Mayor Adams Confused About God Plays a Role in Everything He Does

I contacted Tommy Torres in Brooklyn about the two-thirds of youth who ended up in prison and he nailed it. After gang members, Tommy told me that the most prominent group of students who were problematic were “special ed” students. That was the end of the discussion as the discussion turned toward dyslexia. Eighty percent of people in Rikers became two-thirds that have dyslexia. And I have not heard from Tommy Torres since.

I was in touch with the Department of Corrections back in 2015 trying to help. Check this out:

Fri, Jul 29, 2016 at 10:52 AM

Even old GED books from 2002-2013 will be very helpful to the men and women in Rikers. The Singer Library should have a dozen or more such books, even used



Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 8:47 AM

Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

Malik this person at the Department of Corrections will forward your letter to Commissioner Ponte.

Malik is dead and the effort to help people in NYC died as well.

Malik Aziz was a man who turned his life around after spending time in prison. Malik and I collaborated both in Philadelphia and New York (Yonkers and Far Rockaway) to make a difference in making streets safer.

Question! What has Mayor Eric Adams done about the other half of his Rikers’ comment or those 80 percent of people in Rikers’ that have no high school diploma or GED? And is he following God or is he doing what others have done before that have failed? It would pay to investigate the numbers of men and women in Rikers’ this week who have earned a GED since Adams took over. It would also make sense to contact Tommy Torres to find out what happened after I talked to him about “special ed” students before Adams was elected to run the Big Apple. I can explain to you just why we could call the city The Rotten Apple. And what happened to my suggestion for Commissioner Ponte to provide books, even used ones to the men and women in Rikers?

Let me also qualify more about this situation. You read my recommendation that GED books were needed in Rikers as they are today. A full investigation should be made. I have been down this path criticizing government before, for example, in Suffolk County where I live. The target was a pastor-youth coordinator, a cousin of Al Sharpton. He said to me “I don’t care how long it takes for people to earn a GED.” I reported that and I was told that this situation would be taken care of.

And I have contacted a person in the government today in Suffolk County to inform him that the EOC in Brentwood, New York has no adult GED program in Spanish. That was confirmed to me by the person in charge.

So how many people earned a TASC-High School Equivalency diploma in Rikers’ before the GED returned in 2022? Who do you think informed the leadership of NY State that the TASC was going to “twilight” the test? And let’s say that there were fewer diplomas earned in 2022 in Rikers’ than previously, research should be able to explain why and the same applies if there were more GED diplomas earned in 2022 that TASC diplomas.

Then we could get to the point about how fast or slow diplomas have been earned. No GED student should be held back from his or her potential by these God fearing men who do not know what they are doing. Adams is in power, but just how well is he empowering the men and women in Rikers’ and their families right now? And if he has taken the slow, scenic route, just how is that going to help a population that has big problems when it comes out of jail? Keep in mind that there are people who can actually earn a diploma in four hours if they are already well prepared. And by being well versed in these matters, I can tell you that after earning a diploma quickly those people can devote their time to character building and even to the study of The Bible, Quran, etc.

He Did the Most of Any President for Israel

That popularized refrain comes from Donald Trump himself and his band of merry men who helped him.

True to my form I report this instead.

60 Israeli tanks n the Golan Heights to face Syria.

The Bar Lev Defense Line on the Suez Canal was vastly undermanned.

Israeli leaders were convinced that the Arab Nations would not attack again.

There was a general belief that Egypt was bluffing as I think about what Putin did to Ukraine a year ago.

800,000 battle ready troops (Egyptian)

2,200 tanks (Egyptian)

2,300 artillery pieces (Egyptian)

150 anti-aircraft missile batteries (Egyptian)

550 modern war planes (Egyptian)

Russia provided much of the military equipment.


1,500 tanks (Syrian)

1,000 artillery pieces (Syrian)

50,000 infantrymen on the Golan (Syrian)

Russian supplied equipment.

That was 5734/1973 or better known as The Yom Kippur War

Moshe Dayan had admitted later that Israeli forces had started to run out of supplies and things would have been serious. The United States was thanked for stepping in to help.

October 14, 1973 major resupply of military material which continued. There had been silence for a while because the Arab nations appeared to be winning the war. Then the tide turned.

The United States in coordination with the U.S.S.R. got a cease fire through the Security Council of the United Nations.

And a lot more was going on than just that. And world opinion started to dramatically turn against Israel.

President Richard Nixon intervened in helping Israel and Henry Kissinger worked super hard to stop the fighting that was taking its tolls on people in battle.

And we should keep in mind that in May 1967 that Israel lost 700 soldiers and about twice as many wounded. Those numbers were a significant portion of the Israeli population at that time. That was The Six Day War.

Trump provided Israeli with slightly more funds than Barack Obama did and the US Embassy was moved to Jerusalem. And he kept announcing the nobody before him had done more for Israel.

What is amazing to me knowing just how propaganda works in history and how people should speak out about the truth is this. History keeps repeating itself as lies are told and as people remain silent or who do not provide strong messaging.

I brought this information to your attention by reading the work of a Jew who is conservative. The history is there and what will become of this information finally? Will most Americans continue to accept that Trump did more for the Jews than anyone else? Do you think that mainstream news will pick up this information to set the record straight at another important, critical time?

And right now we see that Saudi Arabia is in the process of patching things up with Iran-Russia. And who do we have to thank for that? Nixon is not around to take credit for that. Israelis have great problems to iron out right now because of its right-wing government. And that in combination with the changing world politics will lead Israel to much greater insecurity. I will add that Trump has played in hand in this mess, an important hand with Putin and the Saudi prince.

And now that I remind you about the Trump-Kushner deal called the Abraham Accords, does that make Trump the man who did the most for Israel? And keep in mind how Kushner profited from that.  I wrote this more than three years ago.

I Can Handle Stalin-Putin Better

This is a must read to share with things that I have written about. “A very superficial man, ignorant, dilettantish, with a very limited intellectual horizon.” “I just have a hunch.” He bypassed knowledgeable people in the State Department. “An unbounded faith in his ability to win over leaders of other countries.” He did not […]

Posted January 17, 2020

Click on the article here.

Yes he says and so he says he gets along with Putin, the Saudi prince, Kim of North Korea, and others. And so he says. There are reports that Russia will help Iran become nuclear, but there are other reports that it is already nuclear. There are reports that North Korea is nuclear, and that Trump never stopped that at all while he was in office. There are about 45 percent of Republicans in the corner of “45” and our nation is in big trouble.

