Khrushchev’s Shoe

Big Business? The Kennedy Assassination? What if? The Warren Commission report’s conclusion was that there was no evidence of a conspiracy. And today we seem to digest mostly conspiracies.

We can take a look at an authorized statement made in October 1960 by Governor Luther H. Hodges of North Carolina which expressed the views of John F. Kennedy. “The Republican Party has the reputation, among businessmen in particular, of being the party of business. This is not justified. We have had two recessions within the past 7 years under a Republican administration. Many forecasters anticipate still a third recession. Idle plant capacity is not good for business. The steel mills are now operating at less than 55 percent of capacity. Automobile production has not been much higher. Homebuilding is down drastically. Our railroads have never adequately recovered from the 1957-58 recession. Our textile industry is facing serious trouble. Corporate profits are declining. During the last 8 years, the number of business failures has been the highest in our history.”

It was 1960 and a year to remember. There were two things that took place that our nation should be paying more attention to. Both these things happened in the United States. One incident occurred in October at the United Nations in New York City. The second event happened all over the United States as Americans voted in the Election of 1960. John Fitzgerald Kennedy pulled out the victory, but his destiny was unknown on Election Day. I now take you to the realm of possibilities concerning the fate of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Here we see two powerful men who would confront each other as Dwight D. Eisenhower had to step down from office soon. Kennedy was a Catholic at a time when lots of Americans were talking about the Pope in Rome taking control over all Americans. Nikita Khrushchev had a different religion from that of most Americans. His religion was communism.

As the successor to Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev inherited power that could defined as ruthless. And as the successor to Dwight D. Eisenhower, Kennedy had no such tradition to fall back on. Except that Americans has a long history of gaining power over other countries and its own people. The balance of all that power was hard to locate.

Nikita Khrushchev at the United Nations made great history at that moment as it was the intention of the Soviet Union and its emerging power to “bury” the United States. Kennedy’s objective was to contain the power of world communism. There has been much written about the Khrushchev shoe banging incident, many thinking that it was fake news. Two versions among others exist. One claims that the Soviet leader was reacting to comments made by a representative of the Philippines and another one, emanating from the daughter of Khrushchev (Nina) who makes the claim that her father was reacting to Franco, the dictator of Spain.

So here were two nations protesting the lack of freedom exercised by the people of the Soviet Socialist Republics, nations not well known for freedom at all.

Nina Khrushchev also indicated that the shoe in question appeared to make her father rather uncomfortable and he took it off. So the shoe was readily available to be banged against any friend of the United States, countries that were considered part of the colonial network of America or not.

The shoe, it turned out, was not even Soviet made. It was easily recognized by the manufacturer. And no it was not Florsheim, Bostonian, and was not sold in Sachs Fifth Avenue. The shoes were manufactured in Pirmasens in West Germany. We know that there were 30,000 shoes sold to the Soviet Union and about 2,000 were of a higher quality. This is probably how the shoes fell into the hands of Khrushchev. The party leaders usually obtained the greatest possible benefits from the economic system.

This was a critical historical moment among many in the 1960s. Kennedy-Khrushchev was there long before Trump-Putin and the story has to be told. It goes back to things going on behind the “Iron Curtain” and what was called “the free world” politics. JFK was told by Nikita Khrushchev later on “we hanged the likes of Reuther in Russia in 1917.” There was certainly truth as it pertained to 1917, but what about the remainder of the truth, particularly the Stalinist Era and the lessons that had been learned? The leaders of the Soviet Union were ruthless or should I say Reuthless and it was advantageous to keep wealth in as few hands as possible there.

That takes us back to Khrushchev’s shoes, perhaps opening the eyes of everyone that owning and wearing such good shoes by such a good communist would have been the subject of the high-level criticism of being called “bourgeois” way back in history and subject to the extreme punishment or even death. And in America, the most famous stores known for where the wealthy shopped had a similar code, but devoted to making money. In Sachs Fifth Avenue in the men’s shop, the salespeople looked in judgment at a man’s shoes to determine if the man was a “big spender.” That rule applied to everyone, from Clark Gable to you and me.

There are those who foresee the future and this was being done. As it had been done for over a generation by people in power. Cracking the codes of war and limiting the months and years spent in war had its reasons and among them was returning to normalcy economically. Everyone needed that but the people who controlled the wealth needed it more.

The Enigma Code which helped the Allies defeat the Axis powers was a great example. And that was done largely with the help of Poles who had the expertise to help defeat the Nazis. But once the communist takeover of Poland had taken place, it ushered in what was later called “po linji” or the party line. The line or lineage or the DNA of politics has been continually maintained since the New Deal through today. And a closer look at the 1960s will tell it like it is.

Joseph Stalin was the “man of steel” who solidified communist power, but he was not alone among dictators throughout the world and American leaders were complicit with most or all of them. Republican Wendell Wilkie spent time with Stalin in Russia, drinking and learning more. Wilkie ran in 1940 against Roosevelt, but he was defeated. Seeds were being planted and ideas and actions resulted. Defeating communism had been on the lips of Americans since 1917. The Palmer Raids after World War I were directed against socialists and workers.

The 1960s had lots of hidden facts that we thought were going to be revealed and chief among them why was John F. Kennedy killed on November 22,1963 in Dallas, Texas. One would have to be a fool to think that all the evidence would be there. There is more to consider that must be clearly known. Kennedy, whether he knew it well enough or not, was in the middle of a “revolution” that took more than forty years to generate in the United States. The Czars of Russia were overthrown and their estates were taken away. The United States had its Founding Fathers, so many of them great landowners just like the Czars and George Washington turned down the title of “King.” So it took a different King to make things happen in the 1960s along with Kennedy and Johnson.

Government money was creating tremendous wealth, particularly in California as the defense industry was booming. It was also transitioning into areas for greater wealth for the rich as companies like General Electric were shifting from transistors into chips. And companies like G.E. and I.B.M. were attracting talent from other countries and probably including the Eastern Soviet Republics. There was no Reagan-Gorbachev confrontation at that time, but Reagan had been hired by that American giant for the G.E. Theater back in the 1960s and Reagan started to tear down the concept of big government that had saved us from a Nazi takeover. California had already been the hotbed of that take over before the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Reagan who was a Democrat and a former union head had done an about face by 1960. Why? That is hard to say, but some workers were getting better pay resulting from the efforts of labor unions like the United Autoworkers of America. And that flow of money to workers was a great concern to all.

And in the economic sphere there was more going on as well. There was General Motors, U.S. Steel, Bethlehem Steel, and other companies making news including Boeing and General Dynamics. What kinds of news?  The Justice Department was looking into restraint of trade under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

Steel companies colluding about pricing and the same about the major electronics companies. And at this time, a new name was surfacing in the transistor radio world. Sony which was Japanese! Competition for American products! And consumers were launching cases in the thousands against GE at that time. The reputation of American products was shrinking. And now there were two Kennedys breathing down the necks of those corporations, John and Bobby. Honorable American business and its method revolving around “free trade” was being dishonored.

Gorbachev was rising quickly from the 1970s on in the Communist Party and he brought about “glasnost” and “perestroika” which sped up the collapse of the Soviet Union. Those freedoms he brought about just like some freedoms brought about in the United States have resulted in the rise of billionaires.

Almost sixty years after that horrible event in Dallas, we still need answers. But where are the answers. There may very well exist a paper trail or trail that we have not been told about. G.E. and I assume other companies were heading into states which did not require unions and among those states which are often referred to as “Right to Work” states was Arizona where a 28,000 pound computer had been developed. Arizona would provide G.E. with a plant that would not have the serious financial consequences of the “Golden State” and that would bring gold into companies in Arizona. Keep in mind that Arizona was the home state of the presidential candidate in 1964, Senator Barry Goldwater.

So what is this Wilkie-McCarthy-Reagan-Goldwater about? Oh I did not mention McCarthy, but we know about his anti-communism in the 1950s. It’s all about “PO LINJI” or follow the party line. But there is more. Isn’t it possible that a Republican had John F. Kennedy killed? After all it adds up. I was waiting for Donald Trump to release previously unseen information about the assassination of Kennedy, but he didn’t release it. It could be very easy to conclude that Lyndon B. Johnson had something to do with it since he benefitted. Then how could Republicans have benefitted?

To understand the deep possibility much better, just understand the time. Hitler lost his chance to take over America where his base was large in California around Pasadena. Recent evidence of what was going on has been published. Parts of California were like a mine field waiting to go off. Then the plan was to incite violence across America against Jews, African Americans, and Catholics. In 1960 the United States had a large opposition to Catholics as the Kennedy campaign and election can easily demonstrate. Christian and Catholic were very often worlds apart. Jews in Hollywood and elsewhere had recently gone through Republican turbulence during the McCarthy Era. Ronald Reagan wished to destroy the concept of big government being an asset to America, which it plainly was at the time. And do not forget about General Douglas MacArthur who had already attempted to become president of the United States who defied President Harry Truman when he sent messages to two dictators that he thought he could start a war against Communist China and as a result of that he got fired. The years advance toward Civil Rights after many, many protests and violence. Things were moving quickly and this became the day of high speed jet travel and space ships.

Both the United States and the Soviet Union were spending huge sums on national security and international peace. And an electorate that went along with the next phase of the New Deal, which was The Great Society, was clearly moving in the wrong direction. Fascism would have been preferable to Republicans, the National Rifle Association, and white supremacist groups that were meeting there. All that was temporarily defeated by the Japanese attack. A conspiracy was even more conceivable that could impose change then was even closer than the current Capitol Insurrection fueled by the Democratic victory in November. And even more important back then, but hardly recognizable to most Americans was the advance of the computer and its future. People around Reagan knew that in California years before Reagan became governor.

