote long before the Capitol insurrection that we have to help police who are suicidal and I’ve written for years that we need more police on the job. And I have pointed out repeatedly that some wealthy people have avoided paying taxes that could have been used to pay for police and others. And recently I have been in touch with police including the author of a book about how people should behave when they are stopped by a cop. I posted it on my website because the education of people matters. Here is my article from June 16, 2019 about that largely controversial topic Blue Lives Matter-Black Lives Matter.

My concern right now is about the real possibility of additional insurrections in state capitals across America. There was an announcement that law enforcement is preparing to deal with the problem if and when it surfaces. Based on the history that we see, that is highly unlikely if we expect people to just watch and listen, demonstrate, and go home peacefully. I know that there might be extremely convincing methods used that I hold back from writing, but my expectations are not high.

Amidst this is that the Trump News media is reporting about Republicans who feel that they are being lumped in with the rioters and it took an African American, Lawrence Jones who reminded the Fox News people that Black Lives Matter protestors were lumped in with the people who looted and rioted. And he pointed out that both groups have something in common there. He later mentioned that he is a “libertarian” which I am not. But you know that I distinguish between Republican and Repugnican. Their talk avoided any discussion of Trump’s blame.

With that said we can secure the safety of all Americans leading up to the inauguration and beyond it by due diligence. Anyone that knows anyone who seems to be a risk and some are very high risks for committing violence over the baseless electoral fraud where not enough evidence was presented, should do his or her best to keep that person away from the state capitals and the inauguration.

What are trials about in a court of law? Trump supporters are basing their claims on beyond a rational display of evidence and their doubts are not reasonable at all and we proceed in court on peaceful terms until the decision is handed out. Sometimes violence occurs in court and it is inexcusable given the rules and regulations that exist. People break those rules in court, on the streets, and against our government and now that we know that a peaceful transition may be in doubt all of US must play our part. The last inauguration is history and it went off peacefully, even though Russia had a big impact on it. In the call to Georgia Trump said that the evidence was going to come out on Monday and Monday came and passed without the evidence coming out. Case dismissed!

What I just wrote is not open to discussion here since the key point is to keep people away from harm’s way and prevent the rioting and blood shed that was handed to US in the Capitol by extremists and perhaps by some people who were trapped in that situation. And may I state now that those people on Fox News were briefly all over the place talking about unity when what is needed right now is the safety of all those who have been critical of Trump and the rioters-insurrectionists-terrorists and that means people on both sides of the aisle and lots of innocent people who get trapped just by being there including journalists and people who may pass by.

The Trump media is citing anger due to the Election that was stolen. So we have to be afraid of that. The Trump media is citing anger due to the Impeachment. So we have to be afraid of that. I thought the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. No strong Democrat or patriotic American is going to back down now. The process will move forward.

I cannot leave out the recent work of Mike “Pensive” Pence, a Repugnican, who felt that invoking the 25th Amendment would set a “bad precedent.” This moment, captured around the world at one time, no need to write it up in a history book in five years, demonstrates the powerful mistake of those people who gave the power to a man who has been part of the problem, showed no impartiality even after his life was at risk days ago, and who must show US and the world the facts about just how he reached the decision.

We have two items that were on the table and the Impeachment is still there. The 25th Amendment could have, should have been invoked over the mental capacity to continue in office (even for a second). It seems to me now that no doctor’s note is needed meaning a psychological evaluation. His state of mind this time does have a written record. Think back to the Comey episode when his lawyers helped him out of that tense situation by advising him that he could put down I do not recall this and that. Even a police officer is instructed to write down notes about his encounters. Trump got off the hook on that one and quite easily. Now we know that Trump only had the men in blue on his mind as he tweeted that they had to be protected and left out everyone else. So Trump went from Georgia on his mind just a day before and lost and a day later there was evidence in place (mental capacity demonstrated) whereby he should be relieved of his duties. And things did not get much better for Trump after that post. His “patriots” became people fighting federal criminal indictments. So there was something rotten in the Constitution. We had a better chance of getting justice in this matter if the lottery wheel had been spun and an impartial juror made the decision. Pence was pensive but partially pensive.

Trump could have stayed away from the Capitol on that day and he should have. Even on that day, he could have gone there to shake hands, say a few kind words to his loyalists and walked away. He was guilty of stirring the pot that led to that rally and he and his advisors perpetrated with their words calling for military action or violence to block the final Biden decision. The reference to the cavalry, for example, might have been a religious statement of faith instead of conjuring up a militant cavalry. Regardless of what happens now, this really seems like another Custer’s Last Stand and although Trump is not dead we hope that he is done. The “the trial by combat” that Rudy Giuliani talked about hopefully is over as well.