Israel has to take a hard look at itself since its trade with Arab nations helps it. Can Israel count on those nations after Iran and Saudi Arabia patch things up? What is Trump doing to help now that he is on the sidelines? When there was anti-Semitism in Florida during the Election of 2020, he did nothing. And he carried that state.

And I have just seen news of the fatwa issued against Hamas by an Islamic Council. This is the type of legal decision by scholars that exists in the Christian and Jewish world’s under responsa. There is a call to have peace after 75 years. This council stands with “the oppressed Palestinian people.” My question is where is all of this going? Sadat made peace with Israel, and he was assassinated, and peace never arrived. I read that he really didn’t have his heart in the peace effort. Is history repeating itself?

It’s also important to note the title of this article and see that the fatwa did not take place under Donald Trump, the pretender to the throne of Jewish people. And it would make sense one more time to look at those words “oppression Palestinian people” since the violence has escalated among Palestinians and Israelis. Everything matters! Will there be peace or tanks and missiles? And how will those words be interpreted on American university campuses?

I have just recently written that Nazi Germany was the place that woke went to die and we have enough, in America, to contend with its offspring(s) in Florida and other states. Going from America First to that has been very harmful to minorities. Even at this time, a Republican fatwa would be useless (Christian nationalists today can look back at their birth which took place at the time of Hitler’s rise to power). Fascism has a strong grip in America right now. Ron DeSantis just received a snowflake with the word fascist on it and he smiled while taking a photo with it.

What is next? Another law in Florida to prevent that kind of free expression?

What Florida needs right now is a lengthy lesson for all school children and their parents (community) on fascistas in their midst. At the very least, I wish that a student would start a Twitter account devoted to what I have just expressed about the growing fascism in our nation under the guise of democracy.

Critical Thinking Skills

I have been teaching “critical thinking skills for about three decades and it was only an effort in school to teach people the content of the GED. 

I found this example of “critical thinking skills” in my reading of an Orthodox Jewish History about “Survival.” 

“Zog nit Mameh. Men vet ir oich zunemen.” And that is Yiddish for “Don’t say mama. They’ll take her too.” 

There were two children and their mother in this room. And the children cried out as the Nazis entered their hiding place. The first child called out to his mother which exposed him. The second child who was only four was able to deduce that the Nazis would look for his mother because his brother cried out for “mameh.” The mother was hiding there and remained silent as her children were being taken away. Actually, there were three children taken away. The mother wanted to live. 

There were choices made all the time. I have written about Jewish children that were able to survive through adoption in Poland during the war. Even rabbis were involved in making decisions for their own children. Taping the children’s mouths might have helped save them as I have written about that kind of thing before. 

This precocious child of four should make US think about children in every grouping where governor’s are diminishing people the way that Nazis and other authoritarians did in the past. Cindi Lauper just popularized again for US that what is taking place against the LGBT community was also the start of what destroyed lives under Nazi Germany. This is no accident. And I just read about the high incidence of hate against Jews, LGBT, Blacks, and Muslims in New England. 

Why was “Don’t say mama” revealed to me at a time that people are fearful about what is now called “Don’t say gay?” Ron DeSantis caused all this during a growing time of hate. Actually, his kind of legislation should not have taken place at any time in the present. The past was different when Jim Crow ruled throughout our nation. Hitler took note of that, and DeSantis must be taught that it was people like him that taught Hitler things. 

I wish to see Cindi Lauper and her True Colors supporters organize better. The ADL has a new Twitter account to fight hate and I feel that Cindi and all her friends could accomplish the same thing right now and they can provide the most powerful messaging each day to fight hate. I got personally involved back in the Obama Administration when Obama appointed Ambassador Brewster to the post in the Dominican Republic and I was able to obtain a meeting with USAID where I spoke about helping transexuals find jobs to survive. Please note that there have been transexuals killed recently in Puerto Rico. What’s going on? 

And Nazi Germany was surely a place where “woke went to die.” And that four-year-old child and his brothers were taken away to be killed. And in Florida right now children with critical thinking skills are treated as though they don’t have those skills by a governor who has a one size fits all mentality. 

Reading History by an Orthodox Historian

“Never had so many owed so much to so few.” 

Winston Churchill 

There were elements of being “woke” sprinkled on top of the history of Jewish study in my latest reading. But let’s turn to World War II first and The Battle of Britain. And there is no mention of the great Polish and Czech pilots who were aces who sat on the bench waiting for an opportunity to fight against Germany after they had to flee their country. Hitler overran Poland weeks after his attack on that country on September 1, 1939. And right now, the last Tuskegee Airman who has just passed away at the age of 96 and his work has been written about as he was a bomber pilot helping win World War II.  

The Poles and Czechs were diminished by the nation that called them heroes after Stalin insisted on that. Stalin was an ally who got his way. Those men were depicted as “fascists” by Stalin which was a chapter in his fake history. Sound familiar in America today? We have allowed so much fake history to take place since January 2017 when Trump entered The White House. And Churchill and Roosevelt decided to keep a massacre committed by the Soviets top secret. They knew that Stalin had a hand in the massacre of Polish officers in the Katyn Woods. There was even evidence! 

All this history and much more belongs in the classroom today in Florida and throughout our land. In 1957 in a junior high school classroom, we watched The Battle of Britain through incomplete history. And before the Tuskegee Airman in the war was the Division 303. The chapter “They are better than any of us” tells the story. Here is what should be known. “When they go tearing into enemy bombers and fighters they get so close you would think that they were going to collide” was the observation of a R.A.F. (British) flyer with different training by the Brits and it also happened that German bomber pilots sometimes would bale out before their planes were even hit. 

And I read on and got to the battle that turned the tide in Italy during World War II at Monte Casino. The Jewish Brigade had been formed in Palestine during the war and that brigade was represented at Monte Casino, but the eyewitness testimonies that I read about the Polish fighters who years before had been liberated from places like Siberia were the best. These men exhibited courage and bravery at Monte Casino the likes of which had not taken place in previous attempts. That information may not have been well known when the book I read was written and it, too, belongs in classrooms across our country. The name of that Polish unit is called Anders Army. Remember it! 

And if you think that was terrible treatment and it was, let’s see what happened to Black people in London because of the Southern-Confederate culture and there were “Negro British” nationals helping in that war effort. “They…have been cursed, made to get off the sidewalk, leave eating places, and separated from their white wives by American soldiers.” And it got to the point that British did not want to serve those white soldiers. 

And while this was taking place, tens of thousands of Jews were being killed in Eastern Europe by Nazis and others who hated Jewish people. Standing up against injustice matters right now as it did back then. And as soon as many of those people escaped to a safer place, the countries they fled to were overrun with Nazis which meant death.1 

And one of my latest articles was titled Pikuach Nefesh Turkey which is about saving lives in Turkey even on the Sabbath day. 