We easily recall all the talk about those erased emails of Hillary Clinton in 2016, bleached and/or otherwise erased. Who would have thought about checking emails or whatever they were called in or even worded documents in 1963 after the killing of our president?

There was change going on in California and the goal was to change America and keep it away from communism. Would it take a bullet in Dallas? We can say yes when we think about it more. The Republicans moved away from direct attacks on Catholics as they decided to make Catholics allies on the “moral” issues of abortion and gay marriage. The Republicans moved away from direct attacks on Jews as Israel developed more and the decision was that Israel is a great ally of the United States. And Republicans moved away from direct attacks on African Americans, particularly most recently when the late Senator John McCain called education a “civil right” and support grew for charter schools. And then Trump and his cohorts gave us Blexit or the Black Exit, copying Brexit. Some of it worked in 2020, but Trump had clearly not earned another four years, even as the senate races in Georgia revealed themselves on January 5, 2021. Trump was dead meat! And clearly, those days in the early 1960s laid the foundation for the Trump victory in 2016 as either Russia, China, or whatever interfered in the election that year.

My conclusion is very simple and something that you can trust. From 1960 to today it is largely about the unions and wages. It’s all about those Benjamins and wealth. Control of the wealth has resulted in lower taxes for the rich and more billionaires and millionaires. If we go back to the early 1900s or even before, we learn that people everywhere ready to kill to prevent labor from being organized. That kind of killing was as sweet as a California navel orange to many. Protect property at all cost, even the potatoes in Virginia during the Trump Administration as per the wishes of Donald Trump himself. And with greater profits, lower taxes and how wages, and the privatization of everything on the planet, Republicans would have it all. And there could be no nationalization of any industry which might have occurred under President Truman. There could be no New Deal or Great Society possible unless it came from the hands of American business. Even war and its controls would not be generated by “big government.” Reaganism was in development sponsored by General Electric and its propaganda wing.

It’s easy with this analysis to conclude that there was evidence or still is evidence that was secretly circulated in 1963 that the F.B.I. never looked at or never revealed due to the arrest and murder of Lee Harvey Oswald and the aftermath of those critical days. I can quickly point to the silence imposed by the Allies against “Uncle Joe” Stalin when it was revealed that he had Polish officers killed during World War II (ten percent were Jews).

It is entirely plausible that powerful opponents of John F. Kennedy who had the DNA that it would take to plan his assassination were secretly working behind the scenes on what we often call “the perfect crime.”. Let us now take a quick look at 1936 and the GOP to understand more. There were “Heil Hitlers” taking place in Los Angeles and Hermann Schwinn read a note from Adolf Hitler which thanked him for his work. Dozens of attendees applauded. With the 1936 Election about to take place, GOP officials asked Schwinn to take the chair of the Southern California Campaign Committee’s German American section which reminds me today of the leader of The Proud Boys being selected in Florida to head the Trump campaign of 2020 in that state. And at that moment, there was more than talk as there was espionage going on of American “military installations” and “aircraft production facilities.” And this is just one small story of the behavior of Republicans that has to be told.

And the heads of the film industry were Jewish (Louis B. Mayer and others) as Nazis and others plotted the deaths of Americas famous actors who did not side with the Nazis. I started writing about this in October 2019 as an American October Revolution was needed. This is what I wrote a year later “And that is not all as we see plots against elected officials that appear to be targeted by Trump and shouts of Lock Her Up which are not funny from a leader. In the mid-1930s Jack Benny, James Cagney, Charlie Chaplin, Al Jolson, Eddie Canter (Cantor not Canter), Walter Winchell, and Goldwyn and Mayer were singled out among others for assassination by people intent on getting Jews to leave this country. Remove Trump now!” And it was not my point here to even mention Trump again. The point is that those studio heads were higher paid than the heads of General Motors and US Steel and without knowing it, Republicans in California were meeting and accelerating Nazism and other ideologies of hate and those studio heads were Republican leaders in California.

And they wanted to kill Paul Muni, a Jew, who I watched as he portrayed Emile Zolá who broke the Dreyfus Affair in France wide open. It was not my intention while writing this article to include the update of my book J’Accuse: Zolá Is My Guide, but open the book.

So leading up to the 1960s, we should stop and think about what had been going on for decades. And as the corporate people were deciding to make their way into Arizona, Phoenix in particular, an important saying comes to mind that was circulating around our nation. “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice,” came out during the 1964 Republican Convention, but it had to be on people’s minds. Violence could take place and it did in Dallas. We need not place the blame on Goldwater since his words were open to interpretation and misinterpretation.

We should turn to the attempt on the life of Ronald Reagan whose attack was not politically motivated since we know that John Hinckley, Jr. was obsessed with actress Jodi Foster. Hinckley had been checking out Jimmy Carter earlier at public events and after watching the motion picture the Taxi Driver 15 times transitioned himself to creating his own scene which kind of paralleled the script of the movie where an attempt was made to assassinate a United States senator who was making a run for president.

I wonder again if the F.B.I. had thought about what is on my mind and if there was any evidence on computers in 1963? Could there be a computer today that still contains valuable information about the Kennedy Assassination? And if such a computer exists, would Goldwater’s state be the place to look?

Lee Harvey Oswald’s story included a desire to become a Soviet citizen and he worked in a factory there called Gorizont Electronics (the Russian GE?) which produced radios, televisions, and military and space electronics. Was this fact just another isolated fact in the case or did it have more importance than meets the eye? What a peculiar coincidence? And one more thing about Oswald. His Russian language instructor who was an engineer in that factory and in 1991 became the leader of Belarus.

Within the context of history from Czarist Russia and the Founding Fathers to Capitalist America in the 1930s to Trump’s America, we can close our eyes and think about all the things that have taken place. There is no evidence that I have seen that Big Business had Kennedy taken out in 1963. I was only speculating and creating.

1963 to 2021 Still No Great Society

And in 1965 all eyes were on Mississippi over the struggle for civil rights and the author of The Great Society also writes that people were watching Stanley Kramer’s film Judgement at Nuremberg which was watched by 48 million or more people at the very moment when state troopers in Selma were attacking people on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. ABC News cut away from the film to show the news in Alabama to our nation. The suffering of Jews and African Americans was linked together a long time ago for all to see. See!

The minimum wage in 1962 was $1.00 an hour and during the Kennedy Administration there was a proposal to increase it to $2.00 an hour. The stock market Dow Jones is around 30,000 today and back then it was around 820 points or even less since there had been a drop of 35 percent that people worried about. I had a conversation about the minimum wage and in 1981 which I was told was $3.25 an hour. The question for me right now is just how long was the minimum wage $1.00 as people recognized that it was too low. The raising of the current minimum wage to $15.00 an hour over a short period of time is problematic for people in power, but history and education matter. Based on all this information, is the public adequately informed?

As I got further into the book, there were objections from Mayor Sam Yorty of Los Angeles about the slightly higher minimum wage that federally funded program employees would obtain, just a few cents more. Of course back in those days those few cents would appear to be a great sum of money over the $1.20 being paid to Angelenos. Yorty was anti-Kennedy and came out for Goldwater in 1964 even though he was a Democrat.

And workers in the auto industry were being provided with shares in the corporations by George Romney, the father of Mitt Romney. And soon we learn that those shares were being pealed back reducing the gains of the workers.

1963 was an important year and it will bring to mind many things, but even as I was reading about it in the book Great Society A New History by Amity Shlaes my guard was down as I read and the events quickly shifted to 1964 because John F. Kennedy had lost his life in Dallas, Texas. And the plan for The Great Society came quick and furious as Lyndon B. Johnson wanted to add on a lot to the things that Kennedy had stood for. And chief among those things was a Southerner now demanding equal rights for African Americans, an unbelievable element.

In filling in more of what was taking place, this was the America of Head Start for children who were three and four years of age, talk of spending a billion dollars on poverty which was unheard of, extending Social Security benefits, and more. Republicans who usually spoke about suffering or something similar would point to those feelings about the “New Deal” of FDR and the “Fair Deal” of Harry Truman and now they had in their spotlight what they called the “Fast Deal” although that was not its name. This was American politics as usual and this information, already, should tell you that something is seriously wrong today as Make America Great Again is being replaced.

And The Great Society brings back some topics that we are familiar with from having lived it and things that we probably never heard about. There was talk of communism at home, sexual identifications, affordable housing, urban renewal, local rights, states rights, voting rights, seating of new groups at the Democratic National Convention which was disturbing to Southern Democrats, there was mention of John Lewis and other young leaders, reducing unemployment which stood at 3.5 percent, providing educational programs for youth, the role of unions such as the United Auto Workers, Medicare and Medicaid to help Americans, protests and Watts, and much more.

And specifically cited in the book that must have been on lips of people in and around Washington, D.C. and that may not have filtered to us is that the countries of Northern Europe which were democracies already had systems of health and education that were admired and our nation with no real make a wish foundation in those days had difficulty to bring forth a new system and continually perfect it over sixty years so that right now during the biggest crisis that we have ever faced in our lives things would be much better. And do I need to remind you that Republicans under George W. Bush gave us No Child Left Behind that forty years later was a failure.

The point being made also in the book that American pay could be higher than European pay, but government benefits were greater and that was and is the great equalizer that Americans can easily not notice. I noticed it in France in 2002 on a trip there. People do live as well as we do on less pay.

Upon arriving home only minutes ago, I was informed that COVID-19 is raging in Poland. And I had another thought only minutes before that as a vehicle went through a red light by the railroad crossing. I and everyone else knew that the red light by the track that we all saw was not the time to proceed as we could expect the gate to be lowered for a passing train to come through. In relation to government failure and the pandemic, it’s really clear. We had no choice to go forward to the green light that was only about forty feet away like the car mentioned did. We had an obligation to stay put and not a ridiculous order such as Americans should have a choice in the matter. That choice is killing people. We needed a better medical system and for everyone to wear masks. And that my friends is an example of a Great Society that continues to be lacking in America.

