Philadelphia Attracts My Attention Again

I was just reading about the following



Building set ablaze

Merchants beaten

Troops firing on a crowd and dead bodies and wounded in the streets

Shop windows broken

Stones thrown

This did not happen in Democratic cities. It happened to men, women, and children that did not expect it. There was “law and order” but things easily got out of control. There was cooperation at the local level and action taken by Downing Street as Prime Minister Russell sent troops to quell the disorder in County Cork, Ireland. This was the potato blight or famine that all of US read a small amount about in classrooms. This led to the death of a million people and the emigration of Irish to places around the world. The hunger of the Irish was for food and now people hunger for justice in our streets. Philadelphia is one of those places, one of many places. Learn from history.

I was attracted to a FACEBOOK live broadcast of Ernestine in Philadelphia on a block in a community that had experienced gun violence. The block appears to be a nice community which was once inhabited mostly by White people. This is a neighborhood like many back in the 1950s that experienced such changes as our nation progressed into other things including experiencing peace instead of war, Civil Rights, higher education attainment, world power never known before resulting from among other things the Atomic Bomb, and access to world markets the likes of which were unseen through advances in transportation and technology. The world got closer than ever before. There is much more to that story but that is enough.

Here is what Ernie Bristow had to say about life around her community.

Gun Violence in my City (The City of Brotherly LOVE) or whatever? Where do I begin, as a mother of 4 children and now the grandmother of 3, should I begin at the beginning or the end, or will there ever be an end… I’m praying for an end to this senseless violence, but it’s like a nightmare right now, I’m afraid of listening to the radio or even turning on the news now is a bit overwhelming, just over the weekend here in Philadelphia Aug 2020, it was reported that a 8 year old little boy was playing on his own (porch) when over a dozen gunfire was fired, and from that incident, the 8 year old little boy was shot in the head, and now is in critical condition fighting for his little life. Yes, just that quick, a little boy playing outside this horrible act has changed he whole life, his loving parents, family, and friends’ lives. This is the new norm in our communities now, and it’s a devasting (period). As a mother, I know I can speak for many or maybe even a few, it all depends on who you ask, but for now, I have a voice and I was asked to speak. Raising my children here in Philadelphia has not been easy, all born here and protecting them from day one has been my top priority, from the choice of where they went to school, volunteered and where they picked or choose to work. Yes, I talked to them about all of these choices, you see each neighborhood brings different results, yes, it really does. My daughter is the oldest (36) my middle son (30) and my youngest twins will be (22) this month. All of my children graduated from High School, Worked, Volunteered, have done grassroots work on local and national campaigns, and has done numerous community work here in Philadelphia since they were young with no Criminal Record. So, can you imagine my anxiety of what could happen to my children and now my grandchildren when they walk outside here in the City of Philly with just simply trying to live their lives … like a norm person should, but with all of this gun violence, it’s hard and again overwhelming, will we ever get gun violence under control, will we? What’s the solutions? Who is here to help answer such serious questions? This is a world-wide issue and a situation where no one seems to have the right answers, I will continue to be involved in my community, and yes, before anyone say, how can I speak on knowing how devasting losing a loved one to gun violence is, I can respond with a yes “I DO” you see, I too, had a brother murdered he was shot over 7 times. He died over 20 years ago on February 14, 1999. And it’s true, you never forget that phone call or the feeling of hopeless.  There was nothing my family or I could’ve done to stop it. We can help each other in ways now I believe if we find the right people to listen up to myself, and so many others dealing with or even trying to prevent it from happening again.

After reaching out to Philadelphia, I was sent information about the increase in homicides there. The information provided through a third part but posted on Twitter indicated a 31 percent increase in homicides. The graphics provided started with 2013 using the same day during the year when homicides were 141 that day (for the year). There was a slight decrease the next year and then homicides started to go up. By last year on that day there were 186 (for the year). There was no Bill de Blasio in Philly who had many police turn their backs on him for saying that the police are racists. In 2017 there were 186 homicides up to that point. I later looked at who provided the data and it was a crime and justice reporter in Philadelphia (Kristen Johanson). For 2020 243 homicides have taken place, a 31 percent increase). Over a month ago, the Philadelphia PD apologized for using tear gas at a demonstration by SWAT team members on June 1, 2020. The police chief made statements that supported the action based on information provided to her but after viewing video evidence of what took place she had to withdraw support for her previous statement and apologize to the people of Philadelphia. The officer’s union was furious about the apology. A police officer has been charged with “pepper spraying.” Mayor Kenney also apologized. We grew up watching a famous sports caster known for his relationship with Muhammad Ali who would say “Let’s go to the video tape.” Do you remember Howard Cosell? Good policing involves evidence and not corruption as important information has to be presented all the time. Justice is best served that way!

At this time, after recommending various times that our nation needed more and better trained police which could have been made available through our Congress and the White House. Trump’s handling of things was and is scary. And right now Americans are probably not being informed well enough about what is going on during those protests around the country.

I just got into an argument with a former law enforcement agent who ended the discussion (it was a discussion to me and argument to him) where he said that Trump was the best president ever. I just wish to remind my readers once again that I on February 10th, showing much concern before writing what I did, was correctly afraid of Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. “There is a crown on the Corona beer label which is not Trump’s crown although Trump has been given a throne in one of my articles about Bobolice Castle in Poland which was published in Jewish Business News.  The Corona Virus is simply Trump and his imaginary crown (corona is crown in Spanish).  Trump is unfit to hold office and it is so scary having him in charge of our nation as the Corona Virus spreads.  I hope that we defeat both Corona Viruses soon and that our nation’s people remain safe from such afflictions.” And I had great concern about the elections taking place in November as well.

That former law enforcement agent threw at me every single sound bite that one would hear on conservative radio and showed very little knowledge of history and current events. Bill de Blasio was his target, even if the mayor of New York City was not responsible for matters that I tried to bring up. He mentioned the one percent of the African American community that is problematic, but would he ever say the same things about Jews, Italians, or others? I thought that we are supposed to judge each case by its individual merits without any prejudice in mind. That seemed a hard thing to do if one keeps in mind all the time that one percent are no good at all. In relation to police of all colors and ethnic groups, we have to rid ourselves of those who are not innocent and I would not say that one percent are bad cops because I just don’t know the percentages. Teachers, by the way, have been accused of having one percent that need to be fired as well and that never happened.

The numbers he shouted out,  3,000 high for murders in New York City that were reduced to 300 murders under Giuliani, were numbers that I could not find in my research until I found fact checker where suddenly the numbers went from 1,900 high for murders to 700 murders. And the (July 2, 2020 by Robert Farley based on figures provided by the F.B.I. and N.Y.P.D.) also showed the continued reductions under both Bloomberg and de Blasio. The 300 territory approached at the end of three terms under Bloomberg. It also appears that the state had about 2,600 murders back in Giuliani’s days which could explain the mistake made by that former law enforcement agent. All that statistical data was provided because of “misleading” statements made by Rudy Giuliani about the recent spike in crime in New York City. That man called Trump the “best president ever” and it explains a lot. Doesn’t it? He spreads misinformation. There was a 1,100 gap in the former officer’s statement and I wonder how he would handle a $1,100 sudden reduction in his paycheck. Giuliani also made a false claim in the murder rate which he put at 58 percent even though it was 24 percent. The pandemic has been a factor in the increase in murders, but the Trump supporters have been touting great improvements in Trump without being able to take into account the hard work that it took to get there. The lowest unemployment rate rate among African Americans, the greatest part accomplished by Barack Obama.

I can recall being with the police officer in Nassau County discussing the interrogation of gang members in that county who told me that almost 600 gang members were brought in and most of them did not have a high school diploma. That means something but also nothing. On the website of the Learn4Life organization involved in educating youth who need an alternative it is indicated that 80 percent of gang members have not earned a high school diploma. I don’t know the source of that information, but if true it just proves that there has been immense failure to make the “safety net” work to keep the peace. Michael Bloomberg inherited a city government where more than a hundred thousand youth who had dropped out of school were at risk to be problematic. These numbers may or may not be available to other major cities or even to small cities across America and that is something that should be made public.

Ernie Bristow desires the solution or solution to the gun violence and the life that people in her community and other such communities are living. Gun violence has been with US since the founding of America and by the late 1960s it was affecting people everywhere along with drugs. The numbers were staggering long ago and are spiking right now, which was expected under the current economic conditions. So much violence is taking place across our nation even without the guns and the deaths that follow. It’s on the news in Democratic states and in Republican controlled states, but the finger gets pointed at the Phillys (Phillies) across our nation. News broadcasts become largely sports and violence. You should see what goes on in the Bronx.

There is no single solution being advocated presently that will do the trick. It will take a lot of things to greatly reduce the violence and the gun violence. The adult population is hurting and hurting badly either from being victim or perpetrator of violence. I just noticed a FACEBOOK post as Randi Weingarten spoke about just how similar Chicago and West Virginia can be in terms of problems. Appalachia continued to have problems long after the War on Poverty of the 1960s. It is “ground zero” for the opioid epidemic and the rural areas having rising crime and murder rates as well, according to the Crime Report of John Jay College (New York City) in 2018.


A Republican, Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas, has just brought forth a resolution to require the Democratic Party (also known as the Democrat Party among some groups) to change its name due to its history of activism and racism dating before and after the Civil War. I find the idea intriguing and know about its merits very well, but that legislation should be tied to legislation to remove Trump from office now. I’d vote for that package. The Democrats could be called New or Neo Democrats or anything better to call it. Most of the Republican Party has been called Repugnican by me for a long time now. There will be more later. No resolution is needed. Oh I forgot Trump was impeached and America lost.

T stands for destroying the Truth

R stands for stirring the pot of Racism

U stands for dividing the USA more divided than before

M stands for protecting Monuments instead of people

P stands for Pardons of people that should never have been pardoned under the Sun

Choose your own words for the T.R.U.M.P. acronym.

There is no doubt that other, more thoughtful people could think of others things like T for Taxes or M for attacking the Military and the pay of our men and women over protecting the Confederacy. Trump will go after everyone as was predicted a long time ago. Hitler was finally destroyed as he went after everyone, but the military campaign needed help from Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor to bring the good old USA into it. We need Republicans to attack T.R.U.M.P. now.

This week Trump opened his mouth and made this statement “I happen to believe in it. I would take it. As you know, I took it for a 14-day period. And as you know, I’m here. I happen to think it works in the early stages,” he said. Why would anyone say both “I would take it” and “I took it for a 14-day period?”

 I think he is trying to say that if you injected the COVID-19 virus into him that he would take it. His statement is highly suspicious. I would take it! I would take it again! I would take it if I get COVID-19! I would take it again if I get COVID-19! Not Trump at his very best but that is T.R.U.M.P.