An important reading to know and share is what was taking place in Eastern Europe during the war, Germany and the Soviet Union were dividing Poland among themselves. They were sworn enemies who had come to this agreement. Vilna was a city where Jews were fleeing to, Orthodox Jews. There was danger, great danger or little or no chance for success. Rabbi Grodzensky gave the order for the evacuation and people made their way “secretly” to Vilna, even traveling on the Sabbath by order of the rabbi. And Saturday is a Jewish day of rest where ordinarily no travel is permitted. 

And rabbis have urged compliance with wearing masks and social distancing during the pandemic. And we are being told that masks played “little or no” role in keeping people safe around the world. I am wearing my mask right now as I type because people are in my house. I knew and still know that masks could not guarantee safety just as those Jews had no guarantee. I have written about war and patriotism during the pandemic and this new piece of the history of Jews going to Vilna should be told.  The book that I am reading is about “Survival” and leaders across our nation have provided US with deaths that should not have taken place. This should have been a lesson for all time, but a large part of the press kept writing and repeating that “masks don’t work” and today journalists are seemingly misleading people into thinking that “little” means nothing. Since when does little really mean nothing? 

And you can read about those people in the medical field who have refuted even the most recent reporting, asking this. “Who would want to contract COVID-19 when you can get very sick or even die?” Wear a mask and get vaccinated those people add. 

And there were other interesting things to know. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was mentioned in a context that I do not recall. In 1920 he was convicted among other things of murder, but he was pardoned and soon the British gave him a position of power which he used against Jews and Arabs.  That led to violence and terror. But it had been made clear to me in my previous readings about the Grand Mufti that he was set on seeing Jews lose their lives. 

And two topics of great interest to me were presented. The Dreyfus Affair and the Hebron Massacre in 1929. It’s critical for people to know this history and The Holocaust. Everything matters! College campuses are having outbreaks of anti-Semitic behavior fueled by anti-Zionism. With Juneteenth celebrations coming up, I think that this is the moment to have a national discussion to share thoughts and ideas with all the college campuses participating. This plan is for a virtual conference that will last two days. The important thing is to learn more about what is taking place. And the event could take place between Juneteenth and July 4th.  

I think that I have illustrated some good points in this article and require attention, but we need solutions to our problems. I believe that Jewish and African American voices can be the catalyst to begin this discussion. Where then will this begin? ADL-NAACP? The White House? The U.S. Conference of Mayors? 

And I have other things on my mind to share soon. 


U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt COVID-19 investigation in June 2020.

The story started around the last day of December in 2019 since a flu was going around.

Two cases were confirmed in Vietnam in January

What we can call Bleach-A-Palooza was put into action on the ship on February 2, 2020, which included what are now well known as “social distance” protocols, but it included bleaching the surface of the ship twice a day.

The Roosevelt was moving around to different ports and finally on March 7, 2020, there was a huge U.S. Fleet reception in Da Nang in Vietnam in a hotel.

On March 8, 2020, there was news of a group of sailors that appeared to come into contact with two British citizens who had tested positive for COVID-19. This affected protocols on the ship including quarantine.

March 9, 2020, is the day that 39 sailors were put in quarantine to protect the others as the ship left port.

March 11, 2020 reveals that Biological Defense Research Directorate arrived on various flights to assess the situation as the WHO issued a world pandemic.

March 12, 2020 details the liberty restrictions put in place and the men would remain six feet apart which is difficult to accomplish on a carrier.

March 13, 2020, families of the servicemen are notified about the testing and President Donald Trump issues declares a national emergency.

March 15, 2020 cough etiquette is mentioned as one of the aspects of social distancing that was in place.

March 24, 2020 three sailors inform staff that they have lost their sense of smell or taste. Those sailors were sent back to work! Emphasis added. And none had been in contact with the 39 sailors who had been quarantined.

March 25, 2020, four men with COVID-19 removed from the carrier.

March 26, 2020, there were now 33 sailors who had tested positive.

March 28, 2020, now 46 cases identified.

March 29, 2020, 53 cases and despair on the ship. Captain Crozier lifted the quarantine on the aft thinking that all the men had contracted COVID-19.

March 30, 2020 Captain Crozier sends an email about obtaining rooms for his men in port and this was done on “unclassified email” to 10 people. This became a problem for the captain.

March 31, 2020, things become even more alarming as it is recognized that the men had to be removed from the ship (5 senior medical officers sign a letter).

April 2, 2020, Captain Crozier cited for “poor judgment” on the ship.

April 5, 2020 Chief Petty Officer Charles Robert Thacker Jr. is treated in the Naval Hospital Guam.

April 13, 2020, Thacker dies after being found unresponsive on April 9, 2020.

June 4, 2020, the outbreak is contained and the ship leaves port.

Sailors were put in quarantine for 14 days and had to test twice for negative.

By June 19, 2020 Crozier had been in trouble instead of being reassigned and by this date he would be removed as captain of the ship.

I want my readers to know that I searched the USS Roosevelt COVID-19 again to know more and to share more.  This is what  came up with. And you can see a difference that you can share. “Among the crew members with laboratory-confirmed infection, 76.9% (978 of 1271) had no symptoms at the time that they tested positive and 55.0% had symptoms develop at any time during the clinical course. Among the 1331 crew members with suspected or confirmed Covid-19, 23 (1.7%) were hospitalized, 4 (0.3%) received intensive care, and 1 died. Crew members who worked in confined spaces appeared more likely to become infected.”

And looking back to the other information, we can learn about the deck of the ship being bleached or sanitized to protect our sailors and therefore our nation. We can learn that liberties were curtailed that were not curtailed as bars and other businesses were opened around our nation. We can learn that there were even cough protocols put in place by the military.  Have you seen my own article about coughs? Click here!

We can learn, but will we learn. I just told someone in Florida in a telephone conversation this. I often think about typing the wrong number under my name because nobody calls me or even listens to me anyway. And the general population was granted all kinds of liberties to spread COVID-19 by repugnant people. By the way, I supported the reinstatement of Captain Brett Crozier without ever knowing that he thought that everyone on the ship had been infected. That was wrong since it could lead to even more people getting infected for the first time. But my readers know about my information on Fiorello La Guardia and what he did to prevent the spread of venereal disease in Italy in World War I. Our navy brass should learn more about LaGuardia with no email to send to anyone (appropriately or not) took it upon himself to start a mobile condom distribution program to protect our soldiers. I still respect the work that Crozier did and this history should be considered or should have been considered in his case.