We could turn back the page of our history to Obama Care and read about the Republicans who were telling their constituents and other Americans that the government shouldn’t be telling the people what to do and that they could choose for themselves if they needed and wanted medical insurance or not. Then the pandemic hit and conditions worsened for everyone and now our nation is paying the price anyway. It was a trick that conservatives play on the people. Everyone needs insurance just like needed car insurance. The judge in court will frown upon the person that went through that red and light and if the person is uninsured that would make things worse.

And today we are reading that 10,000 lives could be saved if only people would wear masks and not a single journalist or news program or article has written about Jesus Saves Lives to bring Christians back to the real Jesus.

And in 1964 there was talk about providing extra money for the poor, particularly to African Americans in great need in Southern States. Thomas Sowell is mentioned and he wanted African Americans to uplift themselves and felt that Civil Rights pushed by the federal government would not work. Well guess what? Civil Rights works and more is about to be done to protect all of US. The talk about poverty in America caused a discussion of whether to provide African Americans more income since money was badly needed. The long hot summer that we started to talk about was on the minds of our nation’s leaders and a 1964 filled with violence would derail all or most of the plans of Lyndon B. Johnson. With triple the unemployment in places around our nation, young African Americans were the focus for new opportunities. Eunice Shriver Kennedy was particularly concerned about “juvenile delinquency” at that time.

And that takes US to America today. Violence is up around our nation as I just read the article by Jason Johnson in USA Today. Here is one illustration from the former police chief of Baltimore. He wrote about the “weak case” of the prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, as charges were dropped against the police in the Freddy Gray case. I should interject that I had been in close touch with Demetrius Malasham in the City of Baltimore about providing information that I felt would have been of great help. Mallaisham passed away many months after I started my outreach.

That takes me again to Donald Trump and his talk to police about roughing up the Freddy Grays of America before taking them into the paddy wagon. And in 2020 major police organizations endorsed Trump, unwisely as I had learned from others in law enforcement. But cops went along when they should have stayed an arm’s length away. And the violence continued and now people in hotels across America have picked up USA Today where much of the blame has been placed on tying the hands of the police and causing the loss of morale among them. I know that Johnson mentions the need to have better police training, but “come on” as Joe Biden would say. Where is the mobilization of that kind of talk? Where is the walk? Where is the beef?

I want to go back to those old days of Camelot when Kennedy started to produce changes and he loved Camelot. We can go back to 1961 or even before as we recall Officer Krupke. Do you remember these lyrics “Gee, Officer Krupke we’re very upset

We never had the love that every child oughta get

We ain’t no delinquents, we’re misunderstood

Deep down inside us there is good.”

Today I may be living in a cocoon. Do they use the words “juvenile delinquents” anymore? I have repeatedly written for years that we need more police and a critical assessment that you will not read in USA Today is that Donald Trump did not provide US with more protection over the first few years and as the pandemic progressed things got much worse. There was a need prior to February 2020 for more police and the man who got the most in value about the statement that “Mexico is sending us criminals and rapists” did little or nothing to support our nation’s police with more men to put on the streets in preventing crime and in investigating crime.

And today, for the moment, education is the key as youth are being counseled and have access to earning a high school equivalency. Where have the companies that operate these programs been for the last several years? I have been here all along to advocate strongly in a desert instead of in an oasis.

And I previously mentioned No Child Left Behind and here is another comment. An ingredient of No Child Left Behind put an awful lot of blame on the staff in schools. I reached out to a system in Rhode Island back in those days. Americans and others should take note of the fact that the Bush Administration and people who supported No Child Left Behind were okay with causing 50 percent of the teachers in a school to lose their jobs with the stipulation that they had to reapply. At that time I had already thought about the police, but kept things quiet. I can assure you that my first thought was would the police and others allow such a measure to severely impact on them. In the last year we have noticed the news about defunding and even eliminating the police. The police and their unions did not support the teachers back in NCLB days.

 I continue to support the police, but much more has to be done, especially since some police are a danger to our democracy as has been demonstrated in the violent attack on The Capitol.

And just minutes after writing this, I had to read about how Donald Trump delayed the help from arriving at The Capitol as frantic requests for help were made and little or nothing was done for hours. And Freddy Gray got arrested and he died? And a sitting president was sitting there doing nothing?

I had to do one more thing before ending this article. I had to skip to education pages so that I could support my theory about one way that America had gone wrong. It was information from 1960 and it revealed that only 20 percent of African Americans over the age of 25 had earned a high school diploma compared to 40 percent for White Americans. Things were getting better and in 1965 the numbers were 27 percent for African Americans and 50 percent for White Americans. And by 1970, there were 31 percent of African Americans who had earned a high school diploma. This is another book that I have encountered where the author had no inclination to research GED or high school equivalency. Lunacy! It’s true that more people back then could work with their hands and backs than later on, but education did matter back then and lots of things worsened for African Americans and the poor across America, setting up far too many of the problems that we still have today. So The Great Society’s failures have to be told as we tell the failures of Make America Great Again. And if something major isn’t done soon (after two decades of my attempt to wake up our nation), history will only continue to repeat itself. The GED was part of the Job Corps program, I learned only this morning. It was promoted during the “War on Poverty.” I also read that the unemployment rate for youth 16-24 years old rose steeply from the 1960s to the 1980s.

What Dominicans Should Know

Sosúa but not only Sosúa…San Cristóbal, San Pedro de Macorís, Puerto Plata, Santiago, la Vega, Higüey, Nagua, and much more. Read, share, and make your country a better place.

The photo Gobiernen Bien El Pueblo está atento was taken on la Avenida de la Independencia many, many years ago. I was on my way to the office of the Department of Education’s 1.000 por 1,000 in Santo Domingo soon after Melanio Paredes was “despedido.” At that time, the Dominican Republic probably needed a party called the RPM or Revoluciones Por Minuto, but it got PRM instead.

And these were my recommendations that I posted on my website at that time “Programa de GED en español por el internet…combinación de GED y educación básica por adultos…Educación de los Padres y otras personas comunitarias

RPM o Revoluciones por minuto  Transformando la juventud por el periodismo, los miembros de pandillas, delincuentes, prostitutas, etc. Cambios en la instrucción de las escuelas públicas…mentores en las mañanas para los estudiantes que necesitan remediación Desarrollo de un programa agresiva de combatir la deserción de la escuela de ellos que no asisten mucho a las clases Compromiso de los padres Campaña de Anti-droga intervención combinado con el compromiso de los padres.”

And right now I am fighting for a faith-based initiative to battle COVID-19 and once again the progress to help people is very slow. Here is just one example of my principal work to wake up people. Click here and the information is in Spanish and should be read by all people of the Christian faith.

Here you can read information in Spanish and in English related to history. Sosúa became home to Jewish people escaping Hitler. Trujillo made that happen, but Trujillo was a dictator who finally was eliminated by Dominicans. Mussolini fell at the hands of Italians. Hitler died in a bunker before being captured by the Allies. Trujillo also had tens of thousands of Haitians killed in the Massacre at the Dajabón River.

Martin Danenberg started an effort to help Sosúa more than a decade ago and he is happy to see that others have discovered this haven for Jews and are doing new work. Martin has promoted education with Dominicans including former President Leonel Fernandez. Today he is connected very strongly with the leadership of the bodegas in New York City and more. Google Latino Lives Matter and see his presentation about Dominicans. Click the link for more information (Ojalá Que Llueva Café) that goes back to 2009, but the work took off after 2003. La educacion es la clave a un futuro major or Education is the key to a better future. From San Pedro de Macorís to Puerto Plata and from Samaná to the Dajabón people can get better educated. Visit his website and click on the pages.

The only US Ambassador to the United States that Martin has had a meeting with was in Santo Domingo when Raul Yzaguirre was the ambassador. Martin has had meeting with Major League Baseball, the Catholic Church, FEDOMU, mayors and governors. Read about that in Spanish here so click the link. And when Republicans tried to destroy the character of Joe Biden, Martin wrote this article in English and Spanish. Click here.

The schools of the Dominican Republic and its people can learn English much faster. You will enter a language bookstore by clicking here and the books will help everyone to learn English (Ojalá Que Llueva Inglés) and other languages as well.

There is a radio broadcast of Adolf Hitler speaking in Germany (about the Jewish problem) that lasts about a minute.  The broadcast ends.

Martin will be starting a Zoom show with the father of Sean Bell who was killed by the NYPD over a decade ago. He also expects to invite on legends of the National Basketball Association through Wali Jones who played on the NBA championship Philadelphia 76ers decades ago. Dominicans and other Latinos will be invited on as well. He can be reached at

Did you think that I was done? I have learned that the President of the Dominican Republic now wants to have a policy of “mano duro” against delinquency. I can remember a meeting of the PRD where Hipólito Mejía was present that I attended, and people wanted to “rescatar la juventud.” Now NYC has woken up to trying to prevent gun violence through a new program of help that will include GED so the youth can get on track. I was able to tape this video at my demonstration at City Hall in NYC many years ago, but I learned a little about Santo Domingo from a youth that I helped pass the test that year. Here is a Latino youth talking about his friends. You must watch this and share it. Check out this video taken at my Save the GED Test Rally at City Hall about a decade ago. Former City Councilman Robert Jackson left an important labor meeting to participate for eight minutes and after that this youth asked to participate and I grabbed the opportunity to hear him out. Think about what an improvement could have taken place if all this youth’s friends had decided to get an education instead of participating in criminal behavior. So nobody did anything about that big problem and these things may take place all over a large city.