Nine Nein

There are nine days left in the term of Donald Trump and the nation including Arnold Schwarzenegger are saying Nein, well at least a majority of the nation, to Donald Trump. Arnold Schwarzenegger made some important comparisons to the subject matter as the breaking of glass by right-wingers caused him to think about Kristallnacht in Austria in 1938. The former governor of California was born two years after World War II ended and he learned much and saw things that we never saw. And there was no FACEBOOK in those days. He saw people drunken with guilt for doing things against the Jews and others who did nothing to help the Jews. His comments shared in a video have been written about as a powerful criticism of Trump and those who followed lies to the Capitol. I understand that there have now been about 80 arrests of Americans because of the rioting and the killings that took place. And anyone who writes about Kristallnacht well enough and has a good reason for writing about it is welcome. Arnold probably reacted strongly to the broken glass that he saw resulting from the start of the rioting.

I sent information to Arnold that things were heading that way in the United States once Hitler took office in 1933. The history is available for people to read, if they choose to learn. And now the F.B. I. is telling US that insurrections are being planned in the 50 states. Much of 2020 was a year where we were told that White Supremacists were causing a lot of trouble across America and the Justice Department issued the warnings, but Trump and his supporters portrayed a world where Muslim extremists were the greater danger of the two, backed up in Congress even by Candace Owens and Morton Klein of the Zionist Organization of America. I immediately wrote about that but nobody listens to me.

Should Trump leave office? Yes he should. He should have been gone already. Should the 25th Amendment be invoked? Yes it should.  Should Trump be impeached for a second time. Yes he should. There are no neins among those answers, but there are nine days left and who knows what diabolical deeds Trump may try. It was bad enough to read that the Capitol officers were more important in his worldview than the elected officials inside. And that expression of love for his supporters before he denounced them also showed his lack of priorities for all Americans. But we know Trump and he indicated a long time that he counted on the support of strong people to keep in power and some of them showed up, got themselves into trouble, and have been exposed and diminished all over America by Trumpmania. And Trump did not take time to hold up that Bible again near the White House to call upon Americans to stop. I guess nobody mentioned to him that he should try that.

No Americans forced through rioting or taking over the White House the words of The Donald who stopped fighting “like hell” or declaring a “smooth, orderly, and seamless transition of power. What a gracious soul! Trump’s troops will be tried in a court of law. Trump who never really did much for law enforcement people around the country but who often had the support of union chiefs and who never really did much for our nation’s men in the armed forces, has talked a good game and those messages continue to resonate. Far too many of the men and women arrested were police and members of our armed forces. I started writing about that a long time ago and history has repeated itself and with warped speed. Warped! Warped! Warped minds. And it was Trump who told the world a long time ago that Republicans are stupid.

There are more people delivering the message right now that they think that Trump is a fascist. What took them this long to feel that way? I wish to remind my readers that Adolf Hitler went to jail before he took power in Germany. And it appears highly probably (not possible here) to many, many pundits that Trumpf who some how grabbed power in America will be going to jail soon. Trumpf is not Hitler. He just does things his way. Mussolini was hanged upside down. The Republican Party is now hanging upside down because of Trump. It’s still in power as I write. And Trump, who usually does things upside down was never competent to be president of the United States. I felt and still feel that all he did was hold the party together. And now because of his actions in the capital and the violence and death in The Capitol, it looks like an iceberg is going to have a big piece break off this winter. It wasn’t expected as Republicans were in denial all these years. This is the new reality show of Repugnicans acting out with the show traveling around to the 50 states just in time for the Inauguration.

Republicans with certain exceptions say nein to prosecuting Trump. I say ja I mean yes, sí, oui and on that note we the people of the United States whether we are united or not should end the Trump experiment now.

From Pandemic to Pandemonium in America

As The World Turns, the Repugnicans are writing a television script again that tops the last four years of covering for Donald Trump. Nobody was killed in the “perfect” phone call. The best thing that has happened so far is that a newly elected legislator or West Virginia has resigned his position there to spend time with his family and to sort things out. I put that mildly but I called for the resignations of everyone in the Congress that was complicit all this time with Trump and that is not happening.

The press is still going to face challenges as Repugnicans continue to be in denial, denial that makes me think of Blood Libels, millennia of persecution, Holocaust denial, antifa the Capitol when there was no antifa, and Black Lives Matter being smeared by people in the media. Conspiracy theories have to go! Be gone! That takes me to Rush Limbaugh who in his “patriotic” way has terminated his Twitter to support Trump being tossed for life from Twitter. Limbaugh is comparing the uprising to the events that took place in colonial America that we have all learned. This is one piece of his justification that brings no one peace in this matter. Limbaugh: “There’s a lot of people calling for the end of violence…I am glad Sam Adams, Thomas Paine, the actual Tea Party guys, the men at Lexington and Concord didn’t feel that way.” Now that justification should make everyone think of those Black Lives Matter protests where there was violence (I am waiting for a complete report on all of that) since IF Black Lives Matter leaders committed violence and Trump’s fascistic democrats committed violence, then in all fairness Rush should have rushed forward to mention that they would be equal in weight. The fact that there was an invasion of the American seat of government that provides US with the American way of life contrasts sharply with what we witnessed over all those months of BLM protests. Rush is suffering from much more than cancer. He is typically Repugnican.  