Pikuach Nefesh Turkey

I know that almost all my readers will look at that title and wonder what is that all about. I repeat what is that all about. If you thought that was something to shake your head about, absorb this.

We have faced high inflation during the pandemic, but in the last 24 hours an article appeared about inflation in Switzerland which should be shared with the world. We are so far away from that wealthy nation that is almost always off our radar. We must know by now what the cost of inflation has been and is in the United States. We have been fed a steady diet of Repugnant propaganda concerning how Democrats are driving “socialism” “communism” and “inflation” here at home.  Switzerland had only a rise of 3.5 percent inflation in 2022. The USA had 9.1 percent which is way more than double inflation. The United Kingdom had 11.1 percent inflation and that is triple inflation, and the Euro Zone of nations had 10.6 percent which is in between US and the UK.

How was it done? In one of my articles, I did ask for price controls. And guess what? The richest nation has price controls.

Here we go. Switzerland is not a communist country.

Swiss spend a smaller portion of their money on essentials like food and housing. The mean wealth there is $696,604. Floridians should think about that when their governor speaks.

The Swiss Franc is strong so it buys more from other nations.

Switzerland is less reliant on oil and gas imports than some of its neighbors. Hydroelectricity plays an important role. The suppliers of electricity are “largely publicly owned” which creates a great financial safety net. There are price regulations that are imposed. Energy price rises Switzerland (16.2 percent), Germany (25 percent), the U.K. (52.3 percent), and Italy (64.7 percent). Who would want to pay so much less for energy? That system helps businesses and the people.

Nobody listens to me, and I not done. Switzerland controls the price on goods and services. Even food, housing, and transport items are controlled in one-third of the cases. And that helps.

Food cost rises in 2022 for the USA 11.9 percent, U.K. 16.9 percent, Germany 19.9 percent. So what about Switzerland? Shouldn’t the world know? Switzerland 4 percent.

Switzerland expects to reduce inflation in 2024 below 2 percent.

If anyone was thinking about turkey when he or she read the title of this article, you were wrong. The title is about Turkey. I was just thinking about The White House and the impact of this article. What I have written about in these paragraphs is not capitalism nor socialism. It’s that mixture that works so well for Switzerland and has worked well for so many of US since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal.

But that fear of socialism has to be so strong that it has made Ron DeSantis a superpower in Florida.  He and his party have scared the heck out of about a million extra people. The inflation was coming, but the Trump Administration did not lift a finger to help and there was heavy spending on COVID-19 back then. Florida’s working class needs higher wages and DeSantis has focused his attention on police and talks about raising teachers’ salaries, finally. But what about US, meaning the workers with low salaries? But what about US? And what about the sky-high housing costs and those prices. Did people there actually vote DeSantis, DeSantis, DeSantis thinking that the Mar-A-Lago capital of the Republican Party was the lesser of two evils. Is that the form of Christianization that was needed in 2022?

I have written before that I was proud of Charlie Crist for wearing a mask while traveling as the final days of the gubernatorial campaign winded down. Did you know that in order to meet with Donald J. Trump while he was in office that people seeking that audience had to be tested for COVID-19? I learned about that by watching a journalist who spoke glowingly about meeting Trump. And here I was, going to places and medical appointments for two years watching people and their masks. And yes, I have seen some people sit in the waiting room and they were not masked.

And now back to Turkey and it will be a sweet Thanksgiving if we learn more and get rid of problematic politicians.

Is it lawful for Jews to work on the Sabbath day in Turkey in rescue operations? The answer is “yes.” And that same article which I saved days ago has this. Jesus healed a man’s “withered” hand and performed other acts on the Sabbath to help people and save lives. And the article states what I had already written about citing 1 Maccabees 2 as the source at the time of the Second Temple. And it mentions that the work of Jesus was Torah based. David Lau, Ashkenazi chief rabbi in Israel, cited Pikuach Nefesh in calling rescue teams in Turkey to work every day of the week. Anything else would be weak and inconsistent with Torah. And so were DeSantis and others during the pandemic. In New York, bars had to be opened on Staten Island so people could socialize and drink to save lives. Huh? What were people thinking back then? And they and others are thinking the same way today.

When I was teaching, which was mostly in the 20th century, we could ask or order a student to go to the school nurse because we thought the student had “pink eye” or conjunctivitis. Do you think that parents had a reasonable right to stop US? We did those things to prevent the spread of conjunctivitis and there were no Moms for Liberty back then. And the fantasy land that most Americans loved as we grew up and took root in Florida has been taken over by DeSantis and his merry men. Disney! And now Florida has a fantasy democracy that is clearly infested but gets the same kind of support that was given to Hitler and Stalin in other lands. Even Jeb Bush now considers the DeSantis Administration a sign of good governance. All that will soon shatter with the governor’s “Law and Order” sign on his lawn. So DeSantis has taken US in a blitzkrieg from the greatness of When you wish upon a star to vilifying Disney with help from his legislature, thereby diminishing Disney, and taking a controlling interest in it where that should never ever have happened. And the majority of the people are okay with that? Didn’t the song say “Makes no difference who you are.” Keep in mind that the Nazis tried to strangle Hollywood in the 1930s and find out more about that.

And when Dr. Fauci and others reminded US about proper pandemic protocols, didn’t those men and women tell US to wash our hands and do not touch our eyes? There was no mask to protect our eyes. We had to see, didn’t we? And on that note, Trump whose Christianity basically rested on “An eye for an eye” took US down the path of freedom to infect and kill each other. DeSantis as well. Doesn’t this information belong in a school curriculum in Florida and elsewhere? The sermons of Jesus failed repeatedly in our nation and around the world. And wasn’t his “Courage to be Free” really anti-Christian dogma.

Let me take you back to my work in early 2020 when I was on fire criticizing what I also called Trump is the Corona Virus.

1945 War 2020 War

Posted March 31, 2020 1945 War 2020 War

And today we are implacable foes as 900 police are expected to have the Corona Virus and five thousand will call in sick by Monday.  They are among our First Responders.  On March 9, 2020 I wrote about my conversation with a member of NYPD.

There were meetings of Congress behind closed doors, but there was leak of critical information to the public.  Massive unemployment was expected as soldiers were going to be discharged (2 million were expected to come home).  Troops had to be redeployed to the Pacific and the decision had to be made just who to send to fight the war there.  Americans did not wish to see teens enter the war in battle and if they did go they needed lots of training (minimum 6 months to a year).  Food production was a huge concern since lots of men left farms to fight in World War II.  Our leaders were skeptical of any commitment by the Soviet Union to join the war against Japan.  The goal of our government was the “unconditional surrender” of Japan.  Making peace before that could happen if the war continued and continued.