And now we can turn to Sosúa and how Martin wanted to make a motion picture. He visited Jaime Piña in Santo Domingo in the neighborhood called Piantini. Piña is a film maker and cousin of Porfirio Piña who basically introduced Martin to Juan Luis Guerra.

As people speak in German on a ship, a young man (Albert) is drawing.  He is talented beyond his years and quite emotional as many artists are.  A woman speaks to him and he gets upset.  Soon the ship arrives in port.  It is sunny and warm and water is a green-blue, water he has not seen before and there is vegetation on the land that is not at all like Austria.   This is the Dominican Republic and it is 1940. This is the story of Sosúa.

The Jewish people here have been saved by Rafael Trujillo, the dictator of the Dominican Republic.  We see the people at work and setting up the school right away where they take in Dominican children, and building a synagogue.  We see Batey life, the life of poor people in rural Dominican Republic who live near sugar plantations.   Dominican farmers laugh as European, urban Jews put up a fence for the animals.  The next day the fence falls down and the Jews hire Dominicans to help them.  Albert plays with Dominican children, thinking that all children must be the future and a better future than Jews got from Germany.    Life has changed, but his personality stays pretty much the same.  He is very interested in poetry and art and whatever he can find out about the Holocaust in Europe, the Holocaust that he escaped.  He cries upon learning about the Holocaust, reading about the Nuremberg trials of those who committed horrible atrocities.   Some of those people are executed for their crimes and others are acquitted or imprisoned.   He pays close attention to the formation of the state of Israel on the radio and in the newspapers.

Albert has learned Spanish well and uses the language in all important aspects of life.  He meets Dominicans and even children who were born of Haitian parents and he goes fishing with a youth named Toussaint.  They really enjoy each other’s company.  He tells Toussaint “We are all human beings trying to live together.  I read about your name and you were named after a great leader.”  Toussaint explains that he had heard about the killing of millions of Jews in Europe and he thinks the same kind of thing happened to a member of his family near the Haitian border.  Toussaint says, “I think that God has brought us all here together for a great purpose, something that humanity has never known before.  Albert says, “You are going to do great things when you grow up.”

 As years go by, Albert tells friends that it really is not safe to be a Jew anywhere.  We have to fight against everyone.  Trujillo brought us here to make people whiter.  Why?  We left racism to enter a racist state.  It makes no sense.  Most of us left and perhaps they knew this was wrong from the beginning.   They must have known.  We were given a license to have sex with everyone to create new Dominican babies? 

 On another occasion, Albert tells people his theory of how Israel came to be.  I say that Golda Meir went to President Harry Truman and told him that the Jews would never sue the United States for the damage done to Jews during the Holocaust.  The United States refused to take us in and we could have been killed if we did not land here.  No reparations must have been the deal!  It is all about money.  It is all about bad governance and corruption.   The Nazis took away our money in Germany before they took away our lives, billions of marks and millions of lives.  It’s all about money.

Albert spends much of his time creating and his passion is painting, painting the people and the landscapes.  Others have left for America and Israel, but he has remained.  He has a Dominican girlfriend, a woman who is a different color.  He follows the politics of his adopted country and yearns for something better.  He pays close attention to what others say about the government, but he chiefly expresses himself by the arts.  He reads to his girlfriend and their friends and he writes a song about all the Jewish children that have left Europe without their mothers, never to see them again.  He is passionate, but careful.   He has been warned to be that way.  His girlfriend makes a copy of the song and she and friends decide to put music to it.  The song is Sosúa the Second Life.  Jews have babies, work and play, but millions have died.    This is the story of a people that went from Hitler to Trujillo.  He fights back his tears.


Madre mía cuanto te extraño

Llorando lágrimas de amor por ti

Llenando en un mar desconocido e inmenso

Con sentimientos tan intensos

Todavía una inquietud me pasa a mí

Y la razón cómo y porqué yo me partí

De su amor maternal por mí

Con un adiós absurdo salí de su casa

Pensando de un anschluss y un kristalnacht sinistro

Y una inquietud me lo pasa

Nos pasamos

Las leyes de Nuremberg escapamos

Un pueblo hablando nuestro idioma

Todos nos atacaron

Como un vicioso tiburón

Pero aquí, mamá

Entramos en un puerto y un día diferente

Protegido por se parece

Un nuevo Luperón

Por edicto doctoral

Bailamos en los mares con caballos

Olvidamos la marcha del temor

Vacas y dominicanos fabricando queso junto

Olvidamos el progreso del temor

Dieciocho niños se nacieron de los pares

Mamí un bebe está llorando contento, increíble

Imposible en Alemania, Polonia y Romania

Hecho posible (reproducido) por el milagro del sonido de un tambor

Gracias al mango glorioso y latkas de yuca quisqueyana

Gracias al lenguaje español

Gracias al despartar con un gallo y mi caballo

Sí, mamí mi caballo

Gracias al poderoso y vida dando sol

Porque no me escriba madre mía

Para que yo pueda informarle

De Charamico, Puerto Plata y el Batey

Tomando mi café al estilo vienesa

También un nuevo régimen

Y una diferente ley

Quisiera besarte y amarte

Por la vida que me dio

Tengo una segunda vida

Debajo de un arduo sol

Tengo una segunda vida en Sosúa

Debajo de un arduo sol

We see Albert’s girlfriend and musicians working on the song, providing the music.  The song is really coming together as they compose and discuss what is needed.

Time passes and there is a problem that surfaces.   Jealousy.  There is a Dominican who flirts with his girlfriend.  Albert has to fight back to protect this relationship.  He wins the fight, but it brings too much attention to himself.  People are talking.  Perhaps he did not belong with this girl in the first place.  He senses anti-Semitism growing.  He feels the young man is anti-Semitic. 

 The young man who lost the fight seeks revenge.  He wants to eliminate this Jew who has beat him fairly.  He says that Jesus was killed by Jews.  He is Catholic.  Time passes and it is the moment to take action.  He breaks into Albert’s home and waits.  He almost trips and sees Albert’s hidden work.  There is a small painting of Black people, Haitians being killed in a river.  He sees the violence committed by Dominican men and blood all over the Haitians.   He leaves with the painting under his shirt.  He soon tells friends that he is going to get rid of Albert for good, pointing his finger in the air and simulating shooting a gun.

 A man in the Batey is talking to the Dominican youth and he puts his arm on his shoulder, telling him that we will take care of him.  A Catholic priest is informed by one of the men in town and the Catholic priest says that something has to be done about Albert and it is not about fighting him and beating him up.  This Jewish youth has to be taught a bigger lesson.  The man says “This is our country.”

 Albert’s girlfriend finds out from her friend’s mother who cleans the home of the chief of police in the province of Puerto Plata that Rafael Trujillo is on his way to visit the community.  There is talk in the Batey that something is going to happen.  She warns Albert.

 Albert tells a close woman friend and she takes action, visiting the homes of people she can trust.  She will pay to have Albert removed from the Dominican Republic.  Albert’s presence may also be a threat to all the Jews who remain in the Dominican Republic.  She is trying to make arrangements for him to go out to sea to find a new home in Puerto Rico or St. Marteen.  The Dutch have always helped the Jews.  She is sure that someone will help her get things done quickly.

As she walks around, a Black youth sees her and calls out.  She does not recognize him.  “It’s me.  Toussaint,” the young man says.  She tells him that she has a problem.  He feels sad and asks her what she needs.  She tells him she needs a boat immediately to help Albert.  He leads her to a man and they discuss the matter.  The man is a fisherman.    Later Albert is seen speaking to the man and discerns his French-Kreole accent as he speaks Spanish.    She and Albert are taken later under the cover of darkness to a boat.  Albert prays for the safety of all and he knows how dangerous it could be even for the Haitian fisherman.   The boat heads out to sea.  A ship brought Albert to Sosúa and a boat is taking him away from Sosúa.  Albert turns his body around and faces the Dominican Republic and takes a last look, not knowing if he will ever be able to return.

 ©2013 Martin N. Danenberg

I hope that many more Jews around the world learn more about what happened in the Dominican Republic’s northern coast where Jews who were saved from Hitler were allowed into a county. When I attended the Sosúa Exhibit in the Jewish Museum by Battery Park, I learned that it was the most successfully attended event in its history. Let’s tend to the business of making a better world thru this kind of education. And think about paying back the Dominican people by sharing incredible ideas that can make the Dominican Republic a better place for its people.

Pa que en el conuco no se sufra tanto, oye

ojalá que llueva café en el campo

pa que en Los Montones oigan este canto

ojalá que llueva café en el campo…

Pa que to los niños canten en el campo

ojalá que llueva café en el campo

pa que en La Romana oigan este canto

ojalá que llueva café en el campo…

Find out about other important business.

Boise City, Oklahoma COVID-19 News

There could be thousands or more places around our nation where people would start wearing masks and doing more to save lives in the manner of Jesus.

The most popular comment to the CNN report made in Boise City was pronouncing the name of the city correctly as I searched a few FACEBOOK pages and in my call to the clerk of that city I, too, was corrected.

The death rate over 10 years due to the flu is 0.13 and COVID-19 is 14 times more deadly (on the average) at 1.8 percent. Oklahoma stands now at 1.1 percent for deaths. And that means that the Trump flu has killed about 8 times more people for now in Oklahoma than a regular flu would have. Those figures may go up over time as the Trump flu has spread dramatically to places that people thought it would not go.

In making the call to Oklahoma, I found out that people are not wearing masks and by choice. I know from my own experience that I started wearing a mask after March 7, 2020. I would have to find the first purchase made, but it could have been during the following week that I started to wear masks. I wonder when people started wearing masks in Boise City (pronounced Boys). I would assume that if people started later there and combined with Donald Trump’s “brilliant” decision to tell people that they have a choice, that lots of people just went along, particularly since Trump told people that things were under control. At that point it would like trying to get a drug addict off of drugs. And within weeks, the Trump economy was heading for disaster as people chose saving lives instead of listening to Trump. Clearly the death toll could have and would have been several times higher, with people even dying at work from COVID-19.