I have told people about the doctor in New England who proved the entire medical world was wrong in treatment stomach ulcers. He gave himself the ulcer by swallowing the bacteria that causes those ulcers and he took an antibiotic to cure himself.

And now just as I watched a video about Hitler in power, it contends only Hitler could restore law and order among other things. We are seeing that kind of feeble attempt right now in our nation’s cities. People across our nation have to read more and learn more right now even if Trump does not have the same reserves of power that Hitler had. There were gangs in the streets beating up people, people were executed, and absolute power replaced limited power. The focus was on various groups and Jews were the target, which was predictable. There were warnings and there would continue to be warnings. Now the Democrats in the major cities are being targeted after three years of Trump talk and little and no action. His excuses are monumental for not providing adequate help.

I wish to detour over to the COVID-19 pandemic and let my readers know that Reverend Tony Evans of the National Black Church Initiatives called me yesterday and I was happy to hear from him. I asked him if he had shared my article with the 33,000 members organization and he replied that he did. I thanked him for his kindness and support and he said that we are going to move forward. Moving forward to protect people is critical and there should no monument to Donald Trump as far too many people are protecting monuments instead of people. In the name of humanity, I thank him.

I will now detour to something important that communities must take into consideration. There was an uptick in family violence that I noticed across our nation before the George Floyd death and the demonstrations that followed. Our cities have had reductions in violence and crime and then things went up again. Under COVID-19 I expected things to get worse and everyone noticed how Trump even handled the crisis of the Parkland Massacre. He washed his hands of the matter as he turned things over to the state and local communities. He never stopped the carnage in our nation’s cities as well. He had three years to make things better and failed US.

Congressman Louie Goumert doesn’t know that Repugnicans in their day gave control back to the Democratic South in 1876?

The Repugnicans kept Jews out of America just before Hitler rose to power.

Repugnicans called the New Deal the “Jew” Deal when there were Jews in Roosevelt’s cabinet.

And just before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Republicans in Southern California were plotting things with fascists and others. I guess those were the Southern Republicans in action? Read Hitler in Los Angeles. Or at the least open the book and see. There was a plot to take over America and just how could that have worked out well for African Americans and Jews? The U.S.A. was going to be taken over by Hitler.

He doesn’t know that it was Republicans who chose to isolate the United States when FDR made one of the worst decisions to sell out Eastern Europe to Stalin. Wendel Wilkie (their candidate in 1940) even spent time with Stalin (Uncle Joe) in Moscow enjoying the company and drinking with Stalin.

He doesn’t know that Republicans in the 1950s were supportive of General Douglas MacArthur and brought him into Congress to be an expert after the “General” was fired for trying to start a war between the United States and China. One can only imagine what would or could have happened in relation to China if the revelations about MacArthur’s overtures to fascist nations had not been revealed at that time.

The American people had had enough of World War II at the end and did not vigorously support the Korean War effort. That congressional hearing and backing away from MacArthur was a blessing for the Republicans who went on to victory in 1952 with General Eisenhower. The lesson is that silence of major things has to be broken.

Then the same Repugnicans gave US their own Joe, Joe McCarthy and his witch hunt with J Edgar Hoover.

And there were Repugnicans voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as people not even talked about today did not wish to integrate in places such as Iowa which is not even Southern Democrat.

And the congressman doesn’t remember Senator Barry Goldwater and his desire for segregation without great compensation to the African American community.

And then the congressman’s party gave US the most unqualified candidate of all time as Trump bashed Africa and Central America and its people to win and keep his base warm.

The silence talked about earlier includes over three years of silence by most Republicans as they spun the ridiculousness of Donald Trump and his pimping of lies and misrepresentations. You can see the same thing in the streets as his supporters talked about the Stock Market and jobs. Those things are important, but the jobs were coming back to America and the months before Trump took over were a predictor of the way things could be. Stocks went up even though the economy did not come close to the high figures of growth talked about by the Donald. Gambling on stocks kept winning and nothing more. And clearly the United States was in a better place than it ended up due to Trump and his lies and misrepresentations about COVID-19. Those words should not be used though because I have been against Trump from the beginning. Let the record speak for itself.

It took Trump well into July to put on a mask because some people told him that is “patriotic.” The message that Reverend Tony Evans put out to 33,000 Black churches should have been put out in February. Trump supporters let America down for many months.

I do not wish this to happen, but the spread of the Corona Virus or major earthquakes or worse could force the cancellation of the Election of 2020 (or postponement).  Just as we never expected to enter world wars, we seem to never expect the possibility of a disaster on or before that important day in November.  Things could happen!  Let’s begin to think outside the box.”

February 10, 2020

Congressman Gohmert just tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Does that Make America Great Again? Does that make him a great patriot when our nation’s soldiers know and are supposed to share the information that taking care of the wounded, sick, and dying are patriotic in war. And we are in a war.

Mike Ditka opposes players in sports who kneel because it betrays, in his opinion the National Anthem. Ditka born Dyczko and his mother’s side had no Polish or Ukranian but those roots are on his father’s side. Polish history matters to me for various reasons including my readings of the Polish people who were going to be annihilated by agreement between Hitler and Stalin which was terrible. Things did not get better as the United States hid information about the murder of 15,000 officers by Stalin. They were murdered one by one, shot in the back of the head. How would anyone feel if those facts alone were placed on the flag for all to see for years? Ignore it! I wouldn’t ignore even if not a single Jew was killed or uprooted. About ten percent of the officers were Jewish and all Poles that travelled for “safety” to great places like Siberia suffered and suffered until they achieved what Stalin called “amnesty.” American silence seems to be over which Ditka does not

The train trip to the Russian Steppes in cattle cars was highly infected with contagious diseases and the start of that long, cold trip that nobody wanted to make into slavery included stops at railway stations where the dead were tossed off the trains just like garbage. Some were also succumbing to starvation.

Mike Ditka is entitled to his “opinion” in this free society, but if he has only thought about the red, white, and blue and the stars and stripes that is unfortunate. The United States has brought much misery into our nation and around the world by its actions and inaction.

Ditka apparently does not realize that suggesting and creating a climate that is full of historically reprehensible ideas is not what America is about. He says people who kneel should leave our country. There are people who salute the flag and who do not salute the flag who support people who kneel. And the National Anthem has racist roots. Ditka claims to be old fashioned as if this is a time to invoke such a thought. Does he mean my country right or wrong? This is no time to be “old fashioned.” And now Senator Tom Cotton (Republican Arkansas) states that slavery was a “necessary evil” = Soviet slavery of Poles and others. And Nazi Germany had lots of slave labor which all Americans should never forget.

In my discussion with Wali Jones who has been featured in my articles about Colin Kaepernick, Wali said that just about everyone in sports is either taking a knee and showing support for eradicating the injustices that Kaepernick took a knee for. Ditka’s stance that he is “old fashioned” Wali says supports the work of “45” and his desire to make everyone believe that it is all unpatriotic. I am reading more and more that Trump’s patriotism, even in connection with the surge in the COVID-19, is all about his base in those states and therefore becomes patriotic after many months of not doing enough to help limit the spread of the virus. In other words those months when Trump did not care enough to do his job right must be patriotic months as well. All year long is patriotic when Trump says so. The patriotic month of August should bring more great things (grandeur is one of the definitions of august). Trumpus Augustus! Trump’s recent dealings with Putin and not confronting him about the allegations of Russia’s paying to have American soldiers killed does take US back to those days when Stalin was needed by the Allies and a silent current wall was created to keep Americans from that truth that took place in the Katyn Forest.

Colin Kaepernick article.

Blue Lives Matter Black Lives Matter article.

Colin Kaepernick second article.

International Art Exhibit Holocaust – 400 Years of Struggle in America.

Jews and Farrakhan today.

Masked Minister Masked Meshugana

I sometimes like to call people from Michigan Meshuganas (Yiddish for nut job) because it sounds kind of authentic, but this “Meshugana” hails from New York City and Palm Beach. Minister Louis Farrakhan wore a mask throughout his July 4th speech to the Nation of Islam and the world that watched. Now Donald Trump is wearing a mask, too. He now claims that it is “patriotic” to do so. But it seems he chose to wear a simple Black mask instead of one with the American flag and he calls himself the “most patriotic” American. Perhaps he wore the mask recommended by the Nation of Islam. I dunno!

Just days after the speech of Minister Farrakhan it was reported that a baby was born with COVID-19 and it made me think of the health of that newborn and the possibility that babies in Florida may already be affected or may have already not been born. I feel that the prayer from Fiddler on the Roof which is May God Keep the Czar Far Away from Us may or should apply to the “Minister” and to the “Meshugana.”

Those two men are so alike. They now wear masks but they harbor other sentiments. The “Minister” spoke on July 4th about how he prayed to Allah to increase COVID-19 in Florida. The “Meshugana” along with his accomplices in Florida at the state level opened up Florida too soon and that force along with the prayers of the “Minister” have resulted in greater sick and more dead. The patriotism is not exactly about wearing a mask which the Donald is doing as he bankrupts our nation in novel ways. It’s about saving lives during a war which our nation’s military has always done. The men in battle lift out the wounded and carry them even miles to safety. That is what the military is taught.

The Donald is about to bring much more harm on Americans as he puts Americans his way in harm’s way. Schools are soon to open. Even if not wearing a mask is one of the choices (he loves school choice), the die has been cast. The nation is in tremendous opposition. The Trump White House has revealed to people that the  Talmud permits or demands Jews to save lives which many Jews were reminded of after the pandemic hit US and even demands this on the Sabbath. That saved lots of Jewish lives, but Trump went his own way and caused what we hope will be his own destruction, political destruction. At this time, the universal mask wearing will cut deaths 63 percent. Trump allowed Christian ministers to open churches months ago and the results are in. More death, more death, and more death! As of the writing of this article there are 140,000 deaths due to Trump’s Bankruptcy.

I went to the window of the US Post Office to renew an important document and I noticed the beautiful face shield worn by the staff of the Post Office. I recommend to churches through Reverend Tony Evans that these kinds of steps were important to saving the lives of church goers, particularly African Americans in the 34,000 members organization of the reverend. I just did another outreach to his office to determine if he has expanded his effort to protect African Americans in their churches since he and I spoke and since publication of this article.

Trump just tweeted his dislike for the kneeling that just took place in a MLB or Major League Baseball game in San Francisco and he tweeted that the game was over for him. Yes the game may be over for Trump!