The Rush Limbaughs of our nation have to learn that the people have been getting fucht which I wrote about on January 3. 2021 and wrote this “During those days in Italy, left wing governments were prevented from taking power and there was broad support for nationalism and anti-Bolshevism (communism and socialism today). And this is what Mussolini declared in 1922 during a crisis “Either the government will be given to us, or we will seize it by marching on Rome.” Responding to his oratory the assembled Fascists excitedly took up the cry, shouting in unison “Roma! Roma! Roma!” All appeared eager to march. And now our eyes turn to Washington, C.! Washington, D.C.!, Washington, D.C.! in the next week or more before Inauguration Day. Italy was in crisis and about four days later King Victor Emmanuel III wrote to Mussolini and Mussolini was soon given dictatorial powers in 1922 and preceded Adolf Hitler’s taking over of Germany by about a decade.” And on January 7, 2021 I did not choose the Sons of Liberty as Rush Limbaugh did, I chose this “Far from the scene there still exists in South Carolina a place called Fort Sumter where the attack took place to divide our nation and lead it to civil war. Trump has been presenting to US a “clear and present danger” for some time and he has had lots of accomplices.”

Black Lives Matter, Jewish Lives Matter, Chinese Lives Matter, Latino Lives Matter, LGBT Lives Matter, and so on. And this is not Trump’s base at all.

Pandemonium comes from “evil spirit” and “inferior divine being” and even Trump supporter Robert Jeffress has condemned what happened as contrary to Biblical teachings. We knew that about Trump who was contrary as well from the very beginning and for religious reasons all of those involved in what took place in the Capitol should resign. I would hope that they find another calling. There were signs that Jesus Saves but there were also signs and people there who were an integral part of Trump’s base of hate that were anti-Semitic. “From Pandemic to Pandemonium” has the ring of Patrick Henry also as we remember “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”, but the last year of Donald Trump and his will and testament have provided US with give me liberty and give me death (not the cherished original). During the pandemic he gave his followers and similar thinking people mask choice and the road to killing others through small events and super-spreaders like the rioting in the Capitol. The colonists had facts to demonstrate in their Declaration of Independence and Trump, in his own declaration of independence just days ago in the phone call to Georgia DECLARED. that the evidence would be provided on Monday and there was no evidence provided, just whatever. And today we are being told that the victims of Trump’s pandemic are getting younger and younger and that one of New York City’s “bravest” (NYC fireman) was at America’s neo-ground zero with Trump’s good and bad people on his side. So it is doubly revolting to know that U.S. Capitol Police Officer Sicknick was killed with a fire extinguisher. And there is already news coming out about Seattle police officers and I gave notice about that sort of thing a long time ago.

Instead of giving US a faith-based initiative that saves lives in Jesus name, Trump gave US an open economy concept that puts about 360,000 more deaths over the “flu” that he was cheerleading about. Whether it is Jesus Saves Lives or Pikuach Nefesh in the Talmud, or the military code of saving the lives of their men, it is about true patriotism and not this neo-patriotism to defend Donald Trump. Come on (I can hear Joe Biden say since he loves that expression), it started with Come-y and continues today). Stop the killing and the deaths and the loyalty to Trump now.

I hope that Rush, his millions of followers, and all Repugnicans remember how they crucified Hillary Clinton over Benghazi and now, it seems, that if you remind them of that embassy in Libya they would probably ask Ben Who? They based everything on evidence there, but now they don’t have sufficient evidence, the Electoral College voted, the vote was going to be confirmed by Mike Pence, and people were ready to hang Mike Pence.  Mike Pence might be ready to pardon Trump which would be a Repugnican act indeed.

And then there is Senator Cruz complaining about his people being compared to Nazis after Joe Biden talked about the great propaganda minister of Hitler. Everything that the Repugnicans have been doing for a long time has been propaganda and some of it was used by the Nazis. The Nazis trapped Jews throughout Europe as the Jews tried to escape. The obstacles created by Trump/Miller had to be taken from the Nazi textbook to mistreat people trying to enter our country by crossing the border. Diminishing all enemies by Trump was just a modern-day way of killing off Jews, Poles, gypsies, Jehovah’s Witness as they were replaced in his mind by others so that he could be strong and retain power like Hitler. Ivana Trump told US that Trump had the book by his bed when they were married.

Jeanie Pirro has just asked the rioters to take responsibility for their actions which would appear to give Trump a clean slate in this matter. The article that I read about her mentions the spread of conspiracy by Sean Hannity, Brit Hume, and Mark Levin (the great advocate of the Constitution). The Constitution was upheld with the votes making Joe Biden the next president of the United States later this month. My point in using the link from Jewish Business News (thanking the online newspaper that published 150 of my articles) in my article From Comey to Raffensperger was to illustrate that things are not over until they’re over. Trump did not produce the evidence in dozens of cases and I believe that if the Republicans find that evidence between now and 2024 that they should present it and pursue it in the most peaceful and constitutional way. Tens of thousands of Trump supporters could have stayed home and prevented the mess that was created. In the next several days, try to learn as much as you can about what happened and make sure that a peaceful transition takes place all over America.