The CNN segment, where the reporter mispronounced the name of Boise and who was the only person wearing a mask, was about getting vaccinated. One man called Trump the “lesser of two evils” in the 2020 race and I smiled hearing that, but Trump is mostly evil and his religious views came out strongly during the pandemic. Jesus Saves Lives never came out of his lips. And Jesus, the Jew, instead of resting on Shabbat or the Sabbath, healed people and saved lives. I sent my article to the city clerk after talking to her. You know Jesus Was Not a Neanderthal. In my own family we wear masks but there seems to be a problem right now about taking the vaccine. I will see how that plays out since people can change their minds. That was my point in sending out the article to people in Boise City.

Seriously I had a connection with Oklahoma as a child. My dad served in the Army in Muskogee and grew up with more than that in my home.

Oh, what a beautiful mornin’

Oh, what a beautiful day

I’ve got a beautiful feeling

Everything’s going my way

Oh, what a beautiful day

The music of Rodgers and Hammerstein was my Beyoncé, Bocelli, Bacharach, and Bon Jovi all in one. Oklahoma! I loved it and I can hear my mother sing (well that is a large exaggeration if you know what I mean).

The conversation with the clerk continued reminding me of all the geese (cooked goose of Oklahoma today) who better scurry since I brought up the subject of people attending a funeral parlor where half the people wore masks and other half did not, depending on who the deceased was and the attitude of his family. The clerk brought up the point of freedom of choice again at this point. People in Boise City have been called “ignorant” and I guess they resent being called that. Ignorant to me. Knowing what I now know about Jesus, which eluded me for many months, would be justification for calling those people ignorant as well. And finding out that people who consider themselves good Christians continued not wearing masks would lead me to conclude that their problem is greater than ignorance. The next level is stupidity. And considering that the wearing of masks is enforceable just like any law or ordinance anywhere (not 100 percent enforceable), we can move that kind of irresponsible behavior along the continuum toward criminal. There are people being arrested for antisocial behavior across the United States for putting others at risk. So it could be, also, that the powerfully maskless people of Boise City, Oklahoma are using their power as a legal shield to protect themselves.

I told the clerk that I would not invite her to my home and she laughed and told me that she was not planning to come to New York. She had no clue what I had in mind at that point. I can be honest in telling her that I have sent my article out to people on FACEBOOK who want people to wear masks and to be socially responsible bearing in mind that COVID-19 is a big killer and they have not replied to me. People are just that way. I did not get a reply from the clerk, but I hope that she is sharing that important information, that powerful information, about Jesus. And one more thing, please do not start saying that the middle initial of the man who mishandled the COVID-19 virus in the White House is J for Jesus, the savior. Au contraire, he was just the idiot holding the Republican Party together for much of the last four years. And Trump’s tea party is heading people to prison for the Capitol insurrection.

So what do people across America in places like Boise City, Oklahoma do when visiting places where masks are required? And I hope that my ideas are persuasive since it is not the policy directive of Joe Biden to use Jesus’s name in saving lives (at least not at this moment). And I’m sure that there are thousands of places that think they have done their best and the truth is that they probably lack the complete picture of why their numbers are low.

Alaska and Utah have a mortality rate of 0.5 percent which is significantly better than the mortality rate of Oklahoma. There could be countries that that are ten times less in mortality than Oklahoma.

Over the last 14 days, cases have been dropping from 4.5 percent (in Vermont) all the way to 46.9 percent (in California). Oklahoma dropped 42.77, which is good news. Other states with 40 percent or more include Arizona, Virginia, and Nebraska. And those states that have had increases recently are Hawaii, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, and Washington, D.C. North Dakota and Wyoming have increases that are double or more of the other states. South Dakota, Minnesota, and our nation’s capital have single digit increases for the 14 day period.

The Republican Party dominates in Boise City, Oklahoma and throughout the county where Trump got 92 percent of the vote. Here you can see a factual account of what is going on in relation to COVID-19. It is far from complete, nor do I intend to write more. The important thing is to learn more. I can see why people are so complacent in Boise City, Oklahoma, but I hope to see a transformation.

I hope that people are tolerant of my Trump viewpoint. It’s my right to choose what I say.

I wrote the material that you have read two days ago and today I learned through a friend who is in Florida and has been near the Villages on her way to Jacksonville that “99 percent” of the people she has seen are wearing masks. Considering that we are in the midst of a pandemic and given the fact that we know people are pointing to their constitutional right to choose whether or not to wear masks still has to be addressed much more. And I know who misled Boise City or who misled Trump. COVID-19 is a strong virus just as AIDS was spread through a virus. Even during the AIDS epidemic people were encouraged to wear some kind of mask or protection. Isn’t that right? Too many people were put at risk back then and the same thing is going on now, encouraged by people in government.

Bukele on Fox Entertainment

New Ideas or Nuevas Idea

Nayib Bukele appeared on Fox Entertainment as Tucker Carlson interviewed the Salvadoran president. I noticed that fans of Bukele posted the interview on FACEBOOK. Upon watching the interview, I wrote that Carlson got what he wanted from Bukele. Bukele has a way of presenting some honesty in his conversations, making it appear to be total honesty. And this is what his followers hardly realize.

Before moving forward with these ideas or ideas in Spanish, I can quickly tell my readers that in 27 years in my home in Suffolk County I have never experienced anti-Semitism; however, I will continue to fight against it wherever it exists. I did attend a meeting devoted to anti-Semitic activities of youth in Commack just several years ago. Commack is not far from where I live. And in establishing that context here, Jewish people have suffered terrorism throughout the millenia around the world which was related to discrimination and hate which at times was not related to religion. And as an example, the Inquisition in Spain resulted in the removal of most Jews from Spain and the death of others who did not or chose not to go.

El Salvador has faced crises that have led to the diaspora around the world and the largest part of it is in the United States. Lack of jobs and fear of violence do permeate the nation as it exists in others around the world. Bukele established that as truth and I concur. Tucker Carlson sat there with that all too familiar expression on his face revealing that he needed more from Bukele. That look that reeks of half constipation and half truth or no truth at all. This seems to be Carlson’s calling card which he is entitled to, but let’s see what developed in the script.

Bukele said that the immigration of his people is bad for his country and bad for the United States or was he really just saying that it is bad for people in the United States like Tucker Carlson, a man who distorts things the way that the press distorted things against the Jews in France, Germany, and even in the United States that we all know about. Inject the word Jew into the scenario instead of Salvadoran or Honduran and you can imagine immediately that something has gone wrong in the discussion between the two men. I’ve been telling people for a long time that keep the Jew out has been replaced by keeping others out.

Here on Long Island and across many parts of the United States where there are immigrants who did not get at the end of the line to come here there is a very positive feeling that we need those people. They pick our food in fields and work in the kitchens of our restaurants. Many have established businesses that cut our lawns and provide the manpower to dig us out of the snow so that we can function better. All the people protected by TPS or Temporary Protective Status and those who do not have those protections have added value to their families back home as people have done for centuries. And that value takes place in different ways including making the line for jobs shorter there.

What Bukele did was to make it appear that those immigrants are “bad” playing into the hands of people across our nation who watch Fox. Congressman Tom Suozzi, who helped set up a well-protected help center in Glen Cove when he was mayor there came back from speaking to the other side of America and told an audience that a different half of the American people were not ready to legalize the immigrants.

In the last couple of years, I noticed that an African immigrant in France scaled several floors of a building to rescue a child that was dangling toward the street below, holding on some how to prevent almost certain death. That man was awarded with citizenship. The “bad” part of what has taken place is that Americans of all races have turned their backs on their fellow man, people who deserve a pathway to citizenship. Bukele must have been thinking that Trump was still the president as he participated in the interview.

Also in the discussion, Bukele spoke about what the immigrants call “remesas” or money that they send home each month. That is a huge industry and has helped El Salvador and other countries immensely. And I repeat that it has helped all immigrants over the last century or more all over the world. Again, here, Bukele has diminished himself. But will his fans admit that? In Mexico, those remesas passed the level of Mexico’s largest industry and I would assume the same or similar thing for El Salvador due to its huge diaspora.

Palestine, where Bukele’s family came from, exhibited the same things as Jews moved there as Zionists or even not as Zionists. There were caravans just as there are Central American caravans, but by sea. And the flag of Honduras flew on a ship that I read and wrote about. There was violence as people arrived and deaths. The British and the Arabs tried to keep Jews out. So there was considerable hatred. I have witnessed resentment against the Hispanics in my community and across Long Island where I live. I noticed it even among relatives of my family more than a decade ago. “There are too many Spanish speaking people here” I have heard a few times. I have watched an African American also state that he his company has a policy of hiring that is Afrocentric. I know a man who is well known in Hip Hop who emphatically called people from El Salvador “illegals.” The Honduran flag flew on the Exodus and you can go to Jewish Business News to find out more.

Published On: Fri, Nov 23rd, 2018Blogs / Europe / Israel & Middle East / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Exodus (1947) Under The Honduran Flag: The Illegal Jewish Caravan

The conclusion that I quickly came to was that Bukele, by saying that the immigration which is “bad” for his country and ours gives strength to the call to deport all of his people, the people from Honduras, and other countries, reminding me but not being exactly like the call to get rid of Jews in the past in various countries and even today in the United States.