Trump’s leadership is just about theatrics, even his use of federal troops right now is about demonstrating that he is tough on law and order. The level of disorder leading to the bankruptcy has been there since the Election Campaign of 2016. Since then the “carnage” that he spoke about has continued and made worse by the pandemic conditions (this was expected long before he changed course with Dr. Fauci). He could have responded to much better conditions to grant the monies needed by major cities to hire more police which I have repeated over and over because people my age know that Bill Clinton funded more police in New York City for Giuliani. Rudy conveniently forgot all of that from 2017-2020. Those troops and Trump KGV Homeland Security personnel are not needed. He should have done more from the beginning. Trump bankruptcies Matter! And the COVID-19 is the greatest one of all.

Trump today says he is getting used to the mask but what he is really getting used to is that he screwed up. On that note and thinking about Stormy Daniels and screwing up, did he wear a mask. We know that lots of people out there have claimed that a mask is not effective in fighting the COVID-19. We also know that the other kind of “mask” (wink) is not totally effective as well. COVID-19 according to “Magic” Johnson is like AIDS but the disease spreads without sex. There was lots of unprotected sex when AIDS was the talk on everyone’s lips, but people are going into bars and churches asking for trouble and I suspect that some were listening closely to Trump. R.I.P. to those that did. They got the virus without the sex. And this virus knocks at everyone’s door.

Conventional wisdom during this political hour with the Republican Convention approaching would dictate something extraordinary. There is a beautiful garden in Michigan which is the place that Farrakhan used for his hateful speech on July 4th and perhaps Trump can join the Minister there as Trump sits out the rest of the campaign and the election. They have both taken measures to Make America Great Again.

DeSean Jackson: Jews and Farrakhan

“Take a look around at Selma Alabama…”


“Don’t punish me with brutality
C’mon talk to me
So you can see
What’s going on
Yeah, what’s going on
Tell me what’s going on
I’ll tell you what’s going on”


That was 55 and 50 years ago. The destruction and the Eve of Destrution we noticed then we notice now. We all knew it from songs and from life. It did not have to be revealed by any religious leader.

Here are the Black Lives-Jewish Lives Matter paintings in the International Art Exhibit of Mark Cohen.

In the 1930s the FNG or Friends of the New Germany would launch attacks in San Francisco and San Diego sparking violence against Jews and others along the West Coast of California. Expected to join in were Storm troopers coming in on German ships. Soldiers in America would be asked to swear allegiance to Hitler and Germany (something that was not far fetched since this sort of thing led to changes of loyalty in European action during World War II). The Nazis clearly counted on hundreds of thousands of supporters from then on.

Mitch Schwartz, Julian Elliman, and Jeff Lurie all have taken a positive step forward to guide DeSean Jackson to a new place as he faces a huge backlash after anti-Semitic retweets. He seems to be destined to learning more about the Holocaust by attending the U.S. Holocaust Museum, which I have not done myself. There are lessons to learn, critical and powerful lessons. I hope that he also learns about the pre-Holocaust conditions that existed even here in the United States. Eagles owner, Jeff Lurie, who is also a film maker has a film coming out “The Meaning of Hitler.”

We can begin in 1933 as Hitler took office in Germany.  “We will undermine the moral of the people of America…. Once there is confusion and after we have succeeded in undermining the faith of the American people in their own government, a new group will take over; this will be the German-American group, and we will help them assume power.”

Adolf Hitler, 1933

For DeSean Jackson to perhaps learn since history matters is that a new nation was conceived around that time out of Detroit, Michigan. According to information that I obtained, that founder disappeared in 1934 shortly after founding The Nation of Islam with Elijah Muhammad. This was the beginning.

But Hitler had plans as you can see, bold plans. Hitler was well aware of the importance of film (and Hollywood) since there were no Twitter and Instagram at that time. The powerful visuals of Hollywood films attracted Hitler and millions of Germans. This is the story of thirteen years of Hitler’s influence on the world and especially on America. And murder, he wrote. was a powerful tool to take advantage of. There was intense intimidation and fortunately the mass murder of Jews did not take place in Hollywood nor anywhere in America, but there was a plan to hang 20 including Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor, Charlie Chaplin, and the heads of the studios including Louis B. Mayer and Samuel Goldwyn. And at times Hitler actually controlled the studios through the stock holders who cared immensely about the profits being derived from German movie goers.

Los Angeles was seeded with the worst of organizations that were going to kill both Jews and African Americans. A Hollywood police precinct was called as a leader of the Nazis there wanted to confirm to someone that there were many police who were members of the Ku Klux Klan. The captain who picked up the phone confirmed that he was a member of the Klan. Police would turn a blind eye away from fascists as they hunted for communists.

And the Nazis did not consider Jews to be White people as an important speech revealed. “They are not of the White Race, they are Semites (Half Niggers). Gentiles beware of Jewish Domination.” This was an era when America First was dominating the news and the Democratic president had Jews in his cabinet and called upon Dr. Mary McCleod Bethune to be part of his Black cabinet.

The New Deal became the Jew Deal as the Nazis enlisted supporters. And the Ku Klux Klan believed that America would be better without Jews, Catholics, and Blacks.  Support for the efforts of Nazis was coming from both German and Italian communities just as power was granted to fascists in their native lands. And America’s veterans were targeted for increasing support because of how veterans were treated in their march on Washington, D.C. during the Hoover (Republican) administration when General Douglas MacArthur had that movement put down with violence.

And all of this was taking place in our nation which was poorly equipped to handle the matter since experts were needed to find out about the espionage and spying in America. So the Friends of the New Germany reported that their organization grew as the FNG recruited 300 in San Francisco, 400 in Portland, Oregon, 600 in Seattle, and 450 in Vancouver, Canada. There were 1,500 cells across America.  The local KKK lists of membership in Los Angeles included 1,500 people including “the Los Angeles sheriff and chief of police.”

And in Nazi Germany, Black youth who lived there attempted to join the Hitler Youth without success. And years later there would be dozens of Black people held in the concentration camps with Jews and others. Mixing of the races has been forbidden there and there was lots of propaganda against Black people which I wrote about in Jewish Business News in Israel. And here is more from my article on The Occupation of Paris in that online newspaper. “The Occupation of Paris (1940-1944) and the Occupation of the United States of America (2017-2018).

“In 1940 African-Americans in Paris had to sit in the last car in trains (le Métro) and that came about through Mein Kampf and Hitler as the Negro race was declared a degenerate race. In 1942 Jews, too, were forced to sit in the last car. That came about through much harsher regulations to determine who was Jewish (lots of Jews looked Aryan).

The French race was mixed with Neger (German word) and Jewish blood and there were also Slavs, Arabs, and Asians to segregate (or worse). The Grand Mosque of Paris: A Story of How Muslims Rescued Jews is noted in the bibliography of the book When Paris Went Dark: The City of Light Under German Occupation 1940-1944 by Ronald C. Rosbottom which I read to provide most of the details. We know that Hitler borrowed much from the history of America and its own racism.”

Josephine Baker was in France before and after 1940 (born in St. Louis, Missouri). She was a huge hit in Europe and even in Berlin before Hitler, but things soured fast. Her race and her act considered decadent by Hitler and the Nazis caused that. She had also married a French Jew. Baker left Paris and would not return until after the occupation was over. She worked with the French Resistance and she later fought for civil rights in the United States, working closely with the N.A.A.C.P.

There is a semi-naked photo of Josephine Baker in the article mentioned. Religious leaders everywhere have spoken out much the way that Hitler and his men called so much of the world degenerates. I see it often in videos. I did not write that the Black race was perverting the White race by her nightclub act nor would I say that Hollywood Jews are doing that. We follow the cases of all men and women who commit transgressions against others, children, women, men without calling into question their particular faith. And here is more.

“Just this last week there was a protestor, a white supremacist in Florida holding a sign that Jews Rape Kids and within days Donald Trump was tearing into South Africa for racism and murder of whites and ignoring problems in his base in Florida.

The Commandant of the Wehrmacht of Greater Paris wrote that under protection (occupation) Paris has known four years of peace. Any chaos has been made by the people themselves. He cited “false nationalists” which must include false news. A strong recommendation was made to turn to the humanity of the German nation and Parisians owed “loyalty” to them for to fight against “terrorists” (resistance) so that life could be preserved (and I assume that there would be four more years).

And Trump is expecting violence if the Republicans lose in November. Real violence! It could happen in this country, but he only mentioned Antifa and not both sides.

Who has replaced the Jews in the American Occupation of 2017-2018. Mexico? Other nations that are not White like Norway (Trump mentioned Norway earlier this year)? Now that America is finally great again to Trump, we have to Keep America Great!

France got rid of its greatest military hero in the 20th Century. Marshall Pétain, who was found guilty of treason against France. Trump was draft deferred and is no hero to the vast majority of Americans. His support is diminishing. It would be great to end the United States Occupation this year! Please do not disturb me. I am being occupied! The Maginot Line which the French people believed made France invincible was no such thing and the Imaginary Line which Americans use to protect our nation under Trump cannot accomplish that. He, too, may become a traitor in the not too distant future.”

Yes I wrote that almost two years ago. And now we know about Putin and his ransom to kill American soldiers.

As I have pointed out there are new lessons to learn. Whether it is about the Holocaust or the holocaust against Poles due to American complicity with Stalin during World War II, or the African American holocaust known as slavery, no innocent person should be harmed or killed ever. Nor should people think they are satanic when they are innocent. The labelling of people has hurt mankind in all continents.

The message of Minister Farrakhan preceded the appearance of Brother Ish who talked about the insightful ideas and guidance. And a little inciteful guidance as the Minister later spoke about the role of Israeli training of police resulting in the death of Black Americans.

Stephen Jackson attended a meeting with Minister Farrakhan which Brother Ish called a “wonderful meeting” but we quickly learned that the “Brother” was not even in attendance at that meeting.

I have watched The Breakfast Club team interview Brother Ish of the Nation of Islam where the “brother” spoke out about the “Red Man”at a time when Native Americans are progressing to rename teams and remove the name as Native Americans fight for justice and equality. And in naming people of nations supporting Black Lives Matter who are outside the Black community Paris, England, Russia, Egypt, Spain, Africa, and Mexico but also we notice the failure to mention Israel where there was or were demonstrations that are documented. I have contacted IHeart radio to provide important information including that Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center wishes to join the radio broadcast to have a discussion about anti-Semitism in our nation. And there has been no reply at this time.

We have two roads at times in life. One is the road of Farrakhan and the other is the road of Farrah Can Incite you or Take It Off With Noxema. There are Farrakhans among all people and there are Farrah Cans also among all people. Josephine Baker was a Farrah Can of her time, but she was committed to helping Black people in her own way.