The National Service Act which Roosevelt asked for was defeated by Republicans and 12 Democrats tied to labor.  The bill was called out for its “fascist methods” to control American workers and keep them in particular industries (also known as “work or fight” laws). Keep in mind that since Roosevelt fought for the “New Deal” that the criticism of politics had a mixture of ideas including that the White House was “long haired left wingers” and full of “pipsqueaks.”   Also influencing the bill was the general feeling that the Germans were finished and James F. Byrnes who resigned from the Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion was able to change jobs.  There were labor shortages in key industries in 1945 and positions were filled by returning soldiers.

Senator Robert Taft (Republican from Ohio) was strongly in favor of getting back to a civilian economy without price controls and privately told people that he was upset about the administrations appeasement of labor and holding back profits.

And now in 2023, you can trace the war in this nation that I wrote about only one month after the first death due to COVID-19. And I felt this morning that I had to add this article which was previously published on The Force 2020 DDT.

Nixon Resigned and Trump Should Have Resigned

Posted May 8, 2021 Nixon Resigned and Trump Should Have Resigned

or Never Never Never

Nixon was speaking out about Jews, calling them disloyal and talking about “a Jewish cabal.”

Click here for the entire article.

And in Russia right now, children who speak out against the government are being punished and even punished by their parents in the climate of propaganda and fear. So let’s bring back Jiminy Cricket and African American AP studies for the people of Florida.

Growing Concern of Hate in America

Insults and sporadic assaults against people. We can learn from that history as different groups are fearful across the United States, but in addition to those two things there is violence even massacres. But for a moment, let US all see additional developments.  Violence and brutality, which are even greater than the massacres that we have seen. And people within that group, experiencing those things can move on to advocating for things like independence, nationalism, and more because they feel that their destiny is linked with the country they live in.

And after that came The Holocaust.  And with that said the split even among Jews in our nation is 80/20 or 80 percent fearful about what is taking place against Jews/20 percent that are not fearful. Isn’t it like that with all people under attack or at least more or less the same.  The nation that I wrote those things about is Poland and the history of Jews in that land.

This is an early description of Jewish life in Poland.

Production and sale of liquor.

Managing large estates for absentee Polish nobles.

Money lending.

Peddling and shopkeeping.

Production and sale of crafts and textiles.

And with increasing poverty among non-Jews, we can turn back to the progression of violence and hate against Jews. And Jews were seen as the people holding these positions just as we have noticed the loud complaints recently about Jews in Hollywood, an industry that Jews turned to when opportunities were clearly limited elsewhere. And in Poland, Jews were being used by the nobles and others and faced immense poverty themselves.

Jews in Polish history were at times protected by the rulers and in other times were ruthlessly treated and the Catholic Church played a great role in this. And poverty grew and grew among the Jewish people in Poland, but the people stayed hoping for better times. When slavery in America was growing in the 1600s, in Poland the Cossacks completed great pogroms under Bogdan Chmielnicki. And those pogroms continued and continued, spreading into other lands.

And I can imagine all the millions of Americans who will say that these things cannot happen in the United States. It was on its way to happen before World War II and it is a possibility today with the climate of politics eroding human values in America. And it could happen to various groups whose existence is being diminished by people in government and hate groups.

And Jews had migrated all over in those centuries either coming or going to Babylonia, Persia, Syria, Spain, the land of Israel, Portugal, England, Germany, Austria, Bohemia, France, Poland, Ukraine, the Netherlands,  Russia, the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, the Americas, and more. Jews went from Muslim Spain when there was great intolerance into Christian Spain to find a haven if they could and when that didn’t work, they went to France or Germany. Everywhere they went they risked danger and death.

 Being in exile was being Jewish. And today current events include Neo-Nazis protesting Jews on Broadway and in Orlando.  And in the last couple of weeks, I have read two books from the Orthodox point of view and started a third book. This work began before the two events just mentioned actually happened and my concern in writing all this was dictated by the 80-20 split among Jews that were polled about their fears right now.

And we have some kind of “National Day of Hate” to deal with as Neo-Nazis demonstrate in the “land of the free.” Is the support being given to Jews and to other marginalized groups strong enough to stand the test of time? I believe that even Jewish support for each other is far from excellent as there are great divisions. African Americans and Jews share the same status just mentioned. Some of the divisions are clearly deliberate, but others are due to leadership that has failed to unite adequately in time for this new movement.

I could say, the way a great Repugnican does, that this is happening under Joe Biden. After all Joe Biden is the president right now, but things moved along in this direction under Donald Trump even before Charlottesville.

The Anti-Defamation League reported the setting up of a Twitter account to fight anti-Semitism and hate in America. Tens of millions of people should be on that site obtaining great information to fight hate. Is that good or bad news for that governor in Florida that has had to fight against this terrible tide that has been be cleaned up? Does this information belong in the schools of Florida and other states that claim that there is no racism in America as Republicans position for the 2024 elections? Let’s teach these truths and teach them now. And right now even Chinese Americans are alarmed over what could be or are excesses of hate, intolerant reactions in communities as Florida and other states are calling to ban Chinese from buying land. I fully understand the fears of state and national government at this time in history, but the law dictates to US that innocent people should not be treated in a way that equates them with people intent on harming our nation.

And Ted Deutsch who is now the heading of the AJC or American Jewish Congress just stated that the focus has to be everyone and everything. I guess another way of saying that is the problem is systemic. He repeatedly spoke about social media, but he did not take the time to report the news about the ADL decision to start up a new Twitter account devoted to hate. I know well the structural limitations of Twitter in posting content, but great articles, videos, and similar material can become the library of the United States where people can turn to the truth and those historical truths that people want Americans to know (and there are others who would betray those truths including Truth Social-45). That is why the ADL and the AJC among other organizations need what I would call a strong messaging department of creative people to lead the fight against hate.

And the war against hate is gaining ground, but far behind where it needs to be. I believe that the ADL, AJC, our nation’s governors and mayors, and the White House should make a concerted effort in the next two weeks to expand coverage of these anti-hate suggestions. And I must tell you that I have been in touch with the US Conference of Mayors about education and I am still waiting to hear from that national organization.

And I am reading about the dispute at the City College of New York which has been boiling for some time. A conference will be taking place there and it has had its problems in the past and the problems continue today. I feel that I have knowledge to impart to the people there, but I can tell you that the leadership there has to begin asking others about what more can be done to fight anti-Semitism on campus. I guess what I am asking is what actually is that profile. At City Council there is concern about members of C.A.I.R. or Council on American Islamic Relations, and in Florida and elsewhere it could be the role of Turning Points USA which has been mentioned to me in a call made to Jews in Florida. What are the best ways to address these matters? Ted Deutsch pointed out that almost 90 percent of Jews polled right now feel insecure about their safety. This is the defining moment for people to unite on social media across the board and if we do not unite, we will only set up conditions again that have contributed to the well-known hate in America and that means a possible repeat of world history.