I have seen Bukele on video prepare for a speech that he was going to make. Was his “bad” comment part of his preparation or did he just happen to find that horrible thought sitting there talking to Tucker Carlson. Bukele has helped stir the pot of hate and he needs to come forth to correct the situation. Now! I was not entertained by his appearance on Fox Entertainment. And keep in mind that it was Trump and conservative commentators that set the stage for what happened in 2017 when they spoke about deporting 20 million people.

And here is this morning’s news about immigration.


Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan Say Joe Biden’s ‘Don’t Come’ Border Message ‘Too Late’

David Brennan                             2 hours ago

I just read a couple of days ago that the chief reason why people move from one state to another in the United States is to find a better job and that happens in Republican as well as Democratic states. I have known for over a decade about the tough environment to find a job in Colorado, for example. It took a trip to find that out. Yes the United States is hurting today as it has in the past, but there is no reason to scapegoat any people. And I want to see Joe Biden do much more right now to help those crossing our nation’s border instead of doing what Trump did as he used a plan of action that was reminiscent of what the Nazis did to get rid of Jews before The Final Solution was put into place leading to the death of 6 million Jews.

I also wrote this about conservative talk show hosts (including Rush Limbaugh who just passed away). “Donald Trump has not served in the military and he has always lived an extremely protected life, just as those radio talk show hosts have. They use someone else to challenge the despots and their armies.  Just once I would love to see one of them confront the person they are talking about by going into that country to protest.  That is why I put Donald Trump in the middle of Hebron playing golf, unprotected by anyone.

Instead of MAGA we have much more of MTFT or More Trouble For Trump”

Published On: Mon, Jan 8th, 2018Blogs / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Trump Silence About Jews And African-Americans: Unacceptable For Leadership Today

Instead of MAGA we have much more of MTFT or More Trouble For Trump

And in summing up things, I am trying to learn much more about President Nayib Bukele and I yearn for something, maybe a book about him that I can digest. I did read the book by Lopez-Obrador and wrote about it.

Gun Shots and Covid-19 Law Breakers

I had emailed NYPD about my proposals including GED only hours before I watched CBS News and the day before I emailed the US Department of Education to bring my proposal about Jesus Saves Lives to the United States Cabinet. I have friends in law enforcement all over our nation that will take note of the urgency in this article. This is about “special ed” students, past and present that require new help and “special ad-justment” Christians that have to get back to the basics of Jesus. Click the link.

Gun violence is up in New York City and now the city wants to help potential gunmen earn their GED. This was the focus on CBS News just minutes ago. And today I had to hang up the phone after unsuccessfully reaching the Commissioner of Police in San Juan, Puerto Rico about tourists and COVID-19.

The gun violence resulted in two wounded inside a fish restaurant in Brooklyn on Pitkin Avenue and a man who was interviewed suggested that there is great danger there. I called and wrote to the District Attorney months ago about helping youth and adults with their GED, but I was rebuffed.

My two concerns are making news over and over. The gun violence is up over 42 percent and there are incidents where tourists are causing police to intervene in Puerto Rico (probably Brooklyn has a similar problem with its own people) as people are not respecting COVID-19 rules.  Violence is probably up in Puerto Rico as well and I wanted to address the matter with the office of the commissioner there.

I emailed both the governor of Puerto Rico and the mayor of New York City before watching the news and beginning this article.

I was just informed about the situation among the bodegas of New York City and it seems that more people are complying with the mask mandate and other protocols. Minor, frustrating problems exist for the bodega owners and their employees that the public should be informed about. In Puerto Rico tourists are causing problems, involving the police where they should not be getting involved. In other words, they have their hands full already. And I was told, also, that in Little Italy (qui mangia bene) that the area is packed with people that are potentially spreading COVID-19. I have learned to eat out on Long Island during hours which I call a late lunch-early dinner and that helps to avoid bigger crowds in restaurants.

New York State is one of the plantation states for GED which means it is always at the bottom in helping African Americans obtain their GED, ranking at the bottom with Alabama and Mississippi.

About fifteen years ago Puerto Rico stopped sending its annual GED statistics which are made public. At one time, there were 20,000 diplomas or more, but that soon fell below 2,000 annually and finally the N/A became the number provided.

My outreach to help Brooklyn and the city included a plan to intervene to keep special ed students away from trouble which I have documentation from April 2020 (better late than never). Since learning that about two-thirds of youth going to jail or prison, I have shared this information with lots of people. That very high statistic for a small percentage of students also probably means that African American youth made up over 70 percent and this is often called “The Pipeline to Prison.”

I had written (articles and a proposal for the US Justice Department) about gangs putting down the guns and earning a GED a long, long time ago. For Christ’s Sake, Joe Biden keeps saying, it’s all about doing the right thing. Educating people matters! And the Biden White House is in a position to do much more than Obama and Trump ever did.

Eets Note My Jobe

Here are my own comments on the NY State nursing home scandal, based on what I now know. There are people all over our nation who act as though it is not their job to help American during COVID-19 until what seems like a juicy scandal appears.

The lyrics below come from a Dominican singer and song writer that I happened to meet in person over a decade ago in New York City. I thought of those lyrics at the beginning of our battle against COVID-19.  Why? Despite being the wealthiest large nation on earth, I knew that the level of preparedness across our nation was going to be DEVASTATING. And having a man in the White House who had already been called “moron” even inside the White House was going to make things worse.

No me digan que los médicos se fueron

No me digan que no tienen anestesia

No me digan que el alcohol se lo bebieron

Y que el hilo de coser

Fue bordado en un mantel

No me digan que las pinzas se perdieron

Que el estetoscopio está de fiesta

Que los rayos x se fundieron

Y que el suero ya se usó

Para endulzar el café

Here is a translation that I found:

Don’t tell me the doctors left

Don’t tell me they don’t have anesthesia

Don’t tell me they drank the rubbing alcohol

and that the thread for stitches

was embroidered into a tablecloth

Don’t tell me they lost the forceps,

that the stethoscope is out partying,

that the X-rays melted,

that the serum was already used

to sweeten the coffee

Mil gracias a JLG y 4-40

This is all about the lack of preparedness in the Dominican Republic, but it was universally known. Even rural areas of our nation were going to be affected adversely as they continue to be. COVID-19 has affected the world just as the Spanish Flu during World War I.

The title of this article is based on my best recollection of an old television show starring Freddie Prinze. Take a moment to research Chico and the Man and El Niagara en Bicicleta, the lyrics of which were written above by Juan Luis Guerra.

This brings me to a boiling point about COVID-19 and the Governor Andrew Cuomo story. We go to the minutes of the meeting of the New York State legislature. At that time there were 30,000 lives lost and people in our government wanted to find out what had happened and how things could be made better.

20 It was one month later that our Wadsworth

21 laboratory confirmed New York’s first case of

22 COVID-19.

23 What we now know, that it was already here.

24 In the two weeks from that moment, we had

25 implemented a series of aggressive actions to

1 protect our most vulnerable populations.

2 And those practices continue today, and will

3 serve as a foundation, as we prepare these

4 facilities for a second wave, and beyond.

This was pretty much when the first death from COVID-19 was announced as February 29, 2020. We can move on with additional minutes of that meeting of the legislature.

11 The CDC has acknowledged that the European

12 travel ban, which was on March 13th, was too late.

13 The virus had already reached community spread here

I will get to information that has been missing from mainstream media which I have written about. This is about a missing COVID-19 FACTOR that I first detected months after the legislature met.

And here in New York State, we restricted

8 nursing home visitors, we ordered workers to be

9 temperature-checked every day.  We implemented

10 specific isolation and quarantine procedures for

11 exposed and ill staff and residents.

12 We built unprecedented systems for facilities

we conducted 1300 on-site inspections –

  • every single nursing home and adult-care facility in

1 the state was inspected at least once — to ensure

2 that the infection-control practices were in place.

3 And we supported these facilities by providing

4 14 million pieces of PPE, connecting them to a

 5 staffing portal of more than 96,000 volunteers, and

 6   helping facilities transfer residents to other homes

 7 as needed.

   So we looked at the admissions to nursing

18 homes between March 25th and May 8th.

19There were 6326 COVID-positive patients that

20 were admitted to nursing homes from hospitals during

 21 the time when COVID hospitalizations were rising.

  • And what did we find?

23So, a few key facts I want to show you.

24 The peak in nursing home fatalities was on

 25 April 8th.  The peak in admissions of COVID-19  

1 hospital patients occurred on April 14th.

2 So the question would be, which was,

3 Essentially, a week later:  Why does that matter?

4 Well, if the March 25th guidance was the

5   major driver in deaths, which some claim it to be,

6   then the peak of admissions would precede the peak

7    in deaths.

8   That’s just the mathematics, the statistics

9    of it all.

10 However, it occurred the other way around;

11 the peak in deaths occurred before the peak in

12 admissions.

13 In fact, when you look at the curve, as the

14 admissions of residents was increasing, the deaths

15 were decreasing.

16 So some would want to say, why is this so

17 important?

18 Well, it contradicts this false narrative

19 that’s circulating about regarding the March 25th

 20 guidance document.

21 The false narrative is, that COVID-positive

22 residents brought into the nursing homes from the

23 hospitals.

24 But we have to be objective here, and the

25 data does not support that.

14 From May through July, COVID-related deaths

15 in nursing homes more than doubled in Florida, they

16 nearly doubled in California, and they tripled in

17 Texas.

I just wrote about Mark Levin and Governor Ron DeSanctis where the portrayal of the role of the governor there was outstanding compared to New York.

Mark Levin and Ron DeSanctis

This comment was sent to me last week from an important politician “u didn’t include Trump oh I forgot you liked him.”

That elected official has received hundreds of my articles, most of them while Trump was president. I have watched this person closely for a long time, but I have not written about him and right now nor do I wish to expose him. Would I do that later? Sure but not in revenge for making that comment. I would expose his politics that have resulted in his poor performance regardless of whether he agrees or disagrees with my points.