I have been with members of The Nation of Islam but very infrequently. The last meeting was at the National Black Violence Convention in Philadelphia. There an important member of Farrakhan’s team said to me “Why would anyone study for the GED (or high school equivalency) when people with high school diplomas cannot get jobs.” The other time happened in Brooklyn at a mosque where it seemed that I was going to bepushed into place to help people in that district. Nothing (nada) happened. This was not a result of my being unqualified according to education and knowledge.

I watched the Donahue Show where Minister Farrakhan appeared for the first time in 1985. He actually said that Black people were given good education but went on to talk about people squandering things. Actually some Black people were given “good education” in this country. And also during the show, he stressed the need for Black people to have their own schools and much more that was their own which was part of Black power which his movement seized on even in the phone number to call to be part of the solution. He failed to express the pain that Jews felt over the Holocaust which still affects  Jews today as he expressed his love for the Jewish people he was trying to define. And his brief comments about the Palestinian issue which I had already started to write about certainly missed the history of Palestine which I have written about often. When Jews were arriving in Palestine there was violence against them and even violence against Arabs who sold land to Jews. And that led to an alliance of Palestinian Muslim leaders with Hitler Even Donahue had not done his homework well enough to bring that up. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem should have been studied before that show.

This author’s first creative project started in 1983. The Arab-Israeli Conflict was on his mind. He saw and felt that things would not get better until people got more educated. Making a deal would not work. The peace that existed in Spain for 750 years has not been restored in the Muslim dominated world. The time has come for that change.

As people concentrated at that time on the rising Palestinians and the issues surrounding them, I cannot fault the Minister for not talking about the Massacre of Hebron in 1929 (the opening scene of my screenplay and book) where almost a hundred religious Jews were killed by Arabs in a wave of terrorism that lasted for six years. Were they “oppressors” as Minister Farrakhan spoke about oppressors and does that not remind US today of the massacre of Black people in Oklahoma where an entire town was wiped out? That massacre in Palestine almost wiped out the leader of the Jewish people (he had left that community just before the attack) who was to designate a successor who founded the Chabad movement, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, that DeSean Jackson is now involved with to learn more.

Here is a fact obtained from my research about the visits of a few states to Israel “They were also briefed by Maj. Gen. Jamal Hakroosh – the first Muslim major general in the Israel Police and met with Arab cadets in the police academy.” In addition Minister Farrakhan does not even cite one instance where the training in Israel of American police resulted in deaths here due to the training. But he went on and on talking about Israel and making it seem that it was Israel’s voice to kill Black youth in America. He cited that the technique, the knee on the neck, is used in Israel and was taught to American police.

DeSean Jackson and his followers can learn a lot quickly from all of this. Our history, common history, matters a lot. In 1985 Minister Farrakhan on that first Donahue appearance said that we have to identify what is a Jew as though the world did not know what a Jew was. He did not say what he felt a Jew was at that time but he tried to redefine the existence of the word anti-Semitism in relation to the Jewish people by pointing out that Arab people are Semitic people, meaning in essence how can he be anti-Semitic if he is the brother of the Arab people.

I wish to give credit to Minister Farrakhan for the social distancing because we are all in great danger as COVID-19 spreads in churches around our nation. In his speech he was not up to date about the latest information about the virus as he said we will not conquer the virus. And he got the stock market reports wrong. There is no need to diminish him for those things.

The Minister singled out well known Jews and called them Satan. He mentioned that Dershowitz is going to bring on that vaccine (as he mentions a treatment for COVID-19 from Cuba that he wants) which he objects to for the moment. Alan Dershowitz has only pointed (with Larry King) out critical Supreme Court cases involving vaccinations and decisions related to health and his statement pretty much included comments in accordance with parts of Farrakhan’s own statement about safety during this pandemic and certain rights to refuse the vaccine that already exist. There was no good reason to single out Dershowitz in this matter and to make him the centerpiece of the movement to save lives through a vaccine. And it was his moment to denounce Jews when he could have chosen millions of others who have denounced him who are not Jews. Even denouncing a rich mixture of all people who are his critics and who he disagrees with would have been much more acceptable. Distortions matter!

Greenblatt is the executive director of the Anti-Defamation league defending Jews and others against hate. He mentioned Trump as well and Jewish rabbis who came to his home who he felt were trying to cut him off because he criticized Jews but he used the word “nigga” to clarify his own disgust at the rabbi although the rabbi did not use the word. He called out the Talmud for being an enemy of God for those who wrote and established it. Chelsea Handler, he said, recognized his truth. All others are impostors. And he blamed the Jews that escaped Castro’s Cuba for the problems resulting from America’s tough stand against Cuba. It would be good to know who the rabbis were who visited the Minister and ask them what happened. And Minister Farrakhan should have taken Donald Trump to task for Trump is the man in charge of handling the pandemic in this nation.

Since 2012 when Israel started to get involved in meetings including police training, my research shows. that there is no evidence, even from Amnesty International which researches such information, that Israel does not teach the method or tactic mentioned.

Donald Trump will not be allowed in my home, nor will Minister Louis Farrakhan be allowed in. Farrakhan could take the place of Donald Trump in many ways as he stirs the pot of anti-Semitism and more. Trump says that he is not racist and the Minister does not say the say thing about himself in his July 4th address.

There were well over 20,000 Jews who left Castro’s Cuba and some of them were able to make it to Cuba from Europe before the Holocaust started. And some Cuban Jews played prominent roles in the movement led by Castro. Some Jews were sent to forced labor camps, but even those Jews were not targeted the way that Farrakhan has done. In 2007 there were around 1,500 known Cuban Jews living in Florida where the very vindictive Farrakhan asked Allah to create a surge in the pandemic because of those Jews.

Catholics escaping Cuba were given help by Catholic charitable organizations where there were 14,000 unaccompanied minors. About 90 percent of the children were later reunited with their parents. Protestants and others were also refugees from Cuba.

I found this information in the Digital Public Library of America, but refugees came from all classes of Cuba. Pushed out by the consequences of the Revolution, the influx of refugees swelled the Cuban population of the United States from 79,000 in 1960 to 439,000 by 1970. Cubans settled across the country, with the most significant community in Miami, Florida, followed by Union City, New Jersey.”

This important information was in my recent article Jewish-Black Lives Matter “My latest reading illustrates the point about educated people and the faulty logic that they adhere to. This took place in Uzbekistan in the Soviet Union as Poles, Jews, and others made their way from the gulags of the Soviet Union into Central Asia to escape oppression. The talk of politics by Poles with a Muslim who was a dentist is very revealing. The people of Uzbekistan wished for freedom (Muslims). That was natural for people everywhere.  The conversation included this piece that caught my attention. Since the man knew oppression by the Russians well and since the Poles, Jews, and others had just received “amnesty” from the Soviet leadership and they could leave, the Uzbek man thought it would (be) natural for the Poles, Jews, and others to join up with the enemy of Russia at that moment, the Germans who had already started to wipe out the Polish people, Jews, and others. The man was surprised that the Poles were going to create a Polish Army to help Russia. The man was right about one thing which was Russia could not be trusted.”

As you can see Russia (Soviet Union) was holding those Muslims captive and was at that time an important ally of the United States, England, and France. This is the same Russia (Soviet Union) that destroyed Poland as did the Nazis. The Poles had no choice and suffered for more than four decades under the Russians (Soviet Union) and it was Russia (Soviet Union) that befriended Cuba. So Muslims were being oppressed by Cuba’s biggest and best ally, the Soviet Union.

One of Castro’s leading opponents was only a child when she arrived here. She came from a Jewish family but was raised Catholic and converted to Episcopalian. She is no longer in the Congress of the United States. That congresswoman fought for a humanitarian solution to the crisis in Darfur (in the Sudan). Farrakhan did not want to unite us in 1985 and he continues to divide us today.

Destruction of Statues-Monuments

Would a statue of Hitler be appropriate in Times Square or outside Trump Tower with a statue of Trump? Hitler was very popular among some groups in the United States


Nelson’s Pillar was destroyed by the IRA in Dublin, Ireland and things happen. Its memory has been preserved in various ways and the man who set the explosives was not charged. The pillar was finally demolished in 1966.

The words you have just read were published in Jewish Business News in Israel on October 14, 2018.

Is Trump blind to the history of African-Americans except of course to Kanye West who would never let racism get in his way?
Robert E. Lee opposed racial equality and giving African-Americans the vote and other rights and this was after the Civil War. America gave Hitler his ideas and now Trump is talking about Robert E. Lee as though he were one of the good people on the alt-right.

That was written the same day.

The Trump-Hitler statues would be best placed in Mar-A-Lago, still part of history, but far away from the public view. And Kanye please take a course in the history of the United States instead of repeating all the things that Trump believes in.

And yes I wrote that on the same day.

As you can see I knew that the statues were going to come down. I included in the article a video of the detonation of Nelson’s Pillar.

I just watched Newt Gingrich talk about how people who destroy the monuments will serve long sentences in jail (not sure just how long he implied). In England, it appears to me, the people just moved on unless I am wrong.

I object to the removal of at least two of the statues, Frederick Douglas and Miguel Cervantes. Unless people know more than I know about those two, I object. I derived my nickname “El Quijote del GED” from Don Miguel Cervantes. Frederick Douglas fought for the equality of man, even in Ireland. Here is what Douglas wrote as he visited Dublin “I employ a cab—I am seated beside white people—I reach the hotel—I enter the same door—I am shown into the same parlour—I dine at the same table—and no one is offended … I find myself regarded and treated at every turn with the kindness and deference paid to white people. When I go to church, I am met by no upturned nose and scornful lip to tell me, ‘We don’t allow n****** in here!”  I just wish that people will learn quickly that innocent people should not be condemned including police.

In Barcelona, Spain the city will be debating taking down the Columbus statue that hundreds of millions of people have seen near the harbor as people walk to the end of the Ramblas de Catalunya. I quietly thought about that statue on a recent trip. Keep in mind that Spain is a nation where Italians do not have the dominance that they have here across the United States. I can see the statue being taken down and replaced. The massive scale of the destruction of statues and monuments also shows how Trump and his men were unprepared for the rewriting of history. It was like a “bullet to the brain” of a large part of the United States and the possibilities are endless (well almost endless).

I can see Barcelona taking down that statue of Columbus atop a tower (it was first exhibited in 1888). The statue is 24 feet tall atop a 131 foot column. I can see Ricky Martin appearing twice daily on the top of that column singing Livin’ La Vida Loca. The Great Compromise in American history that involved slavery should have new more creative and egalitarian compromises.