The warnings are clearly all over our nation to do much better.

And to make my point another way, I just watched former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice speak about how she supports President Biden on his effort to help Ukraine against Russia. She feels as many or most of US who support the war that things could have been faster or as she puts it that our aid is a step behind. She spoke about learning from history and cited 1914 and 1941. There her messaging was short of spectacular, and she wasted a great opportunity to teach the people. The US entry into WWI was in 1917 after Europe fought for freedom for three years. Hitler’s attack on Poland occurred two years before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Much of my family had just escaped the horrors of that war since they lived in Galicia in what is now Poland. I don’t need Professor Henry Gates to tell me just how lucky my parents, my siblings, and all those great grandchildren that were born were lucky because of grandma’s migration to America. But students across our nation have to know just how Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Wilson reacted to that world crisis and the deaths that were taking place over world power.

And those Americans were not just a step slow in involving our nation in war. I appreciated Rice’s comments, but…but…but. She could have taught the viewers the big lesson of history on national television. Her messaging was not strong enough. Helping Europe was urgent and it took two years for action.

I watched Rice later talking about Trump and DeSantis and she urged them to learn much more. These are Americans that are pointing toward the Southern border and any other event where they can blame President Biden. They want to focus on the Asian Pacific and Rice says that the China-Russia relationship appears to be much closer than even she realized. Not me, of course, because I have been writing about the danger of what China could do since the attack on Ukraine. And I would go much further to add that both Trump and DeSantis are unfit to be president.

And thinking more about the anti-Semitism that has been reported in New York City at the theater where the story of Leo Frank is being presented to audiences, I ask myself lots of questions to share with the world. Is what is going on just local news to be handled locally? Isn’t the lynching by a mob in Georgia of Leo Frank over a century ago American history? Isn’t it Georgian history just like anything else that has been discussed over the years? What has been the reaction of leaders in all the states and around the world to this news? After all, around 90 percent of Jews now feel insecure in the United States. And who are those 10 percent that do not feel that way? There were isolated incidents where people of all faiths protected Jews during The Holocaust so tell me what’s going on across our nation right now. And the same concerns apply to Florida because of the Neo-Nazis there.

Trumps’ Border Daze

A Florida newspaper got my attention this morning. The border crisis was the subject. And the cartels were mentioned since hundreds of billions of dollars are being made. And the conclusion is that sum is sufficient enough to close our border….along with the high costs and problems created by immigrants that are coming to American. And I quote the person who wrote the letter here “our current administration believes there are no significant problems at our borders.”

Trump’s own failure is not mentioned at all. So let me take you back to this in Jewish Business News in Israel.

BLOGS Trump Betrays Public Safety And Americans: El Chapo And El Trumpo

The drugs entering the “open border” end up in the hands of people who kill and people who are killed by the drugs. But most of the drugs are coming through legal ports of entry. We also know that border agents are accepting bribes to let drugs in.

By Martin Danenberg January 15, 2019

And in Mexico there is a new motion picture being filmed right now as Donald Trump’s Wall is completed. It’s called Carlito’s Wall. There is speculation that Carlito is from El Salvador, a former member of the MS-13. Many others say that he is from Honduras, from a wealthy family. And there are a few discerning people that call him a Ruthless Russian with ties to the Kremlin.

Carlito says “Trump built the wall, but I control the wall. I decide who gets in…I decide where he gets in…I decide when he gets in….and I decide how he gets in.” I am not for asylum, but everything is on the market and everything has a price.” Look and learn as Carlito shows that he has Washington, D.C. in his pocket. And that means the reps, the cabinet, and the Supreme Court too. And all that Senator Ted Cruz writes about is securing funds for the wall through the confiscation of property under what may be the “El Chapo Act.”

And look what else I wrote back then. “Just in the last week there have been a growing number of incidents at or near schools. Trump and the press have not woken up to the best things to do to protect us. A six-year old brought a gun and ammunition to school (he was not part of a gang thank goodness), a security officer left his gun in a bathroom and went back to find it (thank goodness), and a youth was planning to kill people in two schools. I have repeatedly written that we need “Alyssa’s Law” to be passed to speed up the response time in our nation’s schools when the shooting starts.”

And Trump had two more years in office when I wrote that. And should this and the rest of my article be read in school in Florida and across our nation. I hope so since knowledge matters and we have to learn from the mistakes of the past. Or am I going to be attacked and maybe go to jail for my free speech and idea sharing.

To Repugnicans Trump’s time in office were the “golden days” in our nation’s history, but I knew that Trump was in a daze and I always support my thoughts with evidence and other forms of documentation. And the thought occurred to me that Trump could have been one of the best job creators back in the 1700s in America. He could have outdone George Washington who was a “huge” plantation and slave owner. And Florida schools could proudly teach that kind of stuff instead of African American studies that few people ever learned in school. We did not study James Baldwin, but I do recall that Paul Robeson was mentioned once.


Matchmaker…Shabbat…Economic Progress (the dream), Danger lurking from Russian authorities…Jewish Diaspora or immigration again…Good reasons to be woke under the Czar and even before communism.

My days are spent learning more and sharing. If you see something say something, even about history or politics. And let’s not forget my role as an educator.

Tradition has been in the news with articles about Fiddler on the Roof. It’s been a long, long time since the show appeared. I noticed today’s youth talking only about the family and Jewish culture. Politics was left out. Have I not used one of the key elements myself in an article or two? And I have been reading Jewish history and in that latest reading a rabbi wrote about what Jews went through in Eastern Europe as “slaves” of the governing powers. He mentioned three elements that included the Czars, Nazism, and Communism.

Nikki Haley was talking about the traditional values of the South where she comes from. And that South could easily have been in Russia under the Czars where Jews lived.

Confederate tradition…tradition

Today leading Republicans often misuse two of those items which are closely linked together. Nazism (Hitler) and Communism (Stalin). And have I not pointed out that even a young Winston Churchill knew that at the time of the demise of the Czars that capitalism was going to be shaken by its roots because of the many evils of capitalism. The power of the Soviet Union caught up with Churchill, Roosevelt, and the world when Stalin was making tough demands during World War II that diminished the rest of Eastern Europe. When Stalin called heroes “fascists” at that time, the others had to go along with it since Stalin was always in a position to make a truce with Hitler (if Hitler agreed) to terminate their conflict. It is also true that world leaders knew well that they could not trust Stalin (they knew that he had killed thousands of Polish soldiers and shifted the blame onto Hitler. That was an easy thing to do at the time. And do I have to remind Americans again about all the lies and misinformation of a man who still has over 45 percent support among Republicans.