Let’s turn now quickly to Governor Ron DeSanctis of Florida and his interview with Mark Levin. Mark Levin was kind to mention that even Republicans are moving to Florida and not just people from “blue states.” People have been moving to Florida for decades. What has the governor done out of the box? And in March the governor said was that he started to protect nursing homes and barred hospitals from sending the aged back to nursing homes and he talked about how he would create other centers if he had to in order to keep the elderly safe.

Dems Relied on ‘Flawed Assumptions,’ Not Data During Pandemic

Posted on February 27, 2021

Now that it is March 7, 2021, I want to know what the flawed data was that the governor mentioned and did not support in his talk even once. And it was reported in our legislature that Florida was realizing that people in the nursing homes were being infected early on by employees who were asymptomatic, something that was not mentioned on the Mark Levin Show. I reached out to Cumulus during the week to share my article with that radio company and I have not heard back. Governor DeSanctis said that he prevented people from going from hospitals back to nursing homes early on in March and that was his claim to fame. And this is what was mentioned in August 2020 by Dr. Zucker in New York State.

9 Now, it causes me great pain, as a physician,

10 and as the health commissioner in the state, to see

11 the total number of COVID cases in Florida, in

12 Texas, in California, as they have each surpassed

13 New York.

14 From May through July, COVID-related deaths

15 in nursing homes more than doubled in Florida, they

16 nearly doubled in California, and they tripled in

17 Texas.

Should the governor of Florida resign?

With the largest number of nursing homes, the

2 first instance of staff reporting a COVID-related

3 illness was on March 16th, as one sees on this

4 image, which is the blue peak there.

And now we can get to Assemblyman Kim who I really knew nothing about. In reading information about him and his policy positions, I can applaud him.

ASSEMBLYMEMBER KIM:  Okay.  That’s fine.

3   Thank you, Commissioner.

4   So for argument’s sake, then let us assume

5 that the conclusions of the report are correct;

6 namely, that the admission of COVID-positive

7 patients to nursing homes had a negligible effect on

8 the spread of the coronavirus disease there.

9 If this is true, then what — what explains

10 the impetus on a reversal of the March 25th

11 directive in early May, to prohibit nursing homes

This is a moment to focus on one of the leading voices opposing Governor Cuomo and I am not fan of Cuomo, except that his communication to the public was so much better than what we got from Donald Trump during those days. But now we get to something revealing about this assemblyman.


12 from accepting COVID-positive patients?

And here comes Dr. Zucker’s reply to the assemblyman.

13 DR. HOWARD ZUCKER:  So this goes back to that

14 statement I made earlier in my opening remarks

15 about, there’s a false narrative out there.

16 And that — and this is where I — I have to

17 correct these statements that are being made.

18 There was no reversal.  The March 25th memo

 19 is still in place.

20 We still say, based on the guidance of CMS

 21 and the CDC, that a nursing home cannot accept a

22 patient without being able to care for it.

23 That’s part one.

24 The March — the May 10th guidance that you

25 just referenced was about the ability to test people

And we know that testing was slow to begin and not all the testing was ACCURATE. And even now we know and must remember always that getting the vaccines does not mean that all of US are 100 percent safe.

What concerns me most about Assemblyman Kim (and I am not going to read over 600 pages of that meeting) is if the protocols in place were not changed, why did he think that they had been changed. If Dr. Zucker was lying at that time, he should have been asked to resign. If he was telling the truth, he deserved an apology at that moment.

And clearly there was a moment in March to do better things for our nation. This is from Yeshiva World.

White House Holds Phone Conference With Admorim, Rabbonim, And Community Activists

March 17, 2020 6:04 pm8

“An urgent phone meeting regarding the spread of the Coronavirus conducted by the Whitehouse concluded moments ago at which dozens of Admorim and Rabbonim participated. Leading the meeting was Avi Berkowitz and a council for the President. Despite rumors on Jewish social media stating he would participate, President Trump and VP Pence did not participate in the call.”

The same kind of phone call should have been made to the Christian community as well, but instead of that the White House soon made an urgent call for maskless as if a bank were calling people to go paperless. The result has been the bankruptcy of the United States by in Donald Trump We Trust.

And I fully and I repeat fully understand why the Cuomo staff hesitated to give the feds information on number of nursing home deaths. Think about that! And considering what I have said about Trump and all of US know Trump much better now than back then, it really isn’t much of an alteration in the nursing home numbers. If altering the numbers which I read about in the press is the same alteration.

I wonder if the New York State Health Department did the best that it could at that time by lowering the deaths then and there. It’s hard to say given the level of preparedness which is being ignored by Repugnicans all over America who will gladly point to Operation Warp Speed to obtain vaccines which took time. The topic here is not about warped speed, but about warped minds in government that could have done better.

I will mention this briefly in finishing up for now. Mayor Michael Bloomberg changed the way high school diplomas were counted in New York City. I noticed it, but I had this to say at the time. He counted high school diplomas and GED diplomas together for the first time and it did make him look good just looking at the increase in numbers. I felt that there should have been an asterick placed over the statistics to indicate that. We can recall the same thing happening in New York to Roger Maris (162 games instead of 154 games) in breaking Babe Ruth’s record. And that new record was very controversial in its day, but nobody died over it.

Yes I was aware that people including family were critical of Cuomo sending people back to nursing homes. This reaction is almost a year old now. The CDC indicated for our governors to do the following “and the CDC, that a nursing home cannot accept a patient without being able to care for it.” This is being rewritten here for you to absorb.

People in government are not protecting their people all over our nation. I have been in touch with parents who lost loved ones in The Parkland Massacre in Florida and our schools do not even have panic buzzers today to warn the police. Also note that the deputy who lost his job for not running onto the school grounds to help has since then, after much controversy, gotten his job back. The rule that he worked under was that in case of a shooting he “may” take action, which many in the public reacted to and which cost the sheriff his job there (that job is elected). So much of what goes on across our nation reminds me of the time when “Nobody took the Jews.” Or in other words “Eets Note My Jobe.”

I wrote this in Jewish Business News back then.

Published On: Mon, Dec 24th, 2018Blogs / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Forget Trump’s Wall: Fund Alyssa’s Law?

Alyssa’s Law, a bill that would require all New Jersey public schools to install silent panic alarms to help protect students during emergencies.

And I also wrote this over two years ago “The blame is squarely going to be put on the shoulders of liberals, progressives, and even communists. Looking back at that 25th anniversary of If I Had a Hammer, we should note the great progress that was made and that people like Pat Buchanan were stirring the pot then and that is what you still see today.” Was I right?

And one more thing. Dr. Zucker was looking at the peak, but he could have taken a two-week average to compare things to instead of just the peak. People were dying you know.

In an article or letter in The Los Angeles Times, a reader just wrote that these governors “Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas, Doug Ducey of Arizona, Ron DeSantis of Florida, Brian Kemp of Georgia, Kim Reynolds of Iowa, Tate Reeves of Mississippi, Greg Gianforte of Montana and Kristi Noem of South Dakota” should be thought of as liabilities for their handling of the Corona Virus and voting rights. I thank Craig Arnold of California.

Don’t tell me the doctors left

Don’t tell me they don’t have anesthesia

Jesus Was Not a Neanderthal

I am not referring to Jesus Alou who was a baseball player. Nor I am referring to Esteban de Jesus who was a champion from Puerto Rico. This is about Jesus of Nazareth who is known to billions of people around the world. The same Jesus who was Jewish, followed the Talmud, and who on the Sabbath Day healed people and saved lives. This is the same Jesus that much or most of the world has forgotten about in favor of talking about singing Christmas carols without masks and opening churches and business to full capacity following the directives of Donald Trump and Sean Hannity. That is the same Donald Trump whose Christianity rests on “An Eye for An Eye.”

Joe Biden referred to

Governor Gregg Abbott said a while back about guns “The problem is not guns, it’s hearts without God.” Are we not talking about Jesus right here? I have written about the former president of the NRA who is famous for saying “From My Cold Dead Hands” and I also wrote about him in relation to “The Ten Commandments” where he saved his own mother (a Jewess) from being crushed in a real estate project called the Pyramids. At that moment in the film Heston made a great transition to fight for the oppressed, enslaved Jews. I wrote this in one of my articles “I was just watching a scene from the Ten Commandments in which Moses asks the man in charge of building the pyramid “Are you a master builder or a master butcher” after saving the life of a Jewish woman caught between the stones who would have been crushed (his own mother).  Trump, the real estate builder, should have learned much more in life. And Governor Greg Abbott should have learned much more as well.

He is diminished his Christianity (he is Catholic) and his patriotism by his actions. The problem began almost a year ago with The White House as people were being told that “the cure is worse than the problem.” Texas and Mississippi should be involved in enforcing the health regulations that came out of the CDC and other health departments instead of saying or even thinking that the rules are “unenforceable.” Not picking up after your dog in Florida (Ron DeSanctis’ state) is punishable by a $1,000 fine.

Millions of people have watched the same movie and appreciated the transformation of Moses that I described. It is now time for Governor Greg Abbott to make his own transformation. Hundreds of millions of people are watching. Communists and Catholics, it seems to me, can forget that Jesus Saves Lives, especially when there is great risk to their economic systems. Biden is not a Neanderthal either! And Texans for Jesus save lives during COVID-19.

Mark Levin and Ron DeSanctis

This comment was sent to me last week from an important politician “u didn’t include Trump oh I forgot you liked him.”

That elected official has received hundreds of my articles, most of them while Trump was president. I have watched this person closely for a long time, but I have not written about him and right now nor do I wish to expose him. Would I do that later? Sure but not in revenge for making that comment. I would expose his politics that have resulted in his poor performance regardless of whether he agrees or disagrees with my points.