The world laughed at Donald Trump as he told world leaders that “my administration” has done more in the last two years than…but the world is crying over what Trump has done since taking action against the Corona Virus. Donald Trump, Jr. says that the world is laughing at US. Let’s push Junior aside and send him along with Jeanine Pirro, Sean Hannity, Brit Hume, Mark Levin, and Rush Limbaugh to fight North Korea and Iran as both nations are intent of obtaining nuclear weapons. And this was announced under The Donald’s watch and is another scary part of having Trump in the White House at this time. How many times have I mentioned that Trump’s greatest hits were his bankruptcies? That is where we and Republicans have been headed this last week. Trump held the party together and made it his own in certain ways, but the divisions are evident and will become greater in the days ahead.

And if those “patriots” would have voted for Kasich, Sicknick would be alive today. There would have been no ground-zero at our nation’s Capitol. And what could Trump have done that would have prevented all those charges against people who were mostly trusted members of their communities? He could have gone to play golf or he could have spoken with people like Senators McConnell and Manchin about passing that $2,000 stimulus bill idea that he brought up to boost the chances of success of Perdue and Loeffler in Georgia. Just a monumental example of Presidential Stupidity on his part. And as I terminate this article, I noticed that the White House has not ordered the flag there to fly at half staff for the death of Capitol Officer Brian D. Sicknick. Police all over our nation should reflect on just what Trump’s Christianity is about. There are two things to know and they are “An Eye For An Eye” and the other thing is about exalting Donald Trump, your lord and savior. So in the beginning we knew about Trump.

6MWE: Anti-Semitism

Donald Trump sent loving thanks to his supporters and in the past he claimed that he did not know The Proud Boys and emphasized that someone had to do something against Antifa. Donald Trump has his defenders and lots of defenders across the spectrum of American life, supporters who have mostly been in denial.  Haven’t you heard or read that Trump cannot be anti-Semitic because he has Jewish grandchildren? I learned much more about Hitler than I had previously known and then about a week ago I learned that Benito Mussolini had a Jewish mistress. So much of this information never made mainstream news, but I am dedicated to sharing my views. The Proud Boys whose leader helped run the Latino campaign in Florida for Trump and who is chummy with Roger Stone and the Cuban national who inserted anti-Semitic inserts in the Miami Herald for about seven months and whose organization wore 6 Million Weren’t Enough (6MWE) tee-shirts during the protest that turned into a riot in our nation’s capital. I find our current events very problematic and I wonder if the mainstream conservative newspapers and news media are going to call this for what it is. Rage and hate against Jews! Even the article that I read about this news did not write about the Trump-Proud Boys Lovefest. And this comes from a Proud Boy who benefitted from a day when there was no America First and his family could more easily enter the United States.

That was on the East coast and on the West Coast in Los Angeles (Hitler in Los Angeles comes to mind again), an African American woman was taunted and assaulted physically with chemical sprays and pushed around before someone nearby helped her. And those “patriots” called out to her “All Lives Matter” because their instructor- in-chief never taught them that Black Lives Matter (Jewish Lives Matter at the Capitol).

This is America, an America that seems as though it has been restored to its greatness in 1776 when men fought for freedom for themselves and forgot about others. And during the days when Jews sought protection from President George Washington, a slave owner and one of the largest landowners in America. And now as we fight against fascists in our midst, it seems that Trump has also taken us back to an era when Republicans were trying to overthrow FDR and communism and police and elected officials turned their heads and backs on Jews. Catholics, and African Americans as an article was just written about the failures that took place at the time of the riots. Let Trump Be Trump we have been told. And I almost forgot to mention his supporter wearing the Camp Auschwitz hoodie that had the translation of the infamous, hated quote about Work Will Set You Free from the Nazi concentration camp. And there were nooses and Confederate flags among Trump’s supporters as well. And I sit here wondering and imagining Trumpf saying Black Lives Don’t Matter and Jewish Lives Don’t Matter in German as he tweets to his 75 million followers.

Let’s go back to 1946 to Germany for a moment. There was a Gallup poll that revealed this critical information in assessing the situation here in the United States. The poll found that 49 percent of German thought “Nazism was a good idea but badly implemented.” The Nazis were blamed for what took place losing the war (hmm election) and leading them to disaster (rioting in D.C.). And the Germans refused to take responsibility (as two-thirds) of committing atrocities. Conrad Adenauer felt that almost all Germans had already “atoned” for everything that was done. He expected a nationalist backlash if the Allies proceeded further with de-Nazification. De-Repugnification is needed now, but how to we accomplish it?

In May 1945 membership in the Nazi Party was around 8 million which was more than 10 percent of the population. There was talk about huge amounts of meting out punishment at first. On a tiny scale some of the same things that happened are happening to those men and women who violated the sanctity of our Congress.