Puerto Rico should be on the minds of people across America and around the world and its treatment by Trump who detained the use of funds to be used in Puerto Rico’s recovery. Trump has his Puerto Rican supporters as such men have had throughout history. We do not have to look at the Americas alone outside of Puerto Rico since the people of Catalunya know very well the oppression of Spain in their history. It will be interesting to see how the discussion in Barcelona proceeds.

There is no monument that is safe in America. Trump’s declarations are those of a man who has failed the American people repeatedly as he builds himself up through fraud. I have repeatedly stated that he is bankrupt. Better handling of the COVID-19 situation would have been to his advantage for sure. No statue on earth for Trump! His rush to Mount Rushmore brought him closer to the abyss.

I have been reading about the history of Poland a lot. People have to know much more about the holocaust that affected Poland as the cancers of Nazism and Stalinism (Soviet Communism) killed millions and deprived Poland of its freedom. The author of the latest book that I am reading mentioned those classic names of Poles who fought for freedom, Pulaski and Kosciusko. And centuries later it was on the minds of Poles to visit their family members and friends who had left Poland, survived, and adjusted to life in America (just as Polish Jews had as well). There was no mention of slavery in that passage in the book (so far). The Poles were taken to slavery in cattle cars to the Soviet Union. The book is When God Looked The Other Way by Wesley Adamczyk. He speaks of visiting his old home, Poland, as an “inhuman land.” And in America, the humanity of the nation continues to be questioned deeply and there are large percentages of our nation’s people that do not have the reflexes to get a knee jerk from it. Slavery assured America of also being an “inhuman land.”

The United States, for all its good, remains a land controlled by the powerful just as nations were seized by “Uncle Joe” Stalin (an American creation in World War II). The communists benefitted in Eastern Europe and here in America the capitalists benefit most. Spain gave birth to the Americas, but only after all of Spain was reconquered from the Muslims who had conquered it centuries earlier.

Ricky Martin may wish to invite Jwan Yosef (born Ras al-Ayn in Syria) to the top of the monument to be with him. Of course the destruction of the Columbus monument in Barcelona will not be the end of the hate. Fascists everywhere in every color of houses on earth will defend their right to tear down monuments of its choosing. Ask Trump if he would take down the Ricky Martin Monument (with his husband). And if Trump is unavailable just ask Trump’s base.

Trump signed an executive order providing that people who destroy statues will receive ten years in jail at a time when people need protections. This is the man who told police to rough up people before taking them to the precinct to be processed to go to jail. If it’s ten years for breaking a statue how many years does a police officer get for brutally beating a human being or killing him or her? Trump has been good at talking about protecting American culture and poor at protecting lives.

I found out researching Ricky Martin that he loves the table in his house. I fell in love with the table that I purchased over a decade ago and I think my table is more beautiful than his table. I also wonder what would have happened to the people of the Americas if the Arabs had sailed to America instead of Columbus and taken it over. Remember that Christianity dominates here and the Arabs were Muslims. And they had conquered Spain but could not control it.

And here in America, Kanye West is ready to sacrifice his future to reelect Donald Trump. This is politics. Corrupt? Not any more corrupt than Joe Stalin, Hitler, and slavery. He will do it and claim that he is doing it to free Black people from the plantation created by the Democrats. West’s dream of seeing all African Americans gainfully employed disappeared fast in 2020 and he really doesn’t have a clue about what to do. I now understand that Kanye has taken off his red hat, but I don’t believe that he is against Trump.

Kanye has to prove to all the media and to the people that he has made serious attempts to alter the direction of the White House by speaking out to The Donald who he has great influence with, by presenting emails sent to the White House demonstrating the changes that had to be made, and other things related to fighting the COVID-19 crisis that others are thinking about (other than praying which I have seen lots of both here and abroad). I noticed that the successful opportunity zone that West discussed with Trump did not happen. We have seen lots of churches open up early where the virus spread (and lots of deaths among pastors prior to Trump’s opening the churches). America is now COVID-19 country and everyone should hold Kanye West accountable, even before his campaign gets kicked off. Kick him out I say! And no statue for Kanye! I wrote about and wrote to Reverend Tony Evans about doing more to help people in churches (Black churches as well).  That was June 3, 2020 and my efforts to help people probably started before Kanye says he got the Corona Virus in February.  Kanye can get in touch with the reverend about this matter. Truth matters!

Puttin’ and Putin

“Dear native land (thinking of Oh Beautiful), thy plains are wide; Thy forests, fields, and streams abound.

I know no other land beside

Where such free room to breathe is found.”

This song was broadcast every day from a Soviet wireless station. Where? There were 20 million slaves who were moved about by cattle cars around the Soviet Union to Make the Soviet Union Great. They were forced to learn a song that reminds me of a song we sing in America.

And right now we learn that Donald Trump has known for a few months about the work of the Russians (a very Putinesque moment in foreign affairs) among the Taliban. The Russians, we are learning, have held secret talks to pay the Taliban to kill Allied forces (including US). This sparked ideas and feelings that gushed to my brain including how the Allies remained silent after learning about how 20,000 Polish officers (including many Jewish officers) were killed by Stalin and there was silence.  Silence! Silence! Silence! In America there was not only silence but glorification of Stalin from Roosevelt and from his opponent in 1940 Wendall Wilkie. From the mountains to the prairies there was silence. It raises the question again about Trump-Russia that started during the 2016 Election Campaign through a series of history making events including the Mueller Investigation and Impeachment and affects our international relations. Is Russia fighting terrorism or fighting US?

Trump’s supporters seem about ready to add the head of an American with orange hair to the southernmost corner of the American flag with its stars and stripes. The level of propaganda appears to be that high for many. Could it be that Americans are about to go out of control in support of a man who has attacked just about everyone in our nation, but who hangs on to power through that Senate majority, the power of his Tweets, and a public that has been caught in the vortex of what could be the collapse of the United States?

He wears no mask, he undermines governors whose states needed to remain closed during the pandemic, he holds rallies and demands a convention where people will physically attend, and his claim to have prevented the loss of millions of lives in this pandemic is pure propaganda. What’s next? A Tweet and a presidential proclamation calling for all Americans, undocumented immigrants, and tourists to be injected with the Novel Corona Virus as we find out through science that pregnant mothers are being impacted? Woe vs. America and its beliefs!

And today we learn also that this mentality has become part of the American landscape as a Republican is propagandizing to an extreme the virtues of Wyoming over Washington, D.C. as that city tries to become the 51st state. Americans are in a state of confusion and emergency. It should be clear that two senators will be added to the 100 senators and the Republicans have no fighting chance to capitalize on it. Trumpism combined with Republican values has just attacked Americans in our nation’s capital.

 And at the same time, the Trump Administration through Ivanka is trying to shake up the process of hiring by turning Plymouth Rock over on the heads of people who spent years getting educated and earning degrees (at a great cost to their families and to themselves). This plan of action has been in the making for many years if you listened and learned from the words of Sean Hannity who has been diminishing the college educated masses by advocating for the working man. Here we go again with another proclamation along with the proclamation to defend our nation’s statues at the expense of peaceful protest demonstrating that change is badly needed and that flags, statues, the names of places including parishes, and leaders have to be replaced. I have been writing about the demolition of statues around the world for years and I hope that there will never be a statue dedicated to Adolph Hitler anywhere. I wouldn’t even wish to see one in a museum.

And for some time now Donald Trump has played down his own incompetence repeatedly. Repeatedly hardly seems an appropriate word to do. His supporters refer to him as a great president. His ineptitude long surpassed Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi troubles as she sought to become president. But Trump supporters continue to support Trump’s own Benghazis at home and abroad and reacting to the truth as though we were saying Ben Gazzara. Trump is damned if he was briefed and damned if he wasn’t briefed. An alarm was supposed to be raised just as an alarm should have been raised when George Floyd had a police officer’s knee and weight on his neck. All the President’s Men are responsible for what happened.

AP sources: White House aware of Russian bounties in 2019

James LaPORTA, Associated Press June 29. 2020

There is evidence that the White House briefing was on the calendar of events for Donald Trump in March 2019. This came from an anonymous source. Trump is again disowning important information.  From Stormy Daniels (with Michael Cohen who brought great Russian connections to Trump from the Trump Tower days) to three marines being killed in Afghanistan including Cpl. Robert Hendricks, 25, of Locust Valley, New York, in April 2019, the truth takes a backseat to protecting Trump by his White House. Hendricks’ father concluded in a statement given to AP “If this was kind of swept under the carpet as to not make it a bigger issue with Russia, and one ounce of blood was spilled when they knew this, I lost all respect for this administration and everything,” Erik Hendriks said. This is a strongly possible “Benghazi” moment among lots of other Benghazi moments concerning The Donald. This has been a bad year for Americans who are still extremely divided. Trump’s repeated lies about winning which ended up in seeking a truce and a stalemate in Afghanistan have to be mentioned. His advocacy for Russia at this time smells of Roosevelt’s short but dangerous relationship with “Uncle Joe” Stalin (terminated by Roosevelt’s death in early 1945). November is coming and the political death of The Donald is imminent. These new revelations can be called Trump’s Russian Virus.

 On February 10, 2020 I called Trump the Corona Virus. And now we have the Russian Virus to contend with. Trump could have sent Rudy Giuliani to Russia last year to determine if Russia, in fact, did pay bounties to the Taliban to kill Americans. Giuliani, you will recall, was so highly trusted that he set out to prove that Biden was involved in the corruption in the Ukraine. My readers know that I have called for Trump’s resignation for years and we are reading that sources are saying that Trump is considering stepping down since he feels that he cannot win. If the latter is true, knowing that the election is just about four months away, it would be even more harmful to the nominating process and could produce a Republican candidate as bad as Trump. With Trump gone, the market may go up for the Republicans as polls are taken of Biden vs. Cruz-Romney-Scott-Sarah Palin-Nikki Haley-Whatever. John McCain Rest in Peace!

And things are becoming much clearer about Trump since he retweeted a supporting video of the Villages in Florida that had also supporting content about “White” power or supremacy. The White House was trying to reach Trump for hours, but he was playing golf in Virginia (at a Trump golf course of course) and he did not pick up the phone. Can you imagine the result if the emergency call from the White House had been about an attack? George W. Bush was reading to children when that happened in his White House years. Perhaps the White House has assigned someone to intervene in the type of crisis that I have just mentioned? I think the White House knows exactly what it is dealing with. M.A.G.A. has been dead a long time and I wrote about it in December 2019. And that was before the Trump handling of COVID-19.