Let’s turn now quickly to Governor Ron DeSanctis of Florida and his interview with Mark Levin. Mark Levin was kind to mention that even Republicans are moving to Florida and not just people from “blue states.” People have been moving to Florida for decades. What has the governor done out of the box? And in March the governor said was that he started to protect nursing homes and barred hospitals from sending the aged back to nursing homes and he talked about how he would create other centers if he had to in order to keep the elderly safe.

Dems Relied on ‘Flawed Assumptions,’ Not Data During Pandemic

Posted on February 27, 2021

And with that said, we can look at the list of states and nations close to the United States to see what the potential was to fight COVID-19. Levin cited that sure millions of people could have died over 5 years without vaccines to prevent COVID19, but he did not even attempt to look at all the lives that could have been saved. And saving the lives of the elderly was the key point made at the beginning. Florida is booming is the real purpose of this interview with some highlights of fighting COVID-19.

Let’s look at some state and international numbers right now regarding Florida in relation to everything. Florida 142 deaths per 100,000 people. Puerto Rico 63. El Salvador 29. Dominican Republic 29. Guatemala 37. Honduras 45. Nicaragua 3. Cuba 3. Venezuela 5. Haiti 2. We could have been much safer in those places, right? Mexico 146. Beliz 83. Beliz is right next to Mexico. Think about that!

If De Sanctis really knew what he was doing, from the beginning he could have been in close touch other states in the area including Louisiana 206. Alabama 201. Mississippi 222. Georgia 157. And there are many more “red” states where death due to COVID-19 has been huge. Pravda or truth the “red” way is not my way. This is what Levin-Lenin TV gave to its viewers.

Other countries that did better than Florida were Paraguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, and Brazil. There must be much more factual information that is being left out about this matter. Perhaps Mark Levin could do another show where the governor is refuted? I would imagine that Levin is cringing at this thought and would probably say to himself and his audience that he is not going to invite a “Trotsky” onto his show. After all lots of voters in Florida and the blue candidates were portrayed as communists or socialists. Mark Levin has created Levin TV which here could be interpreted as another form of Lenin TV which comes out of Pravda. Levin and DeSanctis showed only the positive elements of that ridiculous Trump year. DeSanctis intermingled his plan which created COVID only nursing facilities with all the other key things that were initiated by the Trump Administration along with the CDC.

I wrote this on April 20, 2020.

“Ted Cruz wants the United States to collaborate with Israel and its scientific companies in this matter of formulating tests, treatments, and cures. This is what globalism is about but there is more. Cruz wants to eliminate the dependency on China. I say that Israel is an ally and it has advanced scientific development. I would prefer to see another way of obtaining the help of Israeli scientists. The United States has done that sort of thing before in the creation of the Atomic bomb and the location was Manhattan. Also after World War II the United States brought in German scientists who propelled US into the space age.  Even the New York Yankees built up the most powerful team in baseball by paying money to bring talent to New York (Roger Maris was one example). We never had any rockets flying over our heads because of all that critical development in science, but Israel recently has had some damage due to rocket fire and we should place scientists in the safest environment possible. What about Indiana as the placement of the lab or labs and the scientists?”

We knew that people were dying of COVID-19 (undocumented immigrants who worked in meat plants) far away from New York and Florida. So I wrote that. And South Dakota has one of the leading deaths per capita numbers in our nation. South Dakota 212 deaths per 100,000 people.

Regardless of Florida’s ranking, its governor has failed. The deaths speak for themselves. You see in fighting a war such as World War II, it is not only the projection of potential lives that could be lost, but also the actual number of lives lost (and the wounded as well). The Levin-DeSanctis team has pulled the wool over the eyes of many or most of the viewers. Hawaii, which is also far away from US, had 31 deaths per 100,000 people. No state is next to Hawaii. And there is no state to the east of Florida. And there is no state to the east of Maine which had 52 deaths per 100,000. Washington which has no state on its west had 66 deaths per 100,000. And California with no state on its west and with over 50,000 deaths had 130 deaths per 100,000, which is lower than Florida. Maybe the governor is spending too much time in Disney’s fantasy world?

If we look back to July of 2020, we can see part of what was taking place. “

The Sunshine State saw more than 310,000 new cases in July, while Texas and California both had more than 260,000 new infections,” as reported by Reuters at that time.

I hope that my readers conclude that I have unmasked both Mark Levin and Ron De Sanctis. And for the remainder of 2021 I hope that more people in Florida observe the patriotism surrounding saving lives used by our military, the Jewish Talmud, and the work of Jesus who healed people and saved lives even on the Sabbath day.

And at the CPAC meeting in Orlando where lots of people did not wear masks and the leaders did not enforce the wearing of masks, the golden calf appeared to show up. This is what I wrote on October 13, 2019 “And although Israel has tremendous fire power, King Trump of Israel appears to be more like praying to the Golden Calf in the story of the Ten Commandments.  And when Trump’s demise takes place, and it appears to be more and more imminent right now, the reality probably will be that things that he has done and spoken about in and for Israel will be reversed in a return to normalcy.” And this is from an article in the Hill only two days ago “A golden statue of former President Trump was unveiled late Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Fla., quickly prompting ridicule from social media users, many of whom compared it to the Old Testament account of the Golden Calf.” And I wrote that over a year before Trump’s failures began in handling the virus.

If Ft. Lauderdale can fine people $1,000 for not picking up doggie poo, why can’t Repugnicans and others be fined for not wearing masks?

The Attack on Hebron (1929) and More

Orthodox Jews not allowed to hold a large funeral, limited to 6 people by the police.

At the time of the Sukkot-Simchat Torah holidays, the Yeshurun Synagogue was asked not to hold a large procession and it complied with the police.

The blowing of the shofar was prohibited.

Weak police force. Poor intelligence network. Largely older police who were out of shape.

Looting of stores (and homes).

Thought of bombing the Arabs.

About 800 Jews lived in Hebron out of 20,000 people. Rumors of Jews killing Arabs.

700 Arabs put on trial, 55 convicted of murder, 25 sentenced to death

160 Jews put on trial, 2 convicted of murder and sentenced to death

David Ben Gurion years later called the massacre in Hebron Judenrein or to exclude Jews from a country (or the world) which was a Nazi expression.

A list of 435 Jews saved by Arabs

133 Jews and 116 Arabs were dead, 339 Jews and 232 Arabs were wounded

The attack on Hebron and the violence in Jerusalem led to those numbers of killed and wounded.

As anyone can plainly see, there are some similarities but few of them as we look at today’s America. The cast has changed, but some or many things remain the same. The attack on The Capitol spilled over from a speech made by Donald Trump. The Mufti of Jerusalem was called into to placate the crowd, but the historical interpretation of that talk is that he made matters worse. I doubt if Trump would have made things worse with a prepared, brief talk for people to return to their homes at the very moment that it was greatly needed. But you never know about Trump. He could have told the people to stand by instead of stand back or down. The deaths in Washington, D.C. do not compare, but nobody should have been killed and nobody should have died. And that investigation continues.

Trump nationalism created a huge problem and Jewish and Arab nationalism created a huge problem in Palestine. A lot of it was predictable long before 1929. What is certain is that it was about getting or maintaining power. America First, Arabs First, Jews First should never be so forceful and permanent with all the problems that people face where they live and Palestine had its problem.

By the Spring of 1931 there were about 160 Jews who had returned to their homes in Hebron, creating a feeling of peace, normalcy, and law and order, but that was an illusion. Our own peace seems to be that kind of illusion as well. We will learn much more about the plotting that was taking place. We are being told that this problem will not go away for about 20 years. And in Palestine, almost 20 years later there was war among the people who lived there. And looking back and counting, there has been no real peace for over 70 years.

There seemed to be one possible ray of hope after those horrible events described. I read these words and the words apply to leaders everywhere. I had already read about an important request made that mentions that the mufti had turned down the idea of a jihad which would have intensified terrorism throughout Palestine. Arab nationalism pushed it in word and deed. And there was always the fear then that an Arab would be killed by other Arabs. So it was Muhammed Iz-al-Din al-Qassam who asked al-Husseini, the mufti, to join him in declaring a jihad against the British. The mufti refused as he was in a different mode at the time. David Ben Gurion later met with Musa Alami, hoping to win for the Jews, of course, but feeling that life could improve greatly for the Arab population under an independent Jewish state.

I had to quickly find out more about Musa Alami and he was willing to allow Arabs in Palestine to remain poor for another hundred years rather than unite with Ben Gurion. And al-Qassam met his death violently and became a martyr to his people.

And what about other points of view? There actually were centrist views in between these two peoples who desired only victory. Here are some proposals to consider that were made at the time by Jews who wished to do things based on a higher moral code. This goes back to 1930.

Joint marketing of oranges

Cooperation among fire fighters

Joint campaigning against malaria

Joint campaigning against changes in rent-control laws

Common censorship of films

Shared labor unions, education, and political parties

I cannot say that an opportunity was lost during those years, but all this information is very interesting. It may have been insufficient to change minds, but clearly other ideas could have been added. With that said I do have to note that the readings that I have done have not shed light on just how peace could have been achieved in those days.

And one more thing to share is that one of the best-known Arabs who is repeatedly mentioned in the book about Palestine by Tom Segev. Khalil al-Sakakini sent his daughter Hala to a German school in Palestine, where the German children actually joined a branch of the Hitler youth. All the children in the school sang Deutschland Uber Alles and Raise the Flag, the Nazi Party anthem. Sakakini was a good man in many ways, but his politics included the hope that Hitler would liberate Palestine from the Jews.

Among the many thoughts that I have is this one. What would have happened if the Ottoman Turks had been on the winning side in World War I? That thought would also provoke what would have happened to US.