And Germans spoke about not helping the Jews or even crying out for them. People remained “weak” so that they could stay alive and felt that their deaths would not have helped things. But here Trump has promoted his “patriots” as being strong, which is clearly not the case. There is no war such as World War II taking place with all those atrocities. There are only weak minds being misled through misinformation, propaganda, and conspiracy theories. No pardon for Hitler and no pardon for Trump. And let’s take care of all this business as we help each other fight the war against COVID-19.

Resign, Resign, Resign

I have absorbed a lot of what took place in our nation’s capital yesterday and made up my mind to write, mentioning to a new friend in Savannah, Georgia that I have something different to write about. Some or many of my readers would like to know why articles are not part of the reporting being shared by other journalists that attract millions of readers online. It is what it is. And they know that I spelled out without having total knowledge the attack on the Capitol before it happened. History repeats itself. Looting and rioting took place in my old community on the Lower East Side decades ago and it took place in Ferguson over the shooting of Michael Brown. The George Floyd death was caught on camera last year and now the rioting that we saw yesterday. The protest had already taken place. And the Trump twit tweeting to our nation’s people revealed his concern for the men in blue because they support him came out to tens of millions. Missing from his statement of love was a lack of love of the Constitution of the United States (again at that moment) and the implication that others in the building were “enemies of the people.” Far from the scene there still exists in South Carolina a place called Fort Sumter where the attack took place to divide our nation and lead it to civil war. Trump has been presenting to US a “clear and present danger” for some time and he has had lots of accomplices.

The last step before the confirmation by Congress of the Election of Joe Biden-Kamala Harris was wrong. The facts in the case were well known for months. Trump promised “evidence” on Monday night and again he failed to deliver something so simple. The men and women in the Congress supporting Trump did not have the evidence either as the Congress convened and the rioting began, complicated by guns and shooting. I have been writing for over four years that Trump was leading US to violence and I have distinguished between Republican and Repugnican (someone repugnant or repugnante).

I watched members of The Squad rather closely and wrote about some of them in Jewish Business News in Israel. On March 3, 2019 I showed my concern about her using anti-Semitic tropes and I read about how people in Congress were calling for her to resign and to be removed from committee assignments for her remarks. This is the moment for all those Repugnicans in Congress to resign their office. I know that they will retain the right to run again for the position as I expressed almost two years ago about Congresswoman Omar since it is the will of people that counts and we cannot suspend their will. Trump failed US throughout this ordeal and stirred the pot just as Omar stirred her pot. The difference was that the congresswoman did not break her oath of office to defend the Constitution. Throughout our history we have had people from countries that disagreed with policies affecting the nation that their families came from. Jews favored Austria-Hungary over Russia in World War I, Irish resented the British support in World War I given by our nation, and the there were Nazis in this country that obtained lots of Christian support to overthrow the government of the United States in the 1930s well before the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 (Nazis uniting to attack Jews, Catholics, and African Americans).

There is a long list of men and women in Congress and even newly elected members who supported Trump. Take as an example Congresswoman Cammack from Florida and she is bringing a part of Israel to her office entrance, an Israeli flag is going to be blooming there instead of a desert. But, But, But what did she say or do about the anti-Semitic inserts in the Miami Herald which were placed there by a Cuban national who seems to be very chummy with Enrique Tarrio, the leader of The Proud Boys who was just arrested for violating a church in Washington, D.C. Showing respect for the accomplishments of Israel and its historic alliance with the United States is not enough. Jews and African Americans need protections here and blaming Black Lives Matter was wrong. Black Lives do matter and Jewish Lives Matter. I am not even asking for denunciations since actions speak louder than words. Yes the congresswoman who just took office should resign and fight to be reelected. Yes education is important in support of Israel and education matters. I wrote about Omar “I called the office of Congresswoman Omar and her staff searched for my article on the Holocaust Chronicles and found it to show to her.  That article details that people of color, but particularly African-Americans and other Black people probably would have been next in line to be exterminated.  Even one of my readers was quick to point that out to me.  Black History Month just ended and Jews share too much in common for people to divide the importance of the commonality of our history.  This should be shared of course with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and with students on campus across America.”

I read about the congresswoman online in a Jewish newspaper. What is happening in America is not about who makes good challah bread and I wrote about former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren that getting close to African Americans is not about spinning dreidels during Hanukah. Nothing matters more than knowing our histories and how to treat each other with respect and dignity and Repugnicans like Rudy Giuliani chose to believe that BLM was racist, which it is not. It’s going to take a long time to heal now.