This history goes back to the Mueller testimony that there was not enough evidence (called “no evidence” by Trump’s supporters and a “hoax” that will fill chapters of history books revealing the truth. Trump was unfit. Michael Cohen probably knows much more and I wrote a long time ago that he probably did not flip (completely) in What if Mueller Did Not Flip Michael Cohen. I wrote, “Lieutenant Columbo in all of us should make us wonder more about No Collusion (thinking about the expression on Columbo’s face as he puts his hand into his raincoat).  Michael Cohen in testimony in Congress told the world that he knows of no collusion.  Could his testimony have been scripted a long time before?  After all he has been painted as a liar by the White House.  After all he was very involved with the Russian Mafia for decades.  After all he did give up information that was most likely in the possession of those people who raided his office.  After all he did say that he would take a bullet for Donald Trump…”

It is becoming more and more apparent that Trump has betrayed his duty to protect the American people (again). It’s time for Trump to declare victory and move on.

Colin Kaepernick to Be Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

“You know what I say? Go back and look at history. There has never been a protest by an oppressed minority in American society — not the Native Americans taking over Alcatraz, not Jewish people protesting neo-Nazis in this country, not African-Americans in any case in any era at any time — when mainstream America has stood up and said, ‘Amen, we agree with that protest’.” 

Dr. Harry Edwards, Sports Sociologist

Dr. Harry Edwards intends to nominate Colin Kaepernick for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. I believe that there will be not only a nomination but also the granting of other prestigious awards to Kaepernick. Edwards has informed me that other American athletes have been passed over for the Nobel and the list includes Major Taylor, Jackie Robinson, Curt Flood, Al Davis, Bill Walsh, and Muhammad Ali. Edwards also indicated that Kaepernick will accept this award on behalf of other great athletes who preceded him.

Wali Jones and I have distributed my last article to lots of people who now know that community support for Kaepernick is greatly needed. Dr. Edwards recognizes the importance of that support as well. Let’s proceed to organize with immense passion for a man who really made great history as the media coverage of his kneeling was as courageous as many other American events in history. It was like the “shot heard ‘round the world” but his kneeling was live on television as our national anthem was being played. And the world learned about this modern “shot” quickly. This was the genius of Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick’s actions immediately reminded me of Emile Zolá’s taking on France, its military, and the supporters of the military who professed anti-Semitism in France and around the world and Zolá made his views known in a newspaper in Paris.

I know that people immediately said that Kaepernick could have expressed himself in some other venue and he could have.  Zolá could have denounced the men in the military that corruptly put an innocent man on trial on the corner of the Rue St. Michel and the Boulevard St. Germain. Perhaps the idea never even crossed Zolá’s mind. Or he could have read his J’Accuse letter in front of the Eiffel Tower. That tactic would have diminished his task.

Emile Zolá is a great hero who was moved from a cemetery to the highest place of honor in France, the Pantheon in Paris. So recognition for Kaepernick beyond people who have appreciated his effort from the beginning is only short steps away. We should also settle once and for all the notion that Kaepernick was anti-American for what he did. He did not represent a foreign power, he had no corruption of mind such as doing what he did for capital gain, there was no moral corruption, and no prejudice against any ethnic group. He did what he did to call attention to need to end fear, discrimination, and the harm that African Americans suffer in America at the hands of others. And in relation to the police, all police that act with impunity against innocent people require the attention of all or in other words “No justice no peace” shall rule in the hearts and minds of all. Kaepernick’s act was not an unpatriotic act calling attention to others who clearly are not true patriots.

Here is something that I found from December 2017 about Kaepernick.  I am reposting it here.

Jesus Christ-Colin Kaepernick and healing.Colin Kaepernick has made errors that have put Americans against him. The socks with the police are pigs is one example. Another mistake was clearly only taking one knee. Now it could be argued that the right knee is not as forceful as the left knee in protest.
I have demonstrated that Kaepernick with his bronzed skin, his wooly hair, his placing Christian scriptures on his body, and his kneeling in the open air are reminiscent of Jesus himself who brought all Christians the scriptures. I support Kaepernick in his fight for social justice and I oppose, for example, Cardinal Thomas Dolan who asked Kaepernick to build a bridge between people. That bridge should be built by the cardinal himself who told viewers of Fox News that he believes in symbols such as the flag. What about the symbolism that I have just presented? Why is the cardinal blind to that? Could it be the tens of thousands of police in New York City that he has had a relationship with as well in the past? Could he go against them?
For those Christians that oppose Kaepernick for the same or similar reasons, I have this question. But first I must mention the issue of disrespect to our flag and our troops. What if Colin Kaepernick swore on a Christian Bible that he had no intention of disrespecting the American flag or the troops? Would people shift to supporting Kaepernick on the “social protest” issue? Would they bring the police together with Kaepernick all over the United States? Just this week in Rikers’ Correctional Facility in New York City, Kaepernick spoke to inmates and the presidents of two correction officers’ organizations protested his presence, indicating that his talk would or could make things worse for them in the jail. I have been a visitor to Rikers’ twice and on one occasion a youth was upset that I was looking at him. I quickly defused that situation by looking somewhere else. I was there to support a friend who does a Christian ministry and who gives out thousands of Bible study courses each year.
The police started to disrespect Kaepernick from the beginning, even speaking out that they would not volunteer to protect people in the stadium where he plays. Kaepernick’s Christian values have been placed in the background in favor of the flag and troops. Jesus has taken a backseat (especially now to Donald Trump, the commander-in-chief). Trump would love to see everyone protesting fired and see some move to another country. That is just not only just a total disregard for freedom of speech, but also an act of revenge from a man who told Bill O’Reilly on Fox News that his Christian belief is “An Eye For An Eye” and not “Turn the Other Cheek.”
I ask Americans everywhere to consider this. Bring our nation’s churches, communities, and police together with our youth and Colin Kaepernick and bury the differences that keep us apart. I believe that this initiative will keep everyone safer, including police. The refusal of police to join must be considered unacceptable because we pay them and they work for us and not the other way around. I know that the police reach out to communities everywhere and there is a slight improvement, but something much more powerful is needed now. Police were killed before Kaepernick (and long before him) and the killings will continue and that is unfortunate. Restore faith in humanity by working harder toward social justice and keep the flag out of this now. Christmas is coming so pray for peace on earth!

I thank James Jackson who commented on my last article and who wrote that he had done basketball clinics in Richmond, Virginia with Wali Jones in association with the Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Clubs, and more. I have started an outreach to support both Kaepernick and Wali which is becoming well known in Raeford, North Carolina where a memorial service was held for George Floyd and where Sheriff Hubert Peterkin spoke out that “we are all to blame.”

And today Trump’s patriotism is at question as news circulates about the Trump-Russia-Taliban Connection. More will be coming about this important matter since this is a “titanic” moment. Trump recently flip-flopped as he moderated his stance on Kaepernick by finally being supportive in relation to getting back in the N.F.L. but he did this at a time where he retweeted the video of the Villages in Florida where a Trump supporter shouted out in favor of White Supremacy. I read that the man in the video is a retired fireman and I think that there should more reporting about that individual as we learn about the “Civil War” in the Villages. Trump is far from a true patriot as he whips up crowds. Democrats in the Villages report that things got worse there among Democrats and the Republican majority with the Election of Donald Trump, which is something that I predicted for our nation. Take a look at my article on the Neo-Patriots in our nation.

Colin Kaepernick Nobel Peace Prize: Committees Needed in 50 States

The Nobel Peace Prize Drive for Colin Kaepernick means that you can set up your own committee with the intention of linking with other similar committees. Communities are invited to join in.

Wali Jones, who is a Hall of Fame NBA player who was involved deeply in his own controversy when Civil Rights’ was young, brought this request for the Nobel Prize to my attention. I will share information about Kaepernick and Wali Jones in this article. Your goal is to support Kaepernick as soon as you can.

The idea came from Dr. Harry Edwards who may not be well known to a younger generation of Americans. It is our job to teach since we know how Dr. Edwards has fought for justice throughout his career. Kaepernick’s taking a knee was about justice, but others saw fit to undermine that including police whose job it was to protect everyone in football stadiums and Donald Trump. Dr. Edwards talks about White Supremacy, privilege, and power, calling for the destruction of the system to achieve the progress needed. The changes include seeing women in power, changes in the United States Senate (one Black Republican), corporate American is still largely White, and institutional changes.  And he did mention that there are only 3 African American coaches in the N.F.L.

On September 17, 2018 I wrote this in an article in Jewish Business News in Israel “Then there is Colin Kaepernick and the perception that I detest.  A well-known person who has a Jewish organization told me that Kaepernick is a “piece of shit” and that being a millionaire how could he relate to the African-Americans that he is fighting for.  Hitler must have called us a “piece of shit” at some time and his prejudice did not prevent him from doing what he did to rich and poor (and there were lots of poor Jews).”  Kaepernick is featured in several of my articles and in my play (treatment) with a Frenchman who is in a high place of honor among Jews around the world. I feel as will much of the free world that Kaepernick deserves to be honored or as some would say “finally” honored.

That Frenchman was Emile Zolá and I have to make it known that when I noticed cartoons and tee-shirts depicting Kaepernick and his fight for justice I reached out to a cartoonist in Qatar hoping to create a Zolá-Kaepernick work of art. Once I mentioned the term Jewish theme, that contact pretty much became a dropped call. Art can bring people together or it can divide us as history has shown. Since I already had the idea, I just reversed the idea and came up with what I think is one of the potentially great theatrical scenes as Kaepernick gives birth to Emile Zolá. Click and read it for yourself.

We have to build bridges to all people at this time, knowing how to do the right thing. Doing the right thing will not ring true to people who are racists or inclined to support others poorly or superficially. Their right thing is not our right thing. I noticed in the news a while back that Kaepernick wore socks depicting pigs and I thought that was about racism in America. It probably was about racism. We can go back to the experience in Nazi Germany to learn more and see how the subject matter was so important at that time as Jews were hoping for people to do the right thing.

That earlier quote came from this article.

The Holocaust And Black Lives Matter

Between the Holocaust and Black Lives Matter, the keyword is “pig.”  We have heard that word in protests for decades and perhaps without knowing what the joke reveals to us. Oppressors are pigs!

And now I can share the “joke” with more readers than ever before.

And there were jokes coming out of the resistance and the Holocaust that we should know.   Look at the key word in this joke.
“A Parisian reports to his friend a rumor that at 9:20 the previous night, a Jew attacked and killed a German in the Métro (French for subway).  He even ate part of his entrails, including his heart.  The friend says with a laugh, “You’ll believe anything you hear, Pierre.”

“But it’s true!”

“No, my friend, it’s impossible.”