So Fiddler on the Roof asked US to remember the prayer for the Czar which was, just in case you have never seen Fiddler, may God keep the Czar far away from US. Please Republicans keep your “czar” far away from US after all the things he has said and done. We await word from Georgia and Congress if Donald Trump will remain free or be taken far away from US.

Nikki Haley is back in the spotlight and I have written about her and others in the Republican Party. That is my choice. My way! And I have applied that prayer to 45.

David Pakman has a large following where he does things his way. And he covered important facts about Nikki Haley and her traditions. That culture was and is her culture. She was there, though, when the Confederate flag was taken down. I could never honor that flag knowing what I know, but I did not grow up in Bamberg, South Carolina. No Nazi flags or symbols for me as well. The latter point was not made by David Pakman in his broadcasts, and I ask myself how that can be overlooked.

Then Nikki did what others have done including Governor DeSantis. She announced her intention to run and it was reported that an anti-Semite was there with her, an 82-year-old pastor named John Hagee. Also, the man who just introduced Haley at her first campaign stop where she made her announcement texted a message to the Trump White House asking Trump to declare Marshall Law to block Biden’s path to the presidency.  It is important for her to be inclusive her way, but to reject other forms of inclusivity. Today is my birthday (February 17) and I am digesting with intestinal discomfort throughout my body that she says Social Security is holding back the progress of our nation.

Tradition…tradition…Her way!

It seems to me that if Haley’s campaign survives long enough that the material will include her statement about Trump not condemning the Ku Klux Klan which was made in 2016. And then, after realizing the potential danger to people, she went to work for Trump at the United Nations as our nation’s ambassador. Substitute Trump’s name for Hitler in the last sentence. True Trump is no Hitler, but Haley took advantage of the situation by getting a boost from Trump for her career. And this is the Trump who diminished just about everyone and the press during his days in office. And then she accepted the reality that Trump is important to the party many months after she disapproved of his actions after the Biden victory was announced in 2020. All of this does qualify her to replace Donald Trump, but she is clearly a bad fit for our nation particularly in these dangerous times.

And with dozens of anti-Semitic incidents that have taken place referencing Kanye West, incidents that did not have to take place in life, we have to look more deeply at all of the horrific talks, misinformation of Repugnicans, and lies. This is the eighth year of the marginalization of people including those crossing the border, gays, African Americans, Jews, Chinese, Muslims, and others. Ron DeSantis just blamed the teachers’ unions for schools with no books on the shelves in his state and he did this without any supporting proof. His work created the movement to ban books creating the same kinds of divisions that have plagued the lives of Jews and others for more than centuries.

Tradition is that Jews wanted to practice their faith in peace and progress instead of facing hate. Confederate tradition still lives.

And the Repugnican positions on Social Security and abortions are two things with a long culture in our nation (90 and 50 years). Both will trigger much greater poverty in our nation among older people and people capable of child birth. This is recognized by Republicans, but people like Nikki Haley keep pushing the Repugnican narrative. Even watching a news telecast with a former Republican chairman who opposes his party’s position on abortion, I noticed no mention of the religious rights of people to have an abortion which is being largely overlooked by the Christian community. On purpose? The nation was formed by colonies that had to contend with religious intolerance and the intolerance is still there. Trump appears to be backing Americans on Social Security for now, but what will happen as another lie takes place after a Trump victory in 2024? Do you actually see a halo around his head?

I have had a few occasions to speak to Jewish people who live down South in the last several years. One call I made was about Jeff Sessions before he was appointed attorney general by Trump. And recently I spoke with a Jewish man working for the Jewish community in North Carolina.

I learned things in both conversations. In the first one, I learned that Jeff Sessions had received honors from Jews, Jews who were still concerned about what was going to happen to them in Alabama which is the way Jews have felt for thousands of years around the world. That point was made clear to me with a reference that is often used in relation to The Holocaust.

The second call was slightly different since the person told me that he grew up with the history of the Confederacy, which was a normal experience. The few words that I heard caused me to raise a red flag sensing the differences of the experience we had had growing up. I had a friend, David, in elementary school in the 1950s and David who was Afro America and even enrolled in a Hebrew class in junior high school. There was neither Confederate history nor propaganda like that on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. And we didn’t have any tributes to the fallen Union soldiers either.

I found out that Nikki Haley’s father holds a doctorate and was recruited to teach at a historically Black college. And I recently wrote about how Jews secured jobs in Black colleges in the 1940s as they escaped the oppression of Nazi Germany. In addition, I wrote the article E = mc2 = Woke to show just how woke Albert Einstein was knowing that African Americans were oppressed in America. And I followed that article up with one about the segregation of Florida in the 1950s writing the piece about a Jewish southpaw in Spring training. History still needs amplification in schools and communities to reduce hate and violence. Einstein was woke, but Haley’s father wasn’t? I would conjecture that with Nikki Haley in the White House that the Confederate flag might easily return to the state capital in South Carolina, thinking about just how she has flip flopped in the past and seeing how she hangs out with the wrong crowd to build support for herself.

Confederate tradition…tradition…actually nothing to sing about.

And finally, I just heard Nikki Haley speaking about her great success at the United Nations touting sanctions, yes sanctions that did not work to make the world safer. And in Ukraine right now it appears to experts that Putin has sent his entire military to that country to win where he has failed repeatedly over the last year. I wonder how many voters in South Carolina support Biden’s aid to Ukraine and how many of them are isolationist. And how many of them can see the future of that nation and the world keeping in mind that Putin attacked a nation without good cause. In other words, is history repeating itself thinking about Hitler’s attack on Poland in 1939. And we keep hearing that Trump propaganda that this thing or that thing wouldn’t have happened under Donald Trump.

Tradition from a liar…tradition

And would it spoil some vast eternal plan if our nation resolved itself to more vigorously fighting hate, fighting poverty that still exists even with all those Repugnant critics, respecting everyone except people who spread the hate, concentrate on education and tolerance…

And the plot of Fiddler on the Roof includes this.

News spreads quickly in Anatevka that Perchik has been arrested and exiled to Siberia.

And I have written about just how Siberia became a huge prison under Stalin. There were all kinds of charges without proof, but people could end up in jail for a decade or more. Trials actually violated the constitution, but the people said nothing. There was fear everywhere. Fear exists in Florida and other places right now and it’s the law. And where is Nuevo Anatevka, the town where Fiddler on the Roof took place. Anatevka, Anatevka is in America. Just take any road like I-95 and you will get there fast. The people drive fast!

But let me end by giving some details of the USSR that ring out loud in DeSantis’ Florida and elsewhere.

Hostile activity against the policy of the Soviet Communist Party (Republicans and Disney).

Expression of slanderous opinions of things related to the Soviet Union (Telling the truth was slanderous and in Florida it could be teaching about the role that Black homosexuals have played in African American history).

Expression of a desire in the Soviet Union such as a return to capitalism (In Florida that would be not to prosecute people who have abortions which is the case against the governor by Andrew Warren). And Andrew Warren is back in court to fight his termination in court. I have seen conservative news that portrayed the decision not to give Warren back his job as a victory or VICTORY. I capitalized that word to dramatize the declaration which is based on much falsehood since the judge pointed out clearly that Warren’s rights were violated. That is what Stalin’s people did even when they violated the constitution.

A 70-year-old Tsarist diplomat was charged with propaganda for saying that the working class in the U.S.S.R. lives badly (teachers cannot bring up racism in Florida and can be fired).

My comment about Black homosexuals led me to a search of James Baldwin and there was material about that. His stepfather was a preacher who frowned on much of Baldwin’s existence. Harlem, where he was born and raised, was falling apart and he moved to Greenwich Village in New York City.

Baldwin’s first essay, “The Harlem Ghetto”, was published in Commentary and explored anti-Semitism among Black Americans.  His conclusion in “Harlem Ghetto” was that Harlem was a parody of white America, with white American anti-Semitism included. Jewish people were also the main group of white people in Harlem as it was largely segregated and it spelled trouble back then.

Baldwin left the United States with forty dollars to fly to Paris and lived there for many years. He traveled to other countries, and he wrote this “No road whatever will lead Americans back to the simplicity of this European village where white men still have the luxury of looking on me as a stranger.”

But his bio online is full of sexual adventure which might not sit well with Governor DeSantis and others. A simple Google search anywhere including at school would lead anyone to that. And should we compare James Baldwin at this point to pornography? Would that be justice for the man and the African American community? Ask DeSantis that.

That justice would certainly be Hitler’s kind of justice since people like Josephine Baker were cancelled in Nazi Germany. And I should tell you that Josephine Baker and other famous African Americans met with James Baldwin in France during his stay there. And they met together in some of my favorite places in France.

Baldwin was still in France when Brown v. Topeka Board of Education ruled against segregation in schools, the murder of Emmet Till, and Rosa Parks and the bus in Alabama. He yearned to return home.

And today’s racism is (pause) even though Repugnicans keep saying that the United States is not a racist country. What Baldwin experienced was the same thing that Frederic Douglas experienced in Europe long before Baldwin was born. But there is racism in other countries as well and I have recently written about seeing protests against racism in France on one of my trips long ago.

Tradition for Jews…. Tradition! Tradition for Confederates and their supporters…. Tradition! There is a Spanish word traición that may appear to be close to tradition, but that word reveals a huge amount of human treachery or man’s inhumanity to man. And my readings at night continue about The Crusades and The Black Plague and the Jews. History is repeating itself again and again with White Supremacy and COVID-19. Germany and Austria were cited in the book by the rabbi for its major role back then and for The Holocaust.

And what about Nikki Haley and this cast of millions? Is there a prayer for them? Yes and that part of Fiddler on the Roof has to be told to everyone now.

And you know that I often like to reveal breaking news and the news right now is about Abraham Lincoln and the resettlement of freed slaves in Haiti. Students and particularly students in Florida should seek out The Île-à-Vache project. This is an “Exodus” story in American history. And Haitian Americans in Florida and elsewhere should take note of the history.

Florida to Ban a Jewish Southpaw’s Legacy too?

I read about baseball greats Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente and books being banned about them and hoped for tremendous resistance against Governor DeSantis whose title I started to mistakenly type with a small g instead of a capital just now. It’s early in the morning and I probably should have retained the error, especially since DeSantis retains so many errors in judgment that affect the people.

There are political differences, major ones in just how we, as a nation, should treat the study of African American history, thinking of just how Americans treated the Jews up to and including The Holocaust. Just about everyone was against US in one way or another. And Jews had to learn new things from that era and kind of slowly. I have spread much of that in my articles in Jewish Business News in Israel and in The Force 2020 DDT. And the polling shows that Trumpists are the largest group of people opposing the study of African American history. Holocaust history is not so fast to catch in across our nation as well. And if we think deeply enough, we can figure out that parents are the problem behind this and this is what is taking place in school board meetings where people flex their muscles to control.

I have been pointing out that what is being done is to diminish African Americans and Jews in our nation just the way that Stalin was doing that in The Soviet Union back in the 1940s until his death in 1953. And what would have happened to Hitler if he not committed suicide in 1945. Would he have been another “Teflon don” had he remained alive? Would he have hired the best legal team to represent him and tell the world press and community that it was all “fake news” that they were reading about him. After all, he, too, was fighting against “communism” just the way that millions of Americans were.

And sometime during those days of Hitler and the growth of the Nazi movement in the United States, a child was born. That boy grew to be man and his life took a shape that was so different from the vast majority of Jewish children.

And it was in Miami in 1955, one year after Brown v. Board of Education and there was segregation all over. Lord Calvert! What on earth was this? This is where Nat “King” Cole, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Cab Calloway, Josephine Baker, Billie Holiday, Dorothy Dandridge, and other famous Black people stayed in Miami (check out Knight Beat in your own research). And that’s where Joe Black and Roy Campanella stayed as well. And the name Hank Greenberg was not only on the lips of Black baseball players, but also the camaraderie made them hope that Greenberg would break the home run record of Babe Ruth in 1938.

Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Joe Black, and Don Newcombe got close to this Jewish baseball player who faced anti-Semitism from other players who hailed from places like California. And in restaurants this Jewish player would join the Black players and he was known to play cards with the men is their hotel. Guess who? I have had some “Guess Who” articles in the last few months devoted to others, but get this. In 1965 Joe Black was walking down the street on Fifth Avenue in New York City, a man hidden from his view put his two hands over Black’s eyes and asked “guess who?” The other man was Sandy Koufax who hadn’t seen Black in many years. Koufax ran across the street to greet Joe Black while telling him pretty much that’s what friends are for.

And now that you have seen something, say something about this to others.

Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates, by Jonah Winter and Raúl Colón.

Henry Aaron’s Dream by Matt Tavares.

Both are banned books at this time.

Sandy Koufax: A Lefty’s Legacy by Jane Leavy.