What do we do with Donald Trump? He deserves to be impeached. He has been let off the hook before and his time has come. He could resign and he should resign. The danger that we expected from him has been revealed this week. With about two weeks left in office, we have to agree that Trump cannot be pardoned for anything criminal that he has done. Mike Pence broke away from Trump, but he had no power to overturn the results either. Pence has been complicit in so many things, but his not wearing a mask violated and violates the true spirit of Jesus Saves Lives. He, too, is responsible for so many deaths that have taken place and should not even be a position to pardon Trump. I could compromise on whether he should resign from office. The road ahead until Inauguration Day will be bumpy, but so have been the last four years. We can survive and the next step is how can we rebuild after so many lies. Even now Trump is touting his greatness even though the economy is in shambles made by his mid-March mistakes.

“And we now know that he really “knew” that this was a pandemic based on interviews with Bob Woodward way back and he decided not to do anything more about it. I would rather be right than president, but I didn’t know immediately about the White House call to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn in the middle of March…The majority (Supreme Court justices mentioned has thrown Pikuach Nefesh under the bus and that includes Jesus Christ as well since Jesus was Jewish and not an Aryan. He practiced Pikuach Nefesh to heal and save lives and that is not unconstitutional in any sense of the word.” And that was written on December 17, 2020. So it is time for the Trump supporters to go back home and wear masks everywhere in compliance with health regulations. They must not put any more people in danger of death by COVID-19. Trump was in his own the way The Corona Virus. Read this article about Jesus Saves Lives and the Warnock-Ossoff Victory in January.

The word Hatikvah means hope and we need that now. And this important lesson from the Bible about the mezuzah as well. “The word “mezuzah” appears for the first time in the Bible in the account of the Exodus from Egypt. Before the last plague smiting the Egyptian firstborn, the Almighty forewarned the Jewish people to mark their doorposts with the blood of the sacrificial lamb so that the forces of destruction would pass over their houses. The Torah says:

And they shall take of the blood and they shall put it on the two mezuzoth (doorposts) and on the lintel… For the Lord will pass through to smite the Egyptians, and when He seeth the blood upon the lintel, and on the two doorposts, the Lord will pass over the door, and He will not allow the destroyer to come in unto your houses to smite


. (Exodus 12:7, 23). This is why the Holiday of the Exodus is called Passover. The Mechilta1 (as well as the Zohar) states that these verses are the source of the concept of mezuzah:” And this information was taken from And we should consider this among all the “fake news” that Trump has given US that instead of a Trump landslide of national victory he has actually given US the reality of a Constitutional Earthquake. The election on January 5, 2021 in Georgia was very closely watched by all and Trump lost because he gave his party Operation Warp Election by his ideas and actions. The man is just full of warpisms. The mask is your mezuzah. Use it!

From Comey to Raffensperger

I woke up this morning thinking about one of my articles in Jewish Business News about the movie The Music Box and then quickly the new Godfather scene entered my head. Michael Corleone, a future capo of the Vito Corleone crime family makes his decision (MAD) thinking of my boxing champion friend in South Carolina). He decides to take out a cop in a restaurant and has a gun planted in the bathroom for that purpose. Donald goes to the bathroom in the scene, takes the gun, and comes back to the table, puts the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. You know that one of my latest articles was P.S. which stands for Presidential Stupidity. The Donald was advised by America First’s greatest lawyers, Alan Dershowitz, that he could (either official or unofficial) do anything that he pleased since a sitting president would not be charged with a crime. But Donald is so stupid that he didn’t check before hand to see if there were any wiretaps in place. What kind of capo have the Republicans elected? Doomed to Fail?

In The Music Box (click the link and watch the trailer), the truth is revealed about the crimes committed by a man in wartime Hungary, but only at the very end do we learn the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It took that long and we can now think about James Comey and what he went through. What our nation went through! The Don is no longer clean and the Teflon has worn off with the phone call to Brad Raffensperger. On May 2018, I published this in Jewish Business News “As we learned about more and more falsehoods spread by Donald Trump and even worse things, I told myself that Trump, just like police across America, should be wearing a body camera wherever he goes, including the toilet. That is exactly what I hope for and I decided to call Trump “B.C.” If you thought that “B.C.” was related to Before Christ forget it. “B.C.” stands for Body Camera. And a judge could be appointed to review those discussions that are confidential or top secret and keep them from the public, but we can show the president on camera doing what he really does best, except for telling everyone what a great job he is doing. Even James Comey probably could relate to this request after what he has gone through with the memos that he has written about discussions with Trump.”

Expert opinion is coming forth about the new Trump “perfect” phone call and just in time for the Election in Georgia. Among the things mentioned are its similarity to other criminal investigations of crime families and that the only plea that Trump now has is “insanity” (which I wrote about years ago as well). Dershowitz should have warned his client much better, much, much better. And all of this is just another good reason to get rid of the worst elements in the Republican Party (Repugnicans) that have spread all kinds of lies and misinformation in support of Trump and his tens of millions of followers. There are no gulags in Alaska, Montana, Florida, Georgia where communists-socialists are going to destroy lives. America is about providing union jobs and union benefits to people and supporting the people so that we will never have to face a communist regime the way that people in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America have chosen to do.