“First, Jews don’t eat pigs; second, Germans have no heart; and, third, at 9:20 everyone is listening to the BBC.”
The BBC was the radio network to listen to since the Nazis banned everything else.  Everything else was the “fake news” of its time.
Between the Holocaust and Black Lives Matter, the keyword is “pig.”  We have heard that word in protests for decades and perhaps without knowing what the joke reveals to us. Oppressors are pigs!

Discrimination gets in the way of the Dream from the 1960s to today. This information comes to me through old friends at Sports Inside and Out, Coach Chuck Hatcher and Wali Jones whose show is broadcast on iheart radio and helps support the Wounded Warrior Project. Coach Hatcher integrated his school in Norfolk, Virginia. Here is the link for the show where Wali “The Wonder” shares “The News You Can Use” about Lebron James and his effort to increase voter registration and turnout. There is a rich amount of history addressed in just this show and what has happened just yesterday is a major part of history as there is talk about Congress and the actions around the world that is big news in preparation for Juneteenth Day.

Wali Jones nicknamed “Wali Wonder” is a N.B.A. Hall of Fame basketball player who may appear to be dinosaur to our nation’s youth but he won an N.B.A. Championship with Wilt Chamberlain among other things. Wali chose not to play in the final game of the Eastern Division playoffs because Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had just been assassinated. His career was full of accomplishments and controversies related to race relations.

There was a period where Wali Jones did not play and the team did not pay as there were contract talks and a lawsuit where Wali hoped to win an award in court based on violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. He was unsuccessful. And there will be more about this later.

His Philadelphia roots were solid. He attended Overbrook High School and played ball in Haddington Recreation Center and other parks or centers long after his father attended the school but at the time his father attended Ernest Jones (103 years of age) was not allowed to play baseball for the school. And being in Philadelphia during the days of Rizzo, the police chief who used brutal tactics that were reprehensible to the community. Wali spoke out against Rizzo (1970) and the team decided to trade him or get him out of town.

The speaking out against police chief Rizzo deserves development so that people today can reflect on those days. There are many who felt and still feel that Rizzo’s control over Philadelphia extended right into the offices of the owner of the Philadelphia 76ers. This dictated that what was taking place was the “blackballing” of Jones by the team ownership. We know that the country was experiencing great change under Civil Rights’ protests and legislation, but that didn’t mean that corporate basketball was ready to treat everyone fairly.  I would like to see Wali Jones and Colin Kaepernick together as panelists to talk openly about those things that mattered and still matter so that American public can be much better informed. Talk about the flag, the playing of our national anthem, and speaking out against police brutality are still needed today and will be needed next year as well. History repeats itself.

Wali and I continued the discussion of Rizzo and the toppling of Rizzo’s statue in Philadelphia. Wali recalled the policing in Philadelphia where members of the Black Panthers were stripped naked. And he told me about a photo that he remembers of Rizzo dressed up in a leather jacket and hold a gun with a title referencing the “gestapo.” And all this news was between fifty and four hundred years in the making. Those Black panthers were arrested for murder and days later the charges were dropped. The people later found for those murders had nothing at all to do with the Black Panthers.

On April 20, 2018 I wrote this in Jewish Business News in Israel.

“Would Jews ever allow a statue of Adolph Hitler to be built?  It could happen since Hitler is a part of history that cannot be erased, advocates could easily say.  Much of the same kind of thing is going on in the United States and the White House and people all over our nation refuse to have compassion for those who have been egregiously harmed throughout the history of our country.

Tennessee recently refused to pass a bill that would help that state fight against the alt right’s criminality, dealing a blow to ethnic minorities who often need more protection.  And now another blow has been handed to the city of Memphis, Tennessee, a city that has democratically decided to heal by taking down statues.  In question is the state of Nathan Bedford Forrest who is known for massacring African-Americans on sight during the Civil War.  He was instrumental in blocking the voting rights of African-Americans and Republicans after the Civil War to ensure the success of political candidates in line with the objectives of the South.”

Wali Jones spent months without any income from his dispute with the owners and his salary was a tiny fraction of what people expect their favorite athletes earn today. Desperation was about to set in but there was light at the end of that tunnel as the N.B.A. also got its first Black general manager in Milwaukee where Wayne Embry was selected. He signed Wali Jones to the team. Various players have written about the “slavery” of playing in the N.B.A. back in those days. And those were the days that players needed to have summer jobs to supplement their income as well.

1962 Cole Field House discrimination at the NCAA tournament

1964 Wali did not make the Olympic team as he and Walt Hazzard expected to fulfill that dream. NY Daily News sportswriter Peter Vecsey wrote about his disappointment that Wali did not make the team.

1965 New Orleans playing for the Baltimore Bullets where there was discrimination in the hotels.

Among Wali’s non-basketball record includes speaking out for his friend Muhammad Ali when Ali had problems in America. And as an activist he was able to meet with Stokely Carmichael, H Rap Brown, and Dick Gregory.

Wali wore dashikis and had an Afro and was told to cut his hair and stop wearing dashikis in order to “fit in” better.

Wali was instrumental in starting programs for our nation’s youth and early on he was involved in trying to reduce gang membership in Philadelphia.

Wali and I discussed important things about a time in the 1960s which he and I shared. We grew up in large Jewish communities and those communities on the Lower East Side and in Philadelphia changed. I learned that the Lillian Wald Houses where I grew up became the New Jim Crow before the New Jim Crow, devastating the families that I knew. Young people were either dead or in jail. Wali said the same thing about Philly.

And today Wali Jones reflects on his life and history, making it clear that Colin Kaepernick deserves international recognition as a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. We should not forget the things that Wali Jones tried to do, as well, as we make America a better place for all. This is a time for the continuation and expansion of the unity that we have noticed in the recent protests and I hope that people everywhere form committees to recognize Colin Kaepernick and the noble effort he has made to fight racism. Wali was Kaepernick before Colin Kaepernick.

And Wali told me that he worked for the Education Department for seven years and he has pointed out many of the programs that he has been involved in to help our nation’s youth. There was Shoot For the Stars, Afro American Athletes in Action which became Athletes in Action, Each One Teach One, the 1969 African American Conference in Washington, D.C. to engage professional athletes to become involved in their communities, programs to sponsor books for Jamaica, the Bahamas, Bimini, Antigua, Trinidad, and Barbados (when he worked for the Miami Heat and was sponsored by Fedex), clinics and other activities all over our nation where he has collaborated with Ken Hamilton, Walt Hazzard, Billy Cunningham, Bill Melchionni, Bobby Dandridge, Dr. J, World B. Free, Tim Perry, Billy Owens, Holly Taylor, Johnny Newman, Bill Baggett, Bill Jones, Bobby Hunter, Bruce Smith, Ben Wallace, and others.

Jewish Lives-Black Lives Matter

I have watched Jewish leaders and organizations reach out to African Americans that they know and there have been discussions demonstrating the many decades long cooperation between African Americans and Jews. The discussion has included recognition of the divisions that exist in both groups that often conflict with the agenda of keeping those two groups united. The recent desecration of synagogues caused me to include Mark Cohen’s Holocaust paintings along with his Black Lives Matter paintings. My own relationship is with the N.A.A.C.P and I am not connected to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The desecration of the synagogues in Los Angeles (and anywhere else) has been addressed by the Zionist Organization of America, an organization with great influence. ZOA published an article that called out those desecrations and that demanded condemnation by Jews who remained silent and in doing that the author crossed a line that should remind people around the world of the BLM statement that Israel is committing “genocide” as the author writes that the desecration of the synagogues the “Los Angeles Pogrom” and it referred to George Floyd as “a dead ex-con.” These are examples of what could be called Black and Jewish hyperbole. I enjoy knishes but not Sultan Knish (the author).

The author of the article mentioned is Jewish but Milton Klein has sat next to Candace Owens in the Congress of the United States as Candace Owens, the founder of Blexit for Black people to leave the Democratic Party, who spoke about Hitler’s “nationalism (a good thing to her) which immediately resulted in the Nuremberg Laws in Germany that took rights and wealth away from Jews. ZOA was silent in Congress as Morton Klein sat next to Owens preparing to talk about the threat of Muslims. Perhaps ZOA was silent because it did not recall Jewish History that matters. Since that day in Congress, Jews have noted that White Supremacy is on the rise and most of us blame Trump.

Candace Owens, in a You Tube, had to declare George Floyd a thug as well, although she wants justice for George Floyd. Her thoughts were unnecessary although permitted by the Constitution. And we have just learned the Mike Pence cannot say Black Lives Matter, deflecting the question posed by CNN.

It’s really hard to get things right. But let me remind people that in the epicenter of the struggle in Congress to achieve Civil Rights in 1964, Strom Thurmond, one of the most powerful Southern Democrats and a segregationist, left the Democratic Party and became a Republican. What? Fake news?

So many things have gone wrong under Trump-Pence that have to be addressed and corrected. Morton Klein was a guest days ago on the Mark Levin Show where Klein said that Trump was the greatest president of all time. Mark Levin later revealed George Floyd’s criminal background, pointing out that it should be taken into consideration by the public during these difficult times. Levin jumped on the bandwagon when it wasn’t needed. Birds of a feather stick together. Even Muhammad Ali, Jr. joined that chorus as he made news telling the world that he supports Donald Trump, making it appear that his late, great father would also be supportive as he touted All Lives Matter. The article stated that Ali, Jr. believes that Black Lives Matter is “racist,” but he probably meant to say that the name is racial.

I think that Pence-Levin-Klein-Ali should hold a one-hour discussion together for the world to see about how Black Lives and Jewish Lives Do Not Matter. I’d really like to see that. The son of Muhammad Ali also said that the Democrats are the ones who are “racist.” This information about Ali was generated by a search in the Washington Examiner which left out important details that can be seen on other news sites about Muhammad Ali’s fight against racism and how he walked with the Black Panthers (and that Ali did not have a good relationship with his son). And Trump should consider making Ali, Jr. a member of his cabinet which could be anointed by Mike Pence.

Strom Thurmond had previously run for president as a Dixiecrat in 1948 and obtained 2.4 percent of the vote. He only started to modify his views about race in the 1970s and served in the United States Senate until the age of 100. Six months after his death in 2003, it was learned that Essie Mae Washington-Williams was his daughter. Essie’s mother had been impregnated at the age of 15 or 16 by Thurmond. This child who was mixed race was later recognized by the Thurmond family. The secret was kept for many decades since Thurmond was only 22 years of age when he impregnated Essie’s mother.

I have read about the Irish who did not wish to help Great Britain and broke laws to demonstrate that unwillingness to cooperate during World War I. And I have read about police that turned their eyes from helping Jews when fascists in America were involved. German Americans were supportive of Germany over England as the World War II started in 1939. Italians were proud of Mussolini. Jews in America, at one point in 1914, favored Germany over Russia because of the pogroms in Russia and our nation went to war against Germany.