The free COVID-19 vaccine is an example of socialism and that is a common-sense solution to a problem that can kill tens of millions of people in our nation. Trump with his warped mind gave US much or most of the problems we are facing now. I would have loved to have seen him in mid-March tell our nation and its evangelicals that Jesus Saves Lives at a time when he just wanted to save jobs and his self-anointed claim of greatness. His Operation Warped Speed was so amazing that all at the same moment in history various nations that lack our wealth have the technology to produce COVID-19 vaccines (and they probably have the educated people to produce atomic bombs as well). After four years of Trump, the stable genius, Iran now is closer than ever to that very moment that he was pretending to stop by being a strong leader. Socialism was just taking root in America at the time of the Spanish Flu in 1918 and lots of people died, unnecessarily.

I do not have to give illustrations of man’s inhumanity to man here such as what happened in The Irish Famine which I had in mind at the beginning of the making of this COVID-19 disaster as early as February 10, 2020. Let’s turn instead to comments made about that history as told by John Kelly in The Graves Are Walking.

“A powerful indictment of the British mind-set in the nineteenth century, and of the British policy that resulted from it.”

“An accessible, engrossing history of horror….”

“An engrossing narrative of the famine, vividly detailing Victorian society (conservatives in action to think about) and the historical phenomena (natural and manmade) that converged to form the disaster.”

“John Kelly gives a heartbreaking detail to the Great Famine that seared itself in the memory of the Irish people…a cautionary tale for all who would risk calamity…in the name of scoring an ideological victory.”

America is now at the crossroads as the Election in Georgia takes place tomorrow. Donald Trump told the world in his call that Georgians are angry as though all the people of Georgia were or are with him. That is just not so. I decided not to present the sources of those quotes about The Irish Famine in order not to turn people away from the truth since their biases do just that. I wonder how many Irish Americans will now say to all of US that they forgot about their own history in calculating the political course taking place. One of the quotes was from a former president of the United States.

Okay move over Bernie. Das Kapital by Karl Marx was published in 1867, but check this out about Irish history in which martial law was declared around the time of The Great Famine in 1848 after a local magistrate had been assassinated. From the 1820s through the 1830s, both Protestant and Catholic in Ireland feared “The Whiteboys” “the Molly Maguires”, “the midnight legislators” and other “secret societies” as the landless were being defended in various ways. Trump shouted out months ago to protect the potatoes and monuments, but in Ireland the ruling class of landowners who abused tenants in various ways had their cattle driven over the edge of a cliff, their hunting dogs clubbed to death, and their horses immolated in fires. Even the corpse of a landlord who had evicted 108 tenants was displayed with a gallows over his head. Things were in horrible shape in Ireland and then the famine struck to make things much worse. And all before Marxism. The Irish were considered less than human, but things have changed. Haven’t they?

A train ride to Auschwitz, a meeting with Haitians at the Dajabon River, Stalin saving Poles by putting them in gulags to work or die, giving smallpox to the Native Americans, lynching men and women in the South, shooting farm workers in Spain in the 1930s, and declaring a flu across America that was no flu rank with all the injustices we could describe. I have been thinking of preparing a list of all the known acts of discrimination, persecution, and murder of Jews throughout history as I have read about them. Gaydamarks, after setting the main synagogue on fire, went to the Jews and offered protection for a price. The Jews went to their homes and obtained the required ranson to protect themselves, but were killed after providing the valuables. And so, too, were locals who protected the children of those who were massacred. That took place under the watch of Tsarina Catherine II who wanted the Jews in southern Poland destroyed. And that was long before Marxism and communism. Injustices everywhere!

Trump has repeated what took place with Comey by completing the call to Georgia. He was supposed to maintain an “arms distance” from Comey and from Raffensperger. He chose to follow his stupid instincts and got caught red handed. Red hats, red ties, talk of the “Reds”, and blood on his hands over the handling of COVID-19 are all part of America First. This has been four years of Presidential Stupidity accepted by a huge part of the American people.

People Getting Feucht: Kapo-esque

At least in Los Angeles there was resistance to the evangelical, Sean Feucht. Jesus is about Saving Lives but singing has become more important. I can recall a pastor that I met in Yonkers who was blocked from entering a community in Baltimore years ago. He must have fell far short of what the community felt it needed in order to progress. If those people ever resolved the matter, I do not know. Sean Feucht has the right of assembly, but he is probably causing people to get sick in the name of Donald Jesus Trump. I noticed that in Los Angeles in The Row community that Feucht went to that the people did say that Jesus was about Saving Lives. And we need a resolution to all of this based on Jesus Saves Lives since the White House and his faith based people largely screwed things up in mid-March). This is a period of great danger across America and our leadership has Feucht the people badly and in Jesus name.

I was reading about Benito Mussolini last night and just how similar he is to Donald Trump. He met his demise as he attempted to escape dressed in a German army uniform. His plan failed because he was easily recognized and he was killed by the resistance within 24 hours. How did he end up? Upside down in public. But keep in mind that Mussolini had a Jewish mistress, a Venetian. He still enacted anti-Jewish laws that led Italian Jews to their death in concentration camps.