My latest reading illustrates the point about educated people and the faulty logic that they adhere to. This took place in Uzbekistan in the Soviet Union as Poles, Jews, and others made their way from the gulags of the Soviet Union into Central Asia to escape oppression. The talk of politics by Poles with a Muslim who was a dentist is very revealing. The people of Uzbekistan wished for freedom (Muslims). That was natural for people everywhere.  The conversation included this piece that caught my attention. Since the man knew oppression by the Russians well and since the Poles, Jews, and others had just received “amnesty” from the Soviet leadership and they could leave, the Uzbek man thought it would natural for the Poles, Jews, and others to join up with the enemy of Russia at that moment, the Germans who had already started to wipe out the Polish people, Jews, and others. The man was surprised that the Poles were going to create a Polish Army to help Russia. The man was right about one thing which was Russia could not be trusted.

Do the right thing is my message to all. What is do the right thing? The message is in the Bible but not called do the right thing. Do the right thing certainly means that we know and feel the pain of others such as Muslim Lives Matter, Gay Lives Matter, and Latino Lives Matter. Do the right thing does not only mean do the right thing for me. All of this means that people have to be better informed to act properly. The Holocaust as a reminder did not stop the killing of Jews.  Civil Rights did not stop the killing of African Americans. Latinos and gay men and women are being killed right now as well. There are players at the table of reform and it is clear to me that things may turn out very wrong but those people need to better informed before decisions are made.

One of the last things that I did before completing this article is that I talked to Eric Stevenson about his campaign to win the Democratic primary for New York State Assembly in the South Bronx. Eric told me that the people that he has talked to in meetings and in the streets made the point that their high school equivalency programs have been cut out and they do not know where to go (even to take the TASC-HSE test). Eric gave me a rich dose of conversation about the racism and the Department of Education under the leadership of the school’s chancellor. Stevenson is going to advocate strongly for two things: high school equivalency programs and prison reform. We spoke about the latter a while back and Eric knows the prison system well.

What Minneapolis probably does not even know is just how many people have never finished high school in the city and which neighborhoods are they in. New York City has known for over a decade that about 1.6 million adults have never finished high school and this is about the disparity of education that is making news during the Black Lives Matter protests related to hundreds of years of oppression. Is Minneapolis about to sweep this disparity under the rug. Now I know that Minnesota has a higher success rate on high school equivalency than New York does (assuming that its numbers continue to beat New York’s since 2014). Those numbers make Minnesota more competitive in the marketplace for jobs and more but those numbers can be increased to lower the disparity. Are there any Eric Stevensons in Minneapolis? Keep in mind that the educational disparity often results in adults committing crimes, joining gangs, and going to jail. It gives fuel to fire of white privilege as well.

I just sent out Mark Cohen’s paintings of Jewish Lives-Black Lives Matter to Black Lives Matter FACEBOOKS around our nation, including Minneapolis and the Twin Cities. I am waiting to see the action that one would expect since educating people nationwide is so important.

I have to admit to a mistake that I have made about Minnesota GED and I see now the figures I gave were for first time test takers instead of all test takers. Minnesota (2.1 percent delivery) is much better than New York so the disparity is much less than I have previously known. And I apologize for each error in each article published. There was a 17.8 percent gap between Whites and African Americans who passed the test which is well below the 24 percent difference nationally.  There were 423,000 people in Minnesota in 2013 in need of a diploma. The communities there have to be informed of just what has happened since 2014 since the numbers go way down when a new test comes out and do not rebound quickly (never reaching the numbers of the older test taken by people). This impacts and matters in terms of educational disparity. Black Lives Matter can learn a lot from this information and start to see just how not helping adults resulted in the “New Jim Crow.”

The statistic that I accidentally looked up months ago was about first-time test takers who passed. Minnesota ranked above the national average with only 10 states that are better in the delivery of diplomas and was tied with two other states.

There are six unknown years of data and a pandemic to take into account right now (from 2014 to today). Black Lives Matter yes but what important truths are the movement leaving out. I would strongly recommend that the people of Minnesota ask the federal government to pay for the testing costs of the GED in Minnesota so that Minnesotans can achieve new goals for Minneapolis consistent with the best thought out goals of its people (for our entire nation as well). I have other important things to share that Minnesotans may never have even considered to reduce the disparities. And may I say but not in a shy way that I have already been slightly brushed aside by a member of the city council.

My late parents met a former mayor of Minneapolis decades ago. That mayor has been deceased for decades. The meeting occurred in the streets of Puerto Rico as it started to rain and people moved quickly to find shelter. That mayor was Vice-President Hubert Humphrey. I have never met or talked to a president or a vice-president of the United States (sitting). Obama and I spoke once before 2008. It was not until 2001 that I would have been able to share the information that I’ve provided here today. We must learn new things to help people. Waking up people matters!

I am White, Jewish, been a guest in Rikers’ Correctional Facilities in NYC three times, known to wear a “hoodie,” been stopped by police in New York, New Jersey, and California and most of the time gone about my business quickly. I have seen people pay traffic fines in court where I walked out without paying and I felt their pain as we all had the same officer to defend against. I brought in photos of the traffic light and the others had no evidence. The judge took one look at the light and opened her mouth as if saying “What? You knowingly applied a choke hold.” Case dismissed! Matter dismissed?

I watch the videos and there was one that I saw where I immediately said to myself that I could have been the man in that video. The man reached in his car for something and an off -duty officer started to fire his gun. This all happened quickly even before the man showed his license. Many times in the past I had dropped my wallet on the floor of the car and had to lean over to pick it up. Anyone who drops his wallet and gets stopped by the police has to be careful. And I grew up in an era when cops operated by “shoot first and ask questions later.”  I hope that people across the country are going to start asking me questions right now. I drive past a George Floyd R.I.P. sign on the street every day in my community.

On the day that I met William Bell, the father of Sean Bell, who arrived at an event in a park with Al Sharpton, I paid my condolences but I also expressed my view that the police should not have been outside the club that night when Sean Bell was killed. I wanted a safer society for everyone that has been made unsafe by lots of factors. That was eleven years ago and several years before the birth of Black Lives Matter. We need justice now.  And we need it in France and other places around the world as well.

In addition I want all churches throughout the land to protect all of us as we open up churches and our economy. I want pastors and others to speak out about the best solutions possible and leave mediocrity at the door.

Jewish Lives Matter-Black Lives Matter International Art Exhibit

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down art museums since they are not high on the list of essential services required by society’s needs as we fight to save lives and prevent the spread of the virus. Many are those who have violated the call for “social distancing” and many are those who have taken the risk and tested positive even in the last weeks as states opened prematurely. During those days, I have learned that Mark Cohen has been painting and painting. His passion is the subject of this article and his paintings are the Jewish Lives Matter-Black Lives Matter Exhibit to be share around the world.

This exhibit begins at a moment of protest worldwide. Black Lives Matter is in the news every day as a result of George Floyd’s almost nine minutes of pain resulting in his death. That pain has been universally felt by all people throughout history as unnecessary death has been inflicted on people through bad politics worldwide. Bad politics is normal among nations. Art reflects the conditions that have resulted in the anti-Semitism against Jews throughout history and the slave trade that has given rise to demonstrations that include four hundred years of hate of Black people in America. Think of how there is no Italian Lives Matter, no Irish Lives Matter, no Polish Lives Matter, etc. movements in our streets today. And my words should not provoke demonstrations that move All Lives Matter demonstrators to change tactics.

I teamed up with Mark Cohen at a time when Muslims were being stopped at airports and Trump’s policies that had to be redone as Trump designated all people from several countries a threat to US.

400 Years of Struggle for Equality. Please share this link with others and view Mark Cohen’s paintings.

Holocaust paintings of Mark Cohen Legacy of Remembrance. Please share this link with others.

“For the past several years, I have been painting and documenting the Black Lives Matter movement in relation to the murder of young black men and women by American police, beginning with Michael Brown.  With the advent of cell phone cameras, we get graphic evidence of how white police officers are able to kill African Americans.  Almost always, these murders – and let’s not mince words – these are murders, are perpetrated after some minor traffic offense.  And after the demonstrations begin with the Black Lives Matter signs, “T’ shirts and chants, we are always met with the white people standard refrain of “Blue Lives Matter”, “Jewish Lives Matter”, “All Lives Matter”, etc., etc.  By now, you should understand what nonsense these refrains that are meant to justify police behavior do not excuse it.  Do not justify it.  Do not compare with the murder of African Americans by cops.

Somehow white people want all of us to equate Black Lives Mattering with blue lives and white lives and yellow lives and green lives and purple lives.  THEY DO NOT EQUATE.  It’s no mistake that our federal government refuses to compile the nationwide statistics of cops killing African Americans.  So we don’t have any idea how often these murders occur, or have occurred over the decades.  What we do know is that for more than 400 years in America Black Lives HAVE NOT Mattered.

When thousands upon thousands of Africans were brought to America on slave ships and sold to plantation owners in the South to work their lands, BLACK LIVES DID NOT MATTER.  They lived as slaves, working the land for and making wealth for white land owners. When our Constitution was written by white male land owners, like Thomas Jefferson, who wrote “all men are created equal…” while he worked his slaves on his Virginia plantation, BLACK LIVES DID NOT MATTER.  Slave ownership continued through the Civil War until President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation “freeing” the slaves.  But within 10 years, white landowners in the South established the Jim Crow era, which was simply another method of keeping African Americans enslaved.  Because BLACK LIVES DID NOT MATTER.  When Lyndon Johnson passed Civil Rights legislation in the 1960s, you might have thought things had changed.  But it only took Richard Nixon a few short years to create another means of keeping African Americans from the same freedoms enjoyed by white Americans.  Mass incarceration became the next method of enslaving African Americans.  Because BLACK LIVES DID NOT MATTER.  By using police traffic stops, African Americans were sent to court to pay fines.  If they couldn’t pay, they were incarcerated.  New prisons across America were built to contain African American non-violent drug dealers or consumers of drugs.  Police patrolling of African American neighborhoods was vastly increased because of the War on Drugs.  The way that white and African Americans was diametrically opposed.  African Americans were sent to prison. Whites received suspended sentences.  So mass incarceration became the pervasive way of taking African Americans off the streets.  And preventing them from voting.  Because BLACK LIVES DID NOT MATTER.  Today, Republican governments across the country routinely deny African Americans the right to vote by limiting polling locations, legislating unreasonable ID possession, gerrymandering and more.  I paint about injustice, because I want you to think about what is happening in our country.  And if we really want to see African American equality in America, white people need to lead that charge.”