Sean Feucht seems to be singing The Psalm of Donald across America. His White House Feucht up in mid-March and the mistake was a religious one that has not been corrected by Franklin Graham and lots of other Trump supporters. In causing or bringing about the death of people through super-spreaders, we can turn to the Talmud once again and to Holocaust history. There were Jews in the concentration camps who decided who were going to be the next people to be exterminated. In relation to COVID-19, we cannot fault innocent people who wear masks and who follow health protocols. Even In war we hope that innocent people will be spared always. Kapos have their place in Talmudic Law just as Saving Lives or Pikuach Nefesh is there. Kapo comes from Italian or German and refers to Jews who the Nazis turned into guards. Kapos were brutal and there were all kinds of reprisals against them (when possible during the war and legally after the war). Polish people had kapos, French had kapos, etc. as this system was designed by the Nazis to control people in the concentration camps. The kapos received special benefits for their services.  I read how they had the power to select who would be exterminated next and the problem surfaced in Israel as well after the war. People could be selected at random to be exterminated and Talmud, I read, appears to protect those who did that over those who did not select people randomly to be murdered. I must say that I do not study these things, but they come up in my readings and open my eyes. It’s a lot like the joke about kittens born in the Soviet Union who were no longer communists once they opened their eyes. Stop this madness of endangering people through COVID-19 and glorifying Donald J. Trump. Feucht! Fucht! Fucht!

And of particular concern is that we see The Proud Boys attacking police, diminishing the “law and order” posture of Trump and Republicans. Mussolini came to power through men like that. “His attitudes were highly theatrical, his opinions were contradictory, his facts were often wrong, and his attacks were frequently malicious and misdirected; but his words were so dramatic, his metaphors so apt and striking, his vigorous, repetitive gestures so extraordinarily effective, that he rarely failed to impose his mood,” Britannica explains to US. Trump has had his most demonstrable training which is similar in the White House. During those days in Italy, left wing governments were prevented from taking power and there was broad support for nationalism and anti-Bolshevism (communism and socialism today). And this is what Mussolini declared in 1922 during a crisis “Either the government will be given to us, or we will seize it by marching on Rome.” Responding to his oratory the assembled Fascists excitedly took up the cry, shouting in unison “Roma! Roma! Roma!” All appeared eager to march. And now our eyes turn to Washington, C.! Washington, D.C.!, Washington, D.C.! in the next week or more before Inauguration Day. Italy was in crisis and about four days later King Victor Emmanuel III wrote to Mussolini and Mussolini was soon given dictatorial powers in 1922 and preceded Adolf Hitler’s taking over of Germany by about a decade.

 It Is also troubling that people in the church are willing to allow about one percent of our nation die of COVID-19 which has been making news in Michigan and other places. We are not living in a concentration camp. We are in America the richest, nation on earth. This is a pathetic demonstration of America First or Keep America Great. And various Republicans in Congress and others are whipping up thoughts of violence as houses of people in Congress have been vandalized, and Trump has made no attempt to calm anyone down. And Trump has made no attempt to calm anyone down!

And this is from The Daily Mail “The Proud Boys have vowed to attend the rally incognito, disguised as their left-wing enemies Antifa, in a bid to sow chaos among the opposing ranks. 

Trump tweeted twice this weekend urging supporters to attend, labeling the election ‘the biggest SCAM in our nation’s history.’

‘See you in Washington, DC, on January 6th. Don’t miss it,’ he wrote Sunday.” And The Proud Boys are talking of wearing black instead of their black and yellow colors and they have particular reason which can be explained quite simply. They want to make it harder to be caught in committing violence since Antifa wears black. And could it be that their hidden agenda is to mimic the black shirts of the Italian fascists? I have already explained to my readers how the Nazis started World War II by putting dead Jews in Polish uniforms to provoke an attack on Poland in 1939. Arrivederci!

I wrote this on December 6, 2018 in Jewish Business News in Israel with no thought in mind about Trump’s undermining of the electoral process and this morning I learned his staff has stated that the inauguration could be cancelled.

Capo Di Tutti Or Boss Of All Bosses: Jail Time For Trumpee In America?

America was having trouble and it looked for a new great leader and it chose someone who could incite the people, even though the master race was not the everyday theme. There are those who knew what was coming even during the campaign, because there was a deep state of propaganda taking place as our nation became more divided in a certain way (Trump and his partisans replaced Obama and certain truths but a lot of misconceptions of Obama were propagated). Learn the tune here. Take the time to learn. Watch the video.

The video, by the way was Frank Sinatra singing and the story of Lucky Luciano was being told as he fell from power. Here are some of the lyrics that seem to apply to Trump and his desire to eliminate his opposition. “Nothing in the world that I do means a thing without you.

I’m just half alive in my struggle to survive without you You are my way of life, the only way I know, you are my way of life.